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Cliff Robinson -- Former Blazer

Feb 26, 2014|

Cliff joins Travis and Josh to talk about being on Survivor and some NBA as well.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So our next guest played into NBA finals for the Portland trailblazers. At an eighteen year NBA career in tonight. You'll be on survivor debuting in season 28 cliff Robinson clip -- Internet. Do very well appreciate you joining us here so. This season is -- brain vs brawn vs beauty which what are you. I'm I'm all world on. Margaret -- -- darker alert our -- weren't voted in what little -- How did you get involved with survivors is a show they've always wondered beyond. Wondered what the words. Would want your. You know. You know Iran -- Treatment and your corporate groups are good. There are around twelve months for Billy -- in a large mutual. -- triggered what people -- there are ever wonder you're -- Bob lard are. You know call me auditor. General should bury them all called the record below or up in order you know our commercial. When you go through the process and all that is what is -- what you expected as far as you being selected to be on the show and in going through that process. -- -- -- -- -- Nobody supported student choke you pretty girl are. You know recruit children -- and they order are are following and so you know -- -- scored the portraits -- two -- and Laura. Focal groups who are huge. Consider crucial so. You know hooters -- -- Europe -- the or opportunity or. And completely period when you can -- Parsons took a you know referred to recruit you -- you know although it took some work to do it took airport. With this experience being on the island was there any thing for you that you watch all these you've been a fan that when you got out their work in. The heat of the moment was everything you did this kind of stood out feel like boy I can't believe I'm doing this some right here right now that you can speak about actions that. Well you know Google holds very true. You know it's -- record he's challenged. You know personal walker. Later urged powered -- Well good slot you know reps over the beauty pocketed -- -- -- Are you are there is cobra are. You gross cultural. You know our corporate Europe who are could deal work and you know you do not to work I don't -- -- regard they're they're they're you know are -- what. Cliff Robinson is our -- still be on the two hour premiere of survivor tonight at 8 o'clock on CBS. In -- when you when you're going through the the details of everything and and as it happens. Now you're gonna have an opportunity to sit back and watching on television and we've seen plenty of game action herself in the NBA but. What do you anticipate things are really -- watching yourself on TV in this situation rather than playing competitive basketball. Well cryptic and you know their their proposal different are at the old Brooklyn day. You know we're big game you know you know you're able to recruit Marat. On your experience who are retreating great. You know who you -- to be able Suharto. And argued that you keep your ability. You know considered -- and they're -- superior are there are a challenge you Bernard. The current should be you know it's obsolete altering. It you lost your your -- to what are your problems you gain. Good qualities -- -- beer challenges that you charter of Parcells who are ignoring what's -- her record and our courts are -- -- you know order. Was there process or do we have to wait to watch and how they put these teams together. No I don't know the part of the opportunity and are actually in Europe. Are you do great work. I mean do you could you do it you know the -- huge jumble our -- Oh we're grip rewarded to our hero -- on more treat all. -- -- -- world portrait will look normal sort of bought or your whole group. You know that -- ratings three -- -- the official bio for you on the survivor website it said you know -- -- that was an inspiration to you throughout July it was Mohammed Ali we talked about -- a little bit earlier with the fiftieth anniversary yesterday of -- him beating sunny listed in the written how boxing is gone in and you know where it is now but. Why was Mohammed Ali so important to you in such an inspiration for you. What can recruit you know you -- sold our. Urged the ritual there certainly are -- people -- Separate you know -- return. -- -- -- some work. You don't work wasn't what could. Not a popular secretary of career. I agree your number two and most us would someone who is our workers are being a soccer terms. The heavyweight champion of you know creek and guard and go to work recruiting. Aren't their country and remote wilderness and Margaret you know who you are Grosvenor to a funeral Saturday. Comparable -- -- picture they're -- midst you know terrorist groups -- you don't -- -- these are the person. When you think about what you just talked about obviously -- some big issues in sports in the NBA say the culture the NBA as far as being accepting and it seems like everybody's on that same type of page and we bring that up with Jason Collins tonight but. I he'll be in Portland have simply trailblazers when when you think of the these these social commentary of the NBA what's your thought on the state of that today. You know -- great girl you don't. Sportsman's. Constantly ball reading from -- -- are good part Kirk for. -- -- follow -- -- you know Kamal recruits are the circular route. These are. Card in Europe. A quarter from our armed men who rendered it should be expert regarding meetings. Every coach group. In local children's you know you're change in there and they're without would be. It will lead to. What -- change you know -- -- beat. -- -- It also although we're not all opinions are not really. Of people who are you know opened its age card it's gonna drop rewarded go to -- bewildered agent. That always wanted to know what was your do you have some great memory what are your greatest memories of playing here for Portland trailblazers. You know it's verbal support system there. You don't have. You know organs it's and so. Are you know it could elude throat like here. -- -- -- -- No opportunity. You know we listen to work out -- -- current and would interpret all the -- who are. You know morning Greg Moore supports what you do it. It seemed it -- hurt content or a girl is going to be support. Just our. You know Greeks and berries are good general partner apart -- -- it sure you know who would return instruction. You know for you had an opportunity at least at the very tail end of your career to play against LaMarcus Aldridge in the very beginning stage of his career when you see -- his game is developed playing someone of a similar position as you. Go to his growth in the NBA how how would you say that he he's been at least the last couple of years and where he ranks in the NBA today. -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't these products out there are new darker character of our apartment near Portland. -- no -- current you know -- -- -- treatment welcomes a -- Stretch and we're moving so well he -- she could our work expect it could be an ego in a major bridge street and you know low little player you always have a car at. It Albert European birds are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bill are our -- got beat -- didn't he grip there arguably individuals who are. You know treatment grow throughout totals are -- and lucrative -- it'll you know secrets are now looking at Bloomberg. They -- keeping his spirits and over the summer there were some reports -- LaMarcus Aldridge wanted to be traded in a lot of the fans didn't like that but we think about -- perspective obviously you being a player. When your losing in in your not in in a winning culture how difficult -- -- sometimes said to be able to it to stay with -- and keep the spirits. The gold -- books of current group of the personal view -- you know you always. True work. Who would look great talk through -- period. A lot of the Rutgers. There's probably. Wolf who worked for speculation. Good quality. It'll it'll there's always going to be talked are are -- pretty -- picture won't want to be -- or Peter. Of -- preparedness later your. -- -- -- You're part of it river are I don't think in the courts and who you know who played well -- are aren't aware of what -- tortured. But I've always wondered for a guy like yourself you got eighteen years I think in the NBA how much basketball or indeed that's -- you actually watch T keep a steady pulse senator recount rather be on the golf course -- -- -- a little bit. Or definitely not simply -- the script. Hello to play -- but there are no. You know glued to your Guitar Hero. Did poorly sold under the rubble. Culture that is where popular so. -- her problem was -- our bookstore are certainly people forceful but -- -- Cliff Robinson is our guest of course former Portland TrailBlazer he can -- tonight on survivor season 282 hour premiere. At 8 o'clock tonight on CBS a B 415. Episode of the series illustrate Pataki thanks so much for the time to look forward to watching on survivor. -- -- -- -- --