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Chris Haynes -- CSNNW Blazers/NBA Insider

Feb 26, 2014|

Chris joins Travis and Josh to talk about Thomas Robinson's injury and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris teams Comcast sports net northwest think Chris -- you. So the latest on Thomas Robinson. Is their latest and Thomas Robinson. No harm in what will be you know what we know what tropical. Well -- in connection here. Political on the left patella tendon strain built -- called it. Yeah actual. Yeah on the just look Thomas Robinson last a lot of GE would stick in the worst you know not talk to last night changing. -- just war he just whistles. I didn't know. Yeah shortest man this church in the light east. Four years election that is. There for the last month you know this -- huge cheers and happy extremists for. -- it's somewhat but not induce need. And it did help lower and -- little -- -- research and actually he was really nervous -- -- you know that was -- agent so. You know some progress Toledo's game conscious and leave them -- -- We don't know -- section would be as far as. How much of this she's gonna introduce played throughout the -- machines and is to go to that notice and I need to manage. -- you mentioned that -- said he was kind of concerned it had that look the worry is isn't isn't gonna make up. Made for the MBAs he certainly grass that because he talked about some that they -- in college it was. It was like that yes he had the strength mentally to make it throughout the MBA as you -- mature over the year. Hugo I don't know he's he's young -- To have sort of farmers who unleashed global player in you know can actually young man you know all the -- hopes so. So there's this unfortunate situation because. This would you know just a game before last night. You know I don't know had a running rebels you know also you know he doesn't shall not find his way. And try to make your -- -- this Ching -- trying. Apparent after the deep solidified in that rotation most -- -- -- so this is definitely a blow. Is going to be you know Trump's land which an injury if you'd have to go to -- you know he's got cut short -- it it'd be -- -- -- -- enjoyable but actually -- -- how effective do you doctors international -- -- -- -- future. She -- their only big -- The only legitimate big -- all the ditch. You know and so. It's really going to hurt if she's not able to play it is it's really it's really never heard -- -- -- not -- -- -- it's actually. A lot of weight which would try to show you know is is Mitchell makes you know watched Tokyo can endorse a collective I don't know -- -- Obama is due to financial. You know Chris -- let's just say for argument sake he does not play tonight the only player with any decent -- coming off the bench -- Victor club there how much are we gonna see of him. Every guest Seymour for guard rotations and what happens and Robin Lopez has to take a breather. Yeah last year in particular zone guy you're almost if you -- They've reached to comment in Somalia which comes -- in the suburb of ago. It's one of the element to this can be told Austin -- Brooklyn comes in which shy as. National. You know Schroeder can the page and -- there's -- that so that will be destruction in these. And I would take about a -- -- -- -- You know a lot a lot of by the -- she runs and I wouldn't go because she hasn't shown. If you looked anxious to achieve this question of off each year -- -- -- -- of solid you know and you know he's always able. Move the street you know move north to west east -- -- -- them -- to -- which levels so. I'll hold -- and actually you know a lot of minutes and I used to bounce and they would -- -- -- -- to interrupt -- With the injury bug hitting the blazers now have they kind of kept the -- as as -- entire team in group is a K we discover whether the storm get through this hat and I've CNET basically I say that because of -- there it's kind of leadership on -- floor listen they know the decks stacked against some -- do we think about it let's describe place of basketball is second of their mentality. Is that certainly the majority and they have a six source exceptional -- another player of the movie you know who that is how. Chicken won't mention quote this has all -- what you -- users try to be more sort of you know such as ultimately. The tour stripped of the pollution gonna show that -- a special account that you you know Robin Lopez it is meant what he did last night was just to shut blocks were on. You know this chambers stripped of that they realize that each person individually -- -- -- by. As a unit to view the crumble away and be competitive and scared level -- the answer is there one of the games. That's what they you know in the what would that change. -- -- -- Candidate in the than they did they lose it -- content post war changed the the next and they might nuptial news social orbit the planet are. The prospect. In the O'Connell when they changed their -- vulnerable to a contradiction in the movement bill to force action. And when the market comes back they'll be that much more here -- to -- out there and somebody came to compete in The -- adopters talks that are an attached section and answer this stretch right now absolutely huge distant. Chris -- Comcast sports net northwest is our guest here on Travis and Wilcox you know Chris. I understand not every player can beyond every single lap the last two nights Wes is struggled shooting 21%. 628. From the floor. I I would expect him to play better in a situation where you you need to have you know. The starters do relied upon but what is it been last couple games why he's struggling so much shooting. Usually don't regret anything you know in -- -- -- opened such that that actually you know publishing -- that -- -- you know -- -- let them in different. You know look at what -- switched to a wheelchair who. -- -- -- as a whole you know when they went out and got -- and actually force five store you know but I would share on is the one that -- is not the and then they started the breakdown actually and now they are where they all around the notion from the what you accomplished and protecting here. They gave himself sort of course to where they perhaps short ovals and street will be irrelevant -- -- -- at least two orders still in the middle of the and sharing what you lucky and try want to hottest players in the NBA shouldn't want you know again social to cushion where. Additionally gravel liked our show -- decent woman can be excellent excuse Clinton machine -- and nobody would -- -- -- to have extreme games practiced. Where I don't respectable you know looks cute with a huge fire the ways -- -- she talked results fortunately were actually that at all you know he'll get out of it -- is morsel you don't need anything else. You know -- you mentioned that the blazers are gonna try and run a lot with us a smaller lineup against the nets with -- ms. Thomas Robinson is out there every size is really their only option is to run the floor alive and -- tired then aperture of the second that in back to back is that something that can catch up with them late in this game. Well I don't think so because you know what struck out to do Sri Tom Watson's cute people -- the public option eleven -- a couple of instability anywhere it. -- -- -- -- Will be -- with eleven. You know he was eleven because Allen Crabbe and that's what that's what you can do you elections -- that was you know god to them in early -- -- early in the total box tops -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A player option -- as well. Who -- collectors mr. And hope -- hope places. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our district and play a lot more guys -- -- -- diminished. Just help Buena picturing off well you know should check him back but I. -- what's -- has done a good job as and we talk about players being day to day you know he's managing these games dated date with the lineups he has and that's got to be. A positive sent a coming out this with victories and that's what you have to look at is is logs are getting the depth you -- actually don't matter Mac rectum that. All you're told Torre you know that he can survive. -- -- -- Look at keep that connection do you know. Noted missionary last close like this coach on this guy they're like -- this guy in the world to hear that this guy and and they're because. There's -- got a big guys now. Utility's storm used to order everything you know in the church and shake out there -- on the far extreme that you match sister that and it coincided. You know final location -- war in it to win it all -- you know it's so it -- -- -- -- The benefit of you know out of a lot of days in between -- and -- -- in practice everything reported on the fly if it works. You stick with it. Social muscled somebody else in a -- he's got a negative for the first time. You're you know just plan to get much practice and games situation clearly should've for the worst jobs so. Post options you know and pull the rabbit -- -- -- parents find them in action on the fly. -- a -- a good job and what is always great but we have an obstructionist as the only bodes well for their cultures without wrote. Chris Sainz Comcast sports net northwest is our guest did you find him on Twitter at Chris. -- -- --