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Chris Petersen -- Washington Head Football Coach

Feb 24, 2014|

Coach Petersen joins Travis to talk about his transition from Boise to UW.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox we are just a week away from Washington Huskies starting spring football and joining us now is their new head coach Chris Peterson. Coach afternoon -- Appreciate Joanna so things a little different now being at the University of Washington last time we talked to you. You know you very specific that you never said you -- gonna be Boise State forever. Now that decision -- made you've -- Don you've been you dove for a couple of months what winning that process for using this is the right time for meeting go somewhere else. Well I think it was more more than anything when you're when you're at a good place -- just comes down to a gut feeling. And be in thirteen years of Boise State that's a long time. Anywhere certainly in the coaching profession and it just it was just more but gut feeling and intuition that maybe it was time believe. It's certainly coupled with this opportunity. You know I'll say this I mean I was kind of release for. For most places out there but it you know I think the Washington situation was definitely. Extremely special to me and just feel very fortunate to be here. They're considering a landscape of college football is changing in a lot of ways obviously this year with the college football playoff. It is it more difficult anything almost too difficult for schooling Boise State to compete for national championship giving some of those challenges with the new systems. That's -- good question I will tell you this though none of that had anything to do with my decision to move on and everybody talks about Apple's cut the things that we never. Worried about that -- support she would Alistair. Yeah -- we wouldn't we always had this philosophy we took care -- business it was gonna work out well for us. And certainly with the BCS era it did you know we played those two BCS games which probably should've played two more had we taken care of our business -- and other game. And soul I would say the same thing futile struggles guys over there that you know he's got a will control what you can control. And it'll work out everybody's pencil which time worried about. You know if it is then that and that's -- -- you got the wrong mentality you'd just be the best you can be take carry your business. And everybody's gonna have a smile on the face if you do that. No coach is in 92 and twelve over eight years Boise State is a remarkable record 576 in conference and that's really really difficult to do or wherever you are now you move onto the pac twelve and some people -- have those expectations -- which to almost impossible to do that wherever you go but how do you manage those expectations with the success you've had in the past. Yeah I think you're right I mean that that was a different situation over there. I think to pac twelve was one of the most competitive one of the best leagues in the conference are skewed in the country. To the -- coaches some of the best players. There's so much parity. And so every game -- -- -- but I know that. And so I think we just do it's just make sure processes correctly that we do -- everything correctly we crude correctly the right kids so we. We practice and correct -- it would -- in which we going to class that's all we can focus on what we're focused on the record or. Completely focusing on the -- -- -- that we never did that a voice it was just does this look right we operate correctly. And so. -- expectations are great. But they can also really -- -- I mean when you follow everybody around the country. You know teams have been -- some good things and then you know what to do think what's the new music and when you think it needs to be just do our very best every day. Know when you look around this conference in the last three or four years there have been some terrific head coaches hired all over the place and -- personalities. Everywhere in this conference when you look at that know the -- part of that no you're going to be going up against that every week with that challenge like for you. Yeah it can be tremendous I mean that's one of the things that did know coming into this job. That is having to be I mean I grew open the last no of the pac twelve and -- now. And so I do. It is to be as big challenges like you probably throw myself into. Like you said the coaching is tremendous to really really good guys. And and they don't want to do -- and it's so competitive -- the head covered folks on the head coaches but there's so many good assistants. And you're only as good as your assistant coaches and there are so many good assistant coaches in this conference is well. It was a recruiting now out of the way at least for the when he fourteen class you know obviously things are to be a little different according to pac twelve school but for you in that process coming in so late in December. How is that process -- transition as far as recruiting was concerned. Our coaches do a fabulous job amenable we got here to get -- kids committed. And -- they didn't think somebody that's ranked dead last in the country. I will say this will pay very close attention those recruiting rankings at all. And they get it. We can't worry about where we are we just got each day do a little bit more about these coaches did I think overall it felt really good about. You know the -- is that we got to come here we're excited to coach of nobody can you talk about recruiting should be different in the -- what it's not different the process is exactly the same. Now maybe we give him on a little bit better player. -- possibly. But the process it's not different than we've been doing this for a long -- a bit different places across the country in the process. -- is not difference and -- but hopefully we'll get these you don't really -- kids that are good students to it. Or what tackle football player. Washington head football coach Chris Peterson is our guest here on the -- coaching at spring ball starting in a week. Looking ahead to practice but I was reading through a little bit about what was going on for this spring season three guys and it's not listed as a spring dean for even as a practice session. On April 19 what exactly does that mean. Hey what if that wouldn't be it is therefore hurt her death. You don't use -- you look at I think we have about eighty guys right now on the program and probably before reached our. -- seven for sure if not a couple more that'll be out. Because of injuries. -- -- were probably down ten guys before we even started and so you know all that goes you have fifteen practices -- fourteen before spring game. That there's no way where you don't go up there are just have a game that have you know we've got to make sure that helped us is correct it would -- put somebody in jeopardy it doesn't need to be -- -- while discouraging Google's type of things but it's going to be probably more like practice. In a few weeks ago we had a situation to deal with the Siler miles who -- and many expected to be is starting quarterback give a couple of other young guys who can. You know play in the meantime but as far as his situation is concerned and dealing with some like that when you first step into a job. How does that it will affect you as far as going forward and how do you make those decisions with players haven't had a chance to really get to know yet. Yeah you know taught us that this all along you know most of the things that it's released. Favorite part of the job it's the most painful and it's also one of the most important I mean. You know these kids being attacked a certain way enact appropriate represented universities all of us in the correct matter what it doesn't happen that we're gonna take -- It -- swift action and and then. You don't try to do the right thing I'll say this is a little political job that we have here and we want to make decisions for political reasons we want to make the right decisions for this team for the university and for the kids as well. And so it's hard yet you don't even get -- -- all the kids -- that happens and you know we're -- -- in all the guys on the team right now every -- were around him as a little bit better but delegates and told them the old guys to get a lot so our expectations are standards and how we wanna. -- Is the level of county have on this team what you thought it was going to be coming in and out he had a chance to was assessed things is it better as the worst words that -- in your mind. That's a good question and I'm really will be old answer that a lot better. After spring football. You know we've done nothing with footballs around here we've been kind of where conditioning weather rather -- called the step -- things. And so it's it's it's partly to answer that because -- -- shall we intangible factors that really. Have to do with the question you just ask you must not just all about the Yankees the physical part of of play in football it's it's really -- Publicly in the football how much they love that -- public gym -- to we have how many guys are just truly driven to. -- batter. Goals are really would start to determine whether it. We got kind of that helped to improve. In so I think their questions still to be determined to. There and practice things are different than than -- deem and eight it's somewhat of a disadvantage to some extent that you haven't seen these guys in person on your team in game seek only gets so much out of practice. So what do you look for some of those position battles. Well wouldn't you know that that's why it's spring ball could be ugly at times is that he can do what side does well that means you know the other side is terrible or. We don't have players and -- we try to -- Yang Yang back and forth but. You're kind of just look at individuals to -- did tell you the truth Travis in the year. Yes you really studied drills and East China -- the consistency that these kids' spring day to day out of this one thing for -- shall have a great day. And the next two days he disappears you see that all the time let me just at a meet physically disappears just doesn't make much happen. But those guys day in day out there really performing a high level but industry employees say this guy's gonna do some really good thanks. Practiced does jump out -- it's screams that you. And -- -- -- you'd probably -- gamers -- it'll go bills. Those kids now coach of a gamer now now now you could say that lets you practice day in day out dead -- -- you're going to be a game. So -- got to ask you about this new rule that's being proposed so many coaches have been outspoken on one side or the other as far as. No win the -- can be snapped in giving defense is time to substitute in what were your thoughts on that. Yeah I don't agree with -- at all you know I don't think they had to implement it it just makes it. You know -- I think people talk about the injury situation but don't receive any documentation. And you know we'd been both we've been no huddle last year were no huddle appointee in the year before we you know we're back and forth we've always cut it dabbled a little bit of both. Into clear -- -- huddle up keep the whole time I still would agree with that I've been. -- -- I think that -- game I think that handcuffs and aborted the beautiful things about college football's all the diversity of the differs -- different temples that different. The different everything I mean it is hole or I will -- it is it is hard -- -- defense -- coordinator cultural -- you're gonna see at all. And I think this is kind of one of the rules that is trying to limit some of that diversity. Chris Peterson as the head coach of the University of Washington they start spring practice next week. Coach thanks so much of the time I wish you the best of luck in your first season their U -- look for a captain to begin soon. Okay -- appreciate so will auction -- time to work so it's almost off three times vacations we get gets things done on next -- open field talk to the guy. Well I know he is disappointed he's he's up against -- and I think -- net injection or something done today so he's he's off doing that's an important stuff so. Okay and seamless particularly given helping you take care of our political capacity exactly do we what do you healthy every day is a start things just appreciate.