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Aaron Fitt -- Baseball America

Feb 21, 2014|

Aaron joins Travis and Josh to talk about the Ben Wetzler/Oregon State/Phillies/NCAA situation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oregon State pitcher Ben Wexler was drafted in the fifth round by the Philadelphia Phillies last year. They're -- issues that have come up from the Phillies with potential agents being involved in the communication going back and forth and as of right now he is suspended. By the NCAA joining us now to talk about it is -- -- from baseball America -- how are you. Are -- going to do well appreciate -- show against it allows mr. Pataki. You know first for our listeners who -- paying too much attention to this story explain the rule and what the the Phillies are alleging that then Wexler has done wrong in this situation. Well -- Personal content partners are committed to house advisors. Who. -- I got there -- technically restricted according NCA -- rules to refueling contract inoperative lights to the players in the family. But the minute debate at any direct contact with a Major League club Monday after the player. That be something important -- -- -- or certainly pollen or being in the same room with a contract signed. That's a violation of NCAA rules so they do that the -- it has an agent and it's a violation ventilation hole. And apparently that's what affiliates. They've been what's that did. We don't know that he killed yet because it's so it's been completely mum on the that they haven't. You know they haven't actually said. You know what they -- what we're doing and what that kept it quiet also pending the resolution of this whole thing out from the inconvenience it like we -- -- that every. Basically every. -- based -- prospect heights will prospect in the draft. As one of these guys -- advisors and almost impossible most of these guys over negotiations. On -- acquired -- -- but I mean that you're doing your job and Asian. You know you're not gonna leave the negotiation with a with a billion dollar corporation up -- coached at the American cents. And you know that the industry norm and that -- this business works and you know everybody disregard the NT able. -- and there are a couple of years a person a player gets shuffled forward when he turned in by a bitter ex agent usually I'm -- -- there's a media report where. Corbett quoted as they negotiated with the player agent that would happen with James capped. Kentucky two years ago armed. The closest real similarities we've had last. If he did twenty years. -- you don't see she's putting out players into it but that's what to really -- about this case you don't see that team actually. Top leakage and get a player trouble. It has nothing to get swamped the army and they wanna preserve good relations players and the coaches and teams by the agent in. What they cared -- -- -- punishment where you played it usually. You know Major League teams when -- -- snooping around -- -- and you can't you know we didn't interpretation. I'll even if they're upset that I didn't sign that you don't -- just -- ago and that's why it's so when usual. So do we do they know that was the Phillies or next agent none of that's -- that's all unknown for sure right now right. Well we know what the -- have not much I in place for sure that why that. Yeah that's that's but the big question here I mean I think the obvious answer is his -- -- -- despite. You know they were upset. Wexler and -- under the sixth round pick with that -- -- -- -- new year starts at the bit talking haven't been agreeing with those two guys machines in my. And know that happens every year there's a handful of guys in the top ten rounds and -- -- and I think they're gonna chime in McCain reminding them back to school there's 21 year old it would talk about here than any number greeted in my changed their mind. One of which being. You know the way the system works now he's seeking we'll call players by the draft saying hey you know what would invite you are two other guys that picked. When you take you know. X amount of money you know want it will take somebody else you got thirty -- that -- shot. Now so in that situation. It's no wonder that players would have to agree that she survived and hit -- -- unrealistic. Burden to put of those. -- fit baseball America is our guest here on the fancy you mentioned the situation that popped up with a similar situation you're Jason Mondale from Washington State a sixth round pick. Who is gone back to school and has been cleared to play. We know the NCAA never does things the same way twice it and is always being held up for one reason or another but why -- mom to being cleared to play enough Ben what's the. We really don't know that yet where we're still waiting probably -- -- -- -- -- you know it's hit -- never comment wouldn't have mattered and it really. The process -- thinking -- we -- In its domestic you know it's so close doors never any accountability. And we get we get to know the fact that you can. And I added at this point. I just because the Philly steak -- negotiated with his agent. We don't know that -- get another -- is -- you know that I think -- in GA we should presumed innocent here it is entirely possible but at what they're advisor did everything by the book occasionally you know some of these guys you do that you know they're they're paranoid about getting hot. And so they don't have any interaction with the parts we don't know what happened -- -- that Julius. Are responsible for diplomats. Would have been the same scenario if he was drafted straight at a high school would it would have been the same kind of scenario when he decides all wanna go to college or is it because he was drafted out of college in return to college -- this is a big deal. Well I mean it's certainly it could have worked out that way else you know and I think it's escalated. You've won their top cannot take an actual player inside and that would talent that he didn't think that situation right now so I'm Noah just so happened that. -- that the way the system works at the top ten round picks you've got a certain amount of money to inspect them all those players and declared it's time. You don't get this and that might look at each and Australia somebody else that money it it appears and so I don't know when the temperature being a little bit midst of that the players that -- Who thought -- -- inside. But. You know it happens once the wallet happens in baseball it would eats well -- change your -- Did you not only an. -- -- in this by the -- the stretch and the way that I was seeing this is that you know that the Phillies essentially had sour grapes and and blew the whistle on Wexler in the situation but. If this is something that is widely accepted and happens frequently you have to think the NCAA has somewhat of an idea that this is going on. In other sports the NCAA doesn't start to investigate until somebody tells them what's going on. Now this has been opened up a little bit can you see a scenario or the NCAA. Tries to crack down a little bit on this -- is that is that a stretch. There have been a few times in recent years without trying to crack down you know bill bitterly that China escalated. It's way that the village and stops in an estimated 2008 with -- Alberta on the state are common in. And you know basically they told me he Oliver you. It's -- turn it. Secretary stated in his -- the pitch at a regional -- told him he wouldn't fall because of one of these no region. Situations. And -- each of the court. And won that one case and into the court ruled in its favor to -- OK can't tell -- I can't have a lawyer negotiating with -- you know the corporation about a contract it is it to get a lot. But unfortunately. They want a cabinet -- quarter -- -- 2000 dollars and and and made that. Just get thrown out about the precedent has gone and that -- restarted but I usually. Aren't you kid doesn't know about this it won't baseball deterrent. The football basketball and every year you know the the coaches convention in. And they say well we know that. It's sort of baseball you know way to look at the -- of the rule we need to be interviewed by federal arbitrator or you know relatives said that -- Nothing shakes and the fact it is different. And then in football basketball because most wired the draft is it after you're seated over the declare for the draft. Baseball the draft is in June our -- -- just -- playing and they all we can eligibility after the draft. And so he can't he can't count them you can still be eligible. Wanted to play College Baseball. You can't childhood an advisor to negotiate it is it's just that it's set of wrong system. So at this point for Oregon State what if anything is the timeline look like or is -- just a wait and see thing to figure out what the NCAA is going to do. Well and that's -- -- -- not that -- so frustrating. Minority state employment in gated held back in this -- and number. And you know it's. Unbelievable they still haven't got a ruling here and and and what they're still hanging in limbo we don't know when it's -- and when they're gonna make a ruling summit it's again it's absurd that we haven't heard anything yet I'm glad that we are not giving any day now or it could be do what we exciting without it if you get as good. I'm sure he's still throwing at this point still they're keeping his arm in shape but without Ben Wexler for the foreseeable future how much does this hurt organ State's national championship hopes. All certainly you know it's a little bit the blow on -- he would have been the number one or two starter Hideki. Calm and pretty darn good and you know. Following policy -- really knows how to pitch that's the nor is it that you have a lock arms and you know originally they probably. Never expected to get and what the accuracy here anyway in the guys trapped in the it's -- You plan on him siding and usually what happens is that it probably read it bill fifty. Letting you know not out in particular that top -- -- united the number two and appreciate you look like they are are now anyway so think they're they're deep enough on the -- certainly it's survive and still get on odd and particular not a championship if they don't have and what. But you know so we'd like it's it's more if you happen. -- -- is our guest covers College Baseball for baseball America one of the best in the country to do so he can find him on Twitter at -- fit. -- -- -- much of the time the details and all this who preach it look for talking and soon. I got.