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Chris McGowan - Trail Blazers, CEO / Team President

Feb 20, 2014|

McGowan joins Isaac and Suke to discuss the change in ticket pricing for the Trail Blazers, changes to the Moda Center and the possibility of the NHL coming to Portland.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are pleased to have back on the show now. -- trail blazers president at Christmas gallantly but since the bankruptcy. Yeah he's been -- Great -- white studio audience there. That's the way we do yeah yeah this is a big time radio why -- northwest two gigabytes of the blue hairs a lot of old ladies like to come and watch the show and personally tellem and Latin. -- Follow my goodness where we start -- let's let's start with the whole ticket pricing thing I'm sure you wanna address that and you address that was some print. Folks the other day but sounds like ticket prices are going up what's going on and your fans are very happy about that. Well you know obviously. Anytime you -- right that you try to find. -- might have not gouging people but obviously doing the things that you need to do at an organization that can write a little extra revenue. We -- we've done not. We sent season ticket holder rule out. This week and we've essentially -- scaled the building. Which means we went through and analyze all the various decent price category that we currently have. And quickly determined that we know sections that are priced according to the market and we got a lot of action that hadn't been changed and a long time. So we reprise and -- scale the building. The end result of it is about 5% blended increase. But some people picket went up a little bit more or not. Some people tickets went down I just depended on what you now that led us to believe so. I'm not that we did and we're working through communicate about our student ticket holders and you know going to renewal which is you know what we do every year this time. And it did and we've -- skill and ability that we wanted to communicate that in Baghdad when people get irritable. If they they kind of understand what's going. No one likes paying higher taxes no one likes having their ticket prices high but I think some people understand it is is the feedback bin. Did all right -- is there have been some outcry. All right I'll -- OK you know the one thing that we've committed -- season ticket holders -- that we're really focusing on protecting their pricing. You got to look them eye and say you know you're paying less than anyone else because not even take it or committing 44 games a year. And this year we have been able to do about. You are speeding ticket holders pay on average 29 to 30% less than anyone else that. That comes to our games on the depth about C -- out you know the best price and then they have those peace the right on. Repeat her playoff games so -- about why a lot of these ticket holders do it and you know as long as we're doing not. I think the feedback will be OK you're right on like the fact that anything get rape and prices as. As long here not gouging I think -- and understand and and and what we felt it while it's not. Does that indicate or taking incremental revenue and putting in our owners popular putting in our pocket where it got that right back into the organization. -- whether it into the top talking weather and our practice facility weather center and amenities. The rose quarter in remote attacker were really focused on you know put -- right back into. The overall inexperience. What percent of your ticket sales are season tickets. Are. Well okay so in some ways -- -- you're doing this dynamic. Pricing model and I don't know how many -- actually even understand it out of the even need to understand it but basically the those out there listening or watching it haven't heard about a lot of cut pro franchises are doing like colleges are doing it. It's just maximizing. You know the ticket revenue in and you guys who make more because the Vietnam. -- does that in some ways sell more season tickets for you because I think at least some people would say well at least I know what I'm paying for those seats. Yet there -- uncertainties. But you. I think them the way don't most fierce season ticket because people are just really diehard fans and that's what they like to do on the -- comfort does -- or they wanna. You know assure the same location and -- -- take orders to get the bat the bat locations so. You know the back -- and every section on our full season ticket holders and the other thing they like the security and certainty of knowing that they have an option on plan optic. It when the team makes the other the typical reasons like bite bite people. It helps when you start -- going to -- 24 and five adding that helps as well. It definitely I mean. It certainly winning helps everything that we're doing -- you know -- rather than businesses. Could be you know organized in a -- where we can take advantage of it and you know. Or Toledo and Portland you know our fans support. Way better than another market -- lose you know -- out. Really really great. Stands. Passion here that. The support you know better than any a lot of markets and I've seen out there. This is such trailblazers president Chris -- gallon on 1082 -- Comcast sports net. See guys were denied the 2017. On also our game here I had he eventually get one. You just gotta keep happening and you have to put a good fit together together it. And you know aren't I I. Truly believe our time will come when the time is right and you know what I am telling people is that. And I just cut back from the all star game so I -- Penske. And altered even the first time. Real and the employer didn't wanna go last year because right when I first started so -- I tell people that. You know if there's one available I noticed that he can have a lot and you know I think we could. -- element off our game and you know what our job to. Go out and and put a bit port and when the time is right we're gonna do that -- -- Kaplan great conversations I think. Think in BA on record as saying. Portland could be a good market for well again I'm not guaranteeing we're gonna get one because obviously. You know. It's challenging and a lot of market one home but we're you know we're that you are not as fortunate in part of bid to get on the and -- -- we put successful bid together to get. The NHL all star game we also got -- NHL entry draft. With the creative bit. At a time when you know entry draft in the NHL never went. It anywhere but northern markets are Canadian market -- He's not revision of its available we're gonna -- try to get it. Is the biggest obstacle simply did the hotel space. I think. You know we got -- hotel here they're just spread out amongst too many hotels so. I think when leaks come into cities they -- out you know those headquartered type hotel where they can consolidate down about. Indeed those spread out on so any time. A big hotel could come on in Portland and out five or 600 rooms I think back and better our chances. We I mean we've done that we positive we've looked -- we have enough hotel room here just spread out -- a lot of different hotel and typically we don't like. I thought I read somewhere that there's like a new Hilton it's gonna -- built and if that thing gets built. An -- and hopefully will over the next went to three years the battle. Kind of take care that it in maybe that's will be the last turtle. Any I guess that if any new hotel come onboard -- Portland -- 56700. Room. That definitely out to our -- What kind of financial impact is the all star weekend. You know it's. It is -- Korea -- -- -- -- -- builders season ticket date because you know you have to hit it in particular that access to some of the events but. More than anything we would look at it like that we would look at is a benefit for Portland. And you know kind of a reward. The most I think the most passionate fans of basketball that you know and have an opportunity to tap that come to their city. Did something in the free agent market surged into a -- to their century too because they've -- don't get big name free agents here in a lot of small markets have that problem. On this that's something that that that place and that of and of showing that there isn't some big name guys can only be important is the city did it -- Some backwater place -- the appear in Portland and tried to put on that image of -- of a place where free agents would wanna come. -- look they're relevant of that. You can get -- It just gives a relevant to the cities that -- -- and so you know I felt I don't know exactly. Answer to that but I wish I actually think it doesn't hurt. Chris Young blazers president what are the chances that the -- senator not only has MBA but NHL with them. I don't know let's say ten years. Pop -- -- bad bad bad game so. Why go -- MBA. Let's look I'll say it I hate you know we're lucky that we have the white hot here in. Then you know obviously do amazing things and that he really support them. -- Portland there's something about Portland that they support their teams and there's something about Portland that leads me to believe that this could be a great NHL market Sunday and you know like that but I've got a lot of NHL I have a lot of experience in the NHL. And apparently take it if there's ever a case that made sense. You know it certainly wouldn't want to be in the conversation but right now we're focused on. Iran -- great the organization and then you know. We want motives that are to be more busy market veterans memorial called him -- -- -- here when I get more concert wanna get worked and we showed them. About a pretty big job they have on about what we're focusing on. Yeah it's it's. It's it's really dead around there I mean you know it's just kind of strange environment when the blazers are playing or whatever but that -- can you create. A good environment around that arena without another major -- like the NHL I mean. Can you is that realistic. Yeah I think it is but he used to have a different approach. And if you look at from a numbers perspective. In a lot of people that goes through. Voters there aren't enough people to go through the -- -- -- -- the a lot of people and there's not a lot of of that state is out there. In the country that out as much traffic and we do but there's a perception that that here. That we have to change that perception there's really a lot of events that happened here. I think this is a great event district. And we should be looking at. Doing outdoor event in the summer -- more are we we have to get more aggressive on concert and damaged and by doing we can have a lot more traffic here. Without having another anchor -- like -- NATO team or something like. Or just bring the NHL here is a die hard hockey fan -- ST that this is bring the NHL here will solve that problem but. It is -- of all the places I've been around the country. I can't remember another. Major League franchise like that that has a building there with not even a restaurant within walking distance it really is. Kinda unique it is sad because it could be such a great location. Well there's a lot happening on that side of -- we you're out potential the convention center hotel that you referenced apparently. -- the super blocked on the street on so I think. Now that this is becoming an area where some development it started out that you might see some restaurant start popping up about one of the reasons why -- wanted to get in the back game a little bit. -- bringing you. Not a lot not a -- restaurant at. And it's only gonna be open for a patent but it is at least a gathering place for people to come and it worked example with bit. Look we could start opening up on a regular basis even if there is now back -- -- CD you guys have is organizational what what goes in around the Rose Garden. I -- an organization we always heard that you guys that the blazers had developmental rights and how much influence do you have and what goes on and what it's built around that that that area. You know we have pretty good -- what we like our great relationship with the politicians and developers then you know we we. Each week we don't somewhat -- right on the river right on the other side. Of the complex. So yeah we're we're and he -- a lot of conversations then. -- some point. On it's gonna happen here because it's a great part Al really close. Compound can walk just across the Braves in the pearl district in public transportation. You know that's around here I think you're gonna start especially these places going to be one of those places it is going to get developed and when that happens that's going to mean good things for the -- quarter. So you didn't after here you're you're trying to create more revenue streams and it seems I did a pretty good job of that feels like the blazers were just. Really sort of behind on in this regard in -- just getting started so gimme big so we were talking about you know develop been the motors and turn around it. We know you wanna do that. You mean other big idea that Chris McAllen has we talked about NHL what's what else is on your mind about something that can. They can really kind of transform. The blazers or just the -- senator experienced on there. Not a good question I think. You know we we put a lot of attention and a hundred level. We're gonna do some really unique things not in the upper level that organ that out pretty soon that you know those are some of our best fans are still some degree. We haven't put as much time and energy and it making sure they're -- I'm not concourses. -- -- and other parts of the area. We're going to be later focused on -- And it happened announcement here in the next little while and then I think we need. Changed suite level on the club level area a little bit as well so. You know that's where we're gonna get focused on that's a big idea but I I don't could be one that's gonna have a direct impact on our antics. Experience then in and make going to that a little bit battered. I don't know if if this is some that is even on your radar anymore seems to have died down and it's been years that we still hear about the the whole TV deal and the satellite companies not. Being signed up for to be able to get the blazers games something that's that's on your radar and ongoing discussions or is that being kind of been put to bed and is is is what it is. No we won't rest until it gets better but we you know we only have a limited about it and want to comment though. We want our they have to be ought to get our game. And find it you know not acceptable that. There's a good portion of the market that can't so we're in a lot of conversation. And you know we hope that the situation improved like it did this summer with charter. Was. Good -- more fans can now get our games and not because. Excited. But yeah we won't ever say it is what it is but we. We you have limited influence on that always conducive it has many conversations that we can't. In order to get more people the ability to watch our games. And their new court design come into -- usually let them. -- Redesign the quarter for next season. So. But should be pretty interesting I think our -- you -- And you know work out fine with that. Picture looks good and has represented something -- and get a little bit of the say well. You know we're excited about. About some new -- for the Portland Panthers can can we do that. -- The Florida panther result they know they needed to Obama I -- badgered him until he agrees to bring the Florida Panthers here. Sure hockey fans in the market and there aren't in my right to our -- and an outlet. I'm gonna you're I can't say I know. I just think you might be right -- -- -- -- I'm gonna take that and run with that and extrapolate that out to we will have an NHL team within three years according to Christiane. Again he -- but actually he will that nobody will believe him because silica. But. You know nobody nobody doubts that the NHL would work is just finding the right opportunity news says much you can't negate global counts. I think the bigger ideas may be eyes can see its face in the circle. That of the new court may be PG. If you can't. Atlanta league and if there are are messy little atoms in the league -- People expect commissioner -- and look at things a little bit there but I don't know about what happened I thought would probably -- You talked about that did the uniforms eventually we're gonna get logos on and he does seem to be a little bit more forward thinking in the business model than the -- Is his predecessor. You know -- I I think David Stern was extremely. Porky Pig at -- he's gonna go about -- about -- of all time but I think. Well you're gonna get it just a different approach. From about -- -- you know one and I think a lot of people are excited about and I know there's a tremendous amount of energy. And endured different thinking going -- the league right now but certainly it was that you were going to shape with with commissioner stern law. Now was -- Christmas down blazers president. Thanks for taking the time and and -- in studio next time he's gonna come down. It is that will come down next time for sure flip -- then we'll talk to down the road.

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