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Mike Barrett - Comcast Sports Net

Feb 19, 2014|

Mike Barrett, play-by-play man of the Blazers on Comcast Sports Net, joins Isaac & Dusty talking the latest injuries of the Blazers as the resume their season after the All-Star break.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A lot going on as we've been discussing with your hometown team and for more on that let's bring in media voice of the Portland trailblazers. The great thing handsome. Mike spirits mr. -- it's been awhile nor'easter. -- -- you -- an artist among senior on trucks and ball later. Yeah now on now you do that kind of night out at a concert than a 1002 I'm sorry. I don't just make insurer. So I thought something is I was introduced -- argued the voice of the trailblazers or is that technically -- -- what does TD trump radio. I don't know how I would assume that by saying Boris you'd been radios are accurate picture from real. It I think it's I don't know I think you'd base of the trailblazers -- certainly the tiger has been battling it out. That's even bigger -- that would be like LaMarcus are -- thought not I'm not either understood you'd hate it has little Mike Baird but it could do it. With the colony gains. All right well why could it. I think the question needs be asked why couldn't LaMarcus Aldridge had been shut down earlier baucus did these last couple weeks because it seems like he's been hurt. And nothing much has changed for broke a weaker team now. Yeah you know the first time that we really spotted. A sign of it was at the end of the Minnesota game -- and he came out. Time to have him leave and we didn't even really know what I'm. You know what exactly happened then but we just -- he was out of the ballgame and then later on we. You know and we've seen in Munich in the game before that I think it was. Guess it -- at Indiana I think is when he initially heard it and so I'm favoring a little bit and he decided to play sort of played in Minnesota. And it played the last two and and I don't know how it got to the point where they decided to shut down or we can and in QL field tested but. You know given the extra couple days after the all star game after the all star break. I suppose it's a good time as any it's me you know there's never a good time -- leading scorer but it. You know the decision was made to rest it and and hopefully get it back for. Well be a stretch run and you know now there's only 29 games left in the regular season and after the all star break it always slide so. Probably just to make sure he's you know good and solid for the rest rattled because could be a lingering concern hopefully I think that's why this. This precautions being taken. You think Meyers Leonard was ready to can step into that situation before he got hurt in his to get relief that it -- you think it is how is he mentally. After. Getting his chance and then spraining his ankle at practice yesterday. It's frustrating because he's he's you know he is just started all of a sudden it looks like and I talked to match the clipper game and the biggest thing. You know finger -- -- the Amazon I sort of looks like the game and start slow down your release that are exactly. And he played great and and you know he's been showing signs and you know you don't know until a guy get a run and Byron I don't mean. Six or seven minutes in the game you mean you know you mean that's a good spot the rotation where you get a chance for a couple weeks to really get in and and give solid -- because an -- relentless. You have other case where as last Republican than what a little ability during this year now that he's got to salute our role or did anyway before the injury. We were start to see what he has so. Yet it's. Terrible timing as far as that goes I mean to lose three bigs in a matter of a week and a half. And now you know they're gonna start to real right tonight it's quite small they're gonna have to figure out -- -- -- do -- ex San Antonio doesn't all the time here they're out to -- -- last night including Tony Parker in the united clippers so. I mean nobody's gonna feel sorry for your hand. Maybe by doing this may be that you know if there were. As it's ever it's a stretch where the dock -- as we talked about and they had lost their edge may be this you know out of necessity. Give him a shot in the -- you never now at the positive way to look at it but that that sometimes happens with teams not you wanna lose anybody especially these corporate. Hopefully they'll stop out faction that get a chip -- and maybe is somehow a springboard to a little bit in the final stretch. All right this is blazers play by play maestro. The greats Mike Barrett here on to any need standing Comcast sports net if you just tuning in the markets Aldridge out at least a week with a growing. In Meyers Leonard goes down and I am with you might terrible timing for that in men two to three weeks for him so you mentioned to -- right. Starts how do you play this thing you just those small. You know Victor -- bear stepped in. Big spot seems for -- too many what are your thoughts on how you played this puppy moving forward. No you -- the two and that nick has got us you know that -- -- to go around -- taken more shots in the NBA this year in the market so. They're going to be a lot of shots to go around some of them are going to be taken by Wesleyan. And -- but I think that most pressure and the guide you have to have when he's played well against San Antonio in the past. Largely because of his relationship with Tony Parker -- NIC Batum has got to be a -- and Victor quote bear has been. You know -- -- inform you played him when he started like sixteen games last year played in 4647. May -- games. And he's been a good guys continue to work and pictures out all the guys who haven't played this year. -- the guy we always look at and think there's a guy that can step in and help you he has. He played some poor last year he is Smart player you know he doesn't shoot it from the outside in these militia would think. But and it's tough -- we did not play all year and they have to step in and and get a roll -- -- chunk of minutes is going to be a challenge aren't. And it'll all be cured dispute if Terry does -- and I think he's certainly can't help them and it's kind of an all hands on deck situation you have. Basically what amounts to nine. Or ten healthy bodies that are gonna have to carry your -- At least a week or two I don't know how long after that that. Freeman -- evacuate constant. Myers there you know couple -- best case. LaMarcus re hopeful week but yeah it's it's you go from sailing along having this -- starting lineup for 53 games all of the sudden. You -- -- big guys and we can have that the NBA. -- brutal all right so let's talk about the mayor and then also right I mean I'm with you and then. I've been kind of surprised that both of those guys had just been buried it in not. You know finding the court why hasn't -- the bear bit a part of the rotation at least getting some minutes and I thought to are all right was the best bet signing of the off season and yet he's been a complete line oncoming bus but he hasn't had the opportunity. Each of those guys why haven't -- quite. Well I think it's a numbers game with which both of them I mean I don't think it's been any one thing and -- that's -- question about welfare especially. Because the electorate said he's the guy who can -- -- physical strong player who's played on the international stage it's quite well that the -- I don't know I don't know the answer hero right I think. You know he came in and he's a pretty good defender he kind of got through it points and games where he wasn't hitting -- what giving each shot and he's kind of volume shooter and he's not getting touches. He wasn't doing probably enough to stay on the floor times. Felt completely out of the rotation and got backing and and now is another big opportunity for him to not only. Help the team out during a stretch to show that he belongs and shall he deserves minutes once everybody's healthy again so. It's gonna have to be a little bit of everything up again I don't know. How many minutes he's got your idea but they're -- going to be apart I I'd I don't know we'll be back too much tonight if we go. -- he -- really small that he's gonna get an opportunity here than a couple of weeks. All right very to have a great call tonight thank you for hop on the phone with decimal icu on that talk -- all this -- you will -- we are talking about here. I love it when -- on there you always pay you know it bitter because dusty is. He feeds me stats that Barrett has the stats for everything against Carolina I think I've got I've got that tonight do you were you're unbelievable all right thank you sir have a did Karl. Well you'll hear Mike Barrett -- we'll see tonight Mike -- at the blazers.

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