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George Horton -- Oregon Baseball Coach

Feb 12, 2014|

Coach Horton joins Travis and Josh to preview the upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right decide to talk some Oregon Ducks baseball in joining us now is the head coach George Horton George good afternoon are you. I'm doing great I got. So I wanna talk about the expectations for this team and it's interesting and we talked to pat Casey earlier today about this as well both of of the organ schools are in the top eleven on the baseball America -- your number eleven. And disappointing end of the season last year and now the expectation that. Or -- should be in contention for the college World Series again this year how is that something that you approach with your team and how is that something that that you go about this time of the year. Well you know all Puerto Rican. I that can be distracted -- -- can kind of help you know all -- -- -- competence Wagoner and that you get off to a good start. It certainly doesn't bring Iran on the border keep you from getting our arms. Are due principally that certainly in which you feel good about short -- -- I intruder not for urgent steps in order now requires. An air on because of the last couple years. Open are Smart not realized there. Our policies and shop is not going to be. Earned fired. Receives about polls and and ballots and expectations -- Most -- -- are gonna be here or not fielder and I just talked to a should -- some of the media -- just two minutes ago and you know what we haven't done the last couple years -- an international agency you know all of our regionals and super regionals. But we haven't finished. And I hold myself accountable for that you know purely -- -- bigger players that. What we all to a man and -- -- -- -- has not figured out a way to stage. Fresher and stronger and healthier. Down the stretch and final verdict is out all the coach of the top it all primary. -- -- -- Possibly where -- -- championship and parts of the college World Series and oh. Where were evaluated our last years and it's subtle change and hopefully -- -- still. George where does fall ball fit into all of this I think may be as fans we don't understand maybe the importance of how how successful fall ball needs to be for you guys 'cause that's a lot of time working -- in getting in there at a time and a lot of people. Yeah baseball's not on their minds. Yeah you know -- the -- not totally computers are true. You know on the you know all the time. Snowstorm is racially. Forces inside. It never snows in Eugene remember that. That's the Potomac and -- much hotel where it's any. There's no excuses. Like -- Earlier you know on the fact that our status but to what our -- two or number salute. In the north well I also think is a tribute to all programs and the fact that we don't around some gospels and in the weather but apparently this -- represents a lot you know here's our question. Starting lineup rules and relationships and chemistry and you're developing and hopefully -- almost shut -- increased you're gonna set up. Where. We go out of -- you know I'm one of the coaches -- happens there -- is that championships are won and all and all. There are your conditioning your weight training. Get bigger stronger. Some of the fundamentals are learning from the torch and stay out. No use for my head in the -- sort of street -- -- You know the re recruiting piece is such huge element in your program. And the development partner becomes instrumental record it's also and on top 10% of its -- in depth book about the same kind of players. And it's whoever does the -- those are the players. Is gonna end -- making their way XP -- late in another virtually national champ here. Oregon Ducks baseball coach George Horton as our guest here on the thank coach you mentioned. In Oregon State and yourselves being Maine in the mix as far as you know the respect level across the countries concerned and seeing that both schools in the -- area and organ organs they are are getting that type of recognition across the country. What does that say in your opinion of about where these program for programs have gone especially your cells only being your six. Well you know some some recourse -- more aware of -- -- restorers he arrived in this sooner and you know our -- or in my career that I can blast at the end programs. That operate at that level and quite frankly are lower Imus. Opener it would happen a little -- her daughter moment just ordered -- hasn't happened here and I care and easier said than done you're factual champion -- -- -- done. Earn your way in the college World Series. By I don't look for ourselves -- brand new program anymore. Speaking of Oregon State I have great admiration and respect for the job for which case he's done. We -- -- cal state Fullerton and the last while the last five years and I was there we were in the art World Series we played Orangemen won here. You know great respect for the fact that won back to back national championships. And now -- -- rupture in the north flash and realize some challenges in the northwest -- so right now more respect for. The job in Oregon State coach dishes done so. It's not an easy and Derek Jeter talked about a -- a publisher I am very proud of the small steps forward that this program -- stricken. And I'm going to be really really proud of the date on American guitar and the UN and arbitrarily. As pac twelve championship the vote will serve as and I hope that -- this year for. George doesn't matter much of the recruits that you guys her I have brought the program back into this sixty year or does that does that have any. Kind of plane to better the fact he'd been successful and they see is an opportunity. A number want to pay possibly go to the major leagues in or B go play College Baseball does it doesn't matter that wasn't around until 2009. I think in the the first year maybe -- -- -- the first couple years especially in the junior college out please -- the young man. Typical time. Trust -- us when we told them hey we're gonna -- -- dispensed -- program and there are nationally prominent baseball program. Maybe some more smarter than your premier Mike -- Two or three years for -- and to bring such expiration. At this point I think that we program that. Peter dropped and Sheen. For the third time -- and starting the season and our opponent this season that. -- reality we haven't done it but certainly knocked it on the Doran and maybe some of those real wood chipper urged. Might then that are just it would take me to get this program all about opera now. One guy out of thirty far. To be the first beyond the first team that -- to the post world -- in the -- -- organ at least in the modern error. For yourself when you see milestones approaching that 900 wins mark -- what are things like that mean to you. Well I don't you know to be honest what you and -- -- total sales a lot of attention tour. -- -- shadow -- -- third start that you went along -- I'm not injured or some other. I don't or are never -- -- return better change it around a lot and I am orchestral -- practices like I used to and they're preparing like pattern. You know means a lot because of the optic of them blessed to coach in -- and -- merchants out certain work in March that it held here. Accumulate those milestones start. Are not a cliche but I'm more worried about this weekend and wired and most milestones that are coming up that. Post and start to undertake. Is there a picture themselves and you know what share -- are aware and whatever -- changed. Our first question hundred career option -- what the word percent pension. Those type of thing and you know it was kind of milestone will not be numbered -- strong -- -- a baseball field and and discard and -- appear not to relationships in the arsenal when we've been accurate and most current. Sounds corny but they're literally as you get older as a coach you more about that and those milestones and mortar and then. And my trajectory as a coach is just psychologist and that is to make this team as good as it possibly can be. And when we come up short like we have the last couple years. Are are almost felt accountable and responsible. In America -- our technology currently 148 and so we were not important the last two years. But guess what we were. We were. We didn't want to chip chip so. Start and Michael and aspiration each and every year that I approach. Georgia I know you're very competitive guy I don't ask this question meet at six years in in Eugene. With all the facilities everything the way the University of -- now is as the school. Athletic department is -- kind of been. I guess everything you dreamed -- and more just all the people he's met the entire experience I know that the -- be -- the baseball side of he had won that title like you wanted to but as everything else been more or. Beyond expectations kind of when you signed on here. Yeah actor and are beyond my alarms. You know a lot of those people as well. Some of the people that we're in the next for all the people that were in the nurture really aren't. President Ron -- actual genuine tape on Carter George and shot it. Obama got but I mr. -- is still a part of our -- -- -- and it's helped create -- a lot of important people. I worked for president got -- him and brought Marlon. They replaced. River. All these people that I. -- now. And I love them equally as well our our one day shoot them and stay errands at the college World Series is and there. -- fallen in love with Eugene area of the people the community. School. The other coaches -- are unbelievable. Our strength coach Jim -- where the election. And so. You know -- packaged Marshal all the servers and apparently. If there's a place to be here it's better than MasterCard -- very special place else straightforward and so arbitrary reflects my heart but I can't and their genetic placed in better than in based approach it you're based approach at. And yet you know -- -- You know coaching you can say this about a lot of sports but the evolution of baseball. Has changed of course especially with younger players the evolution of -- the evolution of balls the Aleutian. Of be worked out habits of players need busy tallying just pure strength of some of these guys. As a coach how do you keep up with that how do you stay relatable to guys in an ever changing world where -- younger guys are just changing. Well they're to be honest with you a little call you know now -- coach -- hear me. The end -- page you know that these guys -- you know -- Astaire appears on the latter are within a certain sense. Credibility and Aaron. Web sites they're ranked players and unfortunately. It's kinda wrong about the beast of entitlement. Into these youngsters Erin. We got to court struck out about you know it's one thing to be ranked -- top fifty player top our reporter in the country. But I'd rather coach the Gardner's to repeat order. -- is more interested in team accomplishment in and they're -- accomplishments and I think the player. Our parent should all. Victor Rivera because they're trying to earn scholarships and her younger agent out specially coaches sitting -- building coaches their strength coaches. Sports side Eric and all manner in a lot of our merchant is to create a bar and in China getting back into the team concept. And Japan and she I'm selflessness and element. I think to a man -- got a pretty good job without but it is it a little bit of the challenge of the modern day poached. Where you know they're just not plan for the universe you org and like if Marty been in years out but now -- The plane into the dry out to the plan if they have an agent our fires are those kind of things and it wasn't some of the challenges of modern -- are proud and as much as you try to shall our -- -- that are it chip charger or what you are you're gonna get a real self Christian hopefully you don't -- the sun doesn't get too many of those. George Horton is our guest he's the head baseball coach of the university of organ they open up their season on Friday at Hawaii. Coaches -- pleasure talking was always thank you so much of the time good luck. Thanks I'd much rather -- Really appreciate enjoying life for me what do you coach. Yes sir are there are.