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Pat Casey -- Oregon State Baseball Coach

Feb 12, 2014|

Coach Casey joins Travis and Josh to preview the upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time -- -- in College Baseball and joining us now is the head coach of the Oregon State Beavers. Some polls number to some polls number one pat Casey acted afternoon how -- you. We're doing very well now things are starting to thaw out here in the Portland area and every year you guys have to deal with this this year a little bit more so than other years with the weather but. Now you see things started to file the first game just a couple of days away what are the last couple weeks band like getting ready for the season to start. Well. That's the first -- -- in certainly the weather's at the top of the list. What your. And underscored schedule -- in Egypt credit national are pretty pretty tough to to do that so -- -- had to make some judgment but certainly. Not something that we can't employ him know we preach that all the time that oracle to -- which are just control our our effort -- -- air -- truck it was little precursor to attribute urged you go through during the season. Nortel does it take for some of the younger guys to come in and buy into what you're guys is chemistry is and Kenny your attitude in Montreal about what it is to play baseball -- state some guys trying to get dead deer in headlights -- does it take them a little bit longer to some guys come in immediately and understand what it takes to be that successful. Think there's two parts that would electric it is expected some guys to comment that there had much look at -- -- usually I'll. Never got a opportunity to do attitude and become part of it -- calm and others understand it immediately. But you have to give a little bit. On detection about it -- it happened in -- while. -- I'm used our -- is an example army -- he came -- here as a very very good British player. He understood immediately what did you do. But -- docile. Dole had to go through some of the things you have to go through a game but you know corner. And experiential since. -- fortunate to. And really XP really have the opportunity. American become actions on the field and and -- -- He had no issues with mental adjustments could yardage it'll all the guys who don't understand it and that particular commercial the field children. Analog sticks who -- all the -- mr. never took it. You know -- when he when you look at things like the rankings I understand it's early February and there's a lot of things that can happen before the college World Series but when you have expectations like that in public expectations where you're expected to be one of those top teams in the country. How do you deal with that with your team because generally you guys haven't been the number one team in the country number two team cut in the country to start the season how do you deal with that with -- players. Well you ought to tip that that's. Credibility. Of these people being situation you know and a -- shall we have a little bit different order up trouble. Just like he'd do everything else that is. Of world war -- well colonel Powell. The record stricter don't go about our prisons I think I think you used it as politics and you can usually -- -- They happen so I strive to fill that spot you -- -- number two team in the country much -- we don't want them to hold -- Broward -- In that region not into the fact that there's one team better than much potential. You know it's the it's it's it is or the expectation that Google -- people share our coach and ordered about the way you want to -- -- -- but this year I'm a pretty good commercial where -- We went to college watchers have served the country. Didn't end up. We wanted out. We went and special chip chip don't do we want when -- social structure yes. What is it is that dictate -- we didn't have a good season ball so -- got party is hard for your immune to walk away expected. But it didn't end up away we wanted to keep up will replace him beat in -- coveted college World Series the British or in the middle aged -- And I don't you got to deal that and so long you know only work which visitors have achieved what -- want sometimes. He spent a lot of time looking at a news I'm talking tool. As much due to the ground ball. Coach are you guys walking in the season got Neitzel trio of in state -- pitchers tell us about the guys you have come back on the mound Korea. Well you know then you got -- Wexler clocked as high school to go to trial itself attitude got -- hundred more out of -- Sheen. Bill street art school garage and state. You know have really really proven that they can pitch and -- urged him obviously you're a deep. A group -- mission to be applied your staff remind me a lot of -- stooge and -- percent in going to be able stars well we had a good runner if it why you should dominate. So alone knows those guys there are. Are established reputable students aren't actually the ones that are going to be just unfortunately they they have a job to do and certainly if they don't do what. Some -- situation board which. Could some of the other guys it's it's got to columns in the Shakespeare. But we expect to be. A guy that it's somebody out and -- Stewart you know maybe mutual elderly or maybe it's still a polymer or or maybe -- Mexican Cabrera or. Could be anybody put it did told the guys actually. Are the ones who have to Padraig way to help -- wouldn't. -- in action and takes some of the pressure off for the guys that are expected to carry the load -- on. Or in state baseball coach pat Casey's our guest here and Travis and Wilcox you know -- -- -- pitching and obviously it's. Extremely important at any level of baseball we look back just fifteen years ago had a national championship game those 2114. Final score. There have been some changes to the -- some some changes across College Baseball and you know pitching has been more dominant in recent years -- was fifteen years ago where those changes help your team your program. Well I think the first ball that they're. The closer we can get too -- emulate. Major League game the better it is for peace 22 now which because they wanna -- would order to therefore. And closer to bat resembles should be what practical should the British call resembles. Professional ball. The bourse regulators shouldn't have had been therefore reduce -- easier for me to secretary could just to the pro games so addicted and great. Arctic result it's almost dictated our personal. And or personal over the last two years it's been the built around pitching and defense. But. First round draft -- in which can -- as a catcher who check wrote draft ticket uncle let's get away actually has an outfielder. We've got done Darwin Barney as a shortstop to support rounder. We've had a lot of high draft picks live her position players also. I just think. And did you wind changed. On a consistent basis. Or are you pitching decisions in the bailout pitched as determined by how much you would most gamespot. So why I believe the games helped us by the -- liquidity game. You're right fifteen years to grow -- strong are you particular -- -- a three run homer. In a guy could make a good pitch. And give up a fly ball -- in and outs and not so. I think it's helped us by the way we recruit itself despite the -- indicated because cartridges -- play the game -- Or as close to accuse the president -- recorder. Coach you mentioned recruiting him and -- went on the recruiting trail I mean you can talk about your program you can talk about you know how many guys in the -- to what intangibles do you look for in some of the student athletes he recruiting not only just on the field but off. What yours look it's -- values. The college experience you look at forgotten values and education -- guy who looks -- the values to column that is clear and -- No we just try to. Try to get a guy that hasn't -- trust him not call it should not police and -- The beauty culture he's going to be a better player and readers -- ordered him -- stability in his draft status. And prepare himself to be typically player on the baseball side. On the other side. Of which 99% of the putts fall into -- that is that your ultimate limit outside of the game of baseball. Absolute values. You know the degree values social experienced guys should be camaraderie and friendships and elect a relationship should go to -- nature orders and other people who are urged tradition and go. Feel very cute guys. Or the Jacoby posters who are or -- world. More often succeed in the game they leave college and so lot. That that is very very rewarding to -- whether it's -- watched. -- Richard unbelievable play orange portion or whether George strait of bird calls and so we needed to there have that your child shall. It's kind of cool and you know hold that -- -- me it's kind of called elections storm you know all in. Coaching as ordered used to speak. What it is now visit so. It's been it's all over the media it's. Every quarter every trick Procter Rudy. Message board to the million. It out of the art directed out of your own and but you know we have a picture. To try it should. Put our guys in a bubble get away from the distractions that are out there now. You know last year coach Michael could Bordeaux after this semi final loss to Mississippi State was. Talking a lot about you know how that game can fuel this team for the 2014 season in -- we know weakened you on the field knows a terrific player but. As a leader in those intangibles what does he bring to this program. Well first thing -- integrity. Who use its. You know there's a lot of people to become distracted by it. Maybe the next level prior to give it. Well period that becomes more important element between rich and the club optional sanction of articles not world gosh Michael -- guys that. The team's first and impeached him and he's he's a guy who does or don't work and therefore that strategic way. To be true leaders by what you do in order. Sample article much business did well. Very excited about who -- person very excited about what does -- it and you know Michael. It is there's going to be bigger player market. Had Casey's our guest in baseball baseball coach at Oregon State they open up their season Friday in Tempe against guns I get. Coach thanks so much for the time -- good luck this season we appreciate. They take you guys albeit I appreciate it.