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Craig Robinson -- Oregon State Basketball Coach

Feb 12, 2014|

Coach Robinson joins Travis and Josh to discuss the Beavs season thusfar.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Oregon State Beavers are thirteen -- ten overall just one win overall -- they had a year ago. We already have more conference wins in pac twelve play and they did last year. Joining us now is the head basketball coach at Oregon State Craig Robinson Craig are you today. Yet today we are doing very well now what -- talked about this team they've been able to put together this year and last year there -- a lot of injuries that's -- injuries this year as well but. Being able to turn things around on the questions that around this program how was is progress happened last year. Well I don't really don't particularly it was. Last year this is sort of been a build up where we wanted to be at least thought we'd be here last year but as you mentioned we had a a couple of injuries last year lead. Had Carrie Cunningham electorally for the for the NBA says that does -- help put things on hold -- years. It's really bitten. Sort of in the game plan of getting to that point we just thought we get there a year earlier. Are a lot of these guys now buying in to kind of your coaching style in the system because I got to imagine and that's playing football like edited -- we come in your first couple years you get used to but what you by the end you -- spell light bulb go on in their eyes and -- can understand what it takes to win is that kind of the case as well. It is I think that these guys have been great -- -- them by hand aspect of it I think. Happens to. Early. You know. I think these guys there were always on board to try and do whatever we needed to do win. We just needed. Kind of experience that -- they'll -- and in such a good conference against guys with good players weep weep and had a positive. -- fight that fight and and blues in order to figure out what we needed to do it went. When you look you're -- Nelson what he's been able to do this season he just getting better and better every you talk about getting that experience will. More experience he gets -- now as a senior he's become a phenomenal player what does he bring to this program. You know he's. -- from a basketball standpoint he brings well a lot of things that need to be as a high power -- scoring that he doesn't have different ways -- -- he can shoot the three ball he continued. Pretty deep. He get under the basket to get to file he can now he's that it played decent at his repertoire so. Pro basketball standpoint he brings all of those things along with the ability to make plays for other people being you know in in in our games that we play well he'd. Up around five or six or -- this to go along -- you know eighteen to twenty. Eight point -- and then off the court speed you know that I don't think people have an appreciation outlook kinda young man that. This guy's really developed into being. He certainly he I have to I've always described him as the guy. Who leads the party doesn't directly get -- in a good way MVP you know he's an inclusive as the team leader and the best player. He makes all his teammates feel like they're they're important for the team got only a part of it is very important to integrate that it that it Oregon State community. He -- softball game. Games soccer games football games which everybody goes to but you know he'd he'd he'd he'd be a great ambassador to the university. He had to mention as well another guy like -- collier who became what the fifth guy in -- state history to tot be in the top ten in scoring and rebounding to have a guy like that they can do both. -- -- -- with Nelson and those are two pretty good teammates you have to help this program forward. Yeah and it's been nice to be able to recruit that caliber player to Corvallis because I think that was the big question on. You know when I started here. Both on my end and on the university's that it can't beat. Recruit the type talent to compete in the pac twelve. A regular basis then you look at a guy like -- colleague who came all the way out here from. The Bronx new York and and -- has been able to be extremely successful. You know I think it it is it that. Perfect example of that. Being able to. Recruit those types of players and isn't -- really look at guys like Eric -- you look at a guy like Vegas -- all the way to Australia. You know it did it beat it. Be nice if we -- get the most. Hometown kid it is -- wanna come to Oregon State I think that's next on the up on the agenda. -- state basketball coach Craig Robinson is our guest here on the -- coach a look at last couple years your nonconference schedule played Kansas last year and Vanderbilt the report teams that -- ranked. This year you didn't have that big time nonconference opponent you go out -- lose the first game of the year to -- state we do beat Maryland on the road when you're constructing that schedule the beginning of the year. In getting ready to be set for the pac twelve schedule. What's the process there Heidi and you'll go about who we schedule more of the -- Anaheim net. That that is one and you listeners should -- that's probably the most insidious part of this business it's hard to get people who will. And that word just to follow through the contract that that are sent out it is. Easily the hardest part of the business that. You know you you want to have a couple of good nonconference games against big conference. Teams like. We tried to do this year will. DePaul. And -- it the year before we can't -- it then and and you know we played Texas and Vanderbilt the year before so. You don't you try and in the games like dead the new outlook by the time -- -- around the plant that they might even be right and it doesn't always fall out that way and then you try to do his preference games that make sense for your fans. Would make them wanna come watch -- -- -- team play while you build it up confidently teams so all of that goes into consideration. But you know the these games you have to -- -- to come you have to get home and homes that -- that -- so many moving parts that it doesn't always work out the way you want but that's the beauty about played at a conference like pac twelve because you're gonna end up getting. You know -- he had -- just from playing in the in the conference so. You know there's you try to start with a method. To your madness -- in the compounded it worked out sometimes it doesn't. Yeah I was just gonna ask you about that coach you know maybe non conference in the -- -- the -- pac twelve but conferences is shaping up to be something. A little bit different than everybody thought up last year and I still have an opportunity still have Arizona left you get the ducks this week and so. You have a lot of opportunity to play some of those better teams and improve cutting your rankings and what people think about your squad. Absolutely have to break now I don't follow it every day that I know where. We hired that I needed to RPI which is good would you. You're going to come back after the conference that he got a have you come to term at the play. It -- -- In a conference like the pac twelve if you can't. Be right around 500 a little bit above they don't by the time because of the conflict part of a year in the discussion -- the big dance and that's what you wanna be an every year and pretty easy you have to play the games it starts with a you know very important civil war game on on Sunday. You know coach when you look at what had happened at Oregon State before you got there in the four previous seasons combined total of eight conference wins. You take -- program that it had endeavor to do well in college basketball coaches have such a short opportunity. To be able to rebuild program this year six for you. And fans look at the success level say that's not as if they -- wanna see organ state basketball player but it it's there are a lot of challenges that go into that. When you hear fans say things like that what do you tell them what do you think about that. Well you know -- attention that I haven't heard many fans say that because didn't they you know it's hard for people to come -- he -- -- like that when you. When I first of all it's just hard. To confront people you know face to -- now you know I've heard -- grapevine that you know. You know I'd hate these are some people aren't happy and did what you do as I do it I just point -- where this program was carried it. -- mean you know I I think I think. Everybody would agree to display does that really tough shape and I inherited it. And then. And how -- measured -- my -- my progress is where where we now compared to where we want -- -- are we closer to where we wanna be are we closer to where we were end up you know -- -- by the fact that -- -- talking to you about if -- -- the -- -- -- -- And here we got a chance to. To be in the NCAA tournament that makes us feel pretty good. As a -- I have to keep my keep focused on on on the task at hand and I are trying to get into too much about. What other people -- there are saying and men and do you know. Think you know whatever you know it is it is these jobs are hard. I signed up for a criticism my understand that -- you know if you ask him if if you ask me. Where we stand I think we're closer -- breakthrough. That we are. To be you know -- -- and you know it takes time especially if you're gonna do you know kind of labeling -- build it so that it last rather than have -- you know flash in the pan. You know on that progression new facilities are always -- helps that out how how much of a benefit is that India to get the new facility. It's been it's been terrific I mean you know it's it's it's -- that. It's great to have it but it's disappointing to see how much of an effect it has got to recruit -- just -- the fact that you have something new. They can have something that that point -- the fact that the that our program cares about basketball. It really it. It -- that recruiting Ambien and and you know that's that's that's the point we are in society today and -- -- good facilities and attract good players and you know it helped us from a logistical standpoint. In the scheduling practice and scheduling events because everything has run and not ideal at one time. It is really helped us from a marketing standpoint I mean it just gives us a little bit more cash data -- right now we've got to do it and as. One of the best looking practice facilities on the conference -- -- -- recruits. -- -- askew as well you know everybody comes in they can make him play in the NBA that's not you know. A realistic expectation. And for US a coach when a player goes beyond maybe doesn't play in the NBA but TU what's most satisfying thing. Maybe you would have after a player graduates he comes back Q what's maybe something the most satisfying. Up thing you do was a coach that maybe people wouldn't think cover something that means more to you that people wouldn't just actually assume that would matter as much. You know I would have to say that seeing are former players. -- basketball is not the primary. Motivated and their allies. See in them be successful. In the in the every table but they're there every day war causing the hole is really satisfying because you know -- we feel like we've helped them. That we had to prepare them for that. That that. Stationed in their life that at that time in their life where -- -- to sort of devolve from basketball and involved on another. Area and -- our our former student athletes -- be successful that way is always. Is always satisfying but you know we have we have you know AA issues that. Most kids aspire to be in the NBA and most. Kids don't have that opportunity but we -- -- -- fortunately that. Quite a few players played professionally in Europe and it's great to see them achieve their goal playing professionally but then be able to that kind of take a step back and be a productive member of society that probably gives me the amount of side of the amount of satisfaction to. With our former players. Oregon State basketball coach Craig Robinson is our guest here on the -- Oregon State plays in the civil war on Sunday at Eugene noon Pacific time ticked off coach is always to great pleasure to talk to think so much of the time. Good luck the rest of the season. Thanks a -- and banks that may not.