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Marcus Mariota - University of Oregon, Quarterback

Feb 7, 2014|

Mariota joins Isaac and Suke to discuss his return to the Ducks for a junior campaign and his nomination for the Bill Hayward Athlete of the Year Award at the Oregon Sports Awards.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This next guest. Through for us. 3665. Yards a year ago for the ducks' 31 touchdowns just four interceptions. Rush for another 715. Yards. Any capped off their season with they big -- and I thought it was a big win to come back bounce back beat Texas in that ballgame then. When he could have been fairly disappointing that they were in the BCS game. We're joined now by ducks cornerback Marcus Marianna it's been awhile -- And not long enough apparently. Homeland rounds it's not cheering crowd actually at the crowd should be doing at this -- blame the polar vortex. All right well in an appliance element they would that was dynamite job I do if we picked it was a bit. It didn't didn't throw it. A bigger job drop. In them focus today we integrate data sent. Munich if that's where we're back you and you that'll -- again or we'll know on I'm gonna do it again but I think we gotta go now is Jimmie got in -- -- -- like Kmart is it document it later. The we are not happy disobedience in many now with -- -- -- I think we're down 02 right now with -- look let's do it all the other hosts in the country do you explain our producer he's terrible seriously dusty you -- -- -- these guys down. On it's unbelievable. He believed to have to work in this environment. Where no one else does similar to the building has left. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm good I'm gonna -- -- pattern inside but that. I'm not sure what happened. -- I'm sure you don't tar -- you don't you're done that. What's how much -- on the ground down there. -- -- -- -- -- -- more slow them the last canceled from the that you couldn't go on and pretty pretty court you know I'd never grow up and never be had an opportunity kind of planted -- the -- -- on. Yeah you you'd be in Hawaii kids now are you or are you OK drive and -- -- Heidi I feel about. About that. I I think carpal. I have an I don't have a couple of arms. When I needed to but the last summer -- because I'm a little bit so on and taking precaution in and took direction from argument. Did give me the day off from today's standard they make you show up. Well -- -- -- went out there in the morning had to be worked out in the snow. You know there was critical Friday morning truck and autumn. It would actually a lot of fun get become and you know due recognition in the snow and you know it's literally a typical morning as to -- that would -- Well you seem like you have a lot of fun even though last year I didn't end up the way you wanted hill those nice ballwind. What it could talk about the factors any kind of covered Ellis who we have to talk to you while that is talk about the factors of of what bright back to Oregon and you could -- -- pro. Yeah -- you know first and foremost you know I just wanted to come back in and get my degree. You know education as a as a very important thing. You know mark them and I and you know it's one mission essentially started and you know started the biggest thing. That is to -- beat him again. Some kind of played -- that you know I think. That's -- what they're ready but it. You know I think at the same time you know the comeback in the -- and enjoy -- you don't like almost like they were due to commodity and -- them you know your friend and be able to spend time. With -- because that you know you go -- relationships and took other Christian life. You know another another. You know pivotal swing from new -- you know it and a lot of other presidents and into it and you know more or less from the very happy to be here and embrace it would be able to combat -- -- Mean most mock draft said he's a top ten what did you go through the NFL evaluation and and what kind of feedback did you get. No problem we chose -- if I'm that you can go through clinical evaluation just. -- -- for their intent and purposes is done. The electrical for an insurance policy on. Other than that. In an outcome that is basically what we wanted -- -- -- and that you know evaluations kind of this was it is what it wasn't. You know this group that I could still you know -- you know whatever that I contribute better and equipment and. What where do you wanna get better you know if everything goes through according to plan and no you don't national title probably number one of people who talk about use a Heisman Trophy candidate but just. On the field stuff what part of your game do you wanna improve. Look at our dispute -- a -- consistent passing on the other -- You know I I let -- actually kind of smooth and calm in an alert about -- and -- Not that other than that I think he. Continue to make good and proficient students. The more vocal leader in -- grown up an aspect in. Becoming a better low level -- you -- little if you can or can't come looking forward you know. To watching more film -- gaining knowledge in the game but number Katrina -- in the offseason and conservative. This -- up into play in the fact the you run around so much the temple which you play this. I have a role in the in the accuracy being and be more consist assume that it's. It's harder for you to it to stand in the pocket and and and and you'll feel good about throwing the football as opposed to someone that big gets 45 seconds in between every played in doesn't have to run the way you run. Lou you know I think they're up and that's the part that -- remain consistent I think that's why it. The medical -- of actually it is your you can look at your reason. And then -- from the -- to construction on a daily you know unaudited basic and you know -- can elevate that as part of my game. After that -- -- legitimate political. This is ducks' quarterback Marcus Marianna. He is actually up for the bill Hayward amateur athlete of the year award. At the 62 or again sports awards which were scheduled for the Sunday but due to the weather they've been postponed will continue date Susan announces. I know you you downplayed the neat thing. When things went to win a little -- old haywire for you guys to stand for game in the Arizona game bit. You know now there's time has time has passed -- you admitted that that was a bigger part of the problem the navy could lead on at the time. My I think whoever let it be an excuse -- are that it. Kind of undermine what happened in the student. What happened that didn't happen. On the united -- and you put on the other -- is that partly -- -- calm you know fortunate it happened -- it is what it is I think -- you know a better person -- Probably could come about this university. And -- just -- you all. You know green got you got to come about. And our motive -- take out our commitment. -- two -- -- -- person in the political. Yes Stanford's tough -- -- game was tough. But you guys rebounded to beat -- top and then. There was that Arizona gain in -- they watching you guys for last four or five years even when you haven't been there. There has not been a game like that what what was that what what happened in that particular game in -- on. You know I think it was just a lot of mixed mode from the last couple weeks in electric it would make if -- -- and you know I'm a firm believer in that coach offered only in Pritchard. On you know I just think that loosened so and we play in America -- You know legal shall we don't you -- -- a game in getting -- but he and what happened. On you know I think trucks were pretty extreme and lump in horrible learn from that we're going to be able to grow from it. And down you know trucks within its motivation and not let that happen. Yet that was -- my next question is what what kind of signs you know as the leader of the team. Can you recognize and look for in you know next year. To avoid that happening again. Yeah I think -- complacent he cannot complete accident or seven student and armed enough it could do it and you know some of the greatest talent seems. Though aren't you trust because they they think they can -- and Wear the Jersey Angola and when games. Are not and other a very. He -- lesson that we learned that day in Arizona and aren't not like if and a lot of young guns there nobody can learn from it and no more I think it is going to be better from. The vocal guy in the locker room -- you lead by example sort of fell. Are -- my first obviously. -- committed to Beebe did it by a couple. -- You know I'm trying to assert myself marketable Kodak. You know up to about human nature that. That night. You know as a cornerback -- -- -- -- -- -- -- your position that you put an end you know I'm I've learned and I'm not -- to go through it. And down in on this problem. Groin in that aspect in. Trying to really get better that are either. Is it is surreal when you hear people talk about you is -- -- seem like a real humble kid and it's like you were a five star you know recruit you know coming out of Hawaii and good to hear you mention is a top ten -- Heisman Trophy finalist and know the all American words that. If you become comfortable that is it still kind of almost a pinch yourself sort of thing. All of the equipment Ivan are you really thought about it I think. You know my apparently come to become old Michael and they did you know really wanted to visit -- this -- and all. I know that that's some it's a privilege and you know you got to continue to look at it and not -- and and continue to do that every day because. Some of some of these things -- and you know that don't accomplish in life. -- -- He can't he can't take for granted united -- can work edit and I'm you know you can always get better and always improve. Deducted Chip Kelly at all. -- -- -- On what is. Markets Mario and a -- you're looking probably at a bright future in the NFL no question but you know everybody thinks about this -- the -- -- -- like what what other kinds of things do you wanna do or would you like to use its if there weren't football. Jerry you know -- -- Principal of the wondered why I decided to come back home what could get my education because I do wanna. Are working in sports -- -- computer in the group therapy. Field to be able to you know out. You know athletes -- myself and feel really good guys you know I think that some -- -- really trying to work for an. That's like a -- education in order to -- Well it's also did in the big man on campus you know it's a lot of fun and guys driving around when it -- -- if hacker you are all right -- they -- tiny man good luck with the -- sports awards and hope you winning amateur athlete of the year and you deserve it and thanks for joining our show we'll talk tea instant okay. You're much stricter currencies.

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