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Justin Wilcox -- USC DC

Feb 7, 2014|

Justin talks the job switch and recruiting with Travis and Josh.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time to bring on another Wilcox Justin Wilcox sees now the defense coordinator at USC just an -- Do very well so obviously there are some similarities for you this year with the recruiting class obviously continue to work with -- but USC announced at a Washington. How has been different for you. Well you know obviously coached orca. About down there in December and did a good request aren't already -- and keep Martin quite a coup state our staff did a great job -- you -- knows relationship going to -- obviously. With the new guys that came on board we had. Some prior relationship with the -- your recruitment. So it was pretty smooth transition that way. -- gets picked up a couple of big time guys yet two days ago due to Smith Adori Jackson. Some these athletes. When you get guys like that what kind of impact -- he -- you kind of in that room when -- you score a couple of these big time recruits is a kind of give -- their breath of fresh share and you feel a little bit better about ourselves that day. Well you have ever but he was arguably needles -- -- are you an exciting day for. Obviously -- The coaches and our team but also that the fans and administration and everybody it was a device around. The football office was unbelievable. On Wednesdays and had a lot to do it. A lot of people and are to get those guys -- was great. Would you really good about Mercury glass and and now we've got to get those guys to work and get him integrated into our team in and see you can help -- -- They talked about having some of their coaches on the staff stick around town and I know that helps but how difficult is it to step into recruiting process after the season is over. After these guys been talked to for a year or so for some like yourself in that position how difficult is it for you personally to be guilty that continuity with the program. Yeah well it's you know -- it is it's just part of our business and I think you're just -- up front about it and you know explain. Explain the situation and you know the kids in the family appreciate and X -- It's not easy for anybody. But it. It at a time you know when there is transition is -- to get all the giving out on the table and talk about it and I think people appreciate that and at the end of it obviously the relationships are so important but. It's about the school in the institution. And obviously would so like. USC we ever a great product. USC defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox is our guest here on the fan adjusting on the other side that you were you were hurting kids at Washington and all the sudden Europe you have a new job. He reach out to those kids he talked to them at all how does that process work when you leave those gives you recruiting previously. Look beyond -- to meet personally. For essentially the month of December I was in a bit of a bit of floor so I I didn't have a lot of them into a lot of recruiting him in December -- early as it was. I was in my role. And I didn't again because of the situation. So. When I look what I. Got down to -- USC in January. Essentially took Sorkin. You sermon -- Hayward because darting in and not been. -- Martin clay because creditors Boca as it really didn't. Turned in the month of December and it. I think go to guys did such a great job I just aren't exactly what we we knew it. Armed personnel wise and targeting the right -- and get him for the most part in the boat -- minute which is going down talking to people. From last week's January so it was pretty well set up in terms. We're recruiting -- what I had thirty doctor again credit goes to all those guys. Justin you mentioned earlier kind of just being about truthful and and laying it out on the table where is in the past in. You know even when we -- recruited that kind of used car salesman pitch -- was one aspect of a lot of coaches took are you finding out that the more you are truthful and upfront about. The way things go the better off -- turn out in the long run for UN where those he's hard guys. They'll be having the problems back and forth with some of the parents and players. Yeah I think everybody has always doing things and it's really. Good. Each -- is kind of different and met in no way and there's no right or all went out and -- I think coach search engine and you know very adamant. We've talked about how we recruit guys and how we talked to -- and what we talk about you know we wanna talk about. The opportunities the educational. He athletic opportunities social. Opportunity after football what's your form soldiers Limbaugh. To a end. You know I just acting -- all -- and not maybe make an empty promises and things like that again it's hard because American artisans keep others changes and he can't be about just a coach and can't be about just one thing I think it's. It's the big picture. -- -- you ought to provide. The the student athlete is show on which you can offer. You know just -- you've had an opportunity coach and some different places him in when you've done that generally you've been with a you know a new staff the new head coach has been now that you move on from Washington DUSC with the same coach in some of the same. Hi guys up on that staff he worked with before how different is that transition. It's very very smooth yes because you know. How old goats are ones and done title for me just learning about USC game and more modest you have. Broken Weston have known. The tradition in Europe and the power of that place him in now to be involved. First hand in currency unit is. It's pretty special and are important to beat some great places and and then. You know I don't -- It's I can't walk in that room and and some parents say and know everything about USC what I've been there for two weeks. -- -- -- job is to learn and and understand that. If this family atmosphere and tradition and the power of that place and that's what I've been doing the past month. What's it like to go from you know a Tennessee to a Washington to a USC all these places that have on this football tradition -- worst football family in growing up we knew everything kind of about organ. You go to Boise State you learn a lot about that places well. I mean is this been a fun ride take all the other part of out of it I know it's it's a tough business I know coaching sometimes can be. Some long days -- but going in hitting all these places that -- -- up as football powerhouse is now you're working for these places find out the history is there's some some sense of enjoyment in -- to do that. Can I could he say that because it. -- -- I am lucky really really lucky and compete obviously been able to coach at Washington and energy and boy Ian. Now your -- because I was quite senator. They're great places in. I think one of these days probably. -- pageant and maybe. Have a better appreciate it's hard to read it because it's it's all about right now and what do we do right now to help us win and so sometimes you probably don't appreciate. Did that started much -- pictured on a personal level I know what's important for us there's they were recruiting. Are we to recruit. Working our systems employees weird work where our players. I think go to -- -- really focus on and maybe one of these days. Alan Durham old washed up that I can sit back and maybe have a at all. A couple of -- and -- well it was pretty cool I try to do it you know and I think one of the neat things I guess is when you go -- first got there. In order to recruiting process kind of you get informed on the history and all these things that. They're involved which. You know the -- and -- that was pretty powerful -- -- it's pretty neat to see so -- and enjoyed it -- sometimes just hard. Justin Wilcox is our guest here on Travis in Wilcox and Justin you know that your name pops up a lot for head coaching jobs all over the place and you have some decisions to make every year when you think about your decisions and what's best for UN. And and you know your future all that what goes into that for you whether it's taking it as -- defensive coordinator job USC are considering other jobs that you might be offered her or talk to about. It's really. First of all the -- -- I've been fortunate because we have been with great people. And great players and that's where those opportunities are right you know the people that are around. The other coaches that you work -- SP administration. The players that are on thirteen because that's where really where you know sometimes these opportunities come from. And so idol for me always try and I don't know I just have been. I don't but a lot of aren't civil war and then something comes up and I you know just. Take a look at it and and so. I don't know I'd I don't really sit here and at this. Grand scheme of things mapped out for the next ten years I just I don't know all we can do that our business. Hey just to get everything clear enough board you know I've talked about this did this was does something. It out at no point time was organ ever consideration for you as a defense quarter in my creek insane that. Not yet know I was I. Are essentially it took I took the job. You -- Right at the end -- I guess. Redeem December up for -- bowl game and noted that in talked anybody. And a then did what and you can get I guess give us your feelings on -- Kelly -- was your defense of coordinator now he's retiring what would you say in that people know about what -- Galileo he meant to you and what kind of guy he -- He's he's a phenomenal guy and he's an excellent football coach -- imagine. I have all the respect in the world and it's such a good good person he's helped me tremendously. You know he's. Was that -- for I don't know how many total of 2520. Meters. Asia quite a career and to do. You know what what you time and always done -- and you know treating people like he -- images. It's a good example for an -- for me. And I'm just judge -- talk to him quite a -- and it's it's a great relationship and I'm fortunate to have. A complete Foreman got a problem. Well and just I know your you know take some time in get a couple days off -- so appreciate taken a few minutes that year -- dated. Come on here and I actually have to think you as well so I don't have to worry anymore Washington here I'm still waiting for the US year but I am very thankful that now have to sporting husky hats or tee shirts anymore so. On from an older brother perspective thanks a lot but enjoy your weekend have a fun one in good luck rest is season different.