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Seth Greenberg -- ESPN CBB Analyst

Feb 7, 2014|

Seth joins Travis and Josh to talk Pac-12 Hoops.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Artists under bring on Seth Greenberg ESPN college basketball analyst former coach at South Florida and that Virginia tech's -- after an argument. -- -- -- should -- -- appreciate you joining us here for a little bit and you're just talk about the organ errors only game last year and our last night rather in it seemed like organ had a golden opportunity with Brad and Ashley being out in Arizona trying to figure out their lineup and had him on the ropes late they just couldn't convert and a lot of plays made a lot of mistakes late. What is it about this origin team that has caused and you wanted to be in the rocked the pats set thirteen and I'll start. They were so close did that gave you make free torturing you don't turn it over you get a little bit better procession. You know two different game but mostly in by two points at stake it. So I mean they're not very soft and easy thing would say well they got -- definitely defended better yesterday. You know they're much improved I think the hardest thing for for -- who's such a good -- such a great teacher Butte sat and watched them practice. And it really is impressive. I think the biggest problem is and -- -- -- they have somebody like players. That it's hard to distinguish. So players near the walls -- -- well defined this is as they they were early in the season and have fewer players. Our guys weren't sure -- -- -- -- where other shots recovered from so this attended this about a minute that carries over to what they're doing defensively. It has that same team trust. And then nothing besides let's say they don't have looked. You know they don't have a guy that as a dominating rebounder at put my it was could have been -- platform. And a rib protectors and that really hurts. You know looking at the pac twelve itself based uneven last year there's a lot more -- I don't receive purity but a lot more teams that are closer in their lives yeah a lot of -- -- a lot of good teams UCLA Arizona State Colorado Stanford I mean even in states five and five in the conference. Yet and so when you look at that and that we're talking about organ. You have to take advantage of every opportunity especially when the conference has improved how many of these teams do you think you end up getting to determine is it before five summer there. Yeah I think I think final -- you know I really liked the conference I think the conference is really deep -- Colorado got hurt. You know which Spencer did was he going down -- played really well at once or 500 or contracted next week. That'll be a big game for both teams. In the report are an important game for both to actually go out dozen albums. Or -- this weekend should check right. Air Arizona plays -- stayed on Saturday or Sunday in an organ -- -- Arizona state of Arizona State has or deny -- yet. Yeah are they both turn it seems. Are right now organs after -- I mean just -- did they place themselves -- to return the team could have opportunities. There's a lot of basketball we played but I mean if you had a picked. Today. It would be hard to put in the field. It just would that mean you know the Georgetown what does that the same. Value would have earlier this season and but at thirteen to have gotten a -- that it would take would change. We're DC we are already see Arizona as they go forward as as one of these teams having you know -- number three right now they had a big losses and injury bit. DC this is a team that can make some waves in that tournament. Yeah I I I don't see the final fourteen more at that they lost -- versatility you know look I was and actually I think really really heard of you know he can make shot and had a great shooting team. -- just after two rebounds a game he can defend multiple positions. That really hurt their their team in their versatility but. I think thirteen that's gonna you know get its second weekend. But I don't see him as. -- you know final fourteen right now. ESPN college basketball analyst Seth Greenberg is our guest here on the senate set to look at the national picture a little bit only two undefeated teams left in Syracuse in Wichita State but it seems like Wichita State is. Always playing from behind and somehow pulls out a game late. Are they it -- that that is as good as advertised we saw the run last year the final four but are are they as good this year can't they do that is it just the product the schedule. No I think they're really -- I think they're really get -- play from behind you lighting it up what are those games is this when they play from behind. They play every possession like it's a separate entity so they can actually get back in the game. And that's a really important part thing to do. Is to be able to get back in the game and I really liked I liked -- -- I think that. The very well conceived. They share the basketball they defend. Every position they get a good shot at -- position at least point guard for the fleet. They got a big time physical to barred. In Enron baker they've got a tough match up. He would quit at -- early cotton zip lock down defender I'd just -- got a really good basketball team. Where do you com. Where it's gone that gay in this kind of overall season what's your thoughts on this team and how far can they go. It is not my squad last year. I was ride that horse for a long time before anyone else wants. You know I liked the job market you would just leave this Beatrice she would actually markets Memphis. Quietly which is hard same exact most times. You know like I like -- -- announced he's become legitimate low post player. I think that you know despite the deterrent to -- Agassi is playing well they get belt back at a good time -- and our over the last six yeah exactly. Twenty and eight. They don't have great debt Stockton is playing well so. I like their team. It'll be usually haven't played -- yet let this is anxious. -- a seven -- web parity in a pac twelve and across the country the beginning of the year we -- teens like you know as always duke Kentucky Kansas and all these young players. There were expected to deal that the freshman who lead their teams to the San Diego State which -- state who mentioned Cincinnati teams work quite expected to have this great Iran has the thirty college basketball because of that the way that the one and done rule works in all that stuff happening are we seeing more of that. What you achieved it seems you just that's a great point and I talked to battle but last night on the Cincinnati game. The record but he -- don't know they're interested in winning. Yeah they got upper -- physical tough. -- -- You know Cincinnati. -- average -- -- 23 years old. Michigan State physical grown -- Florida grown men. And those guys I don't care how good those freshmen. Those guys are gonna find a way because -- and that that freshman as good as they are. I I would think tank Freddy won't do that much. You know Obama Obama TrailBlazer fan I'm actually able to bark orders really good he'll be really good offer as a player. Right and probably he's the one -- joy of being he's got a chance to be really good player. But I mean that's Camille its founder wrote I mean those guys are -- is it just don't applaud change roll it in there. Right I don't see Jewish Serb -- government has applied to actions have been those that group. You know I I was gonna ask you about that is that at the beginning of the year that the talk amongst basketball auspices MBAs it okay we got this. This bitter group of freshman coming in and they're gonna be one and done so we're gonna take kittens and all these guys -- -- -- those. Needs him it's an insult to players yeah it's an insult to approach isn't it -- pulse of the declaring that. I think it's a fraud. Yeah I ended today and to my point you know people say okay. But but you're looking at all these freshmen that they have listed on early on now some of these guys aren't having the career so you know the hype that they had gotten before they even stepped on the port in college basketball. Is this turning pages into a something that just won't ever stop and it's the hype machine and and -- okay we get a certain look in this because I know you've been around it I'm an -- a football player. Pick the concept of taking for something to me it's just something I can't comprehend. Yet to joke that you don't that that's a bad GM's cop out who it is that made it eight to may premier consulting really rich. It's it's it's not good for our game it's not good for for her for coaches it's not good for players and just. It it really is. Really really disappointing it is to see that happen and you know the reality is that these kids are good players about they're not about changing your franchise and their prospects. The prospects. There's surely not worth taking toward. -- you like it that first circle again you know this these same guys we will talk about packing. After -- that happened benefited from Vegas question. -- -- he would somewhat tank to get him. Well they're GM just got fired partially Hampshire to -- -- -- pixel and I was it worked out too well for the tax. I have but do they react if the reality is that it's you know it's it's almost an embarrassment. Am Seth Greenberg is our guest he is the former head coaches South Florida and Virginia Tech he is now a college basketball an analyst with ESPN set is always great talking thanks so much for the time -- -- -- You very much and yet -- you guys -- -- probably -- on hoops or get more confident stop. -- -- Seth on hoops on Twitter thanks so much coach you're -- gives -- --