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Mike Barrett -- Blazers TV Broadcaster

Feb 7, 2014|

MB joins Travis and Josh to talk Lillard ASG and Blazers trip.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I tell -- now live to Indianapolis and joining us now is our fan blazers insider in the play by play voice of York Portland trailblazers Mike Barrett my -- Doing very well so obviously we're having some weather out here in the northwest it's crippling everything but how is it in Indianapolis today. It's not -- and it wasn't he got in a couple of nights ago critics. I think about 8 degrees this morning on -- -- Aaron began a copy of about minus seven. The B minus fifteen we get in Minneapolis tonight so these people are used to that some. Obviously. Are quipped a little better handle it but I understand it's pretty nasty back there. -- -- so that the big story last couple days been Damian Miller died doing everything all star weekend what's your take on the. You know I I talked to him last night and we get a little so that interview and afterward -- kind of mention that -- him and you know I think it initially he probably knows. He admitted that he wasn't really thinking he would do that first and and not the same thing it may -- certain guys would. Maybe negatively affect them a little bit but you know I was talking with Antonio argue about it last night and we are talking about concerns -- -- You know we should get some rest and then he bit. Totally correctly that it inconvenient as he doesn't mind stuff like he doesn't see any need. I mean they have to slow him down. Just wouldn't work out in the amount of time he wants to be in the gym I have to kind of chased him out. And he always has that just we have always done and it EDS's here it is physically taxing mentally taxing I think the mental side of the important thing at all star weekend when he when he does all the events that as he says I'm going to be either. I'm getting paid to play basketball so he's always set when he came into it. You know would be NBA last year in the -- he's. One of the first things and it went first conversation I had with him before preceding game at least that you know I can't believe that the we want to go to school -- just playing basketball for a living until I think he just has the idea that you can do everything -- possibly can and still rest when he told. Like you bear I mean he's he seems to be -- -- -- attitude -- you'd be the judge Jim very late in Europe cannot work ethic thank Garrett. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. It's it's funny that like that are wired and you guys like well you're likely never. Ask a question. You know it over the last couple weeks it looks like they've been trying to do different things from their bench and trying to trigger are different rotations are -- guys. Amino you look at last scheme. You know Myers it's in their first few minutes you're seeing pennant. I guess change up the rotation and orbit are they trying to get the field just you know who the -- it is to bring that energy off spot the pinch when they needed. Yeah but you know Terry stop the -- since the beginning you know when people started asking about this he says it's going to be situational and so I think it's more matchup stuff it's not so much what they're trying to get done and they know they have guys who can come -- to contribute. Anything else if things -- sideways and you'll see him change in during the game. During the early part of this season and it was a clockwork rotation we knew that you know with six minutes left in the first quarter Damien would come out mode go and about a minute thirty left in the first -- come out. -- -- -- -- -- And Westwood would come out and it was just like clockwork that killed John Stockton substitution pattern Jerry Sloan was just it always worked out way. And even though some of the regulators have seen their patterns are minutes played stay the same he has gone. To -- bench guys and tonight in the next couple of days if that's gonna have to happen again because Williams of course you guys probably know -- -- assembly -- an assembly issues and so he's not here and you know -- back to the first game against Indiana they don't win that game without Williams he was terrific off the bench especially in the first -- so they're gonna have to applying you don't CJ -- didn't play at New York to -- right back in the rotation to your point a moment ago I'd Doral missed his first couple showed little -- roster and hit -- the first -- derailed a pretty good defender. Earl Watson has been thrown in there once a while this year and you know he's such a veteran -- and not outside threat that. That Mo Williams says. Yeah I expect to see some of this again and Indiana's big team big Frontline so are you very well currency Myers center. Mike Barrett is our guest here on the fan for listeners who don't know Mo Williams is having some family issues his sister is not been well lately so we can go spent some time with her. So -- he's not going to be around for a little bit we don't know how long that's gonna be but. It doesn't seem like anybody really wants to step up and take control of that sixth man role coming off the bench is this an opportunity for someone to. You know incurred a little more playing time in the next couple nights. Yeah maybe I mean you know -- Earl Watson it is girl to get some of the minutes you know what it's all right you know he understood at least 34 and here -- A mentor and almost an assistant coach of which is what years. And so you know I don't think there's never been this year at least it hasn't. Seem like it's hurt the chemistry at all and stuff like that does happen and he can't hear better preachy sometimes there's a battle for minutes and and a little bit of internal bickering or you know look at sideways and the coach who works you know. Heck we reduce in New York when that happens all the time we have releasing any of that so much I think these are guys and -- say the right thing and I. Honestly believe they believe the right saying when they talk about whatever special routine these guys seem to all be called into that and so. This is an opportunity I would say if I had a circle one guy. In the next two games a chance to step it up again it's Ichiro called -- played well what keeps telling portly she just -- first couple according to his greatness of course everybody starts to structure. And absent couple weeks that you start New -- he got called up and great game and about a week later they shut down because once -- -- has gone to the system seems well. Scheme for them and shut down and I think that's partly what happened to eject. He needs to step up now and we could see a few more minutes Jordanian through this process. CJ and being you know play at the same time which they haven't done a whole lot to this point so yeah guys are clearly -- -- a drill right and Egypt probably a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- earn -- spot in the -- back. -- -- teams had success that maybe not everybody else thinks they will but within that team they think they have the confidence to do your senior 35 and fourteen. And you've been around this team and you've been around this organizational long time does that seem like this team. It is is absorbing -- and celebrating the 35 and fourteen or is it just hey we gotta get to this next game and not really looking at the record because they. In a sense felt they could do this. -- Yeah -- hear that sound like such squeeze you speak to say you know I asked damion last commuter accident looked back at all. At the last year in two years ago he's playing for Weaver state so I mean thing to happen. Fast and furious and now -- are now he's playing at all that this team has 35 -- and battling for the top spot yet be preached it and in the states and the achievement -- -- you know. And those LaMarcus and two guys who looks. Have competence and what. Guessing game you know Christians and LaMarcus Christian would we ask about. Because we do they say there's no time to look at local virtual what -- I mean the scheduling and here is as such a place where. And coaches have done a good job of that too I guy I try to get church stopped looking at all the time. -- a road trip coming up and every time my duty shot lead out as I'm not looking at I stay in the moment and he preaches that these guys and it seems like -- -- They not -- speak they believe that they don't look around -- I don't look at I think -- try to -- -- here and what is their -- told sector came into play a couple of weeks ago after the adrenaline of the hot start warhawks. Probably I mean it's natural and you know I think he's -- the dog days of we've you know so far right now on the India prior to an all star break and after the L server -- mad rush to the finish line and all of a sudden you're ramp up again. -- Yeah I think their product I think they they they believed they could do it but it doesn't seem like they've gotten all of themselves called economy. The they speak to the fact now that Portland trailblazers have two all star players on their basketball team in that the coaches and peers around the NBA are recognizing that. There aren't cool and you know I think you guys are proud that I think you know approached not to talk about that -- reflection of him to. You know he wasn't that far from being able to coach of western which empirical. But no one mile markers when you're going to be again -- Egypt Iranian and there are at least -- huge impact -- we can't. You know I I have to you know it's you know Q are your target -- just got to start like it -- -- -- stock -- and it you know liberty in the -- gonna get everybody's best shot not sneaking up on anybody and that's the -- opinion. You're an all -- now this is the next level -- -- and -- talked about it come back and Eastern Europe trip and like to play in New York in the eastern time zone and McCain didn't start at 10 o'clock or 10:30 eastern it's. That really which on the map and along much else target obviously soaks there's a huge positive which but there's also -- you're you're a marked man now I -- -- I think they realize that sort of franchise. It's fantastic to think a week you know the -- -- -- it certainly didn't -- I think one of the top spot at two all stars that's. That's a best case scenario at least at this point. Mike Barrett is our guest play by play voice of the Portland trailblazers you can see him tonight Comcast sports net it's 4 o'clock for the pacers and the blazers. Mike did call tonight and have safe travels to -- back appreciate the time. You guys be -- actor yes winter wonderland to. -- -- looks -- FTC -- -- you know that I know I know you indeed due to big truck and I'm sure. Hey man don't go back to my high school days c'mon I. Think like. -- -- -- --