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Brandon Huffman -- Scout/FoxSports Recruiting Analyst

Feb 6, 2014|

Brandon joins Travis and Josh to recap National Signing Day in the Pac-12.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox our number two of three we are live out here at the Portland auto show it is time now -- recruiting. Joining us once again is Brandon Kaufman he is a national college football recruiting analyst for fox sports and stay out dot com -- how are you. I am. Well rested and ready to get all of the new year. So I yeah yesterday's pretty much the end the end of the year for you New Year's Eve I guess so I take -- during your day yesterday who were your impressions overall. Of the pac twelve in not just USC with the job they -- with -- overall. But he did a good answer that question my day started -- and the big time we'd solve all our -- and then out of that it. Admitted it -- and you know to kind of keep piggybacking on. Stanford nerd nation he pulled out a little mini Christmas tree that would emblematic of beat. Visteon Patrick tree and it put on his nerd lot. Without this commitment to standards so he's kind of got the impression -- that it was going to be. And it just gave it is going to be a good -- all I thought that the actual. Closed as well any -- from countries other than maybe yet he got that -- Alabama was still are out on. Where they were gonna end up as the number one -- that yet it just yet. -- -- -- There there was a little bit dramatic yesterday got it. Well I thought how cool looking -- particular goes really well well a lot of -- -- UCL -- -- -- -- Closing quality -- could have yesterday. It seems like got all those teams thumb the one that might have missed on on more opportunities might have been UCLA they finished second a couple of those. A lot of other schools Washington Stanford. Even organ to an extent got -- everybody they thought they would you said you she'll lay on the fence on a few guys and didn't get those guys. How does that really impact their class and and what they're doing moving forward. Yeah I think there there was hired -- being affected USG. When they landed three players in southern -- or yet it was a matter -- you know kind of show that he psyche and their that they were gonna be able to recruit. Out solid unit he should I -- Because so many here -- that he was -- early I'll play it but then. Changes but it's a job that Washington. It would go there. Out of Barack -- In the USC job a lot he's yet to indicate it is inaccurate you know they continued success in the field the last two years. Is allow them -- not recruit local -- it actually as well. Out of Louisiana -- yesterday -- organ was able to get. Pretty big taxi dropped out of Louisiana from the same school as that kid that committed UCLA. And scampered aunt -- yet today the powerhouse programs in the data Louisiana darker Christian they are about it see the other. I don't know that really good player will Oliver was actually can. Committed to what 8% iron in the -- -- got a lot -- in Mexico Louisiana. So the big sports will really closed well but they'll have some great players currently on require that. One thing that I he would get so excited and you're quote that you tend to forget that -- recruited you brought that. Previously 64 days are an organ got light -- Make eagle and that beat the best running back crack in what coach. Our country into extreme and I are in and I've gone on record saying that to meet the top two players in the left Kyle -- where he is going to pick. They had in word extreme in the running back at San Diego who's coming organ. I think he may be the most college ready player but you've got to court. Brendan Hoffman is our guest out dot com fox sports noted ask you now Royce Freeman and you look at him coming in depending on know where you where you have music for a five star guy. I've seen different dead measurements for in some 6716. And at 225 range he's a big back in organ hasn't had that a while and innocently Garret blunt really never comparisons to Jonathan's story tuchman being college ready how does he impact this team being different style guide may have right. What can you should direct their heated differences and we -- look at our public been so. Hartford he did and then and that they're still multi dimensional there's something different aspect of that up. That he can't figure out and -- he had other it's. That he -- at this speed had. Had. Versatility and all -- conditions will now green you know Howard Howard that are trying to figure out. All the I had her Byron marshals or executing on bartered -- -- not -- try to it. Look what this golf threat level called extreme one. But he too when he can when he by the legit -- I. But I mean you want what you want to destroy anybody. Wait where would organ in the past years they had running back and cut it out state naked person bit. Well extreme I would rather not over but then he can run around she used to be so -- another dimension to. Figure out how did it and what was look at that extreme and and there are a lot of questions just really what. Because he lived on any real small art eat in Southern California but that you see him at these national showcase event -- RB -- playing field. Against the national hall RE ink pad and then it indicated by the dominant no matter what. -- -- He played against -- and you look at him and our personal actually saw her was that a year ago. It was like Kennedy and heaters and just the way he built arrogantly. But physically you look like Peterson and you into what ecology. -- to eke out there that helped -- that he is and yet yeah you know you -- see. Just the the ability. To -- you -- up. So much -- when you get a college. What's your assessment on what -- state did on signing day and how can that affect their program. I really like berg stated in the united every year you look at their. You know while so while out for art is how you do the or is in either the ball at those there. Corvallis cute but you look at it and you know they're maybe not that that succeed start it and you know that. Big -- -- these are guys that every year -- credibly and in yet -- read about each year three year starter and all are all players and Egypt is -- in -- say in this so keep them in the clear now -- but -- because that got such a great track record. Of developing players are getting a lot of solid. Third street or got into the -- there restart it means they're not. You've -- -- -- immediately that we don't have particular impact guy. Right away if you look at Oregon State traditionally been third or did get your guys. That are the ones that are really unique well a -- many guys have but if you look at -- class there are quite yet but equally cutting it. Can't play right away acting you know they indicate a -- -- he's. He's a lot like -- -- opportunity -- our program you know look at this technique is. I just he's not coming from here now he's glad he finally got it going to be I voters discipline and all of that while coach I -- like cute and that's just governor she's been grains. And table please look at what Britney go on -- not. And he either got to come from when he hit it -- Egypt is cute one section championship and the cultures that -- rather read. At organs being is coming in -- your pay a lot of these guys are coming from program toward that it is standard. You know brandy -- -- guys -- can play right away and organs say needs a wide receiver that can play right away and go out and big gate no two guys one from Tennessee and Hawkins -- from Texas and -- two very different guys 16 for the there's 58. Are -- those guys do you think able to make an impact this upcoming season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's got closer -- that -- many years to -- being chanted Allah. Well again like I mean that big bodied receiver when it equally and he's got good speed not a complete Borger but still -- X force X 390. Butler alum. Or six or he's still pretty deep along strike it would be an -- And again this goes -- -- -- they're going to get here a couple of cultures when he he would get Medicare they expected him. Go to I'll take it exit immediately because he can account name and he knows all the while our industry leaders. Get our seniors that -- ballot I think he might be forgotten. Little bit because you look okay he. He did so early in the process Indian golf quarterback for much it is -- -- ballad that you're the guy that would reduce a offered in three years ago an athlete -- oh darn near our. We eat we eat at Michigan won't play quarterback. He's again at its peak you know pick -- -- and it -- a lot of eighty -- at a high school and that you know he dared. Not the most explosive that world but -- see them policy -- eat it. He worked out receivers -- -- -- quarterback as first while you're busy and can't work got be has peaked in you -- -- that likely is it. The patient and just. -- all hated dad coach rock. Stanley a tremendous -- -- the three uncles played college football player or another to a gold plated -- days. It just got the ability to. Be real solid for your -- your guy. But in each day acting pocket -- I call you Obama they'll -- it quicker and guide to the treaty because -- is side. Not a whole lot of conversation about Mike -- -- class at the Washington State how would you grade their class and and who they brought in their arm for Mike Leach in his system in what he's trying to implement. Well that they were bought the problem last week is there really isn't a problem. They're two highest rated players ended up looking to other schools in frustration that a lot of college in -- bet. You get me he would try to keep them under -- -- They well -- -- immediately and higher and now there's been up but. I -- -- they get educated job trench is I think Joseph -- they -- in my kitchen. A real life are in the profession that's yet recruiters. One of the players that I that. It at all. I Sacramento is he -- Alvin Greene actually think. You've already on campus and only and in the older adults -- The screen that ultimately will -- and I am. But it looking up from recruiting you know watching. It on him. Actual her goal to get in the -- -- year senior got out when it Washington. -- be -- -- they also got Kevin and another angle back at us now yeah. Is great quarter with a two year starter obvious. And yeah I think is that the popular at the end they got in a minute but it really did linebacker. Greg quite distant area that they Patrick -- frowned upon American Samoa. Until those two guys eager gonna do the kind of meeting in big impact right away and it'd probably -- guys who. You have the chance to be the most intriguing player in the entire -- -- -- -- can't eat. I belatedly northern California he was a ball player up until this year at school that -- -- apple will give a democracy without the ball. But it could they have to be you don't ya gonna be our -- a little -- -- -- it. Just a little bit un athletic play power forward and call it but think he says in the book all the other -- Playing basketball. All of that but it has become got much more -- he actually let me tell. He's exactly -- here -- you look at you look at or. Heat of the -- treaty here. He tackles -- this year. Grand enough -- our guest he's national college football recruiting analyst for fox sports and stout dot com he could find him on Twitter at Brandon Kaufman. -- is always great stuff thanks much of the time in nine get some sleep rest up -- -- starts again on now really. Eating. Europe next week thanks -- we appreciate. I thought that.