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Mike Riley - Oregon State, Head Football Coach

Feb 5, 2014|

Coach Riley joins Isaac and Suke to discuss the Beavers 2014 recruiting class.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- 1080 program. Rights by sixteen with -- can see it the beavers. Depending on what ranking you look at the national signing day 45 to 55. With their class this year joining us now to you -- talk about that and so much more it's been awhile so Oregon State coach Mike Riley Hillary coach. -- -- I do you before we get into this class here. Have you switched up any of your philosophies about recruiting this year did you -- differently years it can't status quo. Well you know in the last couple years. That they kept in new rule two years ago about a number of guys you can side. You know it and -- spoke or about he. -- Outs out that you sign like 3030. Plus. And and great shirt cheap. All went and cut to Poland should. Get them the number -- I think it's a pretty good rule right now that we kept quiet spot. And so. What you wanted to do I think his vehicle hit that twenty right on the nose and have a real good idea what you send those. Letter out an email now that you're gonna get most money I've guys' side because if you don't you'll end up with. Let's and that number you'll be at 2320 or 22 whatever. And so I I think it's very important ever realize good night about what your commitment and it is. On TV he could've done a better job of of getting more defensive linemen in this class. It that means does that mean says that that they chose Sam Pollock did the best out of lobbying and are more and more guys. What with only 25 spots to go around I'm guessing that there are probably some arguments they're doing coaches hey I need this guy I need this guy I think Joseph won. Joseph let Joseph the biggest. The night quietly strong right behind the -- so you know but. You and I -- know that line meant. And -- well. Alex they -- and -- at that linemen in order sort going to be the key in the recruiting class bind our other and it be good -- Those turkeys and we we just feel like we gotta be as strong -- we can't mambo sprouts. You need him just have more kids. Because his son turned out his son the turned out to be okay if you could just get like 89 more signs you guys to be in business. We've got two more coming but I it's gonna be a while I think I think dole -- like in the eighth grade -- And then lead back -- your so -- you know -- at a press you're right those kids are terrific it's a great family and that. -- Oprah joked that's for sure. So this class is heavy on defensive -- there were nine what other areas do you feel most comfortable about what this recruiting class. Well I think it. Probably I liked the picture that at linebacker. I think that that's gonna like the picture order. You know we ended up with a junior college corner and and a couple other guys that we actually have another guy at that. I can't talk about -- current -- shirt and so in the group apps sport new orders which I'm I'm proud -- and you know the quarterback you think it's intercede. While Barca -- Berrian and nick Mitchell Bjork -- -- and then to go real yet transferred so it will give up. Pretty good spread quarterback at age groups we go forward -- course on being a senior. I think it's -- boot company and the guy that's been around now for your college on the train with -- per year. The orchids like. And is -- was that and how pet goat that you guys signed last year but wasn't eligible as this guy thinking come in May be right away in challenge for some time. Absolutely that's our goal right there so we eat we child he's that we a year ago that you repeat that I am and that. Good enough for us to have been very patient let the process in government and to discredit here lately the last couple terms and thanks -- Roberts who also. -- at least through -- what he's going to be as we go forward. Locally I thought the did you Clarkson story at a Khamis was -- he's a local kids southwest Washington. -- that's that's right where I grew up and it was a neat story with him and there's a kid that in his battled testicular cancer to come back in and and inside a letter antenna that was a nice story for you guys. While I loved that kid and I loved it randomly I think that. Buried buried deep and it talked it through and you talk about prospective. Talk about it -- -- opportunity you talked about taking. You know one of his quotes to me I I asked the extra outlet -- -- -- -- and Kirk Brandon. And -- I think he's a special. Good football player were proud to have a target date. This is beavers coach Mike Riley with -- here on the sand. Did do Lawson Danny -- store for the timing of that how did that affect recruiting. You know I obviously we think about that but I as far as like the quarterback commitments or the the people that any recruit from this area they also they are what this time really. I'm really glad about that you'd never know what that's -- the courts -- -- art any rate rate. -- -- -- -- Obviously that. New York Giants. -- And that took advantage of an opportunity and we're all or -- -- and now my -- this that bind. You know that guy that killed boats used the I got it is a test onward -- -- at that position. -- Judge Judy if you need me I'm I'm there I mean I think kind of felt like you're just you your. You're put the pressure on the right out of making commitment night I don't know if I can do that just yet but. Then maybe I throw my hat nearing. Give me a chance to work -- a little bit Q we can. Are are you still planning on calling the plays or is that something that you would like to to maybe handover to do a fresh set of -- A lot of that that -- that and not who idiots art. I am I'm looking -- a couple kind of lightly. Different ideas. One -- -- -- have a that would like -- that could be neck and that calls played. -- is the guy expert job as can be learned what we do that vehicle that. OK let's see how we can make it better but he got we got a senior quarterback it's the player that we make sure there's great continuity argument Ichi. The other way -- -- Eric it would be more like it. Tight ends coach and then -- car I would Eden or all first order -- And that it renewed strength and that's what that. With a little bit more experience that the dad helped our front and for apple -- -- are -- even darker edge. I'm a big -- I took from that is is this topic is and and it change a whole lot you're not looking for someone to come in May be revamped things you want them to come in and adapt to what you guys do is that is that what I took from that. Yes that's exactly right or not we're not into. We're not gonna change terminology we're not gonna change that they should go well you know I I'd love -- that will be able to learn what we do. And then be able to say okay this is how we can -- pitched better. Org this this is what needs to be attitude and -- and enhance what we do that's what we always try to anyway. So I'm kind of excited about a guy that my immediate coupled spot out where we go out in the -- ditched the -- All. But he is zip. How much his play calling. Take your focus away from other things I mean in these are hard to juggle all that as the play caller navy had -- That changed Con -- you -- some things because you call -- call plays the last two years. Well you know I think it. I I think that it -- eight. At a brick at a rate. It at -- To the workload during the week you know also. It because you've got to really the EU. Really got to be able have at all now speak it is all with that by not that it be your eye on him not starter but they they call in place on curveball so. It has a lot of work well I didn't joy. The process of -- and I understand that. I gotta be at the ballot screen out the year so. You know perhaps with the right guy and in with time and I think in next year I'm like all the plays again as we break -- -- you. -- I think with time that would be good for media outside outlook that is able to -- that. Right now we're targeting team China earlier she said that she thought that you're getting does surprised by the number of applicants. For Danny's position is that true and and kind of how do you feel about those who are who are reaching out to you about it. You know -- I don't know that I'm surprised but I'm pleased with the number of people got some really good experience he spoke at a at a quiet. Actually made -- a little -- call army I had a couple three needs in mind. And that I'm almost wondering do I need to expand that little bit but that's equally great experience. Really really good experience with that Courtney not at all or aids and you know kind of that nice midrange. Game of you know forty it is that at that period -- perspective that. And where a lot of football. And yet still have a lot a lot -- but I am excited about that is looking into this job. When you expect to make a call on that. What I'd like to tell you that within ten days I at this that that would be that would feel good because then it would get votes we only would end up about a month at. Spring practice I need to get this people. I coach Riley -- appreciate you hopping on their congratulations on another class in Nam will catch -- the -- okay. -- side it is always good. -- -- I might thank you that's the great. The venerable the friendly. T. Do. Well you know signing isn't like it's been a little hectic here the last you know probably. I -- today is the best and the worst in the year for. College coaches.

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