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Aaron Fentress - Comcast Sportsnet Northwest

Feb 5, 2014|

Aaron joins Isaac and Suke to discuss the Oregon Ducks 2014 football recruiting class and if the Ducks may be slipping on the recruiting trail.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now to the ducks joining us now is there in fantasy Comcast sports net northwest to characterized the air -- Recruiting class I I've been enjoying your him Twitter feed today I've -- Got many chuckle night. I'm glad I can in Kenya and let -- stand Russia would -- -- on a lot of -- over a simple. At this class and not -- -- you. There's so he's an idea what did you say and then what are give us a sample of what people are saying do you. Oh well. You know are are pretty much Sri recruiting. Like you need to be treated by this -- of people Gordon got a habit of losing that much attention it got quiet but. Given that we have raking and by that I just noted that the class. Rank and congress went thirtieth our rival dot com which was the lowest ranking -- -- crops recruits since 2009. Council's British market. And standard and you don't think about like nine. Election like elevenths actually sixteenth and obviously -- back -- is on the rankings but I'll submit an area that. Or it meant living Austrian restart I start like Michael clinic. -- -- the combo -- where the -- blocks relaxed actually gets out and -- can't it's got to respect I just mentioned. But the cops you know didn't rank as I have other content with the lowest is about nine due to kind of bombarding. Me there -- -- yeah that's side. You clearly don't know hitting about recruiting unit eighty or deputy -- -- throw at me. This very point I make in the article by people tell me your student because you understand organ mystery -- in the spotlight the -- in the past year down because. Yeah recreate what happened that after that championship game or that my -- though. I don't doubt about it got that out of Portland or Eugene Alex hello I bring it up and I got. My my favorite is the Egan mentioned the 29 three class or whatever it and they will be that we you're using the wrong service. -- whatever service as they did the team ranked higher that's the one the fan base jumps on. Exactly and I think that's a big -- okay it would enforce them how to write -- now been rivals coincidentally occurred whenever -- to look into what -- -- -- seven have -- wreckage on tent when they're not unravel wildcat. Should it either way. They've gone down our -- -- use it gone down now it was a look at the Belgians and I look to build a sixty million dollar facility. It's unbelievable yeah according to the rankings. You -- you want you to recruit -- to step backward out it was simply walked the last time I checked the program that -- national titles. And so on the back of recruiting class that perhaps. Ten bit twelve sport star recruits to its response -- it or not. And I think it scares some people I mean you had an unprecedented run their -- you have won the title in -- in two years now yeah and then back to the national title game. On Stanford it's in the rise of Stanford you look at Arizona Arizona State USC UCLA. A lot of the schools kind of spending money now hiring coaches -- I think that there are some. Some nervous times for -- fan wondering if if if you know they can hold onto this success or has it peaked a little bit not that it's gonna fall off the map I think because of the facilities and and and kind of the sexiness of -- and Nike you're gonna stay in good school. But I think there's some fear that may be bit. The only days of a national title beating contention every year maybe that's going away here and over the next couple seasons. You know I think that's a realistic -- because what we're seeing I didn't actually have been short window elections because often return intact didn't do you have to just that -- can be preloaded. Overall sense I get shot but or seeing it is that they're no longer special on often lets face it. They're good that -- -- just target because of an overwhelming amount of talent could only have like twelve guys took a twelve restaurant and they're not what you -- was to be. It's a big challenge. Sign that it count as overwhelming people what they did that got by you great coaching. And it's unbelievable office such as caught people off guard and all people and got -- of position church circles of special preparation or now. Everywhere and her grandmother is wearing some sort of option offense or just broke after Ohio or something all deep into the on the culprits are built. Towards helping those types of alternative therefore you're no longer stop special preparation -- now and they let me change that the success they're gonna have to do it. Are having to account that you see out Alabama had a -- that are not -- believe alpha this year. They can't get the point where we're bringing in twelve to fifteen or start guidance to a response I got. We're gonna slide back to -- -- beach that's another good program. Not a perennial title contender -- -- actual content. Aaron does so mark -- -- no of course he had a recruiting class slasher to -- -- his first one but. But does he have varying philosophies. Then Chip Kelly it -- mean how much is he very on what he's looking forward he's our recruiting. You know the only different -- -- -- -- put up to speed they're going after a Smart got a -- to run around and lack of go back and obviously they like it stays there -- real differences in -- He's less likely to take a chance cancer risk. And chipped workmanship blog include Kerry. And there was a red -- and he brought in collateral Omar got there and a red flag there or parade. And -- search every guy he talks about last year machines raised about acute care where you raise about their family and how also would meeting them so -- like. Use less likely go out to at higher risk potential I would award on the -- Jack and shapeless. To give me a couple highlights and and I know that GG Smith was it was a blow for -- -- people thought that he was gonna go there -- of going to USC but. There's a couple of high profile guys solicit some some high points here for the organ recruiting class. Watching the circulated that denigrate just addressing some. Depth issues on the decent lie and he took a back for the last restart the secondary. Out of their last forty lines of union Dominic here as a quarterback at a cost how to constitute a church in India lineman liked to read how -- -- An album which of these names -- diablo valley. That helped adjust and need help expectant become writing and compete for playing time next year Omnicare -- the chances are quarterly. They dig in -- chancellor Johnny -- listen bill and out a year to implement and exceed them as -- high school guys go you know. They're really excited about the two running and actually there are a couple of years or their living room and read our auction running backs -- talked -- Campbell about that they wanna wanna -- and on the dot com. And -- just about to happen now out shakes after adding to its roots where we're actually means that they would hear it. Want doctors to attract a terrible terrible outside of section 27 with Johnson's two it's almost shoppers to speed. -- in the size of the backfield and then Tony gains market by not making it possible you know -- technology to get any Florida that kicked down into the sweet guy sort of mumbled Campbell about. A hybrid dear to me and Michael not quiet out. And -- to -- And not quite as big as the Michael wasn't at stake but so between their guy they receive and to use to change is not -- tax bill I don't arm or injured by quarterback and I got Morgan mallet 6190. I don't potential counsel when eating out in the pipeline in Iraq followed it -- in England. It's hard to read -- lines. -- re either especially if you rank in terms of size at all when he also on the last spotted the eight years they've signed -- -- -- be altered the top spot. What is -- -- 290 that it can't change editorial side energy future for six opportunities aren't usually. Or -- sized linemen in order to see such as setting fire arrangement book about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But clearly these are bigger -- enough or companies into the -- after what decency -- jeans. The chairman Mike Gundy budget that is a coincidence BK is that's me some -- -- I have our -- for. Innocent -- going to BCS games that they've got to get bigger studs up front if they wanna compete against the elite teams. He had Milosevic running camera on the floor starchy too about two huge seven -- person your life where it -- and it does not bad page. You -- starting late this in the outpost around a little bit and -- and so I don't know how many I'm at -- column called a liar but I can't. Well that's what that's like it was not a coincidence I'm one. Won the bet that. The great what was very apt to see them election 92 real farm to our command I don't -- into the program rather than seeing our commitment to announce I don't see this guy like -- mysteries in the weight room getting bigger before every use -- at least. Deductions sidewalks or they can. Big -- to step right in at least not get pushed around right away. -- can you look at the end of the year what are wrong Stanford Arizona even the name the civil war a little bit is is just physically both sides of the ball they're there is no push there. Right exactly and they didn't get bigger while maintaining their preferences which adopted -- -- why you know obviously you guys are. Open line and so and so and also left right and those guys are being can't. Well I see here that 247 sports. With Shelby -- that. For mentioning by some but they had the ducks' number twenty to cheer for. Rivals. Yet 26 is there another one that I should dead -- Their scout dot com yet accessibility about me why you only -- -- artists. It -- rivals for ten years and I received into the General Electric of course carry clothes -- finished at this picture or the -- range I have I. I think you like to be that open it's cute actually -- that it can't ever get our side today in about all different at all bottom good medical term Richard. -- let's just say they're in the 20s in the evening and it's when he glanced this year. -- follow -- centers set CS NNW. Dot com Aaron -- talking man thanks for the time. -- does it -- your stuff about it. That seems he didn't like a good lesson for. I thank convinced him to London and Andre now we'll we'll have you on more we like to on Lisa thinks I don't get.

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