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Ben Golliver - SI.com, BlazersEdge.com

Jan 31, 2014|

Ben Golliver, of SportsIllustrated.com and BlazersEdge.com joined PrimeTime talking about the Blazer's current shooting woes, Damian Lillard's all-star selection and Portland's upcoming road trip.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

SI dot com now blazers edge then Gulliver takes few minutes course they staged units -- -- -- good. Are right where we start how the blazers recent -- We lost four of their last six games and it there is a Agassi stagnation offensively what do you look at then as. You know one of the main reasons for that. In particular stat that -- as humanly really cut it there at that it's more like its feet below 81 point. And it dealt with it a little bit like -- emperor with no. It looked a little bit kick serve for the -- I think all year not in Iraq that. Terry -- is that these and it got to destroy it then continue to move the ball -- stay unselfish don't try to you know. Freelance too much it'd be too individualistic. I just stick with it -- are going by it. Which receded to make adjustments and look heck I'd like which it was ginger. Reporter like what -- -- is clearly you know it is his biggest strength is the spotter reported shooting and try to take -- cut away at it take another conference don't make it do other things. I you'd throw it I'd be regular shooting slump -- the last couple weeks I had all the side you know I'd you know look pretty much invincible I spent. Has really you know all about it I just a little bit. But clearly I think that's what people would agree when you look at the biggest profit -- -- -- but the topic was doing enough to cover. Decrypt the first couple on the -- And it just happened -- -- recently argued that the numbers continue to struggle I think when you look at big picture what are the issues to reject it certainly going to be BP. See you look at it in and you're telling anyone believes -- gonna fall out of you know the playoffs here in this is a good basketball team but. It did debate if you're talking long term success home. Playoff advantage here or get out of the first round. Did they need to come up with a with a plan BX it seems like if the offense is at home and and you're not hitting the jumper there. There's really not a way this team wins plan -- your plans seed they need to find one. Go to Mexico has surprised when not all -- aimed it -- it in. The bleachers media. That's about the trade deadline -- is a lot yet you try to be secret but the topic really solidified the 10 o'clock let's trade. I you know that the latest hit but it kind of like you pretty much straight in -- -- biggest worry and I beat you got a team right now that it. Over the last month basically their identity which is pretty much what expectations coming into that these so other kind of plague -- that kind of let -- -- is scheduled to get a lot of your the next two months so you know after hovering you know route slightly about a hundred. -- termed out yet to see that you're going to be pretty accurate that right -- the blazers so where does that which you would not directly well you know which are. You know could -- -- in the next you know somewhere between four and stick. -- and that does get pretty that you could you don't have that all court all the Geico which pretty typical waste it I'd get team maybe like use that -- a lot of trouble. Our immediate future looks at the top -- bullets are gonna -- so you know after Portland. I think you've got to you've got to hope that the -- comes back he -- delicate contract. You do Alter -- releasing it in much of a break it -- -- bit deeper. Basically three or four straight days so you know I think the three point shooting has been reached -- game out so hot. Shooting the ball outside I need -- not practical last month that they like 35% which is actually below average. Our belief the dirt better three point shooting team that that I do expect that to pick back up here. -- whether that's going to be a huge difference in terms of which ought to let it -- -- Goldberg. Blazers edge dot com SI dot com is well you mentioned the all star break in Damian Miller getting the nod from the Western Conference coaches as a reserve along with LaMarcus Aldridge. You think at this who is a normal year -- guys like Chris Paul Kobe Bryant where injured Damien -- distill it all star. I think the biggest guy that they're really helped Miller with the west -- -- it could -- you know Westbrook -- in. -- you know it or those -- -- long it's a pretty good teams really good to stay into west are sort of a tactic -- it -- at it year after year. I'd -- -- being injured I think that was sort of it looked at data -- activity alerts are right there I you know Chris albeit accurate don't make it's you know pretty impressive. I think Gobi in order to -- it's it's ridiculous and hit the mating it to eat out or -- votes per game that he's played this year which is just silly. You know. Actually expected you know the worst case scenario from Miller did here was that he was gonna make it placed a -- so did you try to get in front door -- -- -- in the backdoor. And -- that a lot about Portland -- success. And it also -- a lot about the mile mark marketability. It India the end and the coaches and people around the league look yellow alert he's making it a relic. I think -- I'll play his personality it's -- wanna caught that -- is three point shooting it is global the ball didn't speak it is time. Real lasting star power potentially. Let's put him on that stage so. You know it was good to see him rewarded for hot start I was actually surprised on the course last week and actually a lot of places and not my Twitter -- beat -- he's really been struggling. He's pick up and eat that. He's moved the ball better sides are big -- -- and it a little bit of a deal these -- because it's such a great -- that look like. -- of the guys the guy can play contended there's no one is saying he doesn't belong there. -- -- the -- proven that over the into the the first year and a half but looking at him long term. You know whether -- happy B -- all star -- wanna be put in that conversation as as -- -- one of the two or three bested in his position. Is the defense of being with him -- is not a long term concern I can he get better or is this is this just his game. It was really interesting contrast I would like Ali there -- -- denied because I can't remember 34 years ago I like. You know you would not expect it to be. Be a big impact probably equally attracted very -- record -- beat but you really be huge arc. In which it may be on average starting point guard at that valued at a plot predicted at all eat at. Player are you a real -- down like -- a guy who can you know -- what do you got the triple usually sit up routine. At least you know become a guy who are we should have only been in the alternate -- -- beat the station for that. It is the -- that he. Each made current state the age of 22 or 23 to break out what it. It was amazing. At circuit and a couple that court for a guy like will and I just don't -- -- -- majors between age that we typically treated going forwards eight or four years it's how it could become a yet at which you you could equally different players -- just come -- to what that he focused on where to eat I you don't put his time energy effort. I -- I would tell by the look at the defense. I'd be continuing to look at IB trot out that you go to the basket and finish great around the grand Ayatollah back and be mitigated it not a great finisher beat each has brought a car that. The -- overcome some of those fishing typical -- That's something that you be looking to work on and and -- of integration into your I don't it will cap -- motorist arsenal yet that's really took a shot. And it would necessarily have been a lot in the -- quite yet so I think there's an area but he realizes he can attract that he's been very open about what you restraints will be -- areas -- I didn't -- you take it you know it's like this -- -- security currently but I certainly there's a lot of work to do -- -- -- on the tube network. How much is that limit the success in the Portland trailblazers so with his limitations on the defense and then this year. Are you you know it can be an issue I mean it's not just yet I think you know we talk about our. Is defending the way to attack you know it's gonna start with -- they do battle -- around my -- and broke a two under its current epidemic that that would good regularity. They've got a trigger option to credit scramble -- perimeter defenders and and not really -- -- too much by it. As you've got to wait I didn't see a lot of times you know the best record yet gate -- get it eat that. That's kind of a Waco -- restraint -- and energy for the opposite side. Budget overall -- -- -- the economy really look at eat. By the way they play each had a little get. Others want a mid range shot they're gonna give that you make it's that we Tibet appetite. And we played actually good teams in the play got to know what you're trying to do exactly they're going to be able despite a higher percentage shot they're gonna exploit put all your defense. I apologist but -- personnel right now. To play good overall he'd keep it. Starters or badge you know you look at the bench. At a got lots of problems especially inside with their bench guys will not a departure of we're unique -- defense -- and you know the starters in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- player -- it's not -- pretty -- last year. That's a lot of minutes so they get to that top march schedule. It's going to be interesting to see or are they able to bring it I don't eat at that they really -- -- out not argue comedy but it may play today. -- all -- you can catch his work at SI dot com also a blazers -- dot com on Twitter at. Billion dollars -- things -- taken few minutes force -- are bigger.

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