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Brock Huard - 710 ESPN Seattle

Jan 30, 2014|

Brock Huard joins Dusty & Suke for two segments talking about the Super Bowl. He gives his reasons why the Seahawks will beat the Denver Broncos

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back joining us now is the man on the scene. In New York City tour Super Bowl 48 he's Seattle Seahawks the beloved Seahawks are in the Super Bowl and Brock -- taken few minutes to join us. Brock has set the scene for his way to what is it been like this week in New York City leading up to the Super Bowl. Lot you could probably put me on that list of guys that why why are you doing and that's why -- used to aboard New York quiet and at a Miami a year later beat answer. Or in the superdome -- an environment where you control that top step and again that camp especially with what what's forecast to those. Armor and that -- almanac we're forecasting disaster. And I was really entrenched there and then our corporate Bart -- the network of the -- Or it's just the fascination with this city that -- and discouraged by. I mean if you've been number one media market for a reason there's no better city to handle the hype in the exposure. That this Super Bowl stage dad and exist then. And I got to be honest with you four days in now I think it's the great should be Super Bowl I wouldn't mind seeing that again and they have good party that they have put on. What used to be capable of it in the in the in the time -- you know -- capable on in just a just. Entry -- aspects that we got an absolute blast this story line in the game we did not sure and they are also being drastic I'm honestly I'm ready to go and converted -- to -- -- -- first class environment the -- New York problem. Do you think the weather plays a factor in this football game. No not this weekend -- -- farmer right it would have been 25 and -- maybe. But you know I I really don't and in every day actually forecast dispute got warmer warmer. I think it's probably going to be somewhere in the thirty can be pretty mildly and little moisture not. People these days look at Seattle November December January and it's not that big a deal with nasty and it was -- -- the corporate storm. It came into the eastern seaboard that's one thing. But you're probably played any role on that. So let's let's let's get into the game itself and you wearing your homer had convinced me of this because my big question in this football game is can Seattle score enough points I think of Seattle scores 24 I think they win the game. Convince me that the Seahawks will score 24 points. We want to outscored against the princes and got the opportunity. Was. -- a lot higher than our. They've been really really good against those groups and I think honestly more importantly an epic has been a lot and Hitler and Nazis after eighteen weeks following the team. The -- ways that they can win -- different trying to -- that they can play. They need to come back they can come back and come back from double digit different times this season. They need to run the ball well they can run for 440 Arctic and to saints in the wind storm. By the need to come back against him for the truck being down and find ways away and yet they compute that -- well. They need to win when they've got he first there on in saint Louis the fact peak times than not that ball game they can win that game -- well. I think that Kate I would present back -- -- threw it to uphold the variety of the different ways that they can win group naked and it really Russell reported 36 gain. And then number two the oval street that this one group they are I don't -- calls. Epic upset a lot of that being the number one the number one in this game one victory brewery in all three phases of the game. Anybody would take the strength of this roster that depth of this -- -- side street the speed. And that help of the -- rock roster I think over the state of work paper by an adult today. Brock Huard seventy -- is BN up in Seattle also the great college football and -- some analysts -- joins the program weekly during the college football season. He is in New York for Super Bowl 48 OK then what. Eat what needs to go wrong for the Seahawks to lose this game because we look at the defense and look at the terror tackles on the outside locking down. The wide receivers. We know that Seattle can run the football where do when things go wrong in this game. I'd have a hard time think in the Denver can really run away from you you know every game brought all the way to grow even every single lot in a one possession game about. These -- the last time that he got beat by more than one recession and these state can you out there and I just don't. Releasing -- -- turnover -- freaky injury responds to what happened like -- Denver ran away brick remember when you're absolutely right Manny if you are -- art if you are urged it on the table at this secondary. An attack this nickel defense in ways that nobody else in the seat body and or Cortland street. With parents -- juniper and they didn't have the gap besides the strength on the perimeter the -- gonna blow out and out popped a bit. -- will be played on every single map of a patent and trying to get the most ideal matchup to attract key entry at Purdue attacked all German belt. By no means -- a cakewalk by no means I think. This York's role that won in a statement he gets red hot they can get to him at all -- they don't -- democracy spot. If you distribute the ball into packet which used only capable of doing down in and out if you are not going to be world champions but I just think they're. A few more unique in different ways that the Seahawks can win that they've shown they can win. And they are so fresh they are so they'll -- they get course you leave an attitude that mixed. And I know they are chomping at the bit to get to the opportunity. The to me I don't the Seattle can -- line I don't think they keep you'll come back and beat Denver I think if this game is close in the fourth quarter I think Seattle wins but. To me the one thing that scares me in this game Pharmacia bandits is if I'm looking at -- weakness on any of these teams I think Seattle's offense is the weakest of many of these links. And that they do play by wearing you down running the football and I think of -- was NASA throw the ball 3035 times -- they fall down by ten. Against Denver. And to me that's that's where C I was gonna lose that's that well. Look Kutcher are there aren't they weren't that bad problems. Aren't they've been double digit day on May come back get cheers and -- and was that we saw earlier this year the key back give their -- -- nobody was played -- -- better than they -- go to school week noted in the playoffs. Against Atlanta and Washington don't want beat down fourteen. What would lead you to believe that they -- come -- it makes it didn't perky to elegant. I I think if they get down and we've seen teams get down against Denver and Seattle kinda has to abandon the run game I just don't I don't trust Seattle's ability to throw the football I don't know I think they've they've come back in those games that there's been some good fortune and and Russell Wilson certainly is a -- a dynamic playmaker but I do not think would Denver's pass rush. And in the fact that Denver does have a pretty good defense of -- you get I understand their -- little weaker in the secondary. I just don't believe that Seattle if they if they fall down early I do not trust this office to be able to throw the football and -- come back that's despite. That that's that no one being that would scare me if I'm a Seattle fans that it did ember jumps out early I don't think this is Denver offense is gonna spotter that he -- Seattle has relied on. You know the defense obviously to keep them close you mention all those one possession games -- that's largely because the defense. I don't I don't I I think it's -- Denver's gonna put up some points I don't think that this is is gonna be twenty year held into the teens. And especially of Seattle falls down early that that -- to scares me. -- who would honestly wouldn't hear me more impairment distorted which under the table for the unit championship game and you. Present scenario where ever go to gonna win this game we're going to be different. In the last two times ever that cookie in the Seattle I would and I hope they don't get them out I really hope they don't keep up big plays in all I'm in point Serb war. Because -- ever as -- for -- infinitely better than Denver Denver discouraged from -- It's definitely better and then burst all of a sudden you're staring it down -- not execute their current sisco who by the way are. What is where spotted anybody in the game you know restraint and we -- that much more. In that second recorder or what they do they earned 51 yard play the -- for the touchdown pass it on third down conversion plant to put out option route. And they had to put the ball in the local. And unfortunately they just kinda. Group created demonstrate that you are they gave him that he'd get there Disco you know caught two touchdown -- in -- or quarter. I think there's different. I there's a difference coming back with calling cabernet gets paid man in a cap -- -- in some of his limitations were on full display and I -- -- Denver's offense is gonna have that I think -- I think Seattle's defense is is. It is good as anyone in the game. But I I do not think that it's gonna put a blanket over this Denver the Denver offense I think Seattle's gonna have to score points and I think you're gonna have to be balanced -- do it. And that's very fair -- Probably could come back to that argument you know Matt Ryan now a year ago it was straight thing oh there opposite Julio Jones -- -- like what you see amber in -- ago. I mean they got big in the public the first thing on the way to win try to run that they that. They Diego call back comeback and then and then you're in the difference right now and that's why ultimately -- -- -- -- -- triplets -- alive. You're gonna have to be really really good that it be. You may have to appear at the end of the day and say you know what one of the great the all time audit I -- get the -- tremendous performance Peyton Manning. Against the ultimate Turkey is gonna. Just like that he got beat bad gonna be good to get the medics and they've got all beat on that -- -- obvious orbit about. And let's take a break here real quick and then we will come back more with Brock Huard 710. ESPN -- in Seattle when we return -- and hawks broncos' Super Bowl. Dusty in -- this is 1080 the fan. And welcome back and -- and see -- on the Thursday afternoon -- still out sick but joining us for a second segment live from New York City. In the side did Super Bowl 48 is -- Brock Huard from ESPN 710 up in Seattle attack and Cox and Broncos in the Super Bowl. Are brought which Peyton Manning had on forests and tell me how do you -- you or four receivers open against this legion of boom defense. Yeah they're gonna act they're gonna -- emotion partnership Gergen do all the things they didn't appreciate game that we number two of the -- she's been a key player and recruit prepare pedestrian. They're gonna continue to be what they've done all these global pretty well. And that's the beauty about this stage -- isn't going to be aren't they -- game where. -- that certainly gonna win out it's going to be kitten our personnel doing what we do that. Beat better than the other guys can you block on the bubble screen to be awkward to Sherman kimchi and were Byron Maxwell the way that you blocked although AFC secondary. Can you can you win underneath it and get the -- that -- you got acute although they spent the were you were up against that he'd be at the book I'll get the best he could in this -- And all of a sudden that bubble screen that is seven yards get trashed in the now all of a sudden a little out. Bob Welker well you can -- scheme -- for. All of a sudden those guys could look like Vernon Davis and Jimmy Graham and Michael Crabtree majority now in the everybody -- -- veteran under the heat the beat them. And a marked man and I don't want any -- one -- you know -- want regional rule. So it's really forcing your physical will Peyton got all that it guys when you've got to -- they've got a little bit more conviction that just about any ideal to advocate this girl. If if Seattle wins in and they win with a very limited offense this year do we start talking about this defense the same way we do the ravens the way we do the 85 bears. No I think -- that super I would say you know this point in the game and especially the at a pro level the shortest these gains are and wherever possession matters. That I'll bet there's a reason I mean a 140 yard rushing to get saying over hundred a week ago. Not that sort of thing -- and I don't think you're gonna be real change in mind that the army marched on -- -- on the honors in the next two years. Now -- -- continued home run threat yet. There might still excited that he per hour and it truly what you capable of human and if you have an opportunity on I'm a little play action pass or their comedian and run. And all -- -- he catches in the plot breaks one tackle to stick to spot about how yeah you do so I think that they eat some more dynamic. Explosive threat to put some fear into deep that did that have especially down the street circuit to replicate this group yeah yeah I think you do. But I been careful to say boy desperately need to just carry -- -- so one dimensional because they're a lot to be -- -- deported by DuPont. That your philosophy of early don't you run that your philosophy get this game to the second half shorten it keeps the strength of our -- -- took -- about their run game complemented but I you know they could use more dynamic -- it's. The more beer to be a strike the year to be that kind of guys. I think that's probably the direction -- in the draft this year. Brock -- seventy and ESP and if they win on Sunday whose legacy benefits more Pete Carroll's or Russell Wilson's because you get people who grew in college and in the pros done it both ways and then Russell Wilson as you said the defense is one carries away but. Rings speak when you're talking about a quarterback's legacy. It sure -- Richard that it matters a little bit how this scheme turns out Russell Wilson had opportunities to me that spiel on it like the Atlanta. Playoff game a year ago it's are trying to achieve that -- in Denver and a we played some good deep span and you look at the raw numbers in the point in the backyard again there's no similarity there. Internet game if you remember Atlantis sold out all costs Opteron about the Jack Del Rio and everyone I talk to this week. Feel the same way you're gonna you know extra. YouTube -- -- you can you can count for every single -- happened and so but make sure beast mode did not catch them early and shorten the game. They're gonna put a number Prejean and that that's the case. If he throws for two Indian couple touchdowns but PP MVP of the game. Yet he's going to be the -- in -- in Seattle created the parade like -- other conversely that statement. Hold the most dynamic number one -- rock -- number one scoring not -- number one that's number one that they hold them down they shut them down and they went twenty to seventy. That you can -- Pete Carroll quiet any of those remaining cynic especially in the short speech where his career began or maybe -- lot but -- today. And to this day about the way he conducted business. I think you'll have the last lap -- -- goes down. A similar thought about that but it's. The -- this story when it is indeed in a -- Pete Carroll resided you know whatever you think of the way to an eighty presided over one of the great dynasties in college football history. To do that in this day and age of of of competitive balance ended out west. Now that was a dominant run as we've seen in fifty years in college football and now to be on the precipice of a simple just a couple years after taken over -- a good franchise is certainly not one that that hasn't he sort of story tradition. I hadn't I hadn't given that enough credit that's -- that's that's amazing job and consider what he's done. And don't think you have been though electric sit where he started appear old co host and he used to poke a lot and mikes so erupt in the northeast were there with the patriots went down with error object would. And a lot of folks in this region of the country just don't buy it. They just don't by the career medical by the cheerleading don't buy them that -- that. And until he wins this wandered in what he -- this one that will be -- only been acquired certain. -- can also quiet that well you got out of US he would have a Wagoner needed at USB but their -- by a this way and I -- that good legacy question. This win certainly shut up a lot of those -- Give -- one expect there eats out of the ball in the maybe using -- -- a ton Apollo but could -- this thing one way or another Seattle or Denver. I don't think they're here without April Bennett going to be called a soccer ball really beat -- in the secondary and gain albeit people interpret on the credit. Remember that Atlanta games it -- 31 seconds ago and people. On all of those -- that -- to bring nickel pressure kind pressure they couldn't get home with four. Table Michael Bennet did absolutely phenomenal and even in Canada could even they're coral. And those two guys have got to be difference maker your pocket and surely they but you can get those little happy you can get property could move the market spot -- if you do that it means norm -- recipient SP -- Not acceptable I have an opportunity to pick or -- so those two guys have been really on on all year. And at first the -- and there are no other debate question opposite the Korean in speaking to the people. Internally on the practice field and what those guys have witnessed what he's been out there. I had -- my friend that works on the Japanese market and so were here when you can see a guy especially with this cluster. When you -- make everybody else looks slow. But to pursued. I mean that the guys Sturgis so I mean there's -- -- -- in the dark side -- the course so well and not got that straight game. Could we got a little -- and they scored on 45 protesters in the first app albeit field goals. But when he was in there you wanna talk about the eyeball at an account for him want to but the bigger make sure you point and you -- wire aboard that streaky it on the field though. Yeah attic apartment offensively April Bennett spent the only if not -- on not the legion of boom -- comments -- not -- Jerel. We're gonna go a long ways to decide in the one on that. He's doing it all in New York he's hosted -- radio shows he's going on other people's radio says -- given foot rubs to people. From what I heard on the show earlier today brought you heard seven Denny has been up and see up thanks a lot for taking a few minutes -- -- It took to bring out about what you do but to get the first summit reverse that and ever in the history of a media career. As. -- Tweet that out they have fun in your man. Aren't.

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