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Elise Woodward -KJR Seattle

Jan 28, 2014|

Elise Woodward from KJR in Seattle joins the show from New York City covering the Super Bowl. She talks about Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch's appearance at Media Day plus gives her keys to the game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox Super Bowl media day today Super Bowl 48 just five days away we now have to live in New Jersey. And joining us from JJR in Seattle and Comcast sports net Elise Woodward release terrier. I don't know actually in new York -- new topic media. Practical in a hotel and radio row and out here. In league now shallow and kind of where I'm located not actually out on me other other. So -- so far the events and everything that's been taking place last couple days of the Seahawks arriving in the media circus that has been kind of set the scene force what's been like over there. And that we from a national perspective were outspoken and a bulb act -- we have a -- -- -- short year back to the national media that is -- answer. Albert and aren't the media -- -- the secret sure and either. Personality where they -- -- -- -- game what you it's all the adrenaline Alley area under that. Not Richard sure but it but it -- Richard Sherman on a daily they note that I don't talk trash -- -- you. But if you guide you very complementary and like Michael Crabtree. Personally need to think a secret edgy urban account already mediocre. And got a real big culture has a. National media attention on the job. I think her on locally it's not a big deal I I certainly think that all of the media attention and it and Richard -- and shout -- he used. More media waiting to talk to him any other player in all including a -- -- our shot blanched. Earl comment on the big aren't all that he -- -- you know it it everybody out and eight ED -- Richard Sherman do you give -- anything you'd bet I'd only Andre called him gory -- that you Rhode Island act by. The current -- at all it got part of it and get it into the upper body try and Richard Sherman where they -- -- I was gonna ask you at least from some and it's covered him. A and you can understand what he's all about when you live here in people start asking is this really what he's all about and they're trying to make aside spectacle of it does that kind of benefit the Seahawks and knowing in making compact control the message message now. Richard logged immediate tension I think you very light I think -- get a bit and got planes aren't all that -- each. Why do you enjoy and that's not -- bit and -- bothered at all indignant. All it could be and the other player on the on the team are alleged eight. You have -- on that and you know achieved it would Richard Sherman -- you didn't admit I've been -- all. Do you not know how they used -- currently. -- -- funny I got -- -- and -- at all. What Eric and I don't think anybody at the -- is that when he went gold at the big at all but why in your career Eric. UN ops are Michael Crabtree woody pushed -- -- I don't think anybody -- I -- Richard. The players would react that way I'd got that you -- small piece of Richard sure and I -- guy that you took relief on luck and diet. It would probably in China did not -- but it all the time did you do you did you connect. You know get a great Al by any controversial. He's got a girl out there a protection that connect. You know you're a bronco that you'd wait are I think he will be played in super cool. -- -- limelight -- that it did not -- act. Elise Woodward is our guest KJ are in Seattle live from New York in the -- the story today that's making its way to ESPN news espn.com all that's up is Marshawn Lynch only staying -- media day for 67 minutes. And and if you didn't cover the Seahawks all your you wouldn't have known that he didn't do interviews this unity and really talk to media. It hasn't been talked about with other guys -- witty is and it seems like generally Marshawn Lynch gets a pass from that what do you think that might be. I marched on to keep doing Uga a funny guy he made a lot -- In the locker room you're not a guy that is a bit and courtroom. You broadened out right now we are actually. Like media habits change that -- ball. You don't -- our -- -- new day cabins on lap with -- -- joke around with people in the media what Eric. -- in the locker room. Even though. You're like you had today that -- I'm ready I'll. I never meet anybody I never know talk and we don't gain entry issues. Your whole area and we did you Deion Sanders today it about it I mean he's -- you've got Larry. -- and the comment. Auctioned off due IPO in March on Lou. When you peak you Larry I think people wished that he spoke more because you don't real character and he made a door of the team that definitely take on the personality Marshawn Lynch on the field it has been opera but you don't. And that. He -- let it. Marshawn Lynch and that troubled bid to moderate. Gergen about -- -- -- -- on the -- you shot and I'll deal with media and -- the question what are you show up today at all but he wouldn't mind to stick -- grand -- -- the media all year that I double. I don't got a bit. Okay -- collect what you -- moderate at all and you got to do a media perspective. But even then I got a grant from earlier this -- at least additional pick out a autocratic it would be shut up -- -- McCain and Edgar Edgar get out. I did the one werder. Artwork -- A little bit more about certain circumstances. I and then -- done and you know I just. And you try to that you guys are high degree at where you're not debit immediate. -- -- the it is what it. Aren't asking your thoughts on Pete Carroll on what he's done -- article that came out about you know a lot of football players in the NFL about to go play for him. At the get 22% of the vote is he really -- any been around this team and the guys does he bring that energy you guys really kind of flock to him and follow him as. It's not the pied piper that everybody's pain is picturesque. He hadn't really entered -- we have Chad Brown member of the -- -- eight years it down. Here in New York today and -- pocket -- you know worked in Denver radio in the EU guy. You talk about everybody in the otter spoke with -- April Carol I don't think I would ever a question -- he currently retired or your doubt it what will Wear. We will need your coach Alvin and the Atlantic. To. Take it into the highest level will he'd be good candidate. Where guys are really a goal. You know not just -- motivated are our own accord academic debate Arab world that it would next. The good thing long term critic of the questions -- forty years and parent should be a time when you're GDP Terrell late night. Do you not how -- it did you -- a lot I think he had been brilliant carrying his team. And get them motivated to play every week. Get it to strengthen Carol elk eat out here -- their own music he. Lobbed at a bit. Last week which is so true Carol. And allow players to -- them -- You look great players in the well you want these guys you'll grow -- -- and they are and. It and you are a lot and Pete Carroll and you never out of fuel. A lot Carroll and the crew and -- -- and that I had a real question of whether or not a national level. That all of our -- rock poetry competence and then. It would be a long term more and more years on the ball aren't victory I can assure you I and I at -- I think you've -- a lot is warriors got. -- Russell Wilson's demeanor and confidence set -- -- and locker room. Currently every diet. Is unique personality and -- all it. Odds are that guy you're married you talk about a towel -- you didn't error. -- aborted every day watch film and elegant and. It's been a lot of these -- I'm in Seattle operation in the preparation you truly believe. You will always. Prepare you will ever -- into -- game hitting it because you lack. In a stone unturned in the in the -- grill marks any kind of corporation. Is just really dedicated to that crap. Arabs and you know the immediate -- adding that he absolutely respect operation that -- and it put into the game. In all gained an advantage. Pitched out -- still work and held at -- extremely dedicated to be. And guide players certainly were packed up quite young guy into B units are in order act. -- -- You know first year guy out of college -- a rookie get out opportunity and yet. Or being consult a real Gary -- credential. Not locker room and people are -- -- -- Police in your opinion -- is the one person that really nobody's talking about this going to be the biggest difference maker in this weekend's game. Well I don't know what people are talking about -- -- not hey you know we're kind of in order a little Bobble I I think you're -- are getting huge in the game a lot about -- comment and Richard -- -- back out of that. -- and I NG what you'd be able to do in that note -- ended -- in the tiny crowd. Acting any need to turn the ball but quickly what are the Whitewater which is second. It's gonna be cropped out the middle deal that we are public record and -- -- -- -- -- a trick plays don't caught out a quick hit. While walker in the middle field catching up a can lay out a duke awhile to Denver. I would say it in which you know copper and bigger and at Denver gets out. And yell get the actor and they're not yet I eat out but it's out there I think he can I own a that you -- -- -- at top end. And really. -- Denver got exploited and -- it -- fuel and they're out and about how not to just so good action I think -- Chela or maybe your real difference maker he is I rate all of -- -- and then back. I Michael -- if you add that everybody are about -- arbitrage are going to be declared you're the Albert is a would be -- -- -- A lot. Police Woodward KG are in Seattle is our guest live from New York you can finder on Twitter at the least KJR. Police say so much of the time into the next few days you know I don't want you to.