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Sean Ford -- Team USA Basketball National Team Director

Jan 24, 2014|

Sean joins Travis and Josh to discuss Aldridge and Lillard's selection to the 28 player pool.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox and joining us now is -- for he is the national team director for the men's team USA basketball. Sean good afternoon are you. Do very well appreciate the time so we saw the an announcement to mount a couple of days ago that teach forty players in the pool to be selected for team USA. Came out LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Miller of course in the Portland trailblazers among that group what goes into that process to selecting players available. Like you know the pool processes worked really well for you should ask also that. You know -- we know we have a core group of players that we. Some are veterans and Islam are -- new players who wrote try to bring you mentioned some new blood so to speak and go to players ideology offseason. Can have a lot of different things that are on the plates for the players and that their help so it helps to have -- the come to a treaty can happen. Have a wide variety of players I think also. You know the international -- is different and apple are players -- multiple positions and I sometimes can play different combinations. And -- limits -- Indian VA and so it's a whole lot for us a lot of flexibility that we try to let target some -- the the best players in the united state which that would be the best MBA players. And we've reached you know we go go leadership we go lift people that are excited about represented their country. And we've had. We select teams throughout the year that trade with our national teams and mini camps and we get to interact with a lot of the players over time and a lot of those players that come through our shall -- in Argentina -- even amputees as well. -- -- case -- point you know LaMarcus he was our selection number years ago and he went on national T the last squat. You know that it that it -- through twelfth district fortunately. You know there's the timing didn't work within -- Jewish community was dealing with. During the offseason -- testicle injury 2012. -- -- is that -- shoulder injury really kind of limited his ability to be in the final pool -- -- -- We're really happy element. You know as you know looking into Google is really calm on the field. A year and a half million. You know were really really happy couple of the next. How much say do the agency in May be the franchises have and a availability has some of these players. Well it turned the availability to exit is something we've been in contact with quite a bit in Allen I've been in touch with -- the Pinochet. -- and when we want to make it a lot you know we wanted to ask someone to -- you know the first call -- to the the NBA -- and -- -- keep updated. And just let -- we'd -- album. And you know it'd be cancer take part two because -- did it work which players in front they're managing some of the Rossi and schedules. -- for them because they shouldn't be have to worry about -- achievement. It's a constant line of communication beyond Wigginton -- Japan -- -- purist basketball. And we like think that. You know we helped make some of the players better and try -- given the opportunity to compete and stay in shape and and her Butler and the players and coach K you're calling on such a great job. On -- putting our our team together and creating a culture that we opened its. -- in the eighteen to. Nickel back to thirteen after our competition. John Ford is our guest he's the men's national team director for team USA basketball I know -- when you look at did the events that. You know that are coming up for this team it's not just the Olympics -- the World Cup coming up. Is well so when you when you put together the rosters is that the same roster we're gonna see for all of those events for the next couple of years. Well I think you're gonna what we like to -- is that. The roster for the World Cup this summer and strain on the roster for 26. I don't anticipate that they would be just -- roster. But I would anticipate that you know that that each team of twelve will come out of this group of twenty that we announced today. And we know that some of our veterans. LeBron and Carmelo. And Chris Paul. They're not gonna be available this summer. But you know if you look at historical perspective. Is that the 2008 Olympic team which his first Olympics we wanted in eight years. Those twelve players. -- -- And then two years later the world championship. In 2010 and we get twelve different players and they were champions so when he -- and pick in the Olympic team in twelve. We get to groups and -- -- to pick from and we ended up with an extra ball so I think you'll probably find that. You know will have some of the World Cup team while some veterans who were on the Olympic team want some complex and then we'll have a combination out. You know players from previous Olympic teams and -- championship teams. Together for the sixteen Olympics so I think it's always good for us to have a mixed and it gives us. Each competition we have to get better you know we know that although we were really committed in twelfth in London easy battered women. In net this year fourteen in the act gives us the opportunity that the war experience we can give players. There's a better chance we have at getting back. In your experience being around -- these guys in being with this program for so long. How do you see some of these players react when their playing for the country vs plane for a contractor for some money. You know what I think that it is now it looks forward to it. But you can't fully understand it until you experience. You know and -- I mean by that is. When you're in a foreign country and you put USA on your chest. It means an awful lot and you know that people are rooting against you you know when the other country and that's what makes sports great. Let you know that your your representing you know they keep fans supporting them from all over you know -- into the you know we're gonna play exhibition games you don't various cities and I think that players are used to going most cities. And getting rooted against that Ukraine for USA you're in the United States several 104. But also it's such a special experience. Beyond a podium after competition and listen to the National Anthem being played a foreign country. And having US data on your chest. It's something that is very very unique and that we hope to provide every player that put on the Jersey that opportunity. -- -- -- -- you mentioned something earlier about the style of play in of the international rules are different from the NBA rules a little bit and VD transition of what we've seen with the rules in the NBA the game is starting to resemble the international game more and more over the last twenty to 25 years. -- that being said is it easier for some of the players now to transition to that international game that it was maybe when the dream team was around the 1992. I think there's a little easier I think to -- itself has become. You know would I would say more face up -- -- LaMarcus is a great example of that appears. You know very you know. 6117 -- player that. 1520 years ago probably would've been more about the basket player now. He's faced up to draw people away from the basket that content. What we look -- We're very very athletic and long seen the actual we like we liked that. The key to temple a meeting -- we like to switch on all screens and not have to deal too much with the pick and roll and you know -- teams have to guard us everywhere on the floor and you know that's that's what we love and that's basically a lot of what you know union and LaMarcus. Ridiculous you know. Good defense. Multiple positions which shooters. You know can play a quick up and down game you know we wanted to that we. Weighted average of sixteen point 93 quarters of the game in London. And that sort of forty -- making you know we really want to rely -- shooting people quit arguing and draw them away from the basket. Know you look at that the coaching staff and coach K is a tremendous history of success but it's it's traditionally difficult for college coaches. To come in and deal with the personalities the big personalities in the NBA why is it Bennett in the easy transition for coach K. Well I think I think several factors go into that I think number one you know because you know coach case. Kind of this success that he had at duke. In that respect level that she comes in west automatically. And then what she does with that respect level used. She goes eat he says they want. It's easier for one person to change to to manage 12% for well to me to change to want. He goes -- and you make sure he understands. Each player. And you know what their expectations -- and that he cares for them how they. You know what -- life -- like on -- off the quarry creates a bond with each player and I I think that he also let them play it read only. Experience and we know we don't practiced really hard. You know we don't we don't go Long Will we understand that in the -- -- -- one. MBA players get better and work on think conditioning shall we we make sure every player has the ability stayed to their offseason routine. In another language. But also. It's a much shorter experience here now once you get into the competition you're playing nine games sixteen base rather then he'd won game. And I think the other thing too is we basically lived together all time we're we're together we're all together we have our heels together where. You know we're on a hotel together and it. It's it's easier to kind of create such of course -- -- one year here together -- I think those factors school. Sean Ford is our guest he's the men's national team director for teen USA basketball. Dave Miller LaMarcus Aldridge got a list of 28 of players who could potentially play in the 2016 Olympic Games. John thanks so much of the time did we appreciate the insight.