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Richard Lucas -- CSNNW Ducks Basketball

Jan 22, 2014|

Richard joins Travis and Josh to talk about the Ducks 1-4 start in Pac-12 play.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is our duck in the week you can see him on Comcast sports net on talk conducts. Richard Lucas -- -- show Richard how are you. I'm not fantastic car yesterday. Do well -- join us here so obviously the first thirteen games of the season were terrific since then four straight losses. Including a couple of home games and a bad loss to Oregon State on Sunday what's happened with -- ducks team over the last couple weeks. You know it's kind of crazy because if it feels like the momentum has shifted. In the wrong direction. I've never seen that team go from riding so high it can be ranked tenth in the country to having this this. Gut check -- now this confidence is just lost. When they're on the floor. They look lost offensively they -- really locked McCloskey offensively. It is something that is. It's really unexplainable beyond -- again. I think in order for things to turn its gonna have to start on one side of the ball which is. Defense. Is it chemistry is that one of the things kind of missing there as they got the guys back in maybe they thought they penalty shoot out shoot everybody in and the defense apart is it chemistry means being a foreplay yourself. Would it would that be one of the reasons. You know chemistry can can be -- what's going are at least be a portion of what's going on. If you think about it when word today after -- when they're beating teams like Illinois BYU Georgetown. They do not have artist. And they do not have been harder until everything was kind of flowing in and all of a sudden those guys come off of these suspension and nineteen suspension. And not to do this is being blamed on on the evaluation of reform. But it does kind of feel like you're trying to kind of forced to the issue to get those guys into the rotation after the rotation this kind of into debt. I'm so it could be a little bit of that also we're dealing with it was just we talked about last time. We're dealing with a lot of different personalities. Who are all coming in from different programs. -- and this is the first time together playing together and now all of a sudden they're being embarrassed to have instant chemistry. And that's something that it that is just you cannot force that you don't have to be -- -- organically grown. You know Richard -- did Altman has tried to Alter the lineups a little bit and we settled in cook start on Sunday we sign a couple of guys who have not played as many minutes playing more and things have just been trying to. The shift around Dana Holding keeps trying to search for something how long do you think before he finally sticks with something. This series this starts worse -- -- since the start work and I mean he's the luxury he does have. If you don't have essentially probably nine guys who were starters. So he can yes he has the ability to be able to go to the bench and try guys and they are not gonna come out. You know wide -- and an innocent -- I've never started before I don't know what's gonna happen I don't know how to handle this -- he's got guys who who understand. You know what it means to be a starter the problem is is that they're just not getting it done and again I believe it it really stems. From the defense. The defense is probably the most undisciplined that I have seen a development team in the years I've been covered him for talking directs. Mean these guys are literally and I kid -- not they're literally running into each other. Defensively and allowing wide open shots that's just unacceptable. That's unacceptable from. Jump street connections especially -- that is unacceptable. When you're now well into your conference season. Is his defense and I've estimates of basketball players that have played you know in college and NBA needs it comes down to defense -- want to you wanna play defense -- rectum that. Defense and rebounding are definitely want to pursue war and these guys have got to. I had that gut check that they wanna get better they're gonna have to figure things out on the decent today and com and from a from a coaching perspective and again I've been on day -- bandwagon you know for a lot of it has been very very good. But I have to say I think at some of this past July on the coaching staff because it's. Guys are are out of position too much guys there are not where they're supposed to be too much. Because they have five players were very athletic and all pretty much about the same size mean. There's there's no big huge believe -- guys out there they do a lot of switching. Well when you're switching a lot defensively. You have to have major major major communication because if you don't have that major communications. It ends up where you guys are. -- have you know who's there out of one on one player and then the other players are are scrambling around and everybody's running around. Without any direction and I feel that starts with the coaches. Richard Lucas is our guest he is one of the hosts of talk conducts on Comcast sports that Richard when you look at the rebounding -- -- things that helped propel this team through the NCAA tournament is is watching guys like to see me last year despite -- -- And that's just not happening this year is -- the personnel are again as we come back to coaching. This accommodation you have to do if you don't have a guy who is semi continued to -- how lucky Linda and I just you mean. When you have a guy that takes such pride in going after every single -- electricity needed. I -- you almost take for granted that the ducks are gonna go get those -- What's happening now is they don't have a true inside presence. They got Mosher who who is about as close as it yet but I if you think about it motion spent a lot and it is time on the perimeter he spent a lot of time out shooting a bunch of three contemporary jump shots. But what does that lead to leave a gaping hole in side. Until they are not able to crash the offensive boards very well because there's not really anybody in their -- being able to do that. And defensively they are they are small. And so you got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they just don't position very well and that's that also with a piece of niners and the coaching part of the that a -- a byproduct of when you're switching and changing an end and trapping. Thirty feet from the basket and you're just everybody's kind of running around it's. -- you don't have a certain man that you can say when that shot goes does that my guy comical blocked him out come to make sure that he does not get the recount and they are -- to -- get it. Two other teams are are rebounding so a great over the ducks because ducks beat principally on the defensive boards have not done a great job of blocking out. You know Richard in your step and ended. The main. Part of your schedule all conference play and in this pac twelve. Much different than it was a year ago not only in terms of respect it's getting nationally but just did the talent that's there. It it could be a tougher situation than people really think for the ducks to continue on that hot streak because you got a bunch of teams that are playing well Arizona California Colorado. I mean some of these teams are arcana out -- in their coverage just feet from a football guy but this conference much better than it was a year ago. The conference is. Better I'd I'd become a drop the actual much -- -- I think that it is much better copper -- -- it's a good conference which are seeing though. And I think that Arizona is is head and shoulders about. Everybody else in the conference and I think you know they are one of the top you know obviously the regular one that I think -- wanted to talk to rescue teams in the country so. From a national perspective it's great to have a team like Arizona represented in the pac twelve. -- because it does raise the awareness and also -- kind of the and the level of play within and with in the conference. But the ducks are a good team and for those who are just you know jumping ship and and and worried about the long term. You know what date they can right this very very quickly if the Shura the defense. Get back to the way they will they can -- their stole third nationally score until they can put the ball in the basket. They've got it secured things on the defensive -- they have to recount they have to wanted. They win a couple of these games this weekend to come home for a couple of games they could very easily. When these text -- before they play. Against Arizona and and then things -- are kind of back on track it. You know Richard got to go into with what you were saying there when a team hits a losing streaker team it's a winning streak it's really easy to get sucked in by that and say this is what that team is. We've seen two completely different organ -- teams and I think if -- if their talent is playing up to their capabilities all here. They're probably the second best team in the conference but with thirteen games left in conference play does this seem to you like the -- accounting that is going to turnaround. That is going to be a turn Mateen. I I do you think they have the chance to turn it around. And I think they have a chance to be one of those at large bubble -- bubble teams. It. They have talent they have -- they have nine guys to our starters they have. Thousand points scores from other schools. So they have the capability and we've seen that early in the year. What I need to see if I need them to have. That without having the company and the players only -- I mean you know -- -- -- on the big believer everybody to shut the door and just looking at each other than yell at each other but. But they do need to have some leadership. Which I thought it was going to be team's young should -- but he was going to be the one. And maybe he ultimately will be but they need somebody to step up to -- we've got talent here we've got to figure this thing out and I think once she exceeds. That kicked out of success. Going the other direction. You're gonna see them start to win games on a regular basis again so I do believe they have the opportunity to be a tournament team but it didn't have to figure things out very quickly. Former duck Richard Lucas is our guest he's also a host of talk in ducks on Comcast sports that you find him on Twitter at our Lucas or again. Richard is always great talk to face a much of the time. Are probably time.