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Tony Knopp -- CEO of Spotlight Ticket Management

Jan 21, 2014|

Tony joins Travis and Josh to talk about the Super Bowl tickets market.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back Travis in Wilcox we are getting ready for some rule 48 less than two weeks away now in joining us. Is the CEO of spotlight ticket management Tony not Tony good afternoon how were you. Appreciate -- joining us today as we get ready for the Super Bowl here and Alice in two weeks away. You know what's the ticket allotment looking like you know for fans appear in the northwest that are trying to get out to New -- see the Super Bowl. See the Seahawks or even the Broncos did the availability for tickets how difficult is that. You know it got a lot easier Eric in the past it was more difficult and wanted to sop opera people like about it do what they do a particular to stop eating and most of it and don't see. Is that the team to actually make it to the Super Bowl. It's seventeen and a half percent of the building each so the Seahawks themselves didn't know they were getting at many tickets at the top impulse Sunday. So there are tickets there there are regular -- of blackouts the follicle portable ruled that secret -- director. You know what are some of those rules to make sure you're not buying from somebody up Craig's list and has his superintendent -- or you know make sure your going to. Guess that the fact of the matter really remains that if you want to stick you're gonna have to -- money may be more than face value. Yeah oh yeah you're gonna anymore in the face value you know that the thing that I'm fortunate I've been suited Super Bowl since 2002. And every year they're -- of people at the box office who didn't -- -- because they were sold are all ticket -- -- -- -- and her way to console comment it's you know you're really passionate about your team only go to every now on that you really wanna try to find a good deal but what they're consumer doesn't realize that this market is very mature you know there's -- -- number two to -- Robert not there there's a number of different people out there -- that side there are present company yet facility units were alluding to do whatever year it is how they make -- -- So people we -- your going to find a better deal than anybody else well. Still what you have stairway that works with -- he talks and even then you're probably SharePoint. When he talked about those secondary markets and things like that you know where does this year expect to be comparison to what we've seen in recent years as far as though that secondary market and the the value of the tickets. You know it's been an interesting year everybody assumes that are going to be a much more expensive ticket. Because -- in New York City. And it really didn't -- much more than what we've seen in years past in Arizona in the world or even Jacksonville. I mean looking this morning mr. deduct their 2000 dollars aren't a lot. We all have to -- -- dark suit her couch trojans but battleground where the Super Bowl watch out for most of the two thousands. So we aren't seeing that -- order a little bit of a New York a separate ticket overstated that your perspective. The war agency being rhetoric and -- -- -- they -- -- only over spots here. The mayor and that was it -- electric -- right around in Burke 500000 dollars to a million dollars just four months ago about prices data through to the -- thousand dollars. Still not charge money for about us. I know we thought you had that that's why you we were I and lots of leaking -- -- but what how what percentage vs corporate tickets. And may be NFL player tickets and NFL what -- split are on terms of tickets or corporations that this is -- big part of in the may be. Everybody else. Yeah you don't so all walked through -- into -- so each team actually at just over 1% of the city of -- predators 32. Experts who are building right there to change that law which at each against the patriot in the corner and another about 88%. In the -- and the teaching better and at 17%. So when you do that mapped through to me how about you know 15% last. For the general public and Fortier told a corporate partners that -- weren't OT do you -- to -- differently. Some given the -- under the street are urged the reality though much to the answer -- at the Super Bowl in the corporate approach. In the very different that urban and -- -- gave it you know those sent from country -- papers immediately comfortable level such shattered a Super -- currently in northern lower those expectations to -- the way I would say if you know just erupt at the building -- as much more than. -- Yeah wanna ask you dirty little secret seeing how I played in I've felt for a few years and doesn't matter what team you're on as he just mention you get Super Bowl tickets. Is that the way that some of these ticket managers and ticket brokers get tickets is through and I felt our players. You know twenty years ago fifty years ago -- over the Mike traced the older tickets you know that was the only way to do it sort of stand the consumer was just brought up all there was such a -- -- Super -- tickets now that's not it's. Under the radar -- -- used to be asking is why actually sell their tickets to ticket brokers that part of a partnership. And then the broker won't go out all the tickets sold there really aren't as many secret -- want to work -- you know from experience. Yet to -- that you're the most popular America. Tony not as our guest sees the CEO of spotlight taken management Tony you've worked with other -- companies in the past he mentioned four. We talked to you that you're you're one of the first employees it's -- problem when when you think of the and the way things have evolved over the last several years and you know fans not really having an opportunity to go to the suitable for all things you mentioned have things gotten so priced out of the fact that. The average -- considering travel and and -- hotel and all that that the Super Bowl has priced itself out of the range of the average fan. Yes and it got more and it. According to the very. Amenities that come around mr. -- right -- -- -- in New York it's actually a little more reasonable because there are more hotels and steady and illegal to be like Indianapolis or Jacksonville there's just not a lot of hotels and that's -- the president really get out of it but particularly at the 11100 bucks locker boxed -- -- -- 700 dollars a night to stay at a candidate. And you have to -- or like to open them -- And they don't -- -- -- Arcandor somebody else -- you know well so I think you know when we're you're really looking I'm considering whether or not you order super ball you. You've got two options yet -- on your -- to -- it started there. You to sign up for -- -- generally -- that -- you know earlier weeks but there is an opportunity a ticket outlets are the largest millions without work. We want -- products treachery. -- that we were put 4000 opt out for Bennett who buried -- talk elation you worked there steady doubt and are on tickets carpet customer applaud their permit me to my son. -- -- -- -- For one of those big companies -- that kind of go out from their marketing budget saying hey you know we need to take our big clients to this big event this big game and you kind of show it off is that where they use that money comes from a corporation. Yeah I come from marketing and sales is actually becoming if we can maturation of the market they're getting a lot more on ball so that they haven't been. An exact idea not only what we're gonna spend but they don't who interpret what that person's worked their business. And actually measure. What that person does over the next year so it might take you don't try to -- and you're -- customer of mine you know my assumption is accurate and a lot of money or reverse the cuts -- I don't take -- -- -- -- particularly from a competitor. And that's why they're really approach at the ready you are -- be on estimated that I thought that's you know there was going to be a little bit about it. Including customers against it a lot more significant iron a -- -- -- So we actually track how much business grows with every ticket rights so reverie that averaged two disparate companies don't remember that most -- -- company to -- it. It 121 dollars lot of money so they are near -- over 234000. Dollars in potential business. For every one of those tickets. That what they're really doing the -- -- is -- getting out meeting wouldn't otherwise the reality you know not a lot relatives of recalled -- says you shouldn't do that sort of -- -- state -- Probably now it's -- recall that it should you do that took while to check out the Super Bowl together. You know governor perk up -- Yeah that's a phenomenal. Boy that number does really rocket but -- let you go back did this year's Super Bowl if if there's someone in this area wind should they go out there and try to buy a ticket. Definitely not right now. It's one thing that we eats we don't think it's nearby where customers -- you know the corner some of our veterans into a corner recurrence. A lot of -- right now the waters charmed everybody he got very excited and wanted to see the Seahawks in order to brought over panic I would wait until about Thursday -- There's been applied in this week's Q market level out a little bit. Tried to actually start to drop a little bit I believe it's still the problem and in -- really try to help with this consumer you just don't understand that right you're so used to there's only so we can -- by Obama and or Iraq now. That is not going to happen here. There's been robust secondary ticket market there's a lot of companies not to disrupt its monopoly is patient will pale. -- -- -- that you consider itself apart. What are things more difficult to get at this point that the travel accommodations even -- New York has a ton of hotel space. Or to take -- themselves. Travel accommodations definitely not trigger talks about -- to get your ticket master rich and great place to go though it got a partnership with Europe fell outside the leader John as well there's plenty of questions ago and -- -- ticket and no black people trying to -- -- to -- The issue of the hotel with what the regular standard and -- the most hotels in the area require at least a retort -- expect. An average Joseph were not going to do what sorts. Especially in February in New York are legitimate political. And so that's a bigger than the budget reports indicate what fireplace -- today reluctant a couple of. What's what's the average is to say a four day trip to go to the Super Bowl with -- ticket do you have a number like that what it would cost may be an average. Person I don't know from anywhere at this put 500 bucks airfare 600 bucks and that's low inflation but you have an average of what you would spin on four days ones who -- Yeah it's pretty simple it or not it looks say that you're just. A -- consumer and -- look in forks you know somebody that maybe not a no -- motel near night and not the Internet community. You know our -- how -- looking at your flight about 700 boxed you're gonna pay between five haven't heard about tonight -- tower 23 nights. Ouattara are -- to fifty -- boxer what you hundreds and then. You know -- saying on a regular Super Bowl year 12150 dollar ticket looking at between 3500 our callers asked the person. -- well you that you ticket to America. And you could probably double occupied a hotel on the piper here and really I mean I don't -- -- surrogate team merely look at an -- new NB a lot more affordable terms are -- -- in the. Right right it also in those tickets -- talk much too though those are exactly fifty yard line second -- -- either. Those are rather than a year in the building but that's about all about you wanna get -- -- -- in particular seat to what are -- our report out that six out of there and you're always going to be. -- there's there's not going to be a lot more. Quote -- deal to be out there and let you -- out -- working on this our first. Tony not -- guess he's the CEO of spotlight taken management Tony thanks so much of the time really appreciate the insight and our listeners up here from the northwest do as well thank you. It.