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Matt Maiocco -- CSN Bay Area

Jan 16, 2014|

Matt joins Travis and Josh to preview the Niners

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox just a couple of days away from the NFC championship game Sunday 330 at the -- in Seattle. Niners and -- -- of course joining us now from CSN Bay Area Matt Mayo go Matt the morning Harry you. Knew very well obviously a lot of story lines in this game on Sunday but. -- for the niners going in the Seattle last couple years they haven't had a lot of success all the stories about how the delays and all that stuff affects them but. How much of factor really or those things there is that assuming that spoiled little out of proportion because what we've seen. Well I have -- first a news in the forty errors happened. Think it'd be handed does some opportunities in and they've made some. You know our turnovers and and they've let it steam -- -- up there in Seattle but I do believe that tilted the conditions the atmosphere. Is a large part why the or -- -- struggle. And he did generally college athletic we'll get to retreat play called -- -- communicate that guys -- -- -- the line of scrimmage. Looks over the deep threat to figure out which way to go into that tactic. -- communicate that in the other ten guys all that eight a period of time and I can't predict about yesterday you said that there -- I doubt there. Where in the huddle he'd have to repeat the play call several items so that everybody can hear. What the two options are so all that eight iron and I think that has aptly contributed. To watch the 49ers. I haven't played well there are other also courts. They're quite a buried at sea hawks beat bit and the ERE eight at eight saints. As difficult on the 49ers and lets you expand at. What's this say dignity of the 49ers offense because it looked like early on the season they're trying to go more with captain nick and get back to basics with gore now they have that going -- again with a fullback to tight ends -- power football -- in the cap for next. Are they kind of go more back that power I with -- and -- course that cap for -- -- the power. -- you know what it's basically. Based eel like era and a good spot outward there they can beat out of it if it gets you off where. If you're gonna play eight in the box like a lot of you did early season wins Michael Crabtree was on the field. If they're gonna do that the repairs can make you pay. I all the bought outside of all the crap street in Dallas into burning Davis Keydrick got to play in 08. It dot can edit at eight. Defender CP got the block beacon galaxy in the run game so. They feel pretty good right now. About what they are able to view it -- eat eat eat that they played the last eight -- it's -- ignore. You know he gets Frank Gore goes so -- the 49ers. In Asia and even in December candlestick. -- -- -- and -- you'll lob over Frank Gore up. -- along Ryan about the play that kinda got it going in that game winning field also noted it has opted. -- anyways about Craig gore. -- my Yoko is our guest CSN Bay Area and -- know this team has been a little different since Michael Crabtree is come back to the semen. Welcome back from his injury they have more weapons and the defense has to pay more attention to more different guys but. You know what dynamically what -- he changed about this team. But what changed is that -- it is now app and make it Asia. You Indy in the -- -- gains about factory. All the focus. As our outside guys go to it all all. -- the foreigners had. Nobody at that number two position. You -- Kyle Williams who was released later in the eaten. And debate that didn't have anybody. Did so now with Crabtree back. It felt about the deal for the or any keeps it -- coverage one way or the other in the past four games. Crabtree has 2100 yard game involvement as Q -- -- -- -- being so it's got -- -- -- it will feature it in and in certain and with all that last week. Is that the Panthers decided -- got to concentrate on taking Crabtree alligator and they did that for the most part but that left. -- a lot of times -- single coverage the week before it was Crabtree had a big game -- actors so it just make the 49ers op and a little less predict all -- cap verdicts have three guys. That he really try to get the ball to -- IP I didn't Bernadette. Who's the guy on this 49ers defense and really has to step up and have one of those type of championship style of games for them to have success and win this football game. I think it's all -- net. In. Jeans have. Tried to date all the out of the game -- some. Some they've been successful which is actually opened the door for Ahmad Brooks on the other side Brooks had a big game against Carolina -- -- -- Yeah I think everybody they'll kind of waiting to be Altman's net. At a huge game in the of course you know about it travails -- out -- -- -- -- -- ticket -- -- -- -- in the -- -- -- A treatment for substance abuse is back east he'd be -- good ways. He had on the production at outside app structure that is lot of guys eight I had wondered. A better game that he's not is that it will -- that we due up and Seattle he's got to have a big -- it's where he had or eat at L eight. Pressure drop the secondary. End in eat. Keep Russell Wilson -- -- -- -- it's -- that the bulk of the 49ers. Don't let. Use it you eat -- -- -- -- abstract. Eight rock will they like it is -- and in the pocket. On the 49ers -- that -- -- and will be. Or six or eight it didn't. You know Matt Cullen -- had instant success and got this team to the Super Bowl in less than being a full time starter for a year and every had such high expectations Foreman in week two week. And I against the Seahawks it wasn't great three interceptions and looked like he started to be -- regressive people killed in for a but. Reality he had been the story for a full year yet the evolution of -- -- from week one to now what does that look like to you. Well could be. -- More than any quarterback I've ever seen really acting you need -- trust the diocese early -- in order really included in the -- It right now you know he is spreading the ball or hand in week two in in regular -- Resop last year when he took over. In Iran a whole lot during the regular season. I mean he averaged. Basically. I -- area of the game for about thirty needle in the low thirty yards. Rushing last season as a starter in the sprinklers that -- all what playoffs. It -- there's no all of them back there's no we shot and he's -- worried about it at the -- step into will be worried about it. They use all of its built -- advantage insult. Now I think he's speaking at that making better decisions. As far as getting rid of the all time in -- doesn't get rid of the ball -- -- -- -- -- not. He's not. Reluctant to break out and run it -- they'd dynamic force which he'd -- that it would start a riot at those. Big long stride that did -- -- chew it up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Met my -- is our guest CSN Bay Area you can find him on Twitter at my -- sea and -- -- thanks so much -- time we appreciate enjoy the game this Sunday. It.