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Brandon Huffman -- Scout/FoxSports Recruiting Analyst

Jan 15, 2014|

Brandon joins Travis and Josh to talk Pac-12 CFB recruiting.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Times talks in recruiting and joining us now from scout dot com and fox sports is Brandon Kaufman bread and -- you today. -- Will appreciate you joining us again -- So we look at the recruiting rankings and obviously we still couple weeks to go before signing day happens at this point we haven't seen any really major players is as far as this gallery eggs are concerned. No five star players have committed to any of the pac twelve schools yet but who's written out the best at this point. Actually Becker broke late this morning B Pierre got a bigger screen or it. Are about three hours. Right now -- the only spot start that committed to a tackle school and really the Crandall org Latin. But you don't need three weeks you get the extra -- and today -- -- You're gonna by the -- with a dead period ending at night. A bunch of visit happening this weekend next week in and finally can you or any day with a dead period do you stand in the front and the back in. That really or all the coaches to -- that many it is the Q and you look at Korea. Largely due to hold it and our back all this school on Friday they can be you'd disperse -- -- tradition that we. -- -- them stretching out their dead period did that also how does that affect the recruits because a lot of times he's recruits kinda have an idea in their head OK I got a top five. And then with this dead period they can't talk to anybody now what you coaches have changed positions especially in the pac twelve. How does that really impact some of these recruits. You know I really expect -- because it can't wait to that weakened in the -- December that it normally would have been able to take official did and in this first week in. In January at the game that it. So for guys bet -- see little little lob there's players acting job bought an adult court yet they're -- -- Saturday. They are not -- -- particular official visit. Have a look at -- I didn't take and obviously extremely good at it this technique or on the coaching change is a lot of it got an app. Trying credit and didn't he did did that louder than college in the last two years where I think it did -- committee -- bitter fighting at one school. To go Friday Sunday to another school so they can try to hit Alter it -- yet all the dead -- extent -- a coaching changes. Certainly expect -- -- with a key guys that we. As far as some of those key guys especially with the northwest schools Chris Peterson moving on to Washington some changes in the northwest -- coaches are concerned. What have we seen with some of that player move. I think probably the biggest one. B baker committee or in any Baghdad. Watching and really wanted to keep its key admitted -- won't advocate official visit. Two loss to USC because the coaching that -- recruited him so aggressively when they were watching it and then you -- get credit for working it I'll Jack that last year. And then trying to out of the blue workable one school that probably the most ability. That would org he committed there the week before Christmas in when he said. This cheating or radio show Seattle if you kill the papal visit Washington you -- you regulate. Or alternate candidate being the only school he'd been an additional one of the worst evils schools. In the recruiting process sport in terms of the coaches for the most part staying in the seat in the cabinet -- -- nationally he's actually going to ordered a lot. -- I'm an Italian that he had done all of Lilly didn't have any -- And that's probably because of their ability organ. Probably help -- more than any. As we talk about some of these coaching you know you mention now DOD retires Don -- steps up in their -- to USC Chris -- comes in there. How much does that really play a role in what these guys -- in their decisions to go I mean I've heard. From many other people you don't -- -- because of a coach but you're off and I mean that's the salesman trying to get it there you talk to these recruits a lot how much does that factor into the where they're gonna go. I mean people say all the time you don't commit to a coach you commit to a school riady is. The coach relationship but at school in the would never more evident -- battle. But Washington had so many to keep your sister out of the cute that we're looking out Washington. So -- -- stepping in and USC in the USC and the DDB commit. -- Washington job a lot. Bottle or two and you saw your bill would talk support let cal cal at one point at four guys that were committed in the US army -- that were committed to it and people committed during the eight. All he wanted so I think that because possibly for watching and we got that we're -- up all and decided speak well but he's still a Shaq I'll. -- the lead cal got a lot and so it's almost more evident what you should think coaches. Because they're the ones that are due in the majority -- -- a lot retreat in. He even he seemed to get bigger or better compared to where it was a week ago. He just beat Phillip by James recorded a lot of guys all -- Republicans week but Anderson got that maybe aren't gonna. Statement out -- water that are so rare cases picture at duke had expected more. Sort out problems with the assistant coaches would look at the won't ultimately these cute. All wouldn't. To leave the -- watched it go which -- seat. So when -- systems aboard the eagle on the Washington and now guys that were committed eight outlook Washington. Recruit and battle we see more than. Randy Huffman is our guest easy recruiting analyst for fox sports also for -- dot com and he mentioned that the the elevation their race Freeman the running back out of imperial California from a four star recruit to a five star recruit why does that happen. -- -- -- the biggest fear of branded that. He would appreciate what he can view on Peter's gate and get better which -- -- from. These can cut down their bottom part of California. Couple hours. East -- India so the competition out at the greatest down there oh when he went to the army -- you're -- kind of power back millions you saw in the the -- opening during the summer but -- -- between the capital he let it eat eat at our back. 77 -- it doesn't necessarily bring up that player like. We seen a durable and the CP breaking. Spears barely over really good linebackers are really good attempt to back and realize that he didn't -- -- competition it. Playing he's going to beat you pack running back you don't think I don't know I force our little -- stark. I had -- but I think the report he -- and are able -- -- The great performed at the senior really cut but the final straw to engage in -- are in again right now he's the highest rate gate. To a school. Where do you have Oregon State in China where they're -- that right now and their recruiting class. In Oregon State and it -- idea that it wanted to work. You can look at our class and then -- beat that peak times start our but it's gonna have a solid. Out right now -- the third pop. He's in the actual topic. -- programs actually turned the ranking but there's a couple of the big one here. At least you'll have a chance yet the big one that big fish is -- in the year EU was originally -- battleground Washington outlet that. Is -- -- Canada org eight organ and -- -- but I would say organs being probably the leader for now. For school operated Jeter's ability to mediate junior year -- a great relationship. My cap on the top line coach or speak and the wanting about the urgency -- that. -- admitted beating but he. In the actual you know after players that -- the system that they're running but also guys that are part of winning for -- ball. Well one of the best players on the -- suitable -- -- -- and you can organ injury are a little in being -- where we're lucky that was. Amid an apple will be permitted for each and you -- it. So -- -- end of the year started it was so I'll change balloon built you can never lock on it so. The good players that he's really an eight defensive back helped take a look at each chip in you look at their scene and you look at the commitment they got. There's a lot of guys that had nothing but acceptable level when you bring -- a lot of guys that are part of these legal -- -- our players. Actually that would translate immediately and he's got hardworking players and they really get into or. -- but the squat to really get a lot better in the Jiri and that immediately hit organ Washington cut heavily -- stay right -- -- You know -- from USC one of the biggest issues with that program on the field last couple years has been numbers and has been depth is that something that now. Are they starting to get back to the old USC as far as recruiting is concerned. That the end in the last year the Big Apple worry about the -- -- -- there and sign up if they're. On February. They were able to get four or early -- this year technically eighteen because that you use all other sources. -- but. This is the last year that they're really being -- by the numbers and it Teddy could work better because the -- out on the West Coast. Is gonna be a good seen in the -- united -- it. He is counted in southern cal alone there -- plenty count the up and down the Washington and out one of the best years in the paper and -- all -- Arizona -- another strong year in. He's lucky and obviously -- and part -- here. -- -- And yet our program there's no war. Obviously index data yet and there's a stat going to be here for allow the tiny workshop and he still -- He did they're still -- -- need to get the popular players in Southern California. Adori Jack you used it indeed bought it. If they can find that I really don't have a lot of election. That's going to be great medical heated issue would make the best sign. Brandon -- is our guest national college football recruiting analyst for fox sports and -- dot com we can find him on Twitter at Brandon Kaufman. Those Kentucky -- and things -- much of the and so. -- --