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Lamar Hurd -- Pac-12 Networks

Jan 15, 2014|

Lamar joins Travis and Josh to talk Pac-12 Hoops.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox this time to talks in college basketball and joining us now former beaver now at the pac twelve networks Lamar heard the market afternoon Larry Dillon. Don't. You are doing very well -- join -- here for a few minutes so again the start of Morgan State's conference schedule. You know again has been rough one in three so far civil war basketball this weekend watching Oregon State obviously. -- border -- is is a great player but at times this team looks too passive offensively. -- any bill you know prior to last weekend's. Games against the Bay Area schools I felt like. They didn't know exactly what they were trying to yet altered for this certain time you know the game plan for Craig Roberts and throughout the majority of -- -- -- looked upon the ball inside. Until teens so that they can stop them and then Wall Street targeting some double and down low. The biggest grand -- earlier there were a lot of -- beavers also look we'll be stagnant and I felt like last week and especially the Stanford game. It was some of the best movement that they'd gotten off separately and look like everybody was intentional. Well what they re going to hear more about the traveling east to west Contra three was going to look out. Packing a basketball waste time he saw this painting from -- and ultimately got the ball. Like in terms of how old cook I think he really helps social welfare it's tremendously got a good when he's in one -- that the smoldered Peters offered to run. Hasn't that been one of the big issues for coach Robinson -- everybody on the same page and everybody XQ now on the court together. Yeah Edgar and I would say about every year except maybe even the first year. And the thing that he's on his first here. -- never seen until May because here's a true point guard. I'd say it's surgery had a kid named rookie class who would they hold over from the GA dot area. And Ricky was the senior political trap and got him and he was a true point guard. And help lead -- that -- -- championship actually had a really big gains in the final game that he beer triggered a year. And I think you've seen without cook. Another true point guard. They can run between Beckham score and that's scary Kirkpatrick. But the key also had flown in years prior. -- put much -- being in there obviously really good score but defense completely legal liability a lot of times. And offensively because of how much he looks forward -- A lot of got to do to get involved the way that they need it to be so. And again I think debt. Colossal insult last week and just alternatively. I think -- training -- orchestrate so Obama -- to proceed. How well it can't wait until this weekend. Mark Hurd is our guest former organ state beaver pac twelve networks and -- Lamar this is your -- Craig Robinson. And he hasn't finished better than you know -- in just about every year to freer to finish fifth in the pac twelve how much pressure do you think he's feeling this year. I think Arab. -- -- pressure would lead paint he's -- and I would say a locked. How much pressure do I actually think that he has really I don't think a lot I think he really believed that. Is seen this right here at the technical point -- turning the -- India coaches each week and then as though they're few plays away a lot of times they are. I think it was pretty good about it now there's pressure being so I just don't think it's the level. Or the next two -- -- the observers. Didn't get daddy's should be. I'm eating too because some pretty confidently and you know it's a bit Lisa -- -- made and -- now. And the latest from this young guys playing these we could ultimately get out without his shirt that. Looking forward to the future. How they match up against Oregon this week I mean the civil war that's always big time in if you get a victory over Oregon that certainly. A notch in your belt and how they match up against the ducks. Well talk about social pressure to call Booker throughout the senator deduction I've actually a little bit treachery eagle from rank number ten in the country to. Most likely that way anymore. In east actual depression so I think they're gonna come into the game what -- all the -- stayed acting gets helps them matchup even better production over cable bill. Taleo a little -- freak so to speak of mean he's still want to be focused by. -- -- routine dated anybody would expect 280 what could be in the duke culture into because of the start organ had. I think -- -- had to be -- and it's clearly in the Frontline this'll be notable gains from mature and I carts even were being as a decipher I didn't managed they'll be able probable about low. Attract double teams and then just play kick out basketball. And attack on the primary Delhi -- I think they -- had an advantage -- Running up and down to -- can do that as well -- organ. They're typically -- team and every place somebody -- tremendous guard play. But I think -- mistake and epic battle console. You know she just look at it strategically -- campuses game plan I think it's anger toward state. Build -- for the first obviously you know a twelve games of the season -- when every game they played in. In after the suspensions from Carter and artists there are questions about how those guys were gonna get ingrained in the line appeal Carter hasn't really played very much at all. Artist hasn't been shooting well as part of their struggles to due to the fact they just haven't been able to get those guys in the same page and everybody else yet. Oh well it might take out there and collection here wants Dominic article about the foot injury and dongle that -- and it's a global it and ended up being in the actual world. Most valuable player in the in the actual tournament. And an open that can get to receive sixteen. I always felt that it may be somewhat of an issue going into next season yet a senior point guard lowered. Yeah artists and good to meet you bought and it -- -- -- of the program how do you do -- make debt diet and the court -- guys. Then you look at policies and you bring into those young chasing police. Mike Moser yet he's got excited to bring into the mix and I always felt like I don't know I think they held one too many guys. And it's one of those situations where as long as you're winning it's it's well nobody cares everybody it will buy into it. But I always an hour they got to respond when they Connolly little to gain our guys that played 25 plus minutes. Actually gonna be okay -- -- seventeen or eighteen minute ticket this year and well I think a little too early to speculate how that -- out you know it's very easy to say will be blocked -- -- literal because of their illegal and legal. It's yet I don't get continue watching between watch body language what how to support one another. And I think -- as the leader. It is mentioned it's pretty early on the season but when your thoughts on who the most surprising team early on so far in the pac twelve is for you. But I don't tell -- what they launched with critical. And -- -- their best Anders. And two guys that were important pieces and a lot of lot of minutes. On country people of stricter gun the first -- a little bit Tressel in this Packard. But it probably get that done and then a couple of them some organs schools doubled goes pretty impressive. A lot of it's because of the player to -- cops who. I've been saying for the last year actually the top two weeks. How or point guard in the league and I think right now he's actually going -- liked the best point guard. And the leak over to see Carson and ostrich and dignity law enforcement is what they're -- injury even -- that usually they don't think I've played in the best. A good point guard. I'm outside can call my -- would have been at all. Until they dropped and gave it became a Washington State which you don't expect them do. But they don't look at pretty competitive. And they're not come Machida wasn't very -- is scheduled tasks until -- people got to twelve but they proved early on that they compete containment truck. Pac twelve network analyst Lamar heard former Oregon State basketball players our guest here on the Fannie can see him. As an analyst for pac twelve network basketball games as -- pregame postgame shows. Bill -- when you look at the pac twelve in the landscape of college basketball with conference realignment it's changed so much the big east isn't nearly what was the ACC's change the Big Ten has changed. All of the evolution of the pac twelve what we've seen at last couple of years -- was two years ago really bad conference. Where you put the pac twelve right now as far as you know -- nationally. Output and kind of where did you know third of war will when you look at conference RPI is -- to contain the talent. And a couple of I think got -- our report I think. The Big Ten. It's pretty solid patients she still go. Am -- even dismissed in the big east you know. I didn't know -- that he can be confident anymore because of all the changes. But I think a pac twelve definitely out crease for a builder itself distribute Alpert. The the teens using and now. It's reflected by the -- decency back. In early 2000 -- the content even though there -- only canteen. Used to get five sixteenths consistently for the NCAA tournament at a trial the day -- you have guys that each year going to be -- -- NBA draft pick the coaching. Is very cool it's -- it's it's really costly. A credit exposure. With the actual network everything just trend and upwards for the cup until I expect to see continue to -- You know Lamar a lot of times EC team that is playing really well into January undefeated in. The regular season is one thing but it doesn't necessarily translate to determine victories Arizona has been unbelievable this year in nursing from Aaron Gordon he's been terrific but. Is Arizona bill for a post season run. I think so it immediately and I'll think you're overly impressive. Offensively I think they have their struggles I don't think it actually -- to breathe very well. But the main thing they have ball from outside of how dominant they argue credibly because we've got special. But opt out of that. They had clear definition of roles. At the start their season -- guys they had meetings with the Coke is rigorous physical Beckel and they wouldn't marvel what is actually being muted due. On this team where Arizona doubled cleared the first week and they start playing games. You saw the Brooklyn actually. Will finish of about seven guys. Each guy has looked at the world they know what they're called swept into the game they -- -- down low because of it all figured out about it becomes -- -- You've seen from the impressive victories against a Michigan at duke and it will stay on the role. Are usually on the role working forgotten titans I did get down. But they've been able to come back because everybody -- were connected -- so they'll accountable. Forward basis should be swapped abilities on I do think this -- the kind of seen -- go all the way. And -- Iran and at at the title and I actually had an actual like a pedestrian Arizona's at. And so all four old are detained at least Panama -- -- poll had Channing Frye and opt scored a point guard. That little I had very clear -- of roles and it rewards for them into voting against Illinois sweet sixteen that he could make -- try to -- Lamar -- is our guest pac twelve network to concede tomorrow 330 along with Mike -- Dan Dick -- on Twitter you can find him at will underscore hurt. Omar is always great hockey thanks so much it's not. It.