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CJ McCollum -- Blazers Guard

Jan 14, 2014|

CJ joins Travis and Josh to talk about returning from his injury.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is the rookie guard of the Portland trailblazers CJ McCollum CJ did after -- -- don't. -- are doing very well appreciate Joyner show here. So now he's put a couple of games in the NBA you've gotten a taste of what the league is like you had their first experience. When you got out there -- last week against Orlando what was that first experience like it or lose what you thought it would be. It was great to get out there and let my currently and create and support it and they. -- I'm very. Think we'll be whispered -- It what was that second game like for -- where they were there any differences and -- were feeling getting up there on the floor. I'll pick you up on that the more comfortable obviously you know it and you guys that inaction. I just tried a couple of more aggressive with respect. How's that process been getting acclimated with the rest your teammates. Now -- Kenneth -- to fit in here now either as this season's gone on for 3040 games. -- the great that they're part of the brain. He and brutality and I heard that practical that the equity. You know it's not often -- a first round pick a lottery pick has the opportunity is to not play for 35 games and India around his teammates and get to know them. And seed in the practices on the floor he can learn a little bit you think experience is something that has helped you. Yet it's held in the a lot of them are now there has -- that the author editor and you know -- greater -- -- -- -- companies -- Ottawa elected president in it is. What's the one biggest difference the east may -- -- word or wherever you were ready for as he stepped into the NBA -- from college. Com and act could do without it much -- to become -- -- but I think they are now he is popular. We simply lights are out and talk about. Besides that -- -- different I'm doing it. How do you see your role in the big picture here you know -- you played what fourteen minutes the other night and the second night out you get ten points for this rotation. With the team playing as well then it is he'll sometimes need some lights coming off that bench what do you see year old being. I'm sort in this package -- -- and we're work hard. And -- sure that I'm ready. Or -- and it -- -- -- and obviously that is an effort to build it. That seems to be the same attitude amongst everybody in that locker room everybody's -- and you know what they have to do. Is that refreshing coming into a locker martz everybody all in. -- needed help and connect it to accept the role I think that it. You know -- -- that -- and so under the more. Accurately termed out. Trailblazers guard CJ McCollum is our guest here on the -- CJ had an opportunity to. Learn from and play behind to guard Wesley Matthews he's just a really intense guy out there was a bend -- around him and learning from him. He came into middle compliment development and only opportunity definitely -- -- -- -- -- so we differently aren't certain guys. He's a very adult so I'll be sarcastic he didn't -- it -- -- -- -- -- -- How much do you take away from watching film and and how do you incorporate that in your game especially when I can't play you know watching film and and watch what other guys can do. And I've lost brilliant record. Or kept it. Out -- -- -- account balance. -- came actually thought it was actually the year that's like. It in the Internet that you play. Watch and see where he picked it apart in the air. CJ McCollum is our guest on Travis in Wilcox you know CJ that debt foot injury is something that. You know once it happens that I can happen again and and if it does with -- next year according to medical reports that I've read that it's it's you know it typical staying what's it's happened twice in the same year. Is there any concern about that foot when you're getting up there in the practice court -- on the floor is that something that you try not to think about. Not intending to do that out but they'll find out how does that. Pretty accurate that he pinnacle of surgery then all of after all. Papers and -- as -- mentioned that you actually look at all of the big shock there. Well compensated her -- it is important -- content and I don't look at it -- actually. Had you had been to Portland before you became of where your draft about the blazers. Are. So is stars -- the city in the lifestyle here in Portland as we thought would be how are you adjusting to it's like you're in the northwest. Did you think it pretty well I mean I agree but -- -- -- It didn't -- -- -- area. I know that -- -- it and I think the Internet. But I would do it. You know there there's a guy played a front you -- nine Damian Miller who's a rookie of the year plated a small school came in and -- lottery pick copy NBA by storm you know similar situation for you playing you know of this throughout her college cleared -- a smaller school Lehigh in the northeast. He's come out here to the northwest it has he talked about those experiences forgiven in making that adjustment from a small school to the NBA. At least part of carpet without going over. Continue to work on its -- -- -- blanket. -- -- get -- and physical well it's not that are cut in being more comfortable now I'm here. That their relationship but I'm thinking -- and another guy on the part of this. Now obviously LeBron James didn't play against you guys you played Miami a couple weeks ago has there been a moment on the bench or when you're you're you're watching that you said. It is thought to yourself wow I know this is a big time and became aware that -- a big time NBA players have been that you didn't expect to see on the floor. I'm not certain that being just a lot of talent -- gauntlet -- -- did -- grow up I Atlanta. Between the -- and real strategic isn't what it is but he's you know relaxed I'm good but it got dark you actually lots of black leader it will crack. The culprits are accounted investment -- noticed topic got knocked it shot up because it. Not -- date were out competitors -- trying to. Trailblazers guard CJ McCollum CJ thinks so much of the time glad to see that does things -- -- enough and you finally getting back out there on the floor enough. We look for great things where you know the years to come thanks so much rent. Oh.