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Kerry Eggers -- Portland Tribune

Jan 13, 2014|

Kerry joins Travis to talk about his article on LaMarcus Aldridge.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What -- LaMarcus Aldridge last couple days and joining us now to talk about a carry tigers in the Portland Tribune -- orient. Do very well appreciate you on joining us today. No one -- but the conversation he had with LaMarcus speeches it's easy for us so we'll look through your your column in read the words from LaMarcus Aldridge. Interpret the way that he said them but -- conversation with. In yourself the -- become a cross saying the things that he did. What person Roy definitely not campaigning for it was just an answer to a question that in the belong marks. Interview and and I just estimate these. You know happier he wants to appease terrorists -- article person like that certain aspect is there could be an extension talks should now on how nice it would be an -- certainly should yeah absolutely what I. You know in the end you know it's funny because I've noticed that edits cease. This season Travis as he passed a lot of guys on the career list such as scoring and rebounds and in their pressure sister beat arcade attention to ask about -- it. ITunes the first year I really have our attention to that it's -- to rematch with all the great players in the past so for. I think the idea of staying in one. Two seeing a quarantine throughout your career if if if not entire -- -- the bulk of it appeals to. We talk about that in and the appeal for him to be part of that history be part of that legacy. Is that something that you -- when you think the big picture for him not necessarily taking away from winning but it is that in some ways equally as important to him do you think. Probably not no no I don't think so I don't I don't mean to suggest that. I I think it was really pretty cool amid even admitted to grab him her during the quite correct years strategy you would never admit individual stuff but you know those -- to out of and so no I think definitely winning music is critical thing it's the reason that you like to -- you last summer so look I -- I want you to pursue trade options because I don't think we're gonna win here and act. And Neil influenced him and yet we are where we're not a Rico all week and now on. So far that's been mechanics. Do you think -- believe that when he told -- man. I think you at least partially believe -- you never know how things are gonna go to gather. Frankly I mean when you get Rob -- -- -- Arctic and that's going to be changed angrily that any of us like you who's going to be used. Importantly this team has been in the first 36 -- I don't think so. Yeah of course not me we were just not -- -- -- few minutes ago when you mentioned this in your column to it's not just. What Robin Lopez does himself when he allows LaMarcus Aldridge to do and the growth LaMarcus Aldridge had by himself in being helped out what Robin Lopez does. It is this level of play for LaMarcus and that we thought especially in a few years ago when it wouldn't break the road Bristol focal point of the sting. I didn't think so I was so LaMarcus was going to be -- I don't mean this disparagingly either a really good second -- -- -- He was a great sidekick. He was Scotty Pittman. Michael sort that -- you know he was next to grant or like -- then went granny get searches to market student number one guy. I had my questions about it and I can't -- up and gets his game isn't in 120 point -- one of the best outside shooting big men in the in the game today and but. Is straight up and notched a lot. And Wesley Matthews contends that Travis and started last year I agree with that because -- remember some big shots down mr. Some you know there are some important gains and that had been. Not that kind of one of his but it was an earlier career. Carry angers our guest Portland Tribune -- and cover this team for a long time and you know we we try and make so much a team chemistry in the NBA it's so difficult to find a team that really is on the same page but. It is is this something that you really never seen before the level of chemistry this team does have together. I wouldn't say I have never seen it before but I think it's up Faneca it's I just ask Robin Lopez but at big East Asia we reviewed. Have a camaraderie we we enjoy each other not a not a court there's been -- most most routine have you -- -- to cheap chicken and take and which comes first. A winning and then he had great camaraderie the other way around but I think these guys from the start and enjoy each other and they do. So partners have been no selfishness of guys not playing and at least outwardly and we'll see OPEC continues. You know the the the question of LaMarcus Aldridge in the city of Portland being a fit for him listening it was talked about over the summer and you know some people had some things to say about that maybe this is in the right place for him but. What do you get the feeling of about Portland as a city is home to -- soldiers and how he fits. Well I don't I don't think users you know we've never seen -- it is name on the police blotter no doctor accused of big bricks look bright lights. Big city tech guy without parting shot there are some of those -- guys that are. If players in these I'm not saying he can't do that but easy -- -- acquire privately every -- still and a he does that without the you know the cameras watched him and get in trouble so. I think it'd be pretty get -- form and any any. Certainly proud of the legacies are you -- city in and I think the -- -- release starting you know on this -- a stretch where. Aside from maybe Tim Duncan is he one of the most low maintenance you know superstars that we've seen. Yeah you know -- a pretty good analogy I think Dirk Nowitzki and a low maintenance guy. Note guys with speed and he -- smaller -- their city there there are confident -- yeah I I think that it could careers. When you look at the timetable of how the contract works out a win does it what does it more advantageous to LaMarcus to sign that next deal. That's a good question I I think in the summer and we'll see some activity on it. Premise and I think. We don't see anything by the start of next season there's no reason for him. And and our talent agency that to make any Eagles one actress goes through written -- -- he's helped instill and it toppled risking. He would -- would command maybe makes our money at that final. But I don't think money is an issue of Marcus is much as some players that do make a sixteen -- next year -- -- Bjorkman and prevalence of types and I. I think you'd be happy to sign her. I'm gonna gets a three year extension. You know where your money to an end state airport. There -- is our guest Portland Tribune and care we saw the news last week from Comcast sports net and Mo Williams. Iowa is game going to opt out of his contract it says that he wants to stay in Portland. What kind of signed do you see that as that guy that has been an all star in the past comes to a team that didn't have success a year ago. With the option to opt out says that he's going to do that but still wants to stay here what does that say to think about the the big picture for this team. Well I mean he can't say that he wants to stay here but I sure he'll be -- -- -- I think that money could be much bigger factor we're both apparently you know with -- a market dictate points he would eat you make a two point six this year. -- make two point seven that you probably think he's underpaid and want to see what the market. Value will be you know all things even I think he Gramercy in Portland but it wouldn't be surprised as you go out and here's another thing to watch strap the right now CJ McCollum is going to be he's got to get some more rotation so that. Probably gonna cut in the Mo williams' minutes I'll be embarrassed the seat count each panel that through the rest of the season. Yeah I wanted to ask you about that too with the bench of this team because it's certainly -- it was last year but defensively off the bench there's really nobody that. They you can count on DDC a move being made are being considered for this team defensively coming off the venture is that something that. With the whole chemistry thing might not be the best option to do or just wait and see which half. Well I think your point is well taken nick could really use a good defender there is no question about that I mean like a Sefolosha -- here you know that there and it doesn't have to. After the garnered a predicted -- winning -- it's unlikely to be a big problem but yeah I mean. And and then your item in YouTube maps that the chemistry that they go our military stock. Reluctant to mess with I mean he likes what he has right now we talked about that a couple times and to look at we get somebody in here that can really -- saying that summit that well so be considered -- got a better -- but. Heat is definitely cognizant of the but I think they'll sure it will look at look at what doctor ordered February 20 deadline to -- The last few games against some of the weaker teams especially from the Eastern Conference it seems like the blazers are you know coming out flat do you think maybe there's something there that. They're not used to being the hunted team and they're just not used to -- coming out of games that way and they have to adjust to being the team that that everybody's coming after. I'm not sure I know they're not as -- concern about the way they've started especially against they've they've. Trailed at halftime now on 913 games a lot of those games yes like you say -- -- thirteen so. I don't know what the reason that there is coming back I don't think it's I don't think it's they're getting. Great efforts from the other scenes I mean obviously they're different than they were a year ago people look at that and they're very good team. Probably more a little -- of them may be just a little bit sleepwalking -- -- out and currently cannot -- much better sacked. Know what you think we're gonna learn about this team in this upcoming four game trip. A lot a lot yeah that'll that'll bureau litmus San. Antonio and Dallas Houston and Oklahoma City in five days. You know they're not gonna we're all those gains that they if they lose all the men then you start wonder. There -- is our guest Portland Tribune did find a -- Twitter at -- acres Jerry's it was great to talk to thinks much of the time look forward to seeing you Rose Garden. Extra extra.