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Bob Condotta - Seattle Times

Jan 10, 2014|

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Time' Seahawks Beat Writer joins Travis & Wilcox previewing the Seahawks' playoff game against the New Orleans Saints.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Two hours down one to go on this -- should Wilcox addition Travis and Wilcox Travis is sick today you'll be back. Monday -- joining us now is Bob can go to our from the Seattle times the Seahawks beat reporter Bob thanks Robin opus today. Do really well so let's start off with Percy hard and he says he's healthy Pete Carroll says he'll be on the field. But how much do you expect -- lecture player to be involved in Seattle's game plan tomorrow. I think a lot you know they really need -- -- they're receiving corps was an issue into the seat and equate that round game. You guys he'd been on the practice squad a month earlier you don't buy -- Probably not to need change regardless Super Bowl favorites at a situation like that -- spot like receive recently that they deceived and so they need him. And I think you can be up their credit. You know offered a team that had success all year long they did whether couple different storms being played players suspended injuries. A bunch of different things that's kind of been the key to their successes. -- stand up routine and yet not allowing it to really impact the locker room is that correct. Yeah I don't I you know I -- -- every NFL he wants to get from player one declared 53 but it gasoline. No Pete Carroll Ali can keep saying every every single -- there's always a crowd all the time it. But he didn't get slots are a little bit of that. You -- -- -- be decided county this roster was that a number of times and I think there's kind of a confidence there that is that everybody -- good and so it. You know Elena had issues recorder would -- -- -- a driving test data stuck fired actual -- doing what they're fired actual play so well he's gonna keep starting now and you know he might. Just keep starting indefinitely -- can he can change the entire thing about what they're gonna last that spot as well but. Yeah I -- that's the the obstacle to they wanted to create when he got here in and I think this is -- does and they really -- common was that they would -- and and it seemed that if you see with the defensive line to -- having to touch of light in the into the global minute a lot of that's because everybody plays all the same amount of snaps when nobody. Pataki's numbers you know but -- you know I think he's got several actually and the -- level -- And that that's sort -- -- penis and they've been able to get the -- and then you know when do we -- to take it. You get recognized that the -- bind and that -- for this year that certainly. The first time these two teams play each other back on that Monday Night Football matchup the C -- and it's we all know it did they really throttled the saints was there anything that you took away from Nike from the scenes. But kind of concerns you moving into this when anything that they did successfully that could be a thorn in the side of the Seahawks come tomorrow. Yeah look I think they did it yeah I would know that each you know but what wanting beat it. It would be easy to overlook is that how well -- -- running game Russell Wilson got two yards early. -- until -- reached -- and a couple of the spot to play agent in saint -- horrible. You know contain it. As their two vehicle that was I just trying to just you know being way too over aggressive and things like that they really took advantage -- but what it was you know obviously and situations and all that she ducks -- -- at the line at all in an illegal marched up edged out and collapsing to conduct the last five or six weeks of the season. So that would be one milk and cooking shop there at the -- legal back -- -- you that gain. Everything went Seattle's later. You know -- that you get it wasn't a matter -- physically dominating them necessarily. Certainly be determined at central line. Have -- -- target pressure but I. You know there was the other horse. Couple that passes. You know drew greed and it just under through a guy that first session you know I think really the status as purchaser dependant. Preacher understood that setup which are -- to get back there about the -- something like that she didn't do this he talks. In dusting you know it was really key huge pass plays in in blitz situations that the -- picked up a Brussels and recognizes that that literally scores and you know the change didn't -- -- only to -- well guys just you know making good place so. You know -- those kind of gained a lot of -- even now especially in a level and obviously the change -- played pretty well since then obviously you know I'm not that big win at Philadelphia so. I would imagine you know they won't make a lot of those same mistakes and maybe that all of us and always out -- -- the way it looks like it did in the first leg in the first. Bob I was doing some reading here -- junior Twitter account you pretty popular down New Orleans looks like from some of these people. When you're talking about the home field advantage that the -- provides. Describe -- -- -- I mean you've been covering this team and you understand it but to everybody else and we can't get that but this home field advantage -- Seattle hats. Up win that -- the field of rocket and everybody's go and there's that other place in the NFL the can match. It's like options stadium yeah compared to some yeah I mean I guess a bit then -- should I got it about hunger in our -- back. A rootkit initiate guy keeps its achieving -- has bigger let you know he says that that's not like with the bandages -- look. Yeah I -- -- you know it just this just loud I don't know opposition technical herbs for it. It just really loud and and that causes problems and -- we -- to -- to date yet it is trying to explain that at all lobbyist where it is it's still such a big deal that -- have trouble hearing. You know chuck Payton talked about that this week that the first play that game you called sync up kick off. The tropical entry to the -- and Volkswagen in the first -- they they called played it in doctor agreed to collectors said seeing whether an article left right and not everybody heard it and most of the guys -- one way they're underwent another edit each day or two for four yard tackle that nobody nobody does it or four yard box I mean. You know there was just something like that it go like that ain't a couple of series that. Yet they're -- -- that -- -- and the game was over. So you know they might be better equipped for that now that it's only been five weeks since the -- went there. I don't think Philadelphia is allowed essentially field and I do you think that that was probably -- -- situation that the other night she and so. It might -- little better like they've gotten better plan notes something talked a lot this week about. He needed to simplify their curb -- and -- those kind of things that are that really dependable fact that the noise you know you're trying to call -- to collect distribute and all that. And so you know right at equal lower -- this -- little bit better quipped that that it certainly was apparently not it would. -- can go to is our guest here on this winter will cost additional traps Wilcox from the Seattle times yesterday on the show real to players who weren't too big names on each team left in the playoffs. Could really. Being an important player for that teams -- for the Seahawks. You just came up with gold ET became chancellor as the two most important players not named Russell Wilson Marshawn Lynch. Add those two do you think -- have a bigger game to the sea -- to win. Probably take should be because India -- the bigger question mark. At a cantor has -- each you know -- they've been phenomenal against the run lately chances that a huge part of that 98. He's played great you know he was second team all pro this year so it has been recognized that I think it I think. The Seahawks think he's probably doesn't -- -- as you know the tracking back dedicate it to get the opposite has been a real issue you know if you. If you had breakdown their numbers for the last four games and scored two point you know the average sports they had collapsed ordained. -- ranked last in the NFL this year in what their total yards at a hours or being so. You know they're gonna need they're going to be guys on offense stepped popular that said the exact opposite of course are. How do you think they're gonna add to that that will will be completely different -- and you know I think -- I think the team they're all we -- yeah he got it and he tapped a collapse ordained that weren't going to be that -- now because leprosy are out there but. You know we will have to wait and see it in picture used to he is -- percent -- LT great place like that but -- he would you know the -- armed that they. That they had been heavy investment and you know distributed picked up tomorrow. -- with us some of the NFL job still open and those two coordinators have to Seattle being pretty much hot names where do you see that going DC any of those guys possibly leaving or is it still kind of wait and see. Yet what he'll quit and quit that such -- corners seem to have a little more about about him right now this particular to the key a little dot com reported yesterday and it. He has the inside track of that but they're apparently not so interviewing -- -- -- -- today so. I just -- a -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I deductible jaguars jobs took similar situation being that it's such a coordinator. For that team so. You know Quinn and I try to get -- I had to bet I think he's a little bit more of of the guy likely to go to Carol W and it may not Eric. You'll actually had a couple interviews he's had at least two this year. One was at the Redskins he did hire their job but I think you know which which with the vikings where he worked for five years. So yes that's familiar either a lot of people so I think there's a chance you know either both go. And but you know just at a cost of doing business junior -- Bob can go to is our guest here on this link to Wilcox edition of Travis and Wilcox from the Seattle times. The beast Berger has been making the run across the Twitter sphere cross through the Internet this thing looks amazing -- tried it and how good it is. You know -- invited to sort of detection via press release about it if you can -- actual burger rhetoric also are sometimes -- Myself I was you know like -- particular. Well I mean that's I'm just seen the picture probably fill the didn't it. Well I didn't maybe integrated outline whether it's the ship pictures -- not the same cabinet but it. Yeah you know though is in though it's. Certainly had people pull out all the stops here to take advantage of she talks mania right now. That's funny I didn't I can't believe national press release out about the number that's -- in. Well let's round that child got around and company and they were pretty aggressive let everybody know that so now we -- -- press releases pictures and and all that about it not -- some excuse that somebody actually pitch accompanying that nature but he knew about it but. Yeah they're gonna they're gonna start so that addiction to this this weekend. I can -- it is our -- from the Seattle times you can find him on Twitter -- to be can do go to happen to begin tomorrow Bob. I get a document that -- some of them.