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T&W Duck of the Week: Adam Snyder of the San Francisco 49ers

Jan 10, 2014|

Former Oregon Duck, Adam Snyder joins Lynch & Wilcox to talk about the 49ers' playoff game against Carolina, specials guests at practice and having played in every NFL stadium

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back into Travis who will console lynch and Wilcox edition today Travis is out sick in merger and our duck of the week a couple days late. But our -- of the week today is 49ers offensive -- former duck offensive lineman Adam Snyder Adam thanks for joining us today. Let's start up for this weekend's matchup you guys are playing Carolina Panthers team that did beat you earlier in the season ten to nine what you're gonna see in that team from the panthers' defense do you think you can attack differently on Sunday. Are well you know -- contribute note but. But you know I'm. We -- straight you know certainly an excuse we had smartly and accurately and that it cannot you cannot execution on our side of the ball pocketed Don. -- so articulately if we can garnered an excuse or subvert our users. Should be a great game. You know look at in the NFL is that usually the case and a lot of those games either you're not a full strength or you miss about 45 plays here there. In the neck and turning into a winner Vick you know win or loss but I don't ask -- sure. Now I'll ask you specifically about Luke weakly as a linebacker you've been a legal long time -- watched a lot of film seem a lot of great players. Is he one of the better players you've seen on film and on the field. You know acceptable part of it is ability to shed blocks and then united awareness of where the ball as. Just have very Smart player very athletic. And the inability to run away some -- to give -- out. Is Sizemore you don't want to slide -- leading. And I creates not just for us that it sort of have to try to attack and and you don't -- player and he's really got to -- -- forgot it then. And let us work so. -- a even a Jack of all trades your whole career and origin you played every single offensive line position you've been doing it again. With San Francisco which one's been your favorite place to play. You know if you would ask you this two years ago probably -- tackle. But right -- where that product my garden center I've been doing more -- -- currently Avian. Got a little bit -- over the last -- so obvious sector conditions are probably weren't -- most comfortable and. Doesn't that do a lot to you as someone that's been around and in you know I've played a couple years in the league in. But the more you can do is -- lobby can stick around to collect those nice checks cracked. Oh absolutely America to spin. They wanted to reluctant mutually. Versatility you know you can achieve an option to keep one -- executives who were pretty. -- nor do want pixel. Are you know I'm a candidate -- under illusion of are positive marker -- but also can sit back and say you know what we're -- file which is so heavily played what is. -- -- it's been great -- an -- I've been able to just you know additional opportunities. Adam Snyder is our guest here on this winter will cost edition of Travis and Wilcox are -- of the week. At a one of the most popular ducks in the past few years its current niners running back to kick return of Michael James. He's been getting you know often on playing -- a little bit more is the season's gone on what have you seen out of him -- growth wise this season as a running back. -- to -- awareness it is believed to compete optical -- as far as like Attila how. But you get a -- -- Edison electric player. It's abolish it and make it happen. Are you kind of forced to give them opportunity you know and not. He's done really well nobody's really -- attention on the practice field trying to get better. Listen to his coaches and are just a great -- have a team and and you -- a lot of disaster let's kick returning. A punt return -- On the opposite side of the ball scat back in -- all let's assume just aggressive to market. You know from the outside a lot of people looking coach Harbaugh say boy these -- intense he gets after -- You know maybe give us a peek behind the curtain on how what type of coach he really is and -- got to play for specially in the NFL where. You know it's not for long making cut you when you're walking off the field but is this a guy that everybody kind of -- around in gets behind -- -- when those kept at the coaches that when he talks everybody listens. Right exactly you know it's sort of shuttle what you see is we get an -- two years. These -- -- -- -- at all times and when -- when you're coaching a you know pregame thrown several seven and run around the sidelines. Think -- Nepal with the players -- -- players -- I you know you can't open Buick. You know more -- or you don't get fired guys that are streaming. You -- -- locker didn't just -- we are and you retreated a good actress or shooters and a as a player -- So. Agree got to -- weren't. And and what you see. -- you know Adam I've been reading a lot of stuff about Jim Harbaugh mayors in inside the locker room persona that is being intense guy do you see on the -- with. Is also a little bit funny or -- locker right a little bit more personality. Yeah you know -- -- -- and lesser -- -- -- but seriously yesterday are. And that's that's done that a player takes it and got -- a -- so played a lot of years in this great. -- you -- when you can be but seriously need to be. I ask you ma'am what's elect to have the nature boy Rick flair strolling to a meeting with him. It was unbelievable. And it's quite a lot out of us really knew what was this is totally -- -- happen. We talked about it European -- of the great early captains and I said before that yet and what efforts urged registered ball where we could do. Little did I know you get a lot of law that. We got a which you're gonna pull out to -- -- mysteries we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty ridiculous opportunity. Detector guy got it shall open and public opinion it doesn't mean that it's. Where is. Where hardline it is -- only an opportunity to come to work on Nick's fired her body up and it was great. One guy that you would want not named Ric Flair to come and pump up your team before game. All -- so you know I I'd have the opportunity to meet some guys. Military and -- mean that's. That's probably will have -- characters in a battle. I've you know been in war where -- -- on line and speak in us. Our backs of those kind of guys in the military get extra time. Just really put -- he has charted our brilliant but the military general idea. Talk of the week here joining us on Travis Wilcox lynch will constitution is Adam Snyder 49ers offensive lineman -- I saw you tweet just a couple of weeks ago and you've now been in every single NFL stadium. That's pretty awesome it's a fan and a player's dream to go see every single -- him out there which one has been the best experience for a. Less experience. YouTube and -- -- on her own experience but you know players and see how close. Pretty active especially being a rival team. There's nothing like atmosphere it's our old. I accents there's intense robbery on the field and -- issues and -- so I think that kind of experience or they're out in every time there. Someone looks or -- earlier. Which one is the biggest dump. A mutant and I don't in trouble -- -- I -- I thought you might -- so you you're you're looking forward to go under the new Levi's stadium correct. Yet to the beach we got to looking at right now there. And in -- trigger probably 700%. Noticing. So is accepted everybody Israel fired up for army I know as a player beat you you look at to that hey I get to play in. This brand new stadium but I think everybody down there and be Ares is Jack that seem to come around is that -- out. Well tell you let me know from my experience being here. For nine years here in what the -- -- -- books or worse that knowledge is anomaly. We do you are experiencing an excellent regular and -- obsolete. Keywords teams come -- some special means something I'll remember forever. You know I hope I'm on this -- -- -- -- news to get an opportunity to have to be your signal that -- truly enjoyed two productive citizen of co organizer. -- -- and although there's a lot of tradition camel -- out he was trying to that we just got a little bit big you know again it's just going to be good opportunity trust. Niners offensive lineman Adam Snyder is our guest here on Travis will costly to Wilcox edition today as our duck of the week -- Adam you grow up in Southern California he went to school nor -- plane -- Cisco. Played in Arizona you've been a West Coast -- pretty much your whole life. Is that something that you that you've enjoyed being able to stay close to home and not have to bounce around all over the place your whole career. Yeah I mean you'll get from West Coast it was who's -- -- much or maybe you'll be involved a slob were to Colbert. We -- our Sunday across the country. I just what they're going to be involved. Couldn't -- to work on Monday's -- so -- just been a -- community -- state. -- on the on the West Coast and then I'm assuming all. In my poker. Adam Snyder is our guest on Travis will concert -- the week they play the Panthers Sunday 10 AM Pacific time kick. And you could find out among Twitter at any S and YDS 68. And he does treat similar frequently -- won't you won't be too disappointed Adam thanks for coming -- to us and good luck on Sunday. Appreciate you guys have to thank you.