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Charlie Murphy - Comedian

Jan 9, 2014|

Charlie Murphy joins Isaac and Suke to discuss his upcoming show at the Aladdin Theater in Portland and tell some stories about life in the '80's and '90's traveling the world with his brother Eddie.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- coming up on Friday night here at the Aladdin theater. But from Milwaukee. I Charlie Murphy will be performing and I believe it's to show notes if I'm not mistaken he's very very funny man. Miguel a lot of people will know him piloted by the Chappelle's Show us right Chappelle's Show and he is currently touring the nation on the acid trip tour. And we have him now on the phones here from -- blustery New Jersey what's up Charlie Murphy. What was so which of the -- Denny COLT. Cold it's cold metal -- -- borrow -- oh it's the polar vortex be careful out there. I had this video you. A lesson in vicious cold this year. There is anywhere else on planet at that equaled the South Pole both polls when -- -- thanks. Injured is that true in. Jersey New York. Teach your dog Lleyton is that the -- -- you know. What what let me. And I leave it makes actual ethnic Datsyuk. Why do you call it the acid trip to. As you know that because when I was you know it'd -- shameless plug. Of the big it was bad debt double barrel. How cute that expired but it would XP. Did you know we knew we if you don't be saved some. Any point BP cut back on May even if you don't do anymore like it that edit these that you system. He could come -- point leakage points so. It is really metaphor pool all the crazy -- this -- -- -- all over the happening on my you know -- -- that it did -- trip like it did you know the president really. He really. This could talk about all the great piece of that going on in the world. You know and may not make it funny but Arab -- That that's my watch. It ended that strip or really there's really upbeat about some good but Vicki -- that -- Now you're you're one of the best storytellers out there your hilarious and ear -- older brother growing up you guys just. Naturally funny word is that's the kind of came along later. I may you know it is what you want to do what he would succeed at this big break in the council would have been weeded out and me we get what uncle yeah. Grandmother was some -- when he -- a patent just. Did that actual you know is hereditary. So you know -- it's embarrasses -- would probably look -- Mexico. It was always you know show lauded at the house and -- we grew public -- Choked and that you don't keep each other you know. Wasn't like you know I was and spent a pure greater debt. Yet -- -- you're funny but you also have that little ledge where you just you cutting -- since the you don't have a problem kicking someone's ass. The it. The remark that got so okay so you look Odyssey as a great Suzy here. But Eddie knew he wanted to do but what about -- you have you know a year it taking a little longer to get in the comedy so what was it. Dead dead drew you to to the profession and. Need to work. Really bad -- would -- down to. Which social indeed. You know basically they called -- to sit com. He met him. So you know better round and bill bar old guard stand up comedians in -- -- gonna -- -- road -- Pete which could do. Political additions -- like Pete paper that. Pitted against a constant -- You know and edit that you know I'd I'd never considered it because the W my bread and -- One of the greatest. It would do so. Well suited to grow its CEO and that bit about pressure on but you know. That a promise to be out. -- -- -- without a couple of nights. I did some time net via the net effect mean bureau. And you know I didn't have a sick -- appear at all for like fifteen minutes people bad. Out of lake. OK it's not try to. And they pay you for his career is born. It noted that report dated but whatever it was me -- -- get. Rich -- to. Meet. There are some very. Bill -- went out we did where did -- realize that people come and eat meat so. -- didn't -- and developed 00 and Atlantis to quick. Now you mentioned the Chicago so that's kind of was yours your break in in the did the true Hollywood story stuff. How did that come about. It will greatly previously it had been doing movies that rating movies what it would dedicate a -- Chappelle show -- yeah well. Yeah. -- It happened I mean honestly that that isn't that the boot the prince story in the -- Rick James episode of the funniest TV you'll ever see. Who came up with the idea for you to just tell stories about what it was like in the eighties -- on your brother. Anybody. Anybody knows meaning year round you whatever you are a -- or are you know I'd like you know -- -- a tall. And you know it wasn't until game it's somebody. Say it ain't nowhere. Let's turn it into the -- you know -- -- we just sit around and let's parent you know that I don't she wrote show with the eight. And saint dues manages not so. And so we had to meet in the in in the office you know one day. And he's been out on that show that would -- -- -- for data did that you read sketched problem. The -- -- were both real real world whatever. And -- it also are on the ground whatever will be one big ball much. And outcome of the story like -- usually do producing -- out as you know. Disorder that that would end date was right. It turned into this right. And -- like I think -- gets. And you know but he did it yield data that we've -- camera told the story and put it together and you know -- You know it. You know that's that's true there Rick James grandy and his boots on the couch arms you find you like three funnier Mitt hits up a sketch comedy ever. You know I'm telling you it's almost you know everybody we are always that's -- bit -- it really check out they elected. With this thing happened. I think demanding that it what -- -- -- -- of course would be the -- and waited. DeWitt it'll just a rating at sweetie shredded whatever it is that there are no. As revenue at the Dublin while I was I was reading Mike Tyson's book in some interviews he gave. And Tyson backed up those stories and I was like yeah because that's stuff happen. All right so we've got a comedian Charlie Murphy here with a set check him out in town -- be at DL Aladdin -- couple shows this Friday. On his acid trip tour. -- a question about prints of the prince that's luster is also incredible. But I wondered yet also Trulia -- I mean. Tiger tiger -- vegetables -- -- James reached a dead at one day. Pray that -- -- -- what you meant about what he came to the -- Piece you know that -- basketball whittled. Q what court you'll play -- best -- keep one quote was terribly it's. -- -- -- -- Ball rocketed. Up. But it necklace. -- -- -- -- -- -- All of the -- All hands on some. That -- OK so prints. My question is about him. How does he keep his private life so write it because he seems like the most interesting guy on the planet in your story you know kind of cooperates that. But you never hear anything about -- in prince's life. I don't know what you have expressions Betemit out I would -- I would think there you know but you'll. Which is so Abby is it won't be yet. Yeah -- truly -- -- -- it some people crave the spotlight in you know. Part wrecked you know that it -- -- -- -- part or are -- -- that would ever. But if you did you know you show up to place it would proper record to show up that you anyway. You look at prince. How did anything about principle does little tabloid. These policies park rat stressing them out. If they would. Yet reached at the embassy. You oh you can't read one news will. Succeed -- and beat him. Then Indian prints -- -- -- Give the -- James surge of the press are those the two famous words that you hung around. -- at the time the biggest movie star in the world your brother and it was during the eighties. You -- you have to have a million stories that you can't even begin to share with people how nuts was it to just be around during that time. Well our I would review its feet because. What I wrote my book start and issues in what could be the biggest lead to -- Coach Robert. If certain people that I know very well we -- it till -- or isn't bad. At least Corretja and -- his great 80s90s. It was you know it was a really great -- you know he. It -- credit and 8080. I got out early whether you know early you would be on the road. Current -- -- -- just been arrested it is probably would seem -- it was incredible. Know that were you there I mean like we were you when Rollins I don't know what you're Rollins that. Rosalynn dignity -- because the monitor so you projects just less than. I was brought. What are what happened with. What happened we -- -- asked that all the time that and how pissed were you. A. -- -- surprise because actual work what data to make our. -- -- That we really -- If they're cutting bit made record. And it -- that. They had everybody showed up to work in the note gave him. It'd columns -- look market speak bone. What bees choices word party it would be a little. Bit extra -- we. Are now. I read them below eight. You know it'll almost up that I had seen him. Well you know two bit understated that. He made the decision. About what he wanted to do poll how he what is created go to. Show -- could be it. You know he'd he'd beaten evil code so that we missed the par was good -- studios. Are it will -- instead of -- studios obviously. That was brave move -- some -- you know most people won't do most of what we've been to balance and you know catapulted from duke. Hundred million dollars you -- do we do that at. The fifth. You need to like I could double -- for a hundred million. They who'd actually like fifty million developed that would like people to check the main Larry you know at that he would -- to show. The peace. In this deal work. Great. Outlook wrote it could be a double check piece it back out there. Yeah. Charlie Murphy they'll be at the Aladdin theater with a couple shows this Friday tick up there website wanna get tickets. Man it was really get to Iranian guerrilla have a fear success we're big fans. Are generally take care of that's Charlie Murphy could walking technical. He -- freezing cold.

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