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Mike Barrett -- Blazers TV Broadcaster

Dec 31, 2013|

Mike joins Dusty and Suke from OKC to talk Blazers 2 game losing streak.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Got a calls a game on Comcast sports net is Mike Baird mr. Baird joins us now. From the road in -- see how you doing today -- Good guy and looked at some good perspective -- and I I still secret that the law of average student. You know that that we were talking about a little bit last night and you know not only did you lose to. Back to back game. Are you a lot the last British upper body some thirty feet for three which is good so I -- -- beginning -- in the lot last -- -- Tyreke Evans shot after being in -- the pre Olympic -- move by money. Not called timeout they run up the floor they get essentially a game winning shot whether the second half last. Again in the you look at that at the clippers game mean Chris Paul has -- an open look at the end. And it was it was like he was too hoping even said it afterwards because I I wasn't expecting that mean he drills that. And how are we talking about that game so I just think some of these one possession games. You don't -- the. And don't forget the Mac gave it to connect to three with six seconds left to the UN to that should go. You know you're you're right and it the only issue. That I would say would it seem like there's one point where are our top stretch of the schedule to be emotional part of it and that's the X-Factor and that's where. Being around the team and what not act the part that you trapped kind of lead I mean the x.s and o.s are one thing they're kind of black -- -- at times but at that. -- you you know you -- going good and bad. You can kick in the stomach twice in a row. And that's where tonight you know in this game in this building New Year's Eve. It will be an emotional crowd airplane without rest west excellent ball picked it up or not they destroy Houston last home. And and still watching the -- decide to do battle here it's a bit of artwork on the press capable forty dorsett he arena opened this. This team looks emotional the -- look a little emotionally flat and I am I don't often played an active sometimes it shocked me. But these last two losses -- worked pretty -- Yeah and then this is something that is the first time it's happened so maybe this is kind of one of those learning process the -- to go through but the one thing not and this is why I've I've. The even do you lose tonight I guess it made him -- I'm not gonna be overly concerned is. There's been a level of consistency. With this team that I haven't seen in years past. To where -- with the exception of maybe that the you know the opening one against Phoenix and you know maybe you -- abducted unite the Phoenix was was -- sky high that night. They're just it's it's a team to me bit bit and it's not too high it's not too low there's just. Little bit there's a professionalism. With this team and -- consistency. That maybe hasn't been there in years past and so win close games lose close games. If you played that way you're gonna be successful. Yeah and immaturity I -- and that that's where at all start that it sort of a young Eamon. They're ever option of Damian Miller you know mentality it was last year and we all talked about how. Well beyond his years -- mentally again and late in games like last night you know you're going on in the second happened. Even though you trailed by double digits and you're watching basically a lay -- line. Or New Orleans we -- new during timeouts -- and what sort of understand. We just kind of a routine you'll wait to Annika Natalie and you know millers creek side of that and it appears a match. But then -- -- -- separate if the two which you know evidently getting late in the back it up side. What do you do but yeah you're right in that -- have a great attitude at a greater yeah I think Iowa is at a temperature. And get a pretty good read on the team is likely map that he's going to be emotional leader anyway the Miami mark crystal ball. Last night slot that's not the one I worry about it in the and that's the only -- game -- there and and they -- -- -- and the good -- is an Oklahoma street. They were going to playing. A bottom feeder that's -- -- real concern that. They note that if you don't bring it and I -- you're gonna get embarrassed in the electorate that the way under what. Mike Berry joins us trail blazers television play that women blazers in Oklahoma City for the thunder 5 o'clock tip on Comcast sports net. And the man -- it says the emotional crowd and these. That's a thinly veiled. You know he's saying they're gonna be drunk tonight at its New Year's -- they're gonna be -- -- one question that -- have -- for you is Thomas Robinson -- the plane last four games is there is no reason for that or. Are people -- that they hear a lot of it from fans where Thomas Robinson why is he getting any minutes last four games. Well you know I think those there's this there's democracies that -- get Bartlett -- -- terms based or uterine and it has been two or games and I don't think we'd like CD and installed a province and a popular overreact. So so what what the dealers here again in the second matters they've been winning despite. Drop in the last two witness chains aren't. You know I don't think it's -- necessarily I just think it was an attempt at -- you're gonna make you change -- begin its regular Paris you've got to you're. Not just for one half or one game you got to try a little doubt you have. And Myers in -- times people focus on him voice not a three wood shot clock winding got to get Miami. You know. He went there and grab rebounds and the game was simplified -- M which is kind of the same way you talk about Thomas Robinson -- you know have have a bold and simple. They going to do you want to bring -- -- -- -- there and then get out and so I think -- If they computer and then -- buyers and yet you're militants shot here I don't get the into the world and -- got him. Thomas really geared wrong it is it more. Let's see what else we eloped actually an argument that a minute anyway. Those guys are committed to be a spark -- so you know it appears to see what happens with that I don't think there. Thomas played them -- out of the lineup announcer Meyer and it wouldn't stop a mentally into it so it'll become the watched a couple. -- group for a cut you loose that this is not say it this is not gonna be. A fantastic defense team. With Portland they're gonna try that's going to -- the difference had actually been playing really well. But the last couple games what 5253%. In the two losses in giving him the ticket that you seem that it to stick out maybe an adjustment between may two. -- you -- get that back down to a more manageable clip tonight. -- and that's you know -- we always talk about I think I. Point in the pain or something that are talked about a lot and last night really. -- I think when you shoot a three well and you commit to being required to -- in Portland could certainly have done. That's what you look at you know look at like the papers this point I looked like the bank verses -- And important had a huge advantage from Israel outside elected delegates mostly and they give up but not like the bank but there's. There's no way you can get -- packet saying that he completely has been good and anytime Robin Lopez at six blocked shots in the first half. That sound like that at -- well not you can eat up the plate goalie. At around the know aren't guys who were getting out the perimeter defender and and they are doing what they edit more backers steaming. Match ups and and if they played this team Oklahoma City defensively pretty well they have the they're shooting team. Look like security. Nick resume most likely on Kevin Durant most of the night all let's keep in mind three weeks ago at age thirteen to get it in and out against a pocket. Against Perkins in -- so the accurate of course and they realized. Defense is the issue and maps uses the -- apparently that starts on the perimeter they just have to -- the perimeter -- -- these -- steadily due to the middle. On the one good -- you've got a lot of problems but you also got him re out quickly is it -- he'd have a direct quiet in my lap that there -- Had a team that particular work out like where New Orleans they respect you got to sort of perimeter of little. Nightmare -- will be on the call for the Portland trailblazers in Oklahoma City Thunder an hour and fifteen minutes from now on Comcast sports net thank you for taking a few minutes for us today -- -- --

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