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Ben Golliver -- Blazers Edge and Sports Illustrated

Dec 31, 2013|

Ben joins Travis to talk Blazers defensive issues.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

For the first time this season may have lost two straight they lose on the road last night in New Orleans 110108 joining us now. -- -- blazers edge dot com Sports Illustrated -- hey -- Doing very well so while last night blazers lose just the first time this year back to back losses. Seven losses through 31 games OK not that big -- deal but -- two -- talk before the show it's something we've talked about throughout the year. Defensively eventually it's gonna catch up to you that they can't stop anybody happen again last night. We did that they do have some good individual defenders why is the team defense such a problem. What they've been on board but you got to look at it when you when you look at -- extraditions from last summer -- and certainly they upgraded their bench. Yup great really came on the carpet event at the event. None of the guys they brought him over the summer with the exception of Robin look at -- starting -- better. Are really keep it apparently drove right ever gonna keep it remotely interpret a guy I hear a lot like a good -- -- I don't understand America and Europe it is open got to meet George or relented earlier -- -- -- it. Proper protecting guy. At any the other great players they're like collegiate start not approved -- generated so what you look at their. The -- really dragging the old showdown. I -- -- it would probably be average or slightly above average he'd bet -- they had for like you know upbeat so line. The competition and a bench performing unit but they just don't. I it's an -- with a lot of strain on the starters and you know of course turns out well play it starters -- -- -- Are -- of those guys to be able to keep up the attitude and -- ego or team. Actor gonna really get a lot of -- consisted stopped on that and it's tough for those -- to look -- it you use it and do it whether consciously or not that big trouble either entered -- that there are currently. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that's a pretty successful formula for them oh lead the heat and been very good -- actually he went to eat at that. You know in the closing minutes of game at a -- starting unit together like those minutes. But you know you're you're kind of you know dodging bullets -- -- where at every gate could go to to keep track -- -- is about -- Apatow. I think ultimately a thank you bet big that it's a good individual -- that Pete or pat used located at depth exceeded expectation. All -- -- underrated defender. It -- -- solid defender but all those guys are front loaded in the first argued it. And that makes it -- to do you know sort of -- maybe keep -- keep it out the rotation they eat. So considering all of those things were only 31 games into the season but you -- more than a third of the way through. You have an idea of what your team gays and everybody says look it's not broke don't fix it beat UC defense believe there are some things that need to be fixed. Is there -- -- they can make before the trade deadline to add another defender on the bench and if so what direction could that be you know who would they consider giving up for a situation like. -- epic records -- -- -- what we need help people -- space opera broke don't fix it. Keep in mind the starting unit that not broken -- -- that the unique year -- -- our corporate at Portland out. Playing on that -- submitted together can look at their minutes late. Occurred in -- unit significantly higher play almost all be important minute during games. And they're really have a great cohesion so that you don't wanna break it keeping it that you don't want to -- -- urged. You go back to the bench shirt and that's expense but it derailed about. I had it been a little bit better offensively I like it literally had to keep it has been an issue so I don't think you necessarily have to. You know over compensated worry about keeping the entire roster together I think. I certainly ignorant or what you wanna be proactive and looked at every opportunity. That does that it all Britain after starting muted out yet a couple of there are you know what you eat. -- some more interior -- president. -- you used an extra week defenders you've got -- could you pick each -- coming back to back aipac. You can bet it is a score first player -- -- -- -- to beat you -- gamble he doesn't already. So you couldn't be -- target of those type players people that look at what took up. You know at that point you know the top of the -- that it is a guy like Meyers -- Thomas Robinson and those are going to be expendable because they could group opposed. To try to find somebody I'd much regret it to generate a lot of interest especially because. Those guys at their options mixture picked up you know Robert a target. If I didn't play it right now he's gonna get a report that. He put a lot of money to get to I would not even rotation. -- my shirt jeans are going to be looking in highly of any. I what you -- the tables I think it is a little bit of a matter of is there could be a bit matching hat to -- doubt. But he had to get treated. It that makes sense and I think they would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eventually it sentence order and there are more traditional -- compared to a pal Rachel are not sure they're going to be -- impact player but the heat at the out. And dollar resort guest blazers edge so -- if there isn't somebody out there that's an interior defender a lot of that starts. With the wing defenders letting guys penetrate to the -- so was there -- guard out there. They can be somebody who's an option. -- -- sure you know I think it's too early especially you know we're in January it now that we -- like -- -- part -- that. You know kind of break out it would better reading -- a year NBA terms trademarks. It's absolutely eat it quite well they're coming -- going. I enjoy it keep their credit and everybody expect all the and to look at it fired -- -- -- expand. These deep powder was terrible you're the Nixon detonated they're gonna have a lot at a -- -- architect -- February so. I think it's a little bit too early to talk about that -- get your Portland. Are you just keep kind of to teach your formula where it takes your -- clearly they have made to beat and it's you know really been very well despite these a lot it is a compared to treat keep an expectation that -- unique yet. You know. -- to create a potentially have it was strictly Oklahoma City and all that they can. And jump out the window I mean you don't you have a very strong starting unit that's going to be the experience you actually get into the play out. The stock is gonna rely on those starters even more than he -- and that protections to our country in the get quote he and I applaud that you're gonna -- a situation where. You -- your best he'd better look at the other court for the majority of the anyways you keep it probably get a look a little bit better in that situation that right now. I don't know about you but to me it's a little scary how many minutes the had the starters are playing because we saw that burnout factor last year down the stretch I know there were injuries. LA was out for a little while -- lose out. -- the tomb was out but considering the volume of minutes at these guys are playing when you start to get it to late march and April and into the playoffs DC -- burnout factor happening. It's definitely a red flag pin number one guy I've been looking -- released as part of the -- He has that look at a what you're seeing nature is not only that -- you know playing well above the government ever clinical ports of course I mean that went over thirty minutes beat it. And he's coming up -- these weren't yeah absolutely perfect out that you wonder 82 years wrote. Really -- other purpose of the games so far in the minutes very well they bought forty at all or occasions. She hardly ever did prior to this season. I don't need that big lumbering guy that we don't Brothers at some of -- issues and they like that so you look at that it while I mean you -- regularly circle and state. They -- and they're going to be in real trouble he's probably -- the most susceptible to look I you know kind of being there are risky situation. You know the other practical like guys were really -- you look back career what -- you in the volatile -- -- you can LaMarcus -- immediate stuff. I usually has that kind of bigger -- basketball Arctic -- -- like that though you know all those guys are pretty good track -- respect to help and not to worry about them. By yeah I mean their play it consummated. Ed noted they're gonna come backer -- open I think people -- you know you're. Pebble which even only there for -- I think people realize that other -- -- fleet. Google played above their heads of speaking -- epic comeback admitted that can play a big factor that a team like -- audio. -- -- -- -- What Eric our rotation 130 but at the bank. -- Tony Parker people who played more than thirty minutes of that at all partly starters slip up thirty at Dartmouth that the huge contract right there -- to contribute fresh. -- when it comes in March April. Ellis knocked it up for its its proper it would -- so yeah I I think people you kind of realize that your wallet pocket due to double what -- -- -- yet yet for the rest -- You know it's it's funny you look at fan expectations and you see a lot of fan feedback beginning of the year it was. Let's make the playoffs may dubious six -- now all of a sudden fancy was happening it's. We're go to the NBA finals we see all of those things the way that has developed out now that there's been a two game losing streak for the first time. And we have all these issues that we see with the defense in the big picture where is it realistic expectation for this team in the big picture. I think it was a playoff series and that's to be sure it. Just detect the play happened that the epic they'll -- hey I don't caution people at all and it should allow to cut the final stock. But if you look what is he in this -- is -- period to -- but you're you're greater -- -- it. The -- consulted air whichever let's try to -- -- -- as quickly as possible to ridiculous. Made it any really you know are your stretch -- -- need to go back -- -- -- -- your -- towards other heart breaks district orbit it. I you know kind of -- two words there. With some you know and have that shady characters that speaks so. To -- it's like hey you pilot got a good team player Perry said he read about it up and down which you are the reporter picked a great job at. Just enjoy it and it if you -- during the final go to wyandotte. A key -- you know where Apatow gave two very similar blasters called the worst I think they're based at Oak Hill that the and whatnot you know I don't necessarily expect. That the team is gonna be an -- -- I still have them. As Russia or speak at a you know throws things up -- I had -- -- in the seat and I in the under gonna be there yet. And whispers are going to be there at the end. And you are you're gonna have teams like the clippers in the warriors. Probably beat their cute so. A point about -- they can eat they would have street depending on how match checked out I and that would be very successful even considering. -- has won one now and it more than a decade. And Oliver is our -- Sports Illustrated blazers -- dot com to find him on Twitter at blazers edge that is always great stuff thanks for the time and happy new year my friend. It.