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Chip Brown -- OrangeBloods

Dec 30, 2013|

Chip joins Travis to preview Texas for the Alamo Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Course it is game day ducks the longhorns Alamo Bowl tonight. Joining is now the Texas perspective. Chip brown orange -- dot com chip. Are you -- -- happy new year. Likewise so obviously this game. Has a ton of story lines and look at the Mack Brown perspective. And him retiring but how does that change if anything the emotion for Texas and how much of factors that can be. Skype itself you know I mean they're been so many distractions with. The way they're background. Has departed the you know -- Retirement recognized and forced resignation press conference. -- he wanted to stay. He told he could -- and then the next -- -- technical in a year ago so. You know players they're. Been told -- don't worry about that -- I -- quite so bobbled. It can make you -- -- they've got access to go to are trying to find -- -- Who are trying to hold on to the recruits. Another coaching staff who are trying to drop a game plan terror there'd never sent him in the country itself. He okay they're resilient you never know what Skinner. Pushed the button there may come out totally inspired and played it gave their lives or. In any talk behind again there's an explosive ordnance team and -- I'm not that out it I'm out of here. You know chip last year we saw Texas defense that by Texas standards it was awful and they came out and had a terrific Alamo Bowl against Dorgan state this year obviously some changes being made. And they fire Manny Diaz bring in Greg Robinson that defense changed at least as far as their rushing defense was concerned. How's the rushing defense progressed this year obviously a much different team now -- we saw against BYU and Ole -- earlier this season. Well -- struggled running quarterbacks and you know different -- ever done it in different -- seasonality like a year -- with the read option going around. The end and Texas has been better. At stopping that but against Oklahoma State which now. It would quarterback dropped right up the middle express -- this way out. What -- wide and and -- shall. Ran right at the middleware you know there was no linebacker so. They've they've patent. Or find different ways to this slowdown that the quarterbacks. Running game by agents they've gotten better I'd be parents they were here about six yards. Protector the first pregame and have been given a 3.5 yards per carry sent. So you look at the defensive ends in this game for Texas obviously you know is Cedric Reid and -- Jackson Jeff go to to the best in the country in that position against or again. If you've got one of them you can beat that you've got two of them. It's really difficult to run against that the -- Dorgan runs the football how important those two players and for ducked into haven't seen them yet just how good are there. -- don't like to repeat such a player of the game for access. Because they're both neck got talent it Jackson's chef -- on our. Former NFL sack artists. -- -- -- who you know won Super Bowl without cowboys and you know just rip at an elite pass rusher in the NFL and Jackson have a lot of that was versatility. And -- Different ways to rush speed to power. You know bull rush you name it he's speaking he's got some -- -- countertop that. Where it's -- that it exceptionally long armed and eat eat and the year along on rock where they'll just basically. You know put his hand in your -- and you can't reach him and yeah he's he's been phenomenal junior. He will probably go pro after this game. But he has an equally good at it each and get off. That. Op at the library with that long -- Reich and made the tackle to stop -- -- and done that and I think that that's why is -- Q hired inspired. And the Texas -- -- the tackle record to repair and act and Malcolm brown. Those got a lot and if they can slow and they get -- out the Oregon running game if stock market Mario you're. You know back to show the world why I -- Iran not to put up and not put him in the top ten in the eyes and raised. I think largest -- -- and make life difficult for for everybody. Jim Brown is our guest orange bloods dot com organ plays Texas of course tonight in the -- mobile 345 you can hear it here right on the fan. You know as far as the the offense is concerned this Texas team -- very good running attack -- Jonathan gray of course injured in that West Virginia game earlier this year. Malcolm brown a very talented back but there's no real big play capability from this offense especially in the running side of things. Can they control the line of scrimmage not the -- it's that Stanford did. -- that that's the million dollar question taxes typically is bigger than organ they have to play like the more physical team. And you know I mean I -- if they're. Fired a lot game and are ready to have -- -- three and a half hour. This should be able to push organs -- -- around because Oregon is about speed and athleticism. Everywhere on the field and access is about hammering you with their size and their strength. So they'd have to play that way if they want to have any chance -- -- this game -- report or. If Morgan forces Texas in the passing situations you know McCoy hasn't been terrific this season obviously you see in the injuries -- but. You look at their receiving corps and in Mike Davis is good but he can't do it all by himself and and no we see from Jackson Shipley another very good receiver about possession guy who. You know most of his catches are 78910 yards if you put Texas in into passing situations how much success cat in the hat. What they've had six that we're I mean do what they irritate just pound you and then play action deep and they have. Three deep -- troop there and really gets an ad market jobs and a young guy who as it's been really good. Protection as he had big touchdown catches against Oklahoma and TCU. I cannot standards number two or another I market jumped to number seven -- standards number two. Another sophomore are where -- explosive speed. Might beat that is that opt out of receiving corps. And then Mike Davis who is the senior who want to go out. Went with a nice resonates a sponsor for the NFL so. They keep on your art but that order against strength that separately at the secondary so that's gonna be applied matchup. Four to watch because taxes will need to hit some deep shots. To make adopt a code making those sixteen making plays on every drive. We may get a Texas special teams. -- then they're good at hunting. But then that it. Returning kicks returning -- sport covering kicks -- and I think that. It's a smirk back here in this game they're giving up 25 point three yards per kick return. It to get to go to the atomic and prevent them. In the next seven after Indiana now so. But with their parents. And I intend. To counter that a monster in two years ago straight and fourteen opera -- guys. That's Wisconsin last year you'll he returned the opening kick Oxford cut out. I think that's a big part of the region are taking organ to win acting markets Mary Erica and and the return to look org and -- It Abreu and addicts and aunts and yet the comments I think each of those guys could not vote could make a big play today. Is there a storyline or something on the field that may -- that were missing in this it's obvious to look at. -- the numbers in the big players but is there -- some of that that we might not be looking at the could be important today. Well taxes Edwards had. Some injury issues. Now -- Suspension this year we're academic accountability your operative line is going to be reshuffled. Their starting left guard -- -- and very talented will will move to right tackle today. And a young player and it's sent -- flowers will move into that left guard position. That because they're they're. The other starting right tackle Josh Cochran was injured in the third game of the season. And now they're back up Kennedy has now ruled academically ineligible for the game so they're dangerously and at the tackle position in fact. That back up for both. Tackle spots is the true freshman so. That's something to watch. That operative line will be will be shot -- no I do adapt quickly. That's it you're always on top of the breaking news you haven't lost -- story before everybody else that was denied the background story for. That anybody else said that that was denied both those things ended up happening at this point. -- have any information or any insider an idea as to what might happen with that Texas head coaching job. Well the names -- hearing and it's as real candidates. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Local Charlie Strong and Vanderbilt. James Franklin and so I think the committee has not act that the search for record shared. Has been taking -- trip the coaches and I think. In the process they've learned Jim Harbaugh Arctic will stay in the and it -- David shot. What's at Stanford Urban Meyer -- Ohio State. Obviously there was interest from some big money donors in the shape and then and now went sideways on Friday the thirteenth. So I think the real. Candidates. Right now our -- this picture book that your parents are browse and probably Charlie Strong and that. An immediate at a -- Jim Brown is our guest orange blood dot com did you find him on Twitter at chip brown OB chip is always great hockey thanks for the time enjoy this and tonight. It.