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Aaron Fentress -- CSNNW Ducks Reporter

Dec 30, 2013|

Aaron joins Travis to preview the Alamo Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How mobile is tonight origin in Texas we have live to San Antonio joining us now Aaron adventurous from Comcast sports net northwest. -- housed the river walk Sistani year. When I was a little silly so -- darkest area. Caught on. Did you happen to see any ducks fans down therefore have been hearing there aren't a whole lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Around that much but there's we'll be back -- -- Fifteen to 20% of the -- the -- it was what could expand it in the whole lot but we aren't sexist and you expect in the -- act well once and. It's definitely going to be -- Texas heavy crowd tonight so did that the big questions that -- fans have for -- -- number one the health of Marcus Mario out of the ducks have finally admitted that he wasn't completely healthy this year. But now these hats and time to rest just how healthy do they think he has. Well it's healthy enough to Asia the knee -- and did not aware. On the issue of Gray's effort that we can't practice I've heard it but -- -- crack a -- was actually election feels Super Mario but that was the -- -- in the have no you know restrictions. Nothing. You know the last two games -- gainers on the US for a lot of 88 yards something like to ask -- -- He's said that you know like grace restricted -- that much is just an injury -- shelf and advance you don't like not been able to get there are registered to move better but now. They must victory and the grace of -- to -- -- -- Bring America that. We've seen so many times over the years and I think we can all look back at the Alabama Utah game is the most notable example of this but it team that didn't go to the game they wanna do not necessarily caring is much not showing up as much we would think they would. The ducks fall into that trap today -- is that -- anything they overcome. The other thing on the right saying. I would hope that -- Smart not to recognize that they should treat it like Egypt and because if you lose it came to a La -- And I have to market that that that type of leadership I would pack after a cloud dart out of that program pays off season he got cycles and yet. -- -- You know and -- I don't know that the -- they do what I'm most people ask what's wrong so you know more pressure on helpers I think. They're Smart and realize they got to treat this like it. Big time bowl game because it is in the program at Texas -- that is down about why. My injuries but just the local talent now legendary coach is the -- the winner you unit. You know you you you put that much we detection. Or Italy 111 bowl game since 1916. They don't want people in the world -- -- -- -- That was just inherited Barack -- doing it would be you know cap off part of the monument Iran Lebanon and may not appreciate all the will be getting -- Air -- is our guest Comcast sports net northwest Euro -- is it safe to say. That there's more to lose for the ducks tonight and there is for them to win. I'm not -- Yeah maybe a little bit just because if you go out -- law for you know -- -- a lot about the program I mean I think you're part of Iraq. Law and how to react to -- here are a lot. You know any doubt that fans should rule being -- -- you don't want that negativity about being well I think -- do believe that this. Would be huge for the program you know just because the outlook for -- certain -- in -- a lot to -- That and that it be kept state Wisconsin you know and -- -- with those aren't you know the program that you beat him in the claim to cure -- up oxygen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wouldn't be possible -- while hoping recognize that program not going to -- How does the nick Kelly -- -- retirement -- affect this team I don't know if it's -- if they knew ahead of time obviously he did in the program did good. Now that it's out now that it's public does that change anything for organ emotionally going into this. Yeah and with particular forgot. Are -- and then in the -- we're gonna come back and actually might wanna you know by art and music actual beating LaMont wanna make sure that their corners and unfortunately for years. You know little doubt when and a you know I think I think that. Aaron I think once that you start I applaud your argument. Actually run outlook -- better or little better as a coach is leaving and that instead tech Texas and losing a sticking your head coaches dwindling. But in the program history lesson to a national title so if we're gonna play it innocent whose heart strings we're gonna ring loud in the in practice. How much of the story is that down there. While -- is this is that the press conference yesterday open that was a couple crash course in the background even though he's had. About in the book game that's what happened. In the first question obligations are important -- about. The in seeking more money and and a lot of questions about whether or not he was forced out whether you leave voluntarily stepping down. And he answered questions have also on the Dorgan and the probable that he is trying to -- -- look at all but it definitely restored and protect the football. Is you know king down your neck without Kaplan I guess which you know -- in -- -- -- -- partners it. Apple ruled technical back into everything that -- the big story. You look at the two losses for again this year the -- of 300 yards in the ground to Arizona 274 yards on the ground. CU Stanford and at Texas sub -- very good running team their average -- yards per carry. Jonathan gray out of Malcolm brownie very capable back. Defending the run tonight you know you look at what organs being able to do the last few weeks they just don't have that push on their defensive line how much of the concerns that. Are they that I I. Florida was picking Texas Panhandle of organ there corporate taxes are so many injuries happening bit mediocre of fine it paid. -- -- -- -- -- -- normal and Michael Eric and we're definitely in -- effort where they've just got a lot. Maybe -- -- -- let it put are buried it past. And I would hope they would do that in. April collect not record backlog into the outlet and protection -- 60% -- -- -- -- either in that game manager -- around like I was in the all star recruit the number one rated right back in the nation by -- dot com two years ago. What is the big time gotten. Not a and -- -- that no job and -- the intake and the way. Take away the running game of course record PG that in no way texas' four point point I mean bishop looked at what it is even if you do that but. There aren't adequately in epic and have a great running game or thinking -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rand Paul Bettany is okay. So I don't know orthopedic capable well civic -- that's going to be critical in helping they're going to. I think that the struggle that run back in -- and went pretty well there. You know you look at -- the perspective from Oregon trying to run the football and -- that the biggest part of a defense against Oregon is the defensive ends and that's were text strengths are with. Percent to -- Jackson Jeff go they have two of the best dance events in the country he can beat one of the -- beat who was the question with that in mind do you think may be. With fire Marshall being healthy they run the ball between the tackles a little bit more night. Well there threaten others that I'm not benevolent glad that everything -- around that and that's where their weakness and democratic. Even so that we interest and Aaron had dominant they have to until it is imperative that Cameron armed with a little luck. Might he was an up and -- and -- it was great. You've got to get those tackles against that person argued that if I don't own that you don't get out I just thought reader no -- and it got 66. Strategic -- respectively an apple you're basically at. Apparently I replied back. Then -- because as -- and they're -- -- be at the same area and track and album package coming back at all and why so. Right side and then definitely be about the end acute tackle that or part of our notes -- helping me when I'm not let the law eight. -- limited Malcolm brown of long if they named. At running back with its own person and yet it accurately right now they're pretty get. -- ventures is our guest Comcast sports net northwest you'd find on Twitter at Erin. It.