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Sam Amick -- USA Today

Dec 27, 2013|

Sam joins Travis to talk Blazers and NBA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is time to get back to the NBA and joining us now from the USA today's Sammy and it Sam good afternoon -- you don't. -- appreciate you joining us so the blazers get another win last night best record the NBA they're 24 and five. And at this point you know it looks like they've over a cheese but at what point for the blazers do you look at this team and stop singing at the over achieving. And start saying this team should be winning likeness. I mean they're they've they've had you know countless games where you know you're knocked -- top notch competition you're doing it without formula. And apparently. It's consistent and reliable. And you know they they check -- box would not. You know exceptional management with a roster that leads to what do and don't do this year it carries out on the coaching front and get it done and then you've got you know -- The market and what that you can and Nicklaus these guys are you know for the most part extremely consistent. And I'll watch what you must -- be looking at. Yet again and pull out a game where the clippers are battle and fight back and and their career. Blazer fans obviously are hoping for the best and in talking finals already here in December but one -- the blazers don't have that a lot of the upper Echelon teams the NB do you is that playoff experience. You know obviously you can't get a playoff experience until you get there but how much of an issue do you think that would become you know April may June. Well you guys -- you know experienced individually you know LaMarcus Aldridge. Has been there and you've got you know Albanian. It there's a young player in the NBA used -- guys -- -- shape. You know that you can predict and getting it done in the postseason even without coaching experience. You might be number one up violence and and the guy that -- -- put in the NBA edges completely go against convention. And and you know everything that we're used as she got -- check your players. You know it looks like indictment electric architecture. So dog -- and see what they do come playoff team -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all be honest I you know I just hope we can get April about. Any more bad news when it comes that helped I don't think that's one thing that Portland is an adult form this year. They've been extremely healthy and you guys -- know we have heard Bill Russell Westbrook goes down prison under today that changes the last you know probably helps -- -- that -- even more than but they are a moment ago at came up on the under. But you know as long does that keep up look -- Yeah hey it's funny because in years past it's always been to hell that's been the issue with the blazers and this year there on the the lucky side of that you look at the way the those injuries have affected teams we saw what did the thunder last year in the post season. You know again we're only 29 games in but we look at the other teams in the Western Conference. You know outside the blazers right now who is that other teen Thabeet is -- Houston they still have to get all those pieces together and figure it out. What happens Oklahoma City San Antonio now. Yeah I think it got me Antonio and Houston. Is no more equipped. You know it that the claim that they've been -- -- that and the blazers are -- James Harden has done and got his own. Got to the final look at under Dwight Howard don't think that is known that you that you -- and they you know they're still trying to -- they're still trying to get. There formula that you look at -- last couple of weeks who have jumped out at me one you know Dwight Howard put up some of the best numbers for the entire career -- average and think it was around point three year that you went to game but almost fifteen rebounds against -- great individual numbers. But they were dropped and watching games and so you know. They're collective breaks and now they're attacking -- wasn't working so. I don't think -- -- been gen Antonio. You know as we saw last year when they took full advantage of under -- clothes and -- in darn near knock -- Miami obviously Arnold. The other going to be right there they. It Eckert said that fighting game for the spurs attribute this seat and -- would the other night when they'd be. A police LP Golden State Warriors team but they didn't have to -- -- -- Tony Parker -- monitor notably. And it just showed you yet again that you know Gregg Popovich can you know make you can make to concede that a chicken you know what and so they're going to be there at the end. -- and it is our guest USA today in San everybody wants to have that discussion of who's the best at this position in the game who's the best that position in the game I don't like those conversations because there's so many different variables but -- look at LaMarcus Aldridge and he certainly in that conversation. We came in what Kevin Love for doing -- and a lot of guys that power for position. That's great but as far as. Maybe being an MVP candidate are sure fire all star -- LaMarcus Aldridge ranked in the NBA as far -- the upper Echelon of players is concerned. -- you know BP obviously in the discussion that is you know it's supposed to be. -- in a vacuum of this season and by those standards LaMarcus. It is -- not our shortly as we have an MVP -- -- we had him. Either -- -- for going into this year is an analyst her a couple of weeks now. You know in the top could do that. For me anyway I think on the course I did it from the front court you don't see as many MVP. Candidate you know at that position abroad that -- -- kind of player -- cannot -- -- you know record actually apply at. But -- -- -- in the markets on that shortly considering outrage special student got their attic because all. And -- incredible Doc Rivers and found a way to you know committed credit score the ball more and and like -- achieved biding his teammates like nobody else in the -- so -- org has been incredible Kevin Durant having great years. Of those that got our shortly on -- market you know -- credit and a well deserved it opinion Willard gets you know this has -- the year. Where I mean the market is its lead mr. aid to Gaza. The Democrats time and and it just absolutely stepping up every time you battled back Kevin lover Blake Richard. You know he's winning and individual -- in -- -- You know in the blazers made that moved to get Robin Lopez I didn't think it was a great move the time but we also knew that you know with their resources is probably the best they can do for that spot but. What do you make -- Adam what he's done this season not necessarily just his numbers but creating opportunities for LaMarcus orders to get rebounds and things of that nature. That's a good next having your right you kind of he was indeed. But he was very deliberate plan -- and I said this quite a few times I would always impressed with Al. You'll change children such you know kind of patient when he went so hard. Actor Roy Hibbert a couple numbers -- built compared next -- able tried to -- and away from the Indiana Pacers who -- deliverable when he had a franchise player like a market telling you privately. That he wanted to play next to a legitimate fight and and oatmeal you know it helps when your star players are Smart basketball clearly the market is -- not he wasn't making a request that was gonna help you. Until you try to relate. Doesn't get them. Those impatient and applied in the troubled -- situation that kind of exploit and Robin just as good spit. On the market you don't need another guy would be -- score. There you need a guy who's been. It's a -- give -- second opportunity blocks and shot and allow LaMarcus to do what he does in that bed medical bit right entity at. And they're really good trip. And every year around this time we see teams that are expected to have great seasons maybe not do what they're supposed you or teams like Miami Heat who. Don't look really create spend a lot of teams coast during this time a year but. Is -- a team that you can see that might not quite be having a good season right now our great season right now that by the end of the year is going to be scary basketball team. Well we we mentioned -- -- -- listings in the west that. And we'll talk about it as much of the east is so bad. You know we categorize categorize the entire -- an exceptional but that's not the case in UIQ could you talk about. What -- -- want could be. Come slapped -- and what they are now accused him and the clippers. And me are two pin but it that your internally and -- expect to get a whole lot better -- they are now they're both 22011. You know that's a long ways from some of -- the lead in like Portland. Okay see that in other that are. A legitimate side -- -- -- -- soldier -- could become onboard dangers of the lawyers appeared in their -- -- Injuries they got Andre -- back and I think before one. Since he came back in the old you know they're not happy to -- up in the what they were open to be a cup or in the last. The tools you take get together. Kind of a dark horse and it's another. Keep the west is intelligence that he had injuries in Tyreke Evans Ryan Anderson. And Eric Gordon to you know I mean they've been on -- times the last couple we could they got Anthony Davis back. And I think you know ultimately veto it agreed to directors transmit it -- -- -- those blue streak at one. You know it's funny we heard so much about tanking at the beginning of the season and looked like Phoenix is trying to do that well. There's seven games over 500 some of the teams in the Eastern Conference that we're supposedly taking. There -- under 500 at their playoff team is right now I was that can it change the the there with the perception of what this draft is in the way the NBA season has gone have we seen it change now our teams are kind of attacking things now with the way the standings it worked out. Yeah and it's certainly -- Differently you know Philadelphia is back in and and thank -- formal law -- at what they've done the last couple games they got Michael Carter went back. But the -- you know alleged. Not anchors is not nearly that long anymore. But it wasn't beginning a and we'll see where it goes from here but I commute idea not based in northern California. I get up Sacramento pretty frequently -- even a -- like that. You know there 819 absolutely. But they're not happy ending you've got -- all the talk in the management coaches and you know there's there's nobody is quietly in their stand. It's great you know draft -- get better better. Well that's I think what and should wanna hear you just you know it's obviously not great for the game -- which everybody is trying to China. Cheat the system a little bit and you can argue that the system needs to be tweaked. And -- and you know maybe someday it will be was yeah a lot more competitive in you know either. Lead that group and they just did something else probably the surprise towards it. San entities are against the USA today you can find on Twitter at Sam underscore -- and AM ICK. -- is always great hockey thanks so much of the time we'll do against him. --