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Dec 27, 2013|

Swag joins Travis to talk about the Les Schwab Invitational.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time to talk to Jason -- -- yes -- here every morning. With the update son attended to fail have because many of the games the less Schwab invitational this weekend starting tonight's -- -- Do very well thanks for joining us here for a few minutes today. So the less other invitational already under -- started this morning for people who are familiar with what's going on their explaining to us well. The eighteenth edition of this tournament that's become one of the premier high school basketball term limits in the country. The best -- from her on the state of war again and then every year three year -- be outstanding team in the country. Come here that it every gets four games. And we've seen some unbelievable talent in past years just last year Eric Gordon who now. Story for the University of Arizona. Was here. Put it on display and last year we got to pick up that the Lake Oswego. One of the few -- in nineteen become true -- and win the tournament skiers show. But -- -- determinant this year the fact Lake Oswego has already played and Jesuits just tipping off right now with -- -- nineteen. Down from late fees so want to do and plenty of talent. All weekend long and will be happy to bring it to you want to get started at. So Leo we always see some really good teams out there Oak Hill one of the most famous high school basketball teams has been through. Westchester out of LA of course bishop Gorman you mentioned Whitney Young at a Chicago. Whereas in a mortar crew in the country and -- local four obviously we know he's headed to duke blue -- some of the other players we need to watch out for. Well not only is. Spoke for the number one scene there for Whitney Young but they've got another 69 forward. From the -- he'd already committed to Georgetown. Is. It it's just it's amazing senior -- -- their. In so they are really loaded indeed it's more -- -- but this year. -- they were runners up in the 2000 and the perspective to a really young scenic a couple of top juniors in the country seven put even temperament amongst those he's on the keep in the at the University of Oregon and Dana Altman. Cut at -- in what's going on there and of course the defending six a champion here from. It or in Wetzel and their best player only a sophomore. More patent your outlook starting freshman last year 11268 title yet he snapped this is -- backcourt mate than they are aren't getting lots of looks and then in the five day defending champion jumper and -- Nelson. Would keep this morning at the -- Lake Oswego he's going to get -- in next year. So goes you know some of that at some of the local talent as well some days that you're gonna see a plane at the collegiate level. Steve mentioned out last year of course Lake Oswego with PS surprise win there their four teams that are outside of the state of war again. Couple from Washington one from Chicago one from. -- Vegas is we just mentioned that the origins schools. You know who we think has the chances to beat that team did to pull off a late SP go did last year. Well I think you start with -- -- championed the contrive a champion chuck person the -- -- smoked and I'm back and Dominique but basketball who can get his own shot and create for others. And then they do have -- decide that that you know 611 player. Coming off the bench he's not an experienced at least it isn't that side triangle against these government in the Julio woke of course. And then it. You know Wesley in the possibility with that dynamic backcourt you know anybody that saw Whitney Young eighty plane ticket money it's in to about three weeks ago. I guess the eighth -- that -- a point guard -- never. -- exactly. Their property but they know they got a six foot eleven force behind and so with a little loose. The patent Pritchard -- -- it all into words you'll find around to a -- and penetrate lacked that and then kicked out to. The shooter they've gotten map that's in the -- -- Brothers they've got an opportunity to upset somebody with a three we always note jesuit. You know they make brief they play great defense fundamentally sound under coach potter. And they can frustrated seemed like nobody's business so. So I would say you know between those three schools look -- in Churchill maybe the surprise school laughable Oregon State that a young -- David checker it would -- up this morning as they beat sunset. They were runners up to Jefferson last year. He's got great game one of -- that they can typical for a game with the ball in his hands. It shot itself in for others so little beat somebody to kind of keep an eye on it somebody's not paid attention. So it all gonna be out there tomorrow doing some of the morning games what's our broadcast schedule like today over on our sister station sports 910. It will start reported five will complete mutual pregame did you set up our first game at 4 o'clock bishop Gorman. Big deal they're second trip back here the less -- invitational they will take on beaver then be returning young up and coming team. The weather gets old with such hate cheaters even government probably followed by up Eugene and wetland. Defending the line took an X six state champions that it's 7 o'clock. Will join you on an eighty -- following prime time. We dealt with the young and Clark -- And candidate could be about game and -- grant -- great bird one of the best players in the state of war against their senior perimeter player. Oh against Rainer beach Villa and got the exemption on air and already going to Louisville Rainier beach -- Have as much -- -- depth wise that is do you want prospect that anybody in this tournament that's at 830 yen and that should they want. -- get all the names that have come through you know this tournament Kevin Durant Carmelo Anthony obviously local guys like Kevin Love and Singler and -- and Terrence Ross and Terrence Jones but we're going to be seeing some of those guys out there this weekend that 234 years now we're going to be saying. And we sell those guys and nine high school outlets so invitational. We do it you know lift the -- fame I know register a product that out here when you come up liberty high school you'll keep pictures. For and go you know eighteen years the term that's been going on that got the championship banner opt for the team that how one. You know it's a Wiki list forgot like -- killed but. Yet so it seemed that it does that meant something -- in with the help of ninety it has developed into one of the premier tournaments you know beat traveling teams around the country. They like coming out one they know that they won't get -- -- games that he's Oregon schools always come prepared because they're guys. And that they're not paying attention -- -- ups and everybody's treated very well you know that put on a first class tournament here who incurred to come out. Liberty art school and join us throughout the week and of course so listen in on on the Korean and sports 910. 345 out. 345 coverage today and sports ninety and then end 7 o'clock tonight goes over right here in 1080 the fan Whitney young and clack -- later on tonight grant Rainier beach and great games. So lag looks forward to seeing out there tomorrow have -- call tonight.