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Steve Mims -- Eugene Register Guard

Dec 27, 2013|

Steve joins Travis to talk about Aliotti's retirement.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now from the Eugene register guard live from San Antonio is -- men say Steve Perry you. Right nor do well -- they were on the show yesterday and I was not here in I had to talk designed to get my Steve means six. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To get a picture of. So I obviously the news came out today that nick Kelly Cody is going to be stepping down after the ball game he's gonna retire what was your initial reaction when you heard that we surprised were you expecting this and and the timing is well. Yeah I was surprised because you know I talk to book your district judge -- -- -- -- -- I saw that mr. president Nicholas -- once and -- heroes come back and look at this team would be make another chance to national title and images is fourteen going to play out next year that that later in the come back and realize. They're very good defense searching out for years. Running now he's got a team they've started out onto the national title and got knocked off maybe try to get one more run the markets that. A little surprised. Surprised you know can -- -- any certainly made it clear that he wasn't trying to get an up or hit the news broke and he didn't wanna you know -- -- -- earned the right things so you want to be honest about -- want to get out there is gonna. In England and -- what you did. So we think factored into his decision. He could do it scrambling in life style. And eventually communities turned it. At least sixty. And -- spent some time in the white Serb. You know that it when you get the sixtieth -- -- -- -- much longer there and what do we do in this sixty titles said the Indian so he says that he actually decided at the end of you know last year in a retired yesterday and her story about -- when he left the yes -- grabbed some grass and put it is not going to be. -- our game but once Chip Kelly decides not -- -- either side and back for the two reasons one sort of market are the first year to a new defensive coordinator and keep some continuity and also the fact correct image -- part of recruiting you and then you were little bit that. Don't you leave and financial sure it was recruiting you wanna you know and keep it pretty well. Recruiting a lot of striking wanna leave -- perhaps have a couple more deadly march -- felt like should be better -- -- recruiting class and are dispersed and the Arab and there are so you even more on that trying to its template some hero -- ending like that but the egos he was gonna lead after last year the coaching change erupted. Decided to stick it one more year. Before we move onto into what could happen next what do you think city how do you think that Nick Taylor will be remembered at origin. -- -- you remember more recent years you know I mean you have some ups and bill obviously in the Brooks in the bloody year there were. -- -- -- Nick allow a lot you -- in that instance and in a couple of years and other so near or in had a pretty good job and the locks and shoot out and didn't have the decency to -- that. But in recent years you know. They've that the defense sit in particular the national title in his stubborn. It doesn't hurt in that it last year that's yet to vote eclipses. Are pretty big big game immune to look at a lot like Stanford -- last year the only -- seventeen points and -- -- this year you know -- -- -- -- even you know in the twenties but the options to really. Help remodel -- so I think they'll remember you don't use candidates -- supported during the glory years and remember. To detect it he would be sent to get it seemed the four straight BCS games in at a time when they're out and score a lot of points and that maybe didn't have to have a greet -- and they -- and and there are a lot of those games are working just sixty attendant wouldn't you know it any -- equator and probably. What meg and welcome to scored sixteen bit. Even many never to kind of perfection and had never noticed until the end and that they're competitive defense motivated even. And blow -- -- and look. Steve -- is our guest Eugene register guard he's down in San Antonio getting ready for the Al mobile on Monday. So now at this point eight who's going to be next we talked to Josh a little bit ago he doesn't mean it's -- end up being his brother with all the rumors that he's an end at USC so. What kind of guy do you think is going to be the right fit because it doesn't seem like anymore that you can go get a guy who's going to be your defensive coordinator for a number of years. That especially the younger sexier names they wanna use -- defensive coordinator job as a stepping stone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think the timing your -- -- you know there and -- Centennial today as some people. They can start to think that way because obviously you know the report or not you're Cecil is the -- attempt to get the news out there. To try to make sure that's going to be. You know into that either first or music Yorkshire market cap this well or about that debate I think -- -- -- you know. That would let -- equipment you can -- he keep in -- items -- a better on the pac twelve MB of merchandise to continue into an established -- sent to be able to take over and you look at the -- it's interesting. You know are you right now is indefensible and electronic and so you know first -- guys ripping you -- -- been around forever but. Go and ignore recurring -- linebacker and mature senior coordinator Jong-Il. Secondary coach has been around seven -- eight years and you'd done. And and to coordinator has passed so that might be the name on the step it makes the most sense -- minister Tareq and looked through mark Alpert is -- -- the twenty to seek vengeance and the coordinators have -- -- and so. That you -- late last year not lubricant and -- for his first steps were you guys that he didn't have a lot of previous history with so I think you look more just -- the best guy out there you know. Norton and paid pretty good for an assistant coach and they shoot a pretty good candidate. I think it'll be a national search and I don't think it -- necessarily I don't Stafford -- -- -- it becomes. -- than Wilcox you know because as organized the -- you're Democrat candidate that they really will be a national -- the surge should be put in an interest that they must have been two coordinators it's wanna be with or not. A couple of should try Ivan Cabrera some of their and so I think they're gonna go out and -- How much. Importance is on named in the situation. I wouldn't -- a lot. You know I think or. Well let me mark over a pretty -- I got a guy who. You know be near -- -- his name out there reached in part one of the more quiet coaches in the country and in Italy or run and I don't think you know even -- Giuliani I don't know that. To keep the cynical or change in the country would would -- they are pretty Chip Kelly was under the name -- or people associated. With him -- I think it's more. Innocent guys that are real big names that are workers that are real counter -- Here so -- -- that mark would do it needs cigar habit and I think it's more resident of any heat or blocked entrance in the news. Probably candidate such a coordinator coached football maybe the NFL you know particularly in the pac twelve distribute the -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- as well actually you know our Kirk. Monte Pittman a lack of a better example in order to -- herald that aren't allowed to hire and keep credit check resignation. And bring it again any potential student and you run candidate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- darker -- periodically and liquid. -- -- The more entertaining quote on -- that you're you're -- to put policies some interesting net and it -- -- quarter on neutral emotional guy out issuers are undisturbed I think there's similarities. Personality lies between it -- in the Kelly noted that if he came in for the players at least to my economic -- similar reports. You mentioned the money -- it's a very important thing in in you wanna be able to pay your assistance in government's incentive to stick around but. With all that money and all those things take into consideration if they do wanna go out hire somebody from another staff. I don't have the money to do it but are they willing to pay the buyout for somebody. It's an. They're gonna build a 102. Million dollar football facility I wouldn't think that they blocked director paid a one million dollar buyout there was somebody who generics that not that that's -- -- sale wouldn't commit silly -- in the effort department but it wouldn't be. You know somewhere they'd have to go to their copper and put up I think you wouldn't be too hard to find a donor out there who can say this is we don't really want it is today. Potentially keep that in -- next here international -- -- -- it taken -- to get amount. I think it is you guys they totally Purdue on the -- at some of that money. Steve Mims is our guest Eugene register guard Steve as always it's great hockey thanks so much for carving out a few minutes force again here in a busy day enjoy video money we'll talk to soon. You.