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Steve Mims - Register Guard

Dec 26, 2013|

Oregon Ducks Beat Writer, Steve Mims joins the show to discuss the Duck's match up vs. the Texas Longhorns in the Alamo Bowl

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is Steve -- from the Eugene register guard talk about some ducks Texas Alamo Bowl Steve I don't. -- -- Yes and I did had a great on March stranding gathering foreigners who were it not to San Antonio in the morning. There's been a lot of non football stuff talking about what the ducks are they motivated -- they distracted the -- to focus -- on the game itself a little bit. If there's one thing that the ducks -- to do well against Texas to win the game in your eyes what is. Gusts -- around I think it's there and other Nikita great stereo or related meat and Stanford did it. He wrote that should stand repeated at target every year what they're going to get it in a victory and people realized -- maybe the secret -- out there in the minority state did it again and almost won by -- -- out based figured that there's a game plan to beat and touched on the ball pretty well this year Malcolm brown. -- third -- running -- at the start of the -- the other -- and he's never over -- games and start and so. I think you know and incorrectly you look at where collapsed by ten are not sure I gonna try so question is whether -- not over the last month or in either case and schemes -- -- -- do what they had done almost you know most of the year. Does that come down the defense of -- and it was there any injuries within that defense of line rotated in and out that that we might have been unaware of because. I would think that hey if -- if you're getting run over you deal I need to step up and look at themselves in the mirror and say hey we can do more than just -- to get this thing we got to make some place. Well or you know what second artist but I think that's you know a couple of or trees are -- these guys are detect that a little bit. You know and keep it pretty good the middle and into art and you know even he admitted that should already know that Putin much and everybody that they just couldn't get guys stop -- -- -- is much. You know -- the personnel that without restrictions and personnel and their unit during treatment rotate it and out there that they feel like they're put -- -- guys out there to get religious. Well there's been other teams to London area of weakness -- what they -- but it wouldn't stop or less are running -- that it. We continue this on the show earlier talking about the abuse went in the ball game but also a little bit about the civil war and he mentioned that he had seen the ducks just looked different on defense when chip was the head coach they had more of an attacking. Of the middle defense but this year they symbol but more passive has as coach O'Leary said anything about that or have you noticed a similar thing. There may be a change in schemes under mark health rich. None appeared you know mark street -- let it be Christian -- and evading you can say that. You know particularly clay and and Kiko -- certainly changed lunacy select each incident that Malone looks -- -- this year -- been pretty good that. And when you had clay Alonso direct Jews to the good guys or intent during this run at those position and in Orange drink if you looked at a community should be secondary and you know that little do they really can stop -- -- -- to go to Iran or -- personnel and care in our front. Before the French priest all of that so little -- back into -- Maybe the animal instincts. There -- or Michael -- I got to ask you question. Because some of these rumors have been coming up I don't know where they come from but there are some people that have text me and asked me. And you might decide this is well but there is report somewhere out there that value what he might be hanging them up what do you say about -- those reports. I need to pray that somebody estimate of the left talks. You know right after that sure Laura lynch or a month now which you know could be a mechanism mystic and deferred or -- -- -- and -- blah blah blah. I'd -- really surprise in particular is because. You know they're. We reloaded -- -- -- -- back and just seeing it really I think make a run and national title again. I think -- at about competitive as any coach tiller under. I really surprised that he left you know it's still in good ultimately didn't eat until about -- like -- make another run. It was -- -- And it last -- the Internet to rebuild on defense -- -- -- -- -- -- and and you wonder about it -- -- or -- could see nick maybe Syrian. Distribute and time -- -- out bring in somebody else I'd be really surprised as competitive as I know that he did it well you don't eat. You can write that ticket basically export team make a run at the national title on shorted. I'd really try to key up into -- -- -- element. To enable it you know he's he's going to be -- tomorrow our pressure marks everywhere and video coordinators are obligated -- and are captured a question about a little better idea going into the ball game you're -- center. Stevens our guest here on Travis Wilcox lynch in Wilcox edition from the Eugene register guard. To the suspensions of a tight end Terrell brown in DB Troy hill have any real effect on the ducks for the -- more than they have enough depth underneath him out -- Philip pretty easily. Yeah I think doctoral and trying to they really have used a tight end -- luck this year and they've got thirty combined receptions and -- -- you know like Ireland that are you know -- only certain that I didn't anymore. I'm in a month you know -- -- any federal law comma or a bit streaky it -- freshman wall not -- and look pathetic industry. Hillary you read it one more Israeli guy who's got the best individual game by -- side and this year. They're really great at -- semantic did you feel like. -- -- -- -- -- and right now those two you know so broke up yet chart reading particularly those guys do the same thing still kind of a nickel back and again all the -- they have secondary. You know it's not merely a starting corner and trying to bring up a guy who'd been a nickel back I think pretty disturbed to plug another nickel and were trying to deal. Yeah we talked about. Did amend their rushing defense but they're rushing offense as it went through it later on the season something -- -- duct cancer. Used to seeing you didn't have a quarterback that was healthy and that's the key in neck and zone read offense is if -- quarterback and run. That's great but if he can't you take away one threat I guess two questions one -- marshals availability yet and number two where about how healthy would you put Mario and I know it's. Later on the season nobody's a 100% healthy but is he about its full posts ago as you would imagine. You know Marshall let you know where god did even two we couldn't -- -- -- look good to go and said he let them try to take. You know -- to tell you -- can be after 1112 game now. My photos wearing seat I talk to people or the practice today he. -- -- we didn't know that -- until that might be a signer -- -- -- also that are you know they could trigger an attorney David immediate cease our pressure is so great also was a mile and that the the pressure back on but I would guess that delay should be gotten. Close to give back to help the you know you're running into and out you know you mr. -- go to the -- Marshall what -- every kinda had a hamstring injury you can literally you know what -- missed -- -- -- you never really got back into the Nixon look all I'm reading actual sort of and they haven't -- a you know that barter that James because they had collapsed or years. He just knew that -- eglin air Buick carried a -- when he tried to carry it in that. Marshall bank deputy never gotten and -- when he tried Tyner and a -- and got a guy got -- in the market can't take an extra -- -- -- mile ever really had. Consistency behind them to know credit to give it to count on back here so I have seen. Looking ahead to the running game a little bit the ducks got a huge commit last week from brood of baker and assuming he stays with organ and doesn't bounce USC or anything like that. Do you see him fitting in as a running back on this team behind guys like Marshall entire. You're the receiver I think they talk about India on the more receiver. Could actually see him potentially be a candidate in any cultural or you bring and then you know next -- boilerplate and Richard gonna have Marshall tighter and you wanted -- third string running back you're gonna. And like deer in Munich commissioner Bernard James Hughes started the first couple years. I'm a little bit that you can mostly kind of moving around on options on the corners in the slot moving around a machine right respect and start out there and then you are touchy political. Long and finishes up on Marshall. You're assuming in the China both come back year after that so I don't like the opening and I just did. And I respect him to move around mostly receiver some running back for the first appeared in them. After -- get past that you know have. -- -- a junior year and see how he aren't back yet beacon to recalibrate and figure out there and Becker this year but I think he. The guy who said you want to play receiver and get through the beginning of an -- You don't go on back here they know loosen up literally -- and -- a lot of their go to back to where there will be pressure on the -- -- to be starting direct began to like EF eight that you can. And a Nixon met in their input more slot on the outside. Steve -- from the Eugene register guard our -- you can find him on Twitter at Steve Mims underscore RG. Steve thanks for coming out today we'll talk to you by next week to recapping our mobile.