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Chris Haynes - csnnw.com Blazer Insider

Dec 26, 2013|

Blazer Insider, Chris Haynes of csnnw.com talks the Blazers' match up against the LA Clippers as well as the stellar season start for Portland.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now from CSN and W dot com. Blazers insider Chris Haines Chris are you doing today it. So far Mike Mike you shall go to our shot -- those street and then a short doing a -- Thank you Chris I am I'm sure remind my voice sounds better on this Mike and over the phone to. -- it easy he's got to control me that's that's the hard part man. That's personally do -- dual exhaust. I'm doing fantastic Chris I got a question for you. This -- is best but team if they can done any thing NBA flex scheduling with -- pretty awesome yesterday see them playing on some otherwise dreadful games. If you approach requires more. -- Personally. -- loan mod that he urged him. A war. I. You'll hear accomplished leaders there I have a plug -- -- -- -- everybody else iron to a obviously. If you look Leo that's how we'll. So Chris what -- my favorite articles I think do you ever written came out last week -- believable -- when you get a whole article. About Robin Lopez's care. Pretty much. Now I notice here is kind of becoming a little bit of a cult hero to among all the fans -- among us on the radio as well. It's -- to get the same love and respect in the locker room. -- -- -- Frustration at all in fact the British are usually -- for the -- movement Robert Lowell -- sheared off. It was hilarious I didn't expect. Think what that. While there -- They put to a you know given -- Chase -- you know some or conversational that was so these players you know the -- move but it. No Robin Williams and Qaeda is now if it in with this city you know in the culture than there has been -- a lot. East Coast is -- god -- differ from. On the other players he's been. Took a different background. But I should just play and debris actually conducts themselves to estimate was what is what is laser. Stay respectful and -- very well stitching. Even though he's probably got a little bit directions on the other guys so. That it just as you mentioned except to do respect -- -- appreciate all worked in Basel or. Ordered not to -- You differentiating it with with -- should implement network exchange rates. On a more serious note based off an article it just feels like the team is having so much fun this season. You've been with the team for a bunch years is this the most fun you've seen them have -- -- -- -- more than any other team you've covered for the blazers. It is here now this is awful if you covered this team and they don't like. If it you know you're always this year ordered developed little louder now be changed in. Everybody likes each other everybody loves each other novelists -- the plot to -- and obviously -- personal leave him in the also players televisions. You know that that -- that's contrary to what you reported but just achieved this guy as well you're. If history is it really. Good -- -- court laughter and it you know come together -- and that's really tapestry is a lot of these late Tuesday. It was an album of all time to Lou you know -- What can each -- -- and you know it there's certainly -- -- it on that these guys. You know established you know all commercial maritime. And you know you have to credit the management credit coach to a Madden 12100. Calls for a being able to what all the players you know -- in and -- this week as well you know -- results China Olympics at all Campbell's. It makes it more in a more -- places in the next you know each other you know it makes the players. Probably wouldn't be. Talking to a little capsule dropped Robin to come -- It makes it that much better to establish friendships that there's no -- You know there's this -- is here now. The closest to achieve -- outcome. Chris the key word he said there was roles and I think that's the one thing that I've seen this past -- team is when they're on the court. Each guy understands his role on that team not some exposition or what he wants to be but what his role is for that Portland TrailBlazer team and I think that's Tenet. You know when the main reasons are actually performing at this rate. Yeah that actually she -- you know when you have guys who. With the Eagles to the shock troops into their personal you know thick you can have a real life. Or watching it doesn't matter who you look little bored everybody has in the you know they've they've made it true at this level because you know partly because they have legal and they believe that they're the best at what did -- But she's got her ball is too little could be understood that there's a bit of pitcher. It's -- and a big picture as you go. To the playoffs. Are now with the winner pitched well at all this season likely have to. Probably establishment didn't. The goal. But you know they've they've all -- you know if it helps you have a mix of ties. That you got some who have been hurt. Are both Williams drove right. Who didn't fare too well it has championship gee you know would go to Richard Williams is the cost foreign minister or reduce or cut score and doubtful about winning and you have that extra that whole group. -- We have that we had that type of cohesion and Tennessee 88 and can't hold abort them. -- air restriction of the basketball. Feel to you could imagine equal success of the Echostar it is -- options aren't -- -- actually in the -- you know everybody is audiences just -- -- to -- -- for. CS and MW's -- seems joining us here on Travis and Wilcox and we talked about roles. And Mo Williams is fit really well into that sixth man role so far this year he's been the spark off the bench that they need. But CJ McCollum is that much closer to coming back what are you see his role being when he comes back and how many minutes is he really gonna get. -- That would be so much initially optics you cancel or allow Yugoslav which which she -- That you BP frontpage should ignore that -- -- or look at how they will treat now. When they won't think you're being published they'll bring you blow. And entertainment company apple Wesley little it's Blogspot and so it's really. To re upped with two. That we rotate what portion of opposition we've actually the questions what 456. Children the sugar and so. It seemed a bit of what the Wii which combines a -- -- which should. -- Chicago -- airplay support or a lot that you wouldn't be sort of a Dutch auction received in Columbia you know what you he's. -- -- opposition. There's going to be actually. This -- quote that look at this culture let them get a feel good day. Is wanting to play and practice. Kind of have a steel with a speed practiced that practice and we're receiving -- publicist told the spears so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Opted to give us later on -- -- important and setbacks -- -- back we're actually aspect that should should you should do border restrictions he's. Where is your assessment right now what Thomas Robinson's been doing. Don't it would launch I don't know I think Google -- -- what it is expected you look at. You know last year. It really apple this year and cattle. And for the most part of -- somebody who's gonna come -- -- and energy. You know these specialized in the -- -- Specializes. In you know rather read about his one weakness it has the actions you know your question about it won't want -- egyptians words choked should. About we'll take our time I didn't actually preached -- conclude that full four year. Our little political backing it and trick churches spot you go to Google chase shall I mean it's not comfortable. Captain of the Mubarak. You know you shouldn't want she's athletic. It was a number eleven restrictions or apple actually -- You know I don't think you -- that you have to polish Echelon understand the politics. Today. Actually you know you know a daily basis so. Understood what was shocking just to see -- well pitched well well. Be it in a little changed -- it -- she managed. -- Deal wiped out completely so. But -- still -- middle school student who goes into that situation. I expect how much robs you probably don't get that you are some patent. How about particular right now it. You know it's clear that were shocked that. If there's one concern at least for me for this team missed the -- defense. They have lost points in the paint every single game feels like it hasn't really matter because they've shot so well but against Minnesota Nikola Pekovic scored over thirty points Anthony Davis -- for thirteen. The last him against the pelicans. How concerned are you about the. Well not that public records. Go to Australia that is true of optical optical look at polls all sorts of tornado look at security numbers. Portugal actually published. Seemed to you know Oslo -- you -- as well you know. -- 252. Obviously -- points in the paint a endorsements and sort of cultural concern. But. -- he -- kind of important doesn't -- a lot of shots and you know they're they're all just you know potential role. You can popped straight no ball well quote would -- to blow them up all of -- final question mr. There April you like it because they eastward to quote slow wail and addiction resourceful spot though and issues that you know their church and -- White -- And after that we got elected -- -- -- out here that wide -- about it that there at doctor shut Tata -- Initial when you look at the leader of their forums. Are pretty much every battles force close this out actually consult their best players you know he's a range shooting straight straightaway tried touched you know what you've been -- thanks so. As long as they keep. Pulled -- you know what they know what you know -- -- fired another op on with that. Distort your disposal to shoot sixty -- that's workers controller but our nation if if people you know on the -- hysteria. In the Arctic -- -- content this courtesy of faults and was elected positions to cancel the chief doctor. Christine is our guest here on Travis Wilcox went to Wilcox sedition from CSN in W dot com you can find him on Twitter at Christa B -- Chris thanks for coming on today and have a great new year. It's not a writer of sorts.