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Dec 26, 2013|

Tim Euhus of csnnw.com joins Travis & Wilcox talking the Beaver's bowl win. He also looks at next season for Oregon State football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now. He's team US former -- former NFL tight end Dustin stuffed with CS and the MW about the bees Tim are you doing today. Well. Our series a lady here. Believe -- -- good solid. You know had a great time you know -- that crap that created. Israel. Goes on. I'm sure the -- -- made that much better for the day before as well. But he was right you watched that. Note that we actually president RE. A RR. Open early at the cute like exploit it. It don't take -- you watched that. And everything is right here all played out much. There were lots of things to take away a lot of good things to take away from the game the running game was impressive again the defense forced turnovers and many in cook set records put. Which one of those to you was the most impressive. I think most the president and I'll Scotty boy I know it was really. -- Of course. Not pick in the -- Shot because -- -- it back at. It. Next here. He -- -- Those plays. All. Your. Scott. -- happy to pack. Up these shot at a rate. Typically eight. Over the course. -- -- All eat. I. Eat that -- adopt. -- He got. -- we talked about the defense and crying as you watch your defense all year long. It's one thing you can say that we got better figure considerably better than you were from week one even with the team is battling injuries. With crichton's possibility of him not being there next year Udall mile accounts you have acted a game in a bowl game you should probably leave if -- gonna be sector around guy. But go on form with what baker did on that defense it's pretty good job. And I know that there's bigger expectations are much larger but did a good job improvement especially those last couple weeks. Yet you know over the course of the seat net he kept continue to get better. Obviously they've been war critic in each and watched it it that we know that the coaches know that. But it what I look at the improvement. Put a lot of guys that it could have a lot of experience. And and the fact that you continue to coach him up they got better every week. We don't read offered to -- today and it. Lot of it. The spread offense is throwing people are gonna get you aren't aren't -- I think it would utility create turtle soaked course. Really told -- -- -- at one point they were top five in the country in turnover ratio. You look at couple big ones -- ball game obviously armed security parent. It'll maybe your return overweight. And that your Stanford victory as well so I. I think at bat coming up ball up mentality -- -- got those guys going towards really paid off toward the future. Tenuous our guest here on Travis Wilcox lynch Wilcox addition -- -- Tim that the defense improved but especially at the end of the year the running game. Finally started to improve and really is one of the biggest reasons why the beavers got out to such a big lead over Boise State what was the biggest difference. In this game in the ordering him for the running game as opposed to the rest of the year. You know I think a -- that I think anytime you get something going more confident what that. It'll work -- I'm not opportune. It can become confident in the run game. I'm really look honestly a little confusing and Josh -- -- -- like little peculiar that. You know Morgan Alec had to -- -- penetrating the and it it's like after -- looked. Al he'll be back to back kinda cute -- mentality -- aren't and and that allowed especially -- ordered a tight -- to gain some confidence in the run game on the attack. And I can't put -- -- a lot of we tried earned by the tight ends blocked better even tactics simply. Organs in our defense gave -- -- run game. The -- put into it needed heading into the apple can enact. I think that's all the difference in the world because Boise State pretty good drug -- us statistically -- And there are a lot like computers that are they're -- -- -- perpetrators and that was a big question mark for -- it was candidate -- against not -- penetrating decent and and they showed they could they could. Get a guy -- -- imagine boots and a pitcher to have. And given -- lane for the right back and you know Paul stork that was just the heart bad storm -- -- you're only heat you really -- LP. Maybe yet but I don't open EE book like that -- -- holes or. -- you could probably speak this is well he said you know that big looked confident out there looked like that they felt like -- should be there may be they felt they belong given what you young guys in their. An injury wise especially that offensive line all year long he could but never put the same five guys on the field that you want to what's it started playing -- -- now. Who was a guy and they felt that much better this kind of what you would -- seen throughout the year is this the kind off -- probably would have sought to -- what -- had been healthy -- and had his druthers and would have been out of this kind of offense. I really think about what organs they wanted to do I think that's what they hang their hat on. I could have been a good downhill on -- I any I think some of those injuries and off decline. Started it. Capital and it occurred to any nervous he didn't have been out model and all of a sudden you're getting ready for. The week before your opener and you -- right tackle. Creepy. I got up to recover from you look at the recruiting debt. It really all of the pac twelve schools. Other than order and US CE but it probably throw you still and there. When you have to go to your Q do you. Just how I -- -- teaching it -- -- done -- good job recruiting New York State or maybe a little -- and not applied for a few years. There's a whole lot of good young guys coming up crack at this next -- looking sign that there's some real superstars there's well. You know it you've found out you should draft picks on the -- In the future so I think it. Starting true freshman right tacked on the tribunals really cute and obviously I just pulled him down the center notes that she sustained some type of injury against -- dropped it. Having all of those you know I mean that group together that's only helped to get their money back -- and consent. Storm ran downhill really art gut tells me he had called proposal lie so they really joked -- -- Former Oregon State -- and a former NFL tight -- Tim US joining us here on the fan talking about the beavers win over Boise State. In the Hawaii -- about Tim -- look forward a little bit. It's not obvious is not happening yet but it -- is gonna go to the NFL. Might as well admitted is there any wide receiver on the team right now. Who can step into their branding Kirk's role next year whether it's Richard Bellini or maybe a -- anybody on that team that you saw -- can step into that number one receiver role. You know I accurate view I think Brandon knows who he wholeheartedly. -- step in that role. You know I think Malik is really good player JaJuan what he -- empty -- improvement not either. -- a little Pollard a little a little more arranged to -- You know low eighties just feet short route runner. Oh what makes great and so specialist has ability to run comeback route when when you can you'd probably be a lot of guys -- speed. Toronto -- -- on you know inside skinny eighteen post route. Which it really wasn't full speed and -- acting opposite fifteen yards and come down until court -- -- That would -- brand and so dangers and and I haven't caddick due to. That's not to say there's somebody. In the old it can't meet people bald as phenomenal speed quakes. You -- you kind of volley or put out years -- that's what fastest. But he pretty good job running the comeback and then finish Trotter took over Mike and James to coworkers and the and then what James streak I've had that role that year or they just didn't have that guy and the -- came back and cultured fresh and in the brand on the last couple years in course -- was pretty good route and there. It's gonna be mentioned he's got a brand great coach -- you can do judge coached up there. But I don't see who their diet can snap that I brought up right now and that's a special guy had -- -- I don't know who have been organ -- that is probably. Michael Moore probably had that ability but it it's a special guy. He had not easy to replace guys like I don't know what cup winners -- a really grow on trees going forward you got a victory over Boise State. In a nice of the bowl game but where's this program it and is this kind of the team. You heal these cuts next year you gonna have to run the thought boy gonna have to stay healthy but is this can still kind of area they're gonna be in our -- -- think that they can. Have a better season Nash I mean there's a couple of wins and it in there I get that there should they be contending for the pac twelve title next year what are you what your thoughts. You know I think any card -- -- I like shopping and back. The more experience yet the better end. And so I think aching and compete for actual -- I can be really actually see what happens where as the Stanford what you'd done. What -- in the Al -- He's going to be changes -- -- how they reevaluate. She is still had a already seen that they're loaded. And they don't come back going to be -- and see what capital other -- there. You don't want to eat what Chris does at Washington. The pac twelve north became more competitive with -- taking over -- -- believe that. And then of course is captured their lewd and a lot of guys on its -- eat what they have to -- -- but it but I think what what. Let's bring in Michael doctor back next year. But they've established record they've got defense attorney belt and you know great corner coming back there Larry Scott -- order come back. I think it's going to be he's principled all -- Gonna have to figure out how to replaced Brad could come up -- -- I think they're -- to contribute much better picture. I doubt it I think -- can go to compete for apple more idol I hope it comes out of the civil war. Stimulus is our guest here on Travis and Wilcox on the stand CES and in W beaver insider or beaver. Guy in the also former be -- and an NFL tight end. Tim thanks so much for coming on what this -- they have a great new year. --