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Orlando Williams -- Former Duck/Harlem Globetrotter

Dec 19, 2013|

Orlando joins Dusty and Josh as the Duck of the Week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Start of the 2 o'clock hour with the duct of the week in no better person to bring on heat and the guy -- Twitter handle is act -- duck. -- morning -- death. Orlando Williams. The death of the week Orlando thanks taking minutes Forstmann. Hey it is absolutely my pleasure never can't resist the chance to be -- of the week. Yeah exactly -- get much better -- that up. About at all. Well except for your three point shooting ability and that was fantastic as well. Thought you know that took a lot of time and energy and let's just say I enjoyed it. Shooting though. Now Orlando you are a the former organ dot guard. But what do you think of the success and this year the team start enough eleven no. And thirteenth ranked team in the country under -- Allman and is what third year now. I am I am incredibly excited but I'm not surprised to be honest with you Dana Altman is such a -- and I don't coached. And you put him in that conference like the pac twelve when you put a mask like organ. The only thing left for him to do it to continue. Is recruiting prowess but no surprise on the play on the floor. Pretty amazing what he's done as well in terms of putting these teams together fining guys that have that one year of eligibility left a little bit differed from. The Don months and days back in Jerry green -- when you're around -- -- these guys that have some talent with one year left. Bring him and they're not skipping a beat. Well you know if you wanna win quickly that's the best way to do it judges find guys who. One -- play who can make it him. Immediate impact on the college game and you give them a chance -- and that is that it ought to be honest that is a great short term. Model but ultimately you do wanna have some strong freshman classes. They give you some longevity if you mix those guys in but I think people of the world that -- out as well. Orlando Williams is our -- he was -- organ -- guard from 1991. Through 95 all pac ten in 94 and 95 Orlando wounded. -- behind the curtain. Where the program was. When you were playing in that court we've heard the horror stories rats in the basement rats in the locker room to where the program is now. Well you know there is a tremendous. I think difference in in big world obviously. The facilities are our first class now you know we had to open typing. Throughout belly of the badly of -- court at I'd like to call it. We were we were challenged I got -- -- -- -- been -- there who ultimately obviously you're going to be day to create a lottery pick. And then we just we got him some troubled years. And ultimately kind of returned to. Prominent. Shortly there after by the time I needed to my junior senior year. But I think the program has taken another step another leap forward. Because you know you've you've seen. Over the last eighteen years you've seen some appearances in the tournament that it just did absolutely phenomenal with the -- And I think you're gonna see some some magic this year as well so. It's just taken another leap forward in it's really exciting to think that. You know Orlando your from the city of Portland played basketball appear as well. -- what you talk a little bit about just that the product of players that the city in around this area puts out a lot of good basketball players come from the city of Portland. Well there are phenomena you're you're exactly right what I what I think a bit. Portland has historically been known as guard central -- a place where you can. If you regarded two point Parker's shooting guard you can hold in your game indicated that embattled duke game travels out of Portland as you like to say. And you look at players like Kevin Love who was he too went in the NBA. You see guys that bad -- you know I think we. Blossoming into that into this small forward power forward area. But it by eight estimation Portland steal it continues to be a very very guardian and a big guard. Center City. All right let's get to the the globe -- -- -- because your career didn't end with the -- doubt she went on to play with the Harlem Globetrotters and the talk that's experienced because and that is such a unique opportunity did really travel the world and travel the United States. -- with such a -- collective group of guys. Yeah in and that is that you're absolutely correct it was a phenomenal expert I mean we ran. In you know 2728. Different cities in 28 different -- 28 days in trouble every day of the week. And we played every night of the week. We got one day off every 28 days is generally that was the troubled days to get to someplace that was really far. Part of the international -- it was just a phenomenal experience and in one of the things that -- people don't know. Is that the globetrotters to actually played life basketball. The beginning of the first quarter the beginning of the actually the beginning of each quarter is actually -- basketball. And the show can't start in the beginning of the game this show can't start to the globetrotters get a ten point lead. And a lot of people don't know that and Soviet team tried to stick it to you by not letting you get that lead to get too shall start. I was gonna ask you about that it seems. When you're watching from the outside in this coming from a guy that you're pro wrestling at some this might be a little bit I don't know worked out in detail before hand but we've talked before. These guys came after he and and some elbows that word maybe meant for a little bit more than just. Play correct. The US we corrected every they would put -- -- backed the use kick the ball to the ballot if there were hard fouls there were elbows. Did it it was just amazing that people I don't know that it maybe people in the stands thought it was funny. And it was part of -- show but everyone on the floor and different we do. That these guys really headed out for us it you have to watch your back so yet that would have smooth. Who we -- part of the game. Now you're doing that stuff with Comcast sports net and we were on the panel last night it's not involve whether recent bar works the for the show. Yes I know what are we had we have combat interesting personality. That wanted to do it on camera. Yet the delight -- fan club was in full force last night -- -- the blitz lad end who is the news gave -- is a nerve wracking sounded like it was tied behind you and I as days fan club was trying to get on the set. Would that -- you go to our I had I actually had but my jacket since I would but we might actually divided no. Comments about the Big -- about I would lose the. They are that it would watch in this blazers team this year. You know they've been playing phenomenal. It's been clicked on all cylinders at the last night this one EC OK your three and one on the road. Use CD they bounce back he came back. -- one area that you might have some concern with as -- go one through the rest of the regular season that might. I don't wanna say presents a big problem but they might have to kind of sharpen up a little bit with. Well you know that's an excellent question doctors to areas in fact one of them. Is that consistent defense. You know when we were in Detroit. And it Damian Miller put that intense defense on on. Jamie do we got the steal and we just had the momentum. That was a concentrated period of time with the blazers were able to come together and get the stopped that they needed. Well great teams are able to get those stops. All throughout the game you look at teams like the Miami Heat. They played defense the entire game and it's and it's just a war out here we're gonna learn that on December 28 when we go up against them. So that is the concern we need to appeal to get stops consistently. The other one. Much more practical in the sense that we simply don't have a lot of playoff experience on that ball club the playoffs. Raise the level of basketball several levels it is so different units or to prepare your mind in your body for what's about to happen so. Those two aspects concerning me I hope we can overcome those with some of our veteran leadership but the first thing that we need to do assure shore -- that he. Yeah Orlando Williams is our debt to the week -- lose it organ dot guard from 91 to 95 -- with Comcast sports net covers blazers. Very well for Comcast sports net. Talk about basketball IQ because that might be one of the things that's the greatest asset to the Portland trailblazers right now and a roster that. Isn't littered with stars yet. But they have guys that can come in off the bench in had that IQ. -- he huge YouTube app world that because you've got a group of guys who understand the game if you look at the chemistry of the of the trail blazers. You don't look at the team I think what that guy's name. Credible athlete I mean he jumps out of the gym and and you know this other guy he you know he's blocking three force -- to gain because he just flies. That's just not the makeup of this team you've got. They own decision makers on this team who understand and have bought into coach -- philosophy. Mean every position. And you concede this exceed the basketball IQ. You can tell the IQ of the team when you look at how the second unit place. When the second unit gets into the game in the blazers -- up or they don't. They mirror the same type of discipline that the first unit does. That tells you that everyone is on the same page and they have the understanding. Of what the common goal is so. That is something that you certainly -- can be undervalued but with the blazers it is definitely appreciated. Orlando and ask you this question I think broad agreement that LaMarcus -- is the MVP but who is maybe the most important player they've had to get him through this stretch. You know -- I'm gonna say yeah you know obviously you know a lot of people would probably expect me to say -- -- just because obviously it didn't. Late game heroics and how he's played recently. But obviously Robin Lopez. The addition to Robin Lopez. Have afforded each of the guys an opportunity to play better it in Egypt. Because that -- presence in the paint. Because of its ability to do it in the other post one on one we don't double team him. I mean consider the practical start in this philosophy does not double team in the teams that we played against. We've had to contend with some serious interior play. One on one that is freed up the market to rebound the basketball better. Dig -- -- there's been able to get to the paint and have several options we can drop the ball off too so both types of things for me make. Robin Lopez and intangible and a key addition. Orlando -- the -- to the -- follow him on Twitter at. Oh dec 21 -- for the time Orlando and I would talk decent. Thanks guys really appreciate it.