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Steve Mims -- Eugene Register Guard

Dec 19, 2013|

Steve joins Dusty and Josh to talk about Ducks football and basketball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go down TEG Steve -- huge -- guard comes ducks football team. And as Steve I guess that's where we'll start with them markets Mario -- what is yet to say about this non story that is in sending it needs now. Peace there with a non story about it Sydney anything else. You know any yelling sell all -- that he was gonna do that take a look and see. He said -- do it you'll see what he can improve its new ideas eastern and respecting you or your recap and then it's. You know he's he's fury need to improve on for the for the appropriate so that was more rarely made out to valuation in the same first round and are not specific those they get the that would although it's the same terms of that abuse is more interested -- -- -- a -- taken away in east due for next year. It is. Do you think with him even doing that to -- frighten any of the coaching staff for resist just more media. Yeah it was more out or national media and Randi Kaye Ali said that they'll get a -- and here's no independent valuation anxious to. You know draft night and -- -- -- major markets -- idiot and second basket he -- -- -- as you know before recovering at this -- again as he -- and it doesn't background work before it put Saudi casino markets that are being reported he was gonna do that so -- just. Our guide national exceed that and historian and he gets squelched by now. And -- let's move onto in the task at hand which is the Al mobile coming up just -- week away from Texas and organ down in San Antonio. Well what's your sense in the feeling of kind of where the mindset of this team is that because they've been all over the place in the final few weeks the regular season. Yeah I don't know for -- to -- kicked -- field but I think it exceedingly popular it's. Some of the disappointments -- the last. You know -- -- decedent got a later in the last 34 weeks. You know it about two weeks off without much practice and -- Americans are doing some light practices now so. I think they've got to realize that you know would put the plate for scalable and and that's all there is right -- there and play it where it's. I gave no beyond national media you're gonna drawn up against Texas so. You know I think -- -- it to become the winningest program ever seen that second a rotates every year rhetoric it would be like the 47 to examine. Edit the return of Mario to leverage jolted this you know some of the younger -- a little bit too you know all of a sudden. You know you're going to -- -- -- -- working towards next year dispute the market is coming back so. I think their final you know I thought that before though they've -- in -- -- in bowl games and that's certainly conceivable here that. Seems to meet its first brigade there and which is still the lowest -- they've been an upper -- years they seem to be pretty focused on goal I don't know he's giving good effort for their final game. I was there something I mean yeah everybody says that -- invade their mentality was different they were flat or whatever was there something leading up to the Arizona game or the -- state game that will was different in their demeanor did you down their day to day in her acting with -- every day after practice. Well I mean actually a little you know the growth -- comets are coming out so you know if you wanna look back and say that that's when. In not only did beat Josh could be seen apotheker to carry over old routines stand alone. Straight out there or that we get kinda you know conducting -- cut their forces and because it was so in effect that goes government give up the week before Arizona and alleviate Darren -- you know the next week couldn't. Struggled to -- story instincts take several that I. Attribute to that but I also think to wait -- or its stake in turned out with them you don't need to rally way to get detached you know in the final minute candidates celebration -- -- -- started it was a pretty huge celebration guys jumping up and down on couches and there. That -- ultimate springboard into into the -- season to -- half by week's -- now that. Last memory in a game and being together it was a pretty exciting win rather than -- that well Stanford Arizona. Stevens of the register guard is our guest pays Steve's there's Spitzer and chatter and I believe this might be Internet chatter but there's been some talk a little bit about how -- possibly hanging it up have you heard anything like that at all. Well it was asked about it he he didn't say nobody kind of joked it was more you know last completely get -- -- joke and immediately a little bit ago he turned -- -- I would you know I wouldn't expect to right now he's got a pretty -- that Karabakh fifteen lined up -- You know pretty good run of the title next year ending neck with a competitor he is if you mistaken about it at all. You know market comes back and suddenly you concede that option you're gonna have back. Defense you bring him back in the depths you've got a big picture you're eagle and that it's intoxication and the -- so. Just like Scotland neck and being a competitor what their -- at the highest level I think -- another year we can expect to have a team doing that so that's why -- expected back I would. -- -- -- -- Expect -- -- -- to go to your graduate you know ten seniors on defense and it kind of an emotional group did that much for awhile. And ended up to somebody else to -- To go ahead and do that but I would expect him to combat -- Lebanon -- pac 12% to coordinator Libya don't work as -- -- ties should be interested. Just bug I know I. Well he had to get him a commie back this time of the great I know you're pretty multi -- it's ominous which sports on here in Goldman's -- but quickly. Two questions I've got. Marty the football players that Armstead Robinson's are they gonna get any time or will they do anything and then Jordan bell the ticket player redshirt. The all clear that it arsenal least get a shot to get on the court you know they've they've only got really one big you know kind of bill. Big guy and really not that struggle -- motors orbit did get a lot of pain if they might want to give our state shot just keep going there and -- around a little bit and get some rebounds -- get a chance to play I don't know that it played a whole lot solution to commit late. The -- I don't expect she'd play at less. You know to block ideal and are out there or they decide to maybe try to incorporate -- -- kind of hostile court press in user athleticism to do that but I don't expect him to see out there any kind. And a half court sets or anything like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I would expect him to be here I think get a guy that. You might. They would Richard couldn't command late and they can Davis CNET taking repeatedly to -- -- -- -- was -- gamer to. And I concede a goal I think I think -- -- last couple games given the practice field there's a -- that he can help on the pectoral play if you can't like I. I don't think. You know Richard Anderson Cooper tried years and now because they get pretty nice vacation this year I think any guy who could help. They're gonna -- for this year. If there's one thing I wanna see again I wanna see Johnson Lloyd trying to use muscle update 76 guy again at a new organ basketball team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't fight ignited when the upper site big guys around -- -- -- that's kind of personalities take on all comers dumped four years here and certainly have the best year now. You can get his work at the Eugene register guard he's on Twitter at Steve men's underscore RG thank you for the update -- catch up with you next week. So it doesn't appreciate.