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Jeff Mans -- Fantasy Alarm and SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio

Dec 19, 2013|

Jeff joins Dusty and Josh for the final week of the Fantasy Football season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We got two guys that are in fantasy. Football championship games here. And I am not one of them Wilcox you're in the intercom fantasy football championship game not bad for a sophomore. And lynch you worrying. I don't know low line -- Yasser fuselage champion -- dome perfect the Syracuse league team -- team game and of course. Eat any questions a year fantasy football related you can text into this on the cruise I -- and a 55305. But without further ado let's get to the man himself series sex and fantasy football fantasy alarm dot com. Jeff commands joins us now Jeff played on this afternoon. You know what guys championship week -- it there's not much more excited that. Yeah it you know what we had a weird week for semi finals week where we -- two kickers get over twenty points. How how rare is that in is there any kind of sense in the ramblings that you're getting of how many clubs have met since that night and screwed up. All lay out a lot of moment. Of course you get irbil we are. Most at -- that -- all people a lot that -- soccer bad daily. You get that every and I heard her back but they were there at the Marcin dramatic. Like. Week fifteen crede. You know -- forfeit the arguable. That that back a decade ago. It's come around every -- many -- the kicker that a huge bet yeah. So Jeff you've been helping me out here it's my sophomore year at fancy football never really got into it's it's a guy did his job decided. Join the club now I am here in the -- championship I asked about buffalo San Cisco defense last week. Really help me out on that one I got a big question quandary. I got -- pat Patterson sit on my bench but I got Jordan Cameron who might not even play which went should I go with. But is that the -- at Kara not gonna play Cameron. That we -- -- -- he didn't get diagnose the concussion at -- -- already ticket eat eat out that the money more educated and and right there there's no way they're -- light -- a clear where there are matters that the guy. That way didn't act capital the ball out to reach people get -- -- -- by the group like that it did to pay. You know Cordero or do comic and it's well no doubt that's why I go back. I Jeff I got two questions for you for my team here you help me out Mendenhall a couple of weeks ago. I have got Monte ball or Rashard Mendenhall in my flexed position and to PP our league. And then I've got my third wide receiver spot open because Victor Cruz just got hurt its either gonna be. Taj Justin hunter Nate Washington both with the titans or -- hundred homes of the raiders. I like a -- the -- the that got it right back situation first because. All it looks like it's well after the true that they're. More toward the middle of the Akron and all that big bet it was going to be a -- Eric -- -- -- the at all. An -- metabolic and here's the problem. Market -- like if you think about it but in Auckland airport you carry that week that around the school are. And that -- about and -- -- that would beat. You're absolutely going to be reliant -- the -- that -- that would -- The -- -- number that it didn't go away we are there any thought that them. And brought it ball not a big -- active well you're really relied on that game -- you bought the ball well at all. For better or worse that I get carried that game. Whether. Or not that bright but now we can do it right away but it all much better bet. -- Such an honor I would block that article -- -- -- -- -- and they are violated. -- you know there's no guarantee whether it's going to be act that they're sort that it will be a week. -- like the output there by the time. -- know they wouldn't rule will hold an auction it well but yeah. Yeah I was homes Washington and hunter. And contrary you know nobody alike that matchup for that they are gonna go watch it. I would not have that two weeks ago I would -- what the upside -- that potter book breaking the rule. Even -- active there's no guarantee that aren't whatsoever. There was an article that bad -- -- you'd make a lot of ways but. You just can't rely quiet I want pick at you -- that they ought to be at their majority that the coach Nate Washington. Jeff fans is our guest fantasy alarm dot com you can follow him on Twitter at suggest underscore man's. Ray Rice this is guy got a question he hasn't done a whole lot this year but the Patriots defense is a mash unit Joseph Flacco has got his knee in embrace. Could he be good play this week. That trend there. In heavy into law and number two this week which -- low -- offer the last couple weeks -- I had expired number -- right back well. Ball a -- a little bit based on the ketchup and lack of it that the great point because that's not the really look at. If they MRI and it got back -- they'll spray that they advocate actually. If a quarterback or not like the -- -- I'm not get a lot to our re right that we -- a PER ormat. At running back that you didn't get away with that but I albeit a better option. -- big name guy that you're number one running back at -- Speaking of running backs -- throw one out there that if available. Couldn't seem like a good play Jordan hot been of the Jacksonville jet wires what do think about that. Yeah out tendencies. Pat The -- the way better than our rusty at bat that opened up north of writing the check our org structure. Not quiet week there's there's no I'm not really. Even considered I have got a bad at all brought back -- A better option -- Greg -- but the mere fact that you can get all he did not happen out these and I. Running down to get the short -- and short yardage goal line carried out yet how to bury you or I get the pretty favorable matchup. I'm sure that -- or spirit act that here on the and the EP. All right we got a lot of text questions coming in that 55305. Julian Edelman. Or Roddy White this week in the championship. I'd go to adult men and just keep it that -- -- eat out actually it is it is all about -- adult -- -- Out last week I predicted it this double digit infrastructure and -- it. You probably a bit. Not that that back 88 exit belt which they'll very very useful. And any sleepers she got this week people that might be flying under the radar data in Wilcox mentioned Todd menu says that might be good play that who else. Made people that's have a bind you reach out for. Yeah I mean all meet tiger to get -- that aren't that or they attacked the look at eight dollars on the IR and they detonated -- look. Look at that specially -- That they'll match -- Art -- -- act that. Well I think order keep their all -- try to limit what the debt -- -- able to yet they are under the radar guy I'm. -- sleeper at the -- Derrick Rodgers took an -- -- The Internet are started the can't that he eat out what it won earlier -- -- -- -- go down 83 he'll be okay. A player and I respect. Derrick Rodgers and the guy that till now graduated -- -- -- week two weeks ago came back are flatly but. Duplicate or -- a big play guys at the -- -- this I think he's won more and Cordero matter that you gotta match earlier other guy. -- -- ticket or I try to pick the the art art art. All right Jeff man's face serious sex and Tennessee football expert fancy alarm dot com thank you for the time we always appreciate it. Absolutely got good luck ever definitely.