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Billy Joe Tolliver -- Former NFL QB

Dec 19, 2013|

Billy Joe joins Dusty and Josh as an honorary Good Dude.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our number two on Travis in Wilcox dusty Wilcox we see you again for the second straight day -- through our dose a very good this finishes paying off for you. Now you -- ECD here -- did dude of the week the nights today. We have an extra good deed to -- he couldn't he couldn't do it next appeared to -- it's a holiday week new one next week is right. But we got a double dose. -- live of the of the good deeds of the week yes my all time favorite quarterback in the into joining us now is an eleven year and then sells. Veteran quarterback and I don't know how I don't know how to ease him -- -- but Billy Joseph Tolliver why would you ever throw to Josh Wilcox. Well it's simple deal when it when it was on and there was some pressure earners and baked out situation. You're always look at the number 47 become role and then when you needed to the end you through the Arctic. In 888. In order paper are much up -- -- and -- let's -- -- -- or if no one else is open try to -- the football but yeah. Look -- -- I was better cock you probably look at a 150 balls thrown to bring its soul mate. I mean you know how. Joseph the team -- you actually play for in your time as a professional football player. How many it's I don't know. Let say Diego and New Orleans Kansas City Houston. Obligated to treat more. Yeah -- played pretty sure report arts. And C can headed dog that need dealt with Euro also withdraws -- and alana. -- -- -- -- -- See him you're get this -- in connection that's sort of it's here for use and. Yeah you know I cannot although there have been no upper northwest got Chandler from Washington. Feel heard and then note does Fresno state. -- Yeah -- tomorrow. Or actually middle -- -- something new -- always looking out my way out there. Yeah -- as well he's -- and then now we also had Billy Joseph gun rack don't forget. Over and trying to Idaho boy. Bullet I mean I couldn't keep -- remains out there. And in Billy Joseph Tolliver is our guest here at what age you played quarterback. For twelve years for -- only in what as he saw the quarterback position change. From when you were a rookie until when you left the league and then just kind of watching the game. What's the biggest difference -- quarterbacks know from when you entered the league to where it is now. Well when I first got in the leagues until the -- -- that that by the time outlook is more quick game manager. And now. You know she's it's been almost. Twelve years without take in my last lap I -- And the on the other things change even more coming up at not to take anything away from the Drew Brees and his passing yards record last year and everything that one Marino did it. It was all more oppressive. What goes. You -- -- the receiver all the way down the field. You can -- quarterback and hit in the leg and anywhere else you wanted to eighty object of the game was to take the quarterback out. And not for him to do that back in those times when you see what he's got to do -- debate. She -- Marino was played at the basis -- -- total of 6000 a year. I mean that's and that's not to slight these quarterbacks and they're -- they're fantastic it and they're coming in at a younger age. More prepared to play but. You know what at 707 it'll take much to play the position now days. What's your thoughts on the whole you know. I guess safety issue now with the NFL you're one of the old tough guy quarterbacks ever call. A moment we played in Baltimore when you actually went to the sidelines have little bit. No we keep putting the deal rib cage went back out there the next series. But you know in this day and age if it's so much more about players' safety guys and at the contracts that -- They're playing for. Doesn't really cannot lend them to want to play through the pain. Now I think you've got to understand -- that you know the game has changed a little bit. Back when we played. Just -- not -- -- -- public know what it was probably the costly state quarterback in the league -- you know him out of -- making a million and a -- year. Enemy you know he was up later. Even if it was too you know whatever that number was but now you've got owners protect and hundred million dollar investment. It's just a whole different world you know not that would guarantee back in the day. You know so I got hurt that should also -- are we don't meet other -- your contracts. And you know so what it was only eight million dollars anyway. You know now. Sonic effort you know 110 million dollar in a different kind of investment. You know you gotta see you gotta start blanket. You know Roethlisberger when I heard he was getting beat up a couple of weeks ago and a blanket you know Turkoglu -- just getting well to protect protect hundred million dollar investment eating out of it. Now Roethlisberger gonna agree to it but that's the way it is. But. You know now based playing quarterback. Playing through pain and injuries and all the other stuff. You know there's just an investment issue and -- are not real big on the safety deal. I'm -- we knew when what -- -- on a -- moment on the on the line up or whatever ideas in the contract. You can do -- dangerous when he took. It's the context or I believe in it. I believe in getting to the other teams cornerback Kiwaukee -- plane. But that lady has probably been not to receivers around. But. You know now you got to get through doctors and everybody on the look at characters. -- -- restore -- first thing that's -- it's been eight weeks and it's a collarbone. -- -- like about six and a half weeks. Yeah absolutely age do you think we kind of hit the point of no return in the NFL to where it'll continue to get softer he's saying that eventually we. Might have to start reversing reverting back. Well what you can other when you've got a guy -- Up owners shirt that says let this thing. Who gives his jaw broken. And you know looking coaster whatever quote on the recurrent. And he is he is protected he's a defenseless player the moment he steps on the field. There's a problem with the -- But I got -- -- the other up their -- Pittsburgh -- -- -- that up for Pittsburgh doesn't block that. Kicker coming upon our -- magnet that apple. But he only boxing all right so it came into his chest and he got up underneath him in the crowd -- -- somewhat broken gusto. I have my adult broke. And and right -- -- and everything else. You know nobody got on port which this Labor Day is if you call that our future and almost local. -- a lot's been made this year as well about hazing and things and and kind of locker room right now -- hat. -- Ed you know when you came in. To the league I ever -- -- story telling me kind of about your first initiation and hazing. And how much has changed now I mean if guys are Colin guys' names and that's hurting feelings compared to what you went through. Even what I went through what I saw. Is it completely is is a different game in my book in different locker room. Yeah I did not mean what we went through a little bit different than what these you are mostly went through in a -- later eight I'm not play any -- -- was right I mean you should never. Resorts. Racial slurs -- everything else like that that everybody has sensitivities. I'm not real politically correct. Everything you -- -- it would me but. You know the -- locker room. That he's turned motivated team late then that's different story I would suggest just looking for now. And -- Hey I got a question Korea where's your handicap that right now and would you like to play with me enforce an in person money for his mother people. Except that well -- educate and probably not very good right now and that in the cold and nasty down here for the last six weeks. But. I don't know if I you know I would love to play with you. I'm only human. And everybody -- to be a part of a good score. -- -- -- -- -- Back -- quarterbacks were quarterbacks become so good -- golf like Teddy it's easy because I am just too good of an athlete is that the problem. Now cornerbacks are so good it because we're the best athlete. Me placed back on the deal we will look shortstop pitcher tonight who were the quarterbacks we're at a point guards in the power forward. I mean it would mean that -- at least look at his. I don't know what to get it. Well he can you guys to also give pregame speeches now give us a condensed version. Very. He had to -- I think dentists politically correct version of the time that you. Led the team. In the pregame kind of prayer I don't wanna -- prayer motivational speak when you were an alana. And the troops overseas and I believe that you work hard to call upon to lead the team out of the locker room correct. Well it was more the prayer you know we were -- I don't know -- -- KB -- opening up your act implicated to have what. You know where you're. We are start not secede and like 01 or sultan. And we've finally gotten beyond back from baseball. -- get there and played a -- I believe it. -- you know I guess it was Operation Desert Storm or something go alone. But. We brokered this deal and you know Bobby -- he said well I've referred to prior to brother MacArthur the timer. Salute to the cover of W the deferred it to somebody else to full -- so open it and it's certainly not a then obviously the players. And so blatantly obvious you know said the team prayer before we went out. About. You know apparently -- been -- protect our troops over in that desert storm. And been here -- -- out over -- missile or start. So. You know basically. Please forgive us for me and we were gonna abused today. -- -- -- This is the -- -- Putin -- but I really don't know arguing -- rating outlook. Billy Joseph Tolliver is our guest the twelve year NFL veteran cornerback now retired and even more importantly is the American century celebrity golf championship defending champion for us and -- Well -- next semi needing good caddie to slate cola Billy Madison -- week off. I want and although Mike Arturo leopard organ. But I thought that if they -- we appreciate your time man. I've been here to let go to place for everything anti -- legislator. But anyway it doesn't get much better than a team prayer that says starts who is to God's been looking out for other people. Besides us in our own four starts Billy Joseph Tolliver seems like the do you do worthy of getting. Double did -- of the week honors. Absolutely in fact the story he didn't tell the time we drink beer out the back his pickup truck after victory over Dallas Cowboys in super down. That might top it off. In the superdome parking lot. Perfect oracle wants. Perfect -- 88 he had that deep southern accent so let's stick with the state of Texas. The university Texas. Indian each person hiring committee to find the new football coach and how it relates to the conversation we had yesterday. About in new HD. Maybe he and stringing what the longhorns trying to do that is next dusty Wilcox this is Travis and Wilcox on the fan.