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Dave Bartoo - College Football Matrix

Dec 18, 2013|

The Dave Bartoo College Football Bowl Bonanza! Every game, Dave gives a pick, directly from the Matrix.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the Dave -- to college football bowl preview. Here. So well first of all welcome. Thank you it's awesome to be here great we had time to do this for an hour just to me. To about five minutes suggest this headset because succeeded so being made gains in a big -- head. In more ways than one. Now what did you bring me over -- well that's a -- on my way here place I go to get McCain's all the time main group there in -- he meant to grow our. Yeah so 10100 and it says for a team out of good river on the Hanoi it's called mosaic. Of those you know bus and out here and -- -- -- holidays. I it will go with the cookies says mrs. matrix brought for red testing she -- does -- -- to -- -- -- she is somehow stellar thinking out she's awesome suited seeded -- it. Six doesn't yesterday five different that he needs my wife does that for the holidays to its discrete. Glorious and I need -- acting -- your lives. Yes you do you. So here's a -- do we commoners on the go chronologically -- David we're gonna start with. What does that is it Saturdays the first game and this Saturday out accurately dialed ended its. Bowl preview segment here on you out well I mean it's just like it's here in unit you know the first Ford disliked. Which dogs -- these but you know some the year there's some. I think there's one get upset here and I think there's one that Welch already Bennett and you're gonna happen and yet for the weekend okay summer try to get to the end of the hour. All the way to the Florida stayed up and games let's get -- we've got the -- in New Mexico bull Washington State place Colorado State I have to think Washington State. Will be ready for this when they're fired up to be there Damon played and won a bowl game in ten years eleven years in the thing is right here four and a half. Point favorite. To me I -- I love this football game you have a team and -- -- that is much more talent in Colorado State. From a matrix coach expects stand point you lost four games vs minus one as the coach Dakota State some dude I don't care division to nobody cares and tackle Wayne. Former Alabama offensive coordinator. Yeah and the -- somewhat do. And the points of winning cover your incompetence in LP if if you're doing the ESPN's staff and all my picks or an ESPN as well on most polls but was due in the top five of competent diving to smoke these guys wait. You sit all your -- erroneous paean. But they read the the ESPN has a little pick -- And I mean you go to my website the blog has both all of the picks we're gonna talk about straight up wins. And all of the stuff against the spread. But also winning in the ample pulls XEP just search for CFB matrix -- joined the group. Person with the best picks against my picks gets ten pounds of the matrix barbecue -- ten pounds yes. -- -- -- Good grief right out of the skewed because he does it. If OK so yet college football major stock up -- Washington State loved Washington State now and I hate. -- USC Fresno -- -- -- which way to go with this new royal purple -- You know as the US is Brad it's it's five and a half to USC. To their USC is talking this one. You're looking at huge coach affect different USC's underperform Fresno is way over perform but we remember -- they beat. Rutgers in San Diego State on missed field goals the the other team blue they they shouldn't be there I don't think I think Fresno is overrated. US CM and are they more worried about a curfew in Vegas or are you serious about trying to win one for coach -- Lennon thing about that. Welcome coach Osama. I know but easy you know in the in my Twitter timeline have been following a lot of the USC writers you a lot of the players have been talked and we want to just dedicate this -- because we've now got run out. Bad -- after last year -- mean my god that was a ball. That team. That was a bull meltdown I'll last year but its key opinion either gonna take a bullet against Georgia Tech where they cared it was at the El -- bull and is on Sun Bowl now we know the history that pit. Yet there -- 660 US CEO -- -- at Fresno state can't figure out why two accuracy. I just say you know good to meet my site and not -- gonna go talent. USC to win this straight out but from a confidence standpoint not my highest on the list now my favorite upset this weekend. Is an Idaho San Diego State in buffalo San Diego State getting two and a half there on the road coaching is about even -- San Diego State is more talented. And when you watch a -- -- buffalo has an NFL player. On their team that is -- very good they're running backs good their linebackers good but outside of that and in San Diego State wins and covers. In Idaho this weekend. OK so the famous Idaho -- able. -- -- the stayed close to -- well is that -- you get two out of three are ready now. Us and -- yet that owns and on the blue turf now and then we go to the RL carriers New Orleans Bowl witches. I two lane Tulane La Louisiana a lot to -- playing in. New Orleans are playing home playing at home while Louisiana mafia right there too yeah they're both taken a Greyhound bus to the stadium in out that's going to be empty who's gonna watch that. Third street near Louisiana Lafayette is playing in this ball game they've already sold 20000 tickets to get a handle live like depends I'm watching this game. Was that began last year they played San Diego State. That was two years ago Ronnie -- run and wildly in Vegas that was as well kick in the field already and has a great game like between the Iron Bowl games are fun -- do we have taken acting I got taken Tulane. I IC coaching equal here I'm going talent I think two -- a little bit more talented and you allow even though -- Smith I love him as a 'cause the last few years. You LL to see them playing up to their standards less than on the it's a pick them. It's straight up. No not a high confidence one I mean it could go either way I I'm just fallen on the side of what I see is better talent and Tulane in that one but both of -- basically at home. They're both could have big crowds. You know so. If you judge -- how exciting game might be based on their spreads. That might via. Camp. Of the -- -- Brady's Saint Petersburg bowl we go to Tropicana Field where Ohio. Is playing. East Carolina. On the 23. And you know something needed to tears as duke who cares but real quick the you know east Carolina they're thirteen and a half point favorites. So they're gonna win this game should be high confidence have a lot more talent than Ohio and I don't think they cover I don't like you know thirteen and half points in a bowl game especially at at this level. But just give me east Carolina to get the win and move on. Can. We go to the your estate game the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl in Honolulu on Christmas seemed to be at 5 PM kick -- can watch on ESPN. -- taken on Boise State what's the line. If it was it opened and I told everybody I could when the winds came out you -- the heck out of this ball game because of beavers. Who I think -- better coached before Peterson left. And are much more talented they -- plus two and a half. I'm sit on beavers plus two and a half going into this ball game it's already switched its beavers minus two and a half the lines move five points all well and left. But I would still take beavers minus two and a half. I think they're much better coaching. They're much more talented both teams are gonna wanna play in this game -- -- this year from a coach expects standpoint beavers. Haves and have slightly over performed Boise State strongly underperform. This is one of the games are right I just think there's a lock for for the pac twelve. All right so yet to be years you said you had. Oregon State better coached then Boise State even with Chris Petersen yes this this year and actually overall to a lot of people don't understand what Boise State. Is in their conference in the last decade they've been the number one recruiter they have been USC they have been Texas -- and Alabama should go 92 into what is your point and maybe not that far I mean is it because. They're winning all the games are supposed to -- he kept them focused he kept them organized but to say this is some tremendous job with the team with no talent that got coached way up to beat everybody. Now in on their conference they weren't being number one talent. Every single year not a surprise there this year there were eight and four. From a coach -- standpoint his worst year ever and it was his toughest schedule I don't. So I just you know between icing to be -- in smoke and this is Dave Martinez website college football matrix dot com. And it wouldn't inaudible games maybe. Let's see here. A little Caesars pizza bowl. Pittsburgh and Bowling Green again who cares it's in Detroit but the other pick Pollyanna but bowling -- favored by six in this thing. So take -- out take care I'm taken can't the most talented team Bowling Green also let their coach go oh they did what. The team to beat to northern Illinois. It is. And they fired their coach said did they replace certain players replace your current well hell I don't know you you're asking them on gun and I don't care about access and -- and it's you know it's a -- it's it's hit vs a division -- idea how to -- -- -- plus set the matrix always goes with the -- with the with the BCS team got pretty much. What's -- -- Colorado they're -- getting six yeah pits get the six can actually spin move and so six and a half. 77 and a half as long as in need of an -- I say if if you're not in a betting that it on this one just let it ride for awhile and see where it goes -- -- set up four point sitio. I say it's just another bowl which is probably going to be bad his plan and it. We have the San Diego County credit union points symbolize he put a lot of work into these and these crappy game. Well actually this is not a then I don't look at the bull's eyes look at the teams content revealed and now -- neutral field -- -- -- -- -- it's actually pretty diesel matchup that Utah State against northern Illinois. At two hugely over achieving teams -- -- both these teams this is like the anti recruiting -- both these teams recruit outside the top 100. And have really gotten a lot out of their season to me it is comes down to coaching very even I -- it comes down to talent. Utah State's missing their best player lynch is playing for and I you. The line on this one is only minus one and a half so and I you win and cover pretty competent in that -- there just because and I use fully healthy. Military bowl presented by Northrop. Grumman. Crewmen. Bernadette Marshall Maryland they're playing com. In Annapolis. Marshall what they had a great opportunity for huge home games here Ireland. It -- a home game from Maryland Marshall on the road sucks so they had a great opportunity why would they have well they they had they were the number one recruiter in their conference all of their tough games that they had in my opinion more at home. And they went on the road and just laid eggs and they did find it only scored a ton of points. And Maryland I mean Edsel I I still don't like the guy I think he's you know he's just hasn't been a good coach so far but this year Maryland put it together a whole lot better than Marshall. They have a lot more talent with Maryland Maryland is actually that -- in this game plus two and a half. All over this hurts -- in. And cover another Big Five conference team verses division to. Just give me Maryland in the points in that thing time. You've got to all right let's pause its fourth thirteen you're listening to 1080 to stand this is Dave part two of college football matrix we are going to every. Bowl game here with college football matrix dot com's Dave Barr -- We left DOS at the military bowl which is Marshall in Maryland opened back up and -- him but I wanted to quickly -- -- -- -- -- -- your in state game. What do you think of war against date for next year. I'm here well -- did the pac twelve schedule. What they had this here's just flip flopped. You know so from a -- from schedule standpoint it's really gonna not be. Tremendously different I think the teams though that really put a better season potentially in their paper is a gators and stayed at home. The -- taught home. You know -- two games against Washington. Oregon Stanford and -- those are played. You know almost like I can't pick -- -- in something like that I don't know about their out of conference games to they have to to have anything that is trying to think. ZDJB. Drew bizcast tenement not to look at a dusty can look that. We're talking about Oregon State but you know you're talking the other seven and five this year that was plus one. Above talent schedule expectations so in my opinion actually outperform. What they're their talent schedule projected. So for them to it to go well he came today when that they horse not supposed to I had them. Not being you don't -- you can. And then the other one that that was also on the fence was cal. And and obviously what -- is the first the first lost at eastern Washington that was completely unexpected as well right. Now that's about the same next year basically -- may seem better with a little help well isn't -- Riley historically is about a -- -- game coach. We do you have seen schedule this year given plus two at a game that's 84. We know what game that might be my number one win out of all your out of conference games. I maybe that's going to be Arizona State because I still see Arizona State as a bottom half recruiter in the conference. And -- -- lightning in the bottle year verses what we would normally expect anagram. -- back to the game. Let's go to the Texas Bowl Syracuse is playing Minnesota in Houston we think it's 22 under talented teams here. I was going with coach affect on this one Minnesota slightly out recruited Syracuse. And from a coach effects standpoint though kill and clay is just actually -- this year Syracuse exceeded expectations as well that. From a coaching standpoint from -- talent standpoint I see -- -- to Minnesota in in everything. So they win that straight out. That line on this when his Minnesota minus four points. -- and I also Minnesota covering itself is -- actually coaching. Now had the accident this whole thing started when he said I'm not gonna because he's anymore he said -- Seizures yes the reason is that a lot of problems with with -- are -- and now games they're -- actually better guy and you look at their last four weeks if you project offensive -- defense -- efficiencies on the east teams on neutral field 31 when he Minnesota -- Minnesota wins and covers and a decently. You know good scoring game 5050 plus points okay. Fight hunger bowl BYU and Washington little known fact about this game of this game I actually feature to. Female referees. -- that RTM now. Remember -- your mind just I'm in she first time ever in the history of the F. Yes early yet so be why he's playing Washington San Cisco AT&T park on December 27. What's the line. Hate to scheme. You know something it's it's BYU's -- three and a half points. And Washington. We know Washington on the road under search using the last five years abysmal just abysmal. What do they have to play for in this game nothing to -- so close coach them. You know that echoed the coaching is is fractured with this thing that's a tough I don't know off the players really into it to be YU's gonna be focused. You know to me from the matrix standpoint it would it automatically take UW where they played this under normal circumstances. But it he would mean you look at it from the standpoint that. He takes an emotion out of it you does not going to be up for this game. I and you look at the offense and defense of efficiencies the last four weeks everything points to BYU so give BYU the points in the underdog to to blow it up. New era pinstripe. Bowl we're going to the Bronx where Notre Dame is playing directors. This is the all dog crap coach affect people. Mean these guys -- -- in -- -- now records as flood in this guy Sox. Meaning you minus five game coach one of the easiest schedules in the country -- Kirkland her floods. Awful. 25 and 35 they have a ton of talent. Absolutely wasted -- -- -- job there. You shall Sox 20 yeah I was terrible -- it was terrible really -- thinking of them all this love because. Old rockers was nothing when he took it over okay I won't give him that he brought them to recognition. But his recruiting -- his coaching dropped back. And when Tampa hired him I could not believe it he just went it would it would be like Tampa going up higher and sort -- in right now. -- I just I just I was -- I was flabbergasted so. Rutgers is terrible Notre Dame now under Kelly three out of four years awful coach effect there but the talent gap between Notre Dame and -- is very big Rutgers is terribly coached. -- Notre Dame very high confidence they're gonna win that. But because the money's minus fifteen and half when her name. So I'm not playing Matt in -- I mean if if you're in a pool where your -- spreads. Take the three scores -- Rutgers just terrible coaching don't want to divert rise here let's go to the Belk bowl can't wait to watch Cincinnati played North Carolina. North Carolina is another crappy coached team the Doris stinks. I can't believe they hired that -- just could he went 1111 season but the rest of it's been terrible he's minus three this year minus four last year. Cincinnati expected coaching at a Coverville this year he was even but. UNC and this is a team in North Carolina that recruits in the twenties for the entire century they have vastly underperformed we are. I think they have a better offense and a better defense and Cincinnati. Going to be very very close game like at UNC to win but give me Cincinnati plus three and a half to cover if Uranus. Radical. And we go to the Russell athletic couple were Miami. Will play little -- the scheme will be in Orlando to what is the run on -- coaches this is golden here's another you know I golden my. I think guys awful. -- what they pay people to get their names like -- Charlie Strong to Texas. The guys only lost nine games to teams that he's out recruited at home in the last four years strong terrible Golden's awful. I just this game price me -- -- but I like Louisville on the road. Their defense is very good. Miami the last four weeks in November bad terrible worst football minus three game coach in his last four games Miami absolutely fell apart Louisville maintain consistency. I think in this game it's Louisville. Minus three and a half. They win and cover against a Miami team is absolutely fell apart down the stretch yet amazingly only -- at one game race to center Florida. -- -- you know -- -- in the conversation I mean they were the best money Q you know best what did you do you think he'd be the champ ship now. I don't I don't because they don't have a championship game in their conference room and when you look at all of the rankings. -- big east was always treated like the number six conference which they work. So if if somebody from the big east is twelve and -- and there are as a team from every conference that I was also twelve now they beat the bottom of it. This year when you look at all the rankings there were treated like -- money to conference they were like mountain west they were like conference USA because they had two teams are eleven and one. They were all below all the at a ten and two teams so I seed Louisville even if -- -- on. Well and -- Twelve and are twelve and one teams like Auburn had twelve wins they were all twelve better wins. At Michigan State had twelve better wins I still think Louisville even at twelve and I would not have been interest -- all right we'll run into the bowl games here this is our friend Dave Barr to. College football matrix dot com check out his website. I will podcast this entire hour I get it out on our website in Twitter to up to those who want to listen to later he kitchen kitchen. It's gonna discriminate on and put down who want to everyone of them and I think we got a pretty good chance to get do -- -- let's go to the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl in Tempe. It'll be Michigan in Kansas State. -- December 20 in the -- just add coach after. I don't don't I had terrible -- coach you like you did every coach no I don't you and I right right again he said rally like I cracked it Mike Shaw. What about the bill Schneider he's gitmo Bill -- awesome. -- this one here is you know meets again this is a team this a top ten recruiter this century. There's only two teams this century there top -- recruiters that are never made it a national title game Michigan Georgia. You hugely under performing -- when you look at Michigan I'm wondering if Texans coach because Rich Rod West Virginia Arizona. Good Michigan -- -- -- -- of state good Michigan bad mom why are these guys having great success everywhere else when they go to Michigan falls apart it tells me. The internal structure Michigan is messed up. You know the athletic department the booster situation right and I actually found up to eighty at Michigan. He's one of the first guys in the film room on Sunday talk and everybody -- -- Jerry Jones. Told really what's his name I have no idea but you can just call him freak freak Jones he's not seem and again he started Domino's Pizza not are now. I don't know but anyway as he. I think Michigan has a lot of -- -- former. Getting a lot of things going against him but you know one of them is the sign in the line here is Michigan is a three and a half point. Dog or an underdog look at Kansas State how recruits worse than everybody in the Big Ten this is embarrassing that they're even even dogs in this football game. But Kansas State has been playing great the last month Michigan's been playing. Awful the last month. Them from matrix standpoint beginning of the season -- take Michigan to win this game all the time anywhere miserable season by Michigan great. Bounce back by Kansas State. I'm taking Kansas State and minus three win and cover. -- against Michigan let's get these next two and really quick bell helicopter armed forces middle Tennessee navy be able Clement. I react yes -- navy navy's outperform middle Tennessee throughout the season the middle -- Tennessee stocks still. Is really really good navy wins middle Tennessee covers but plus six and a half. K and then Ole miss Georgia Tech this is the Franklin American mortgage Music City Bowl in Nashville both could coaches both solid years the difference here from a talent stand point Ole miss is miles ahead -- Georgia Tech. I think both these teams are interested in playing this football game the line right now is only a field goal. Give me old mess number eighteen recruiter coming into this season vs the number 45 recruited George tech to win and cover in that bowl all right. Next to up actually next four up. Pertain to the pac twelve including new organ Texas game. We'll start -- go all the way through the championship game with Dave -- to -- accountable matrix next it's 429 -- -- listening to 1080 the fan here's dusty was sports. OK we got a -- now it's 435 this is 1080 the fan. Dave -- -- college football matrix dot com is in here we've already gone through the first eighteen bowl games and we wanna get to the next eighteen. To review. A couple of key ones he loves Washington State minus four and a half over Colorado State to kick off the bulls late. -- like Oregon State to win and cover. Against Boise State so we're gonna take it up now at the Valero Alamo Bowl David San Antonio Oregon Texas I got -- imagine this is a tough one to gauge. Well they -- -- -- when you look at the offense and defense efficiency numbers year to date. Everything has organ organ united afforded for models fort organ wins all of them when you look from a talent perspective beginning of the year. Texas' favor but you know Texas I don't know I don't know who's gonna show up here because you have Mack Brown's last game. You know you have. And Al mobile that you know some fans are down on. Which I think you know it kind of translate to the players how excited -- they about it. You know but in -- in the bottom line for me is. When I look at the efficiencies of both of these teams year to date it's organ organ -- okay. When I look at the coaching I think organ has coach you've been exiting Mack Brown the last four years has been terrible. AM and then it just comes down to. What teams are gonna show up so from a straight up standpoint. Taken Oregon. The organ when this football game because all the numbers point that direction and their talent is close enough to Texas. Take your business there but when you look at the last four weeks Texas has been fairly consistent. Or again I mean it was just basically a leaky tire since the Stamford let down. And they've just they've been -- get by in most of the games except Arizona. So yet to meet organ when -- Arctic Texas in the plus fourteen and a half plus fifteen on the cover. -- state on the record I like Texas plus fourteen as well. In this game I just think you're right about the last four mean that that's the team the team is not. The first four games the team missed the last four games and if you watch those erect texas' had a together. -- not so much quickly though. Ducks window closing. I don't think it's I don't think is as open as it used to be because I feel the pac twelve itself. Over the last five years has gotten much stronger. Recruiting standpoint the entire conference is up especially the pac twelve north I mean it is one of the biggest talent risers of the last decade. -- in college football and virtually all the teams where they needed coaching upgrades the last two years they're all better they're all coached better. I think USC they got rid of one of the worst coach in the country. They got to upgrade the saarc but I just think they swung and missed their Washington got to upgrade Arizona State Arizona. Cal not so so it's not the the window's closing its just that. It's just getting tougher politically could open the paradigm is changing you also have to look at. War again when they went to the national title game in 2010. Very different then next year because when they went in 2010 there's no conference championship game. Extra every time you play dug -- out about that every time you play an extra game it's one game closer to losing Ohio State. You know so. You have that you also now an extra you have a playoff so instead of beating Auburn. Win a national title maybe now you have to beat Auburn and Florida State ranked so for -- for body else you have to go 1414 or fifteen wins in -- season. It's not that the ducks haven't gotten better or worse. I feel it's the quality of competition around them makes it more difficult and the new system with the playoffs makes it much more difficult as well. They march you college football matrix here on 1080 to stand National University -- able Arizona State Texas Tech pretty good -- -- I think it's great matchup from a from a talent standpoint I think it's pretty even. But I think when you look at the last. Four weeks of performance. Arizona State outside that pac twelve championship game when -- house by Stanford you running heater I am I was really shocked at Stanford did what they did to Arizona State. I was more shocked that it did Arizona State didn't come to played in Stamford but. You know when you look at this Texas Tech really faded down on down the line. I'm not sure what Arizona State plane for here here here's another emotional gauge they got their rose ball maligned. They lost sixty minutes checked they lost the Rose Bowl in the first sixteen minutes and it was over so are they gonna be that pumped up the play Texas -- I think they're gonna beat them I think -- better overall team coaching talent wise everything is in their favor. It to me if you're gonna take some points. And spread its global plus thirteen and a half for Texas -- -- And certainly if that pushes the fourteen and a half. You're really gonna be on Texas Tech that's three scores that is a lot in a bold may not mean a whole lot to -- on state players at the tier V 100 -- Shreveport. Obviously the Arizona and Boston College on New Year's Eve well. This this is said this the two best rein backs in the country. You got to do -- yeah you got to do from BC who went over 2000 -- you're right he got Kerry at Arizona all the guys got dissed in the Heisman voting. -- spread on the scheme Arizona minus seven and a half. So. This one from a talent standpoint Arizona. From a coaching standpoint very even. BC was plus five with coach -- this year -- Arizona plus one with with Rodriguez I think all four all the coaching. I leaned Arizona in the matrix from a talent standpoint and lean heavily to Arizona. So the pick to win this game straight up. Is Arizona seven and a half on that stuff. I'd like six and a half for less -- you know if it moves over it on the I think if you're gonna cool like that I think that's at that point let but I think if you're looking competence you're looking at 35. This game somewhere is somewhere in the mornings for your confidence of looks like you really think Arizona plays his game ten times they went at seven it and Virginia Tech plays UCLA in El Paso a dishonorable. You still spreads in minus seven UCLA another pac twelve team that is favored in fact you look at this whole thing. This this bowl season set up awesome for the pac twelve I think they're gonna look great because only team I have losing right now. And I think it's pointless as Washington. Or when they got eight bowl games they're favored in every single one of them right now. They could go eight now UCLA is playing -- under coach terrible -- coached team. In Virginia Tech they're they're just flat awful beamer lost a long time ago that team just slid south. Out Mora. I'm. I'm surprised -- mentioning him for the Texas job because he has done for mean nothing special you select. That team is loaded there is a ton of talent UCLA and they didn't do anything. Great the last couple of years I think he's average but average UCLA average coaching UCLA. Across Virginia Tech coaching and Virginia Tech talent UCLA wins and covers that football games. Autozone Liberty Bowl rice plays Mississippi State Mississippi State just beat Arkansas by seven and Ole miss by seven. Yet is only favored over rights by seven. -- I don't get it. You want the wanna talk about a high confidence straight up pick this is one that did that in my top five I think Mississippi State smokes rice. And give me Mississippi State to also cover the minus seven in this one again here we we got three games -- -- minus seven and a half minus seven minus seven. All of these numbers if you're trying to make it more fun by winning. Fine football numbers get six and a half. -- rice said by the way it's been 56 years since they won outright conference title which they finally -- -- just say this year. I check the label duke Texas and -- and so they're gonna play this one in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. What a great year -- cut cliff. MM it's in the caddie go study. Out by you know it would with this seven the talent gap from -- AM to duke is. You again I didn't get to meet the had a great season not taken anything away from them but they are in the worst coached division in college football Miami awful. North Carolina. -- Texas. NM has been consistent someone has coached. When he I've games he is -- lost one game to a team he is out recruited he has basset -- recruited duke in this one. The one game they lost to was Missouri this year and we'll give in the past has Missouri be a lot of teams. A NM high confidence on winning this football game top ten in my ESPN picks. But duke had such a good year I don't like walking away from eleven and a half point to combat the spread. Then months sneaking in. One more animal animal get next segment to all the games I don't care bowl seniors day. Later on that Nebraska Georgia now north Texas you all again let's get down -- -- -- Dallas you know -- north Texas is -- -- plan that now -- guys just don't turn on your -- of -- like -- Indiana Jones at the end of the movie I I'm just north Texas wins and covers how's that file had the BCS games including the championship game next a rapid Dave -- to go to every ball -- here it's 444 on -- defense. Lives for -- good sports clubs studio. This is primetime retires again soon on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 the fan. 49 we are going to do one more segment here we gave -- to college football matrix dot com we saved the best the last have done chronologically we started at 4 o'clock. The Mississippi State Colorado State game. We've gone through every damn one of these bowl games. In the best ones are still to come by the way to review Washington State Oregon State are his picks up from those gains. He likes Texas plus the fourteen against or again. Hand one and an old at BYU he said. It's a hard when to predict that that's they like you clustering I would like -- pac twelve this bowl season and -- in Arizona UCLA Oregon expect all in the win Oregon State Washington State I expect them to win and cover. Washington's real wildcard there. I and in Stanford. Tax slayer dot com Gator Bowl we've got Nebraska Georgia Jacksonville Florida New Year's Day you'd Huskers are gonna get absolutely -- pumped in this football games and all my god they they had a tough here in the finished horribly the talent gap is huge the coach effect. Richt is much better than -- any. Depressed has got nothing to play for if it's just simply guys lineup I I see this sand lot football. Georgia wins and covers the minus ten in this one. Any do we already knew you know lead north Texas we did -- have north Texas tang Capital One Wisconsin. South Carolina in Orlando and New Year's Day in the game Cox are giving -- point. Really their dogs in this one eagle and SE saws on SEC in this one I see equal coaching here expect. -- Spurrier the coaching edge over Anderson you tell why South Carolina is about a Ole miss. -- Texas and am kind of low ball cult club. Wisconsin -- to show their vulnerability lose -- by seven at home to bloody Penn State on the last game of the season south giving South Carolina. Give me the cover plus one small clubs that I really like South Carolina taking care business Outback Bowl on New Year's Day Tampa. It's gonna be Iowa LSU. Oh god yeah -- that spread another big. So and 147 and a half who are we Aggies jumped LSU minus seven and after I just wrote it oh my god you wanna talk about a huge gap and everything coaching talent. You name it I mean seven and a half -- covered the first thirty seconds LSU's gonna smoke Iowa. Rose Bowl Stanford Michigan State last I checked it was Stamford minus few. It was Steve it it opened its. When he kicked over that four of my numbers went Michigan State because Stanford does like playing close football game to got a bunch of them I know. You know they blew out Arizona State but I see that as an anomaly in Michigan State as a great defense I think they keep a close. Stanford though and every model win by one win by to win by three. I think if its award over you take Michigan State in your pool if it's three and under grab Stanford Stanford wins this thing in pac twelve gets another victory. To -- -- CS bowl will be Central Florida in Baylor in Glendale. Two big lineup and they always he seems to get like some cobra payment I mean it's seriously UCF I mean this is Baylor is like what. Tenth best game of the mandatory in Kansas State game last year was. What's the line here I UCF to getting sixteen and a half. Who made a great season talent -- huge both teams are very very well coached I'm not sure that what Baylor is motivated for. You know they won the title beating in the NBC you know the national title game. You know but they've never been to BCS bowl so UCF can score with anybody they lost to South Carolina by seven. Every model I have Baylor Baylor Baylor Baylor the matrix love Baylor but. If your pool is against the spread -- to succeed and half in fact I would wait I think may rise to seventeen and a half and it gets over seventy and have great football number. I like UCF to cover but be able to win. Every scenario possible Allstate Sugar Bowl in New Orleans this is January 2. And it's gonna be Oklahoma Alabama someone on this was what fifteen. Ten and a half now can get ten and a half up but in some Alabama's gonna cover this. Oklahoma when you look at the top three recruiter vs a top fifteen an Oklahoma. I don't know what Oklahoma's motivation is here by it they -- play in the last couple weeks of the season just wasn't that great. Alabama offense and defense of efficiency is so good I think this really comes down to who shows up if if bam -- so so it shows up they win by a little bit. If bam I'm pissed -- out. You're gonna return this off after ten. Orange Bowl is Clemson Ohio State this is in Miami and Ohio State about a two and a half point favorite and it was five and a half point favorite but. You know here here's the emotion I mean of all the games which Ohio State -- gonna show up. Is it going to be the one that is well coached by Meyer that one has more talent than clumps and or is gonna be the one that just had gotten dream crashed and lost the Big Ten title and a national championship berth and sixty minutes. I'm sticking with talent and coaching Ohio State wins and covers a two and a half. And now they slipped in the Kumble on me here that's January 3 Oklahoma State Missouri church Arlington. Missouri that's interesting Paula to death one of my favorite ones Missouri's favored. He had these teams recruit very close to each other Oklahoma State a little bit better in terms of talent edge. Coaching wise Gundy and Hinkle -- Agassi both these guys running the Texas program. They are that good but overall miseries had a much tougher schedule they perform much better this year. I'll take Missouri winning and covering the three point that football in their favor by three -- Vanderbilt Houston BBV eight compass bowl -- SEC vs division to used to coach he speaks. Vanderbilt awesome Franklin should or could be getting the Texas jobs. -- Vanderbilt minus three win and cover easily against Houston team should get blown out of the water GoDaddy bowl in mobile is Arkansas State ball states Arkansas State. This coach -- Ball State has a good one Pete Lambeau but down Ball State wins this -- take that in. In your straight up pools but Arkansas State. It's a -- and to minus nine might get to minus ten Arkansas State used to this is their third straight bowl they played without a head coach. The guys left for the last three years they're used to it take Arkansas State and the nine points right now. But at Ball State to win the football game straight up one left -- Yep Auburn Florida State last Jackie was eight and a half in favor of Florida State -- I really like -- I think that spreads to create cool I got Florida State -- taken an hour and a half barrio Ali -- -- -- -- I I I think there. -- -- Florida State's schedule is much easier than Auburn but when you look at all the offense and in defense of efficiency numbers you look at from a recruiting standpoint Florida State is much more talented and Auburn even though. At the beginning here remember. Let's recall this into buried -- the SoundBite. We put Florida State and Auburn back to back in August as two of the eleven teams are gonna make the national title game you did so here they are Auburn's very talented. Florida State -- out on taken them winning and covering this I'm hoping right at the end of by Justine comes in on Auburn. And you can get Florida State may be minus seven minus six and a half. That they when the national title. I think we -- -- Okay. It. Those really hit me. But he's dance and he can't seem on TV -- right now. As great check out his website counsel -- matrix dot com we went to every gamble in the house that was Saturday thank -- -- yeah I think that but thank you for. All year you know time given to the show this year we really appreciate it big scenes years -- -- to begin next year PayPal. -- -- it's my pleasure to stay happened to be nearby and I'm able to take the time to come out here so. Yes and mr. down here ESPN Tuscaloosa for an hour doing bowls well is that right IF ESPN radio -- Tesco already for a Silas ado about thirty shows. A week nationally and and so right before this it was Omaha. And then it's we're gonna go to to escalate him and took my spies on this make sure you not do in like you know flipping your picks. It does he listened outside someone can tell -- tell I'll do I'll tell you one thing you wanna talk about a bunch of crazy rabbit -- people all say say anything bad blood money if you if I get out there and say look you're just not the number one of anything in the world leave the united act and applicable -- burn down I mean they're not there their -- breezy and it's funny. Are you near the man thank you sir check out as a -- as the bomb matrix dot com.

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