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Mike Ditka -- Hall of Fame TE, ESPN NFL

Dec 18, 2013|

Coach joins Travis and Josh to talk about the NFL and his career(s).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right we've got says the first ever. Tied in inducted in the hall of fame and no Wilcox that means a little bit some special -- not only because he was in. NFL. Mike did -- is our next guest is Super Bowl winning coach rookie of the year coach of the year. Five time all pro in finally coach in the ring of honor at Soldier Field after last week's ceremony on Monday Night Football. Where does that on are stacked up in the accolades in your career. Well I actually don't you know play every game to get the award to play the game casual -- I've never played games ever reason. That and became afterward were trip takes. I must say it is so that was a great honor sort of made by the bears and add your advocate it appears organization. And make it a special they have great and it deadliest yet big picture out so it was quite an honor than that the most important things I woke up the next phase at all I was thinking about this so -- -- -- -- -- like go to. No iron Mike's not to this test is may be was once when he was coaching role Josh Wilcox have him do an extra clapper still for a -- -- football that's right. Well I'm not acceptable followed it was cold you know you get older blotted out textured and I you know. -- -- -- -- -- you mentioned that with the bears and that's organization he broke into in the coach Hollis I know is somebody that you had always looked up to I can call. When when I was playing with you in and Walter Payton passed away in and seen the sadness on your face and that's an organization need just have a lot of ties to -- coach and to a Super Bowl all those things and to be honored there. I sell looking your ride -- I haven't seen in a long time and I haven't been around you much but I can tell that that's that really really meant something and I know you said it doesn't matter you don't speak about the -- and after the fact looking into it. That was so I don't special. Did you actually in the opening new site I spent. Thirty years as a player and a coach in the National Football League and I spent -- -- Chicago that would balance. What we gonna get into the Palestinian Bible where we're never got packed Chicago coach. I would -- and in the Tom Landry when I did when each. Shell which my career when I was down and now he's he traded for -- came from Philadelphia. Got to -- a Super Bowl Cheney's recent history coach got to coach. The assistant coach of the Super Bowl okay. So many good things happened -- balanced to me it was not because the coach Landry. It costs and that coach cost probably that and of course she never got to hear all that because he passed away in nineteen. 83 hired in 1982. So I mean there's a reason I guess for everything but. You know it's hard to put it in words. How this all came about because it doesn't happen unless we get to Dallas. And bluntly that the ballot that's why coached us brought back. Mike Ditka hall of fame player and one of the greatest coaches in the game. Is our guest now EU you mentioned coach Landry in coach Alice you've come across so many big personalities. Great players in your career be -- ability our character. Cooler some of those guys that that's still stick out to you kind of changed the way you looked at game and a major UN to demand in the coach you bar. Well there's a lot of guys -- play the game at -- -- that have been -- that that they had to wait there's a lot of you know we're all that it was a special individual. It is great if you look on the field. -- believe he would later opposite field you played poorly treated people. Yet people respect he has for the game but yet -- Think that it wore a lot of jump circle and I understand that we got to play well Rogers actually came to -- and you're. Out of the navy and that we definitely had a great together. And in new one of the main reasons that you -- their QB that he trusted. The ball well and we had some success so I look at it there's a lot of guys that I don't wanna. Leave people lots of great interest in Chicago coach -- so that Obama everyone -- At singletary you know as well. I am -- and they're all great players Michael Bay. When I look around. You know. I think about all the things that -- -- -- at -- here like exit you know I didn't -- not. Maybe not be the finished product but he's got the Sony is real hard the nation -- -- and buses but. In practice to get better there was per game lifted maybe they actually make some gold states and guys like. Coach. This day and age football what you're seeing out on the field you know a lot more speed -- schism. On Brazil's kind of guys maybe not as many guys may be easy just mentioned in and -- -- what's your thoughts on this and some of the guys now playing in its. I know there's more money involved and I know all those things put. This style of game that the NFL's kind of turn into -- is a little bit different that even when you coach who played. Well Ohio it's good Josh that you respect the game will respect you. I see a lot again the latest -- now that are takers but yeah of course. They don't expect game they can't quite who's out there. And I think that's disrespectful and gave and I don't like it now there are a lot of the big law. The majority of mitigate that -- exposed to replace it. Got that -- can make every Canadian and current is much -- and there's a lot of money designated the national football. But the guys -- -- -- respect the -- I look at -- that it will try not accessible stayed intact with and you know he's got -- -- -- -- plot here Rodham any kind of bothers me because that's not what this game is -- about. The winners and quick seven games you know and equipped for the tickets there's no reason play as somebody that watches. And that's I think it got to start understanding and I would trade. Relatively that would -- that would have. Some kind of look. Last week gatlin committed to a doctor -- and accept. Maintenance that's the most important how to the right way out to do the right thing outrage over the right respect that's what what that's what outlook. And -- that's a great point Andy you have this rookie symposium -- Who would be in your mind be the perfect guy to kind of lead that. That charge in May be that class. -- -- -- Bosh I don't know I never could and would think about their erotic ads that there are a lot of ex coaches there -- -- and clips of there input into whether via a sheltered got -- -- -- A lot of the guys I mean I can't even think everybody right now. Myself but I think you have to. You that you have to look at. -- you can't be kicker -- -- -- you've got to figure. You get it yet well everything you have in the game that game and -- -- -- Take away from the game it. I just watched somebody dumped it and they've got that advantage and the age it's all -- Calling attention to themselves and had -- had I'm sorry. You know. -- -- how popular are if you think you're that that's somebody that liquor but support on the weight so. A lit up wake up and do it another roses and enjoy it. I haven't -- any game but don't like a lot there. Coach of of the teams this year they better been up top you know. You've seen in Denver get up there stay up to New England but Seattle has consistently done that who -- your -- teams do you have an eye on a maybe make a run here late in the season. While that is somebody's gonna commodity and some -- -- -- that was the best right. You can argue any point -- argue about anything. I think it relished playing better at home have -- words sit -- and invested well but I'll keep that can be that -- 49ers. There's no question about it as a warning that we get in the face and web page to page in the -- football naturally get beat up. You've got which got out pitched well he's got a master totality -- that camera -- daughters so I thought I look at them knowing them. They'll -- go to the mayor's I swear but you know when you get -- in doubt check. Like a jet that was still the football and is an ethnic they're pretty good football team that they beat. A couple of weeks ago but I think they're kind of bounced back and at least solid so I don't know I looked around the -- that that objection your armor because. They don't play great event. Had a great job as Catholic lately that. Carol had a pretty good football and I take it avalanche. -- they're completely -- their outlet and a lot. Like landed and I don't think that they may not make it this year but I like what -- go down the order right thing there. There have been coached that an excellent job because that they overcame I'll be out there and that it and now -- shot at it goes diplomatic. Yeah exactly and you know that they about the -- the best quarterback in football. They got a chance to get there. OK let's go on balance that's -- problem. That he didn't label all you can blame anybody want to they have nobody says so when you get one -- unfortunately -- -- -- -- -- ESPN now ESPN analyst Mike Ditka is our guess you -- New Orleans in there and now they have great offense and made their defense hasn't been. Up to the test so far -- roster changes this late in the years -- to fill holes due to injury but today they released their kicker move a rookie left tackle. Tickets got a behind the curtain as to why teams -- control the playoff berth right now -- would shake things up at this point in the year. Agriculture understanding -- in the that he thought I'd get production out at left tackle that's why do what he did. No problem that thank you that ice at about six weeks ago by any immediate joint defense it will. And I -- it's like 30%. That WQB yeah actually well it get better flop and get better lobby as great offense score some points. I think you keep the decade that did that their contract. Lawyer is going to be up to be especially in the you know so you know I looked around. I don't know who else in the Detroit -- or we don't talk -- next week you know. The bears have good defense but they do have about it so. -- don't know actually get in. Look at what Saint Louis in the last week they just you know. Ending an -- step up and and with somebody that picture a lot of football game anyway so it it. Anybody can win the next two weeks are gonna tell a lot. Coach take us behind the curtain as well and I was a part of this with you when you're got a team that is it gonna make the playoffs in some of the guys that locked room. Kind of shut it down how difficult is it to coach some of those guys in there. And can a look at many I would you know they're not give it their all their practice and -- Marty -- -- down for the into the season. Well got a lot of people look at a different ways I think difficult choice as a pretty good -- -- bet that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Last year the best to picture a lot of those -- will be out and I think you've you've you have an obligation to predict job. It's well financial questions for you know you're not equipped -- I'd always been provided by the way the last time I checked there's -- Look at -- paycheck every -- -- Yeah -- coach I appreciate gonna ask you you're in a movie with Will Ferrell. Do we is that your best acting job ever or was it the Saturday alive with Chris far. The latest package actually it was the most elaborate. OK yes you're right you're right you're right. Thought no he's great he's terrific back. I genuinely. -- -- so many great picture right somebody will be but I don't great with a look at -- kicking and screaming group that organized group of people. Pay well it's always good to talk to you always appreciate your coming on how we should have been asking regulations on being an update in Chicago always been big supporter mind. Held a coach you took a slow white guys showed my -- filmed the entire team which they still appreciate and -- let me get a chance of playing in a thousand thanks so much to expect it. I think judge you're the best got legendary got vomit and. Aren't they stick -- right. It all right the hall of fame coach Mike -- get that viewed obviously a very special relationship with you Josh and the world Cox family. But he mentioned in week and a top doom about the New Orleans situation -- -- -- of that a little bit deeper when we come back to New Orleans Saints cut their kicker. It's decide to move a rookie to left tackle yet they are still in control. Of their own destiny in the NFC south that is nexus is dusty Wilcox. On Travis in Wilcox on 1080 the fan.