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Rick Neuheisel -- Pac-12 Networks

Dec 17, 2013|

Coach joins Travis and Josh to talk Sark to USC, Petersen to UW, Texas' opening, and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now though is Rick Neuheisel with the pac twelve networks. Charity today I'm doing are you guys doing very well appreciate you joining us again always good to talk to you. So it we haven't had a chance to ask you too much Rex we've talked you know while no one to start with the USC job now the seats are keys and moving on from. Washing Indy USC what does that mean for this program at least the stability of -- for the long term. Well I think for the long term it's you know obviously still to be determined. Clark. It is comfortable. I think for most -- defense because they're familiar with him. He was there during the heyday when Pete Carroll is. Raising the roof so to speak. And you know he's now got head coaching experience because at this time at Washington. I think there's some concern still that you know 3429. Does not sound like USC standard. In terms of what you've you've come to expect but I think people have to remember that. You know Pete Carroll wasn't the -- -- and that the darling of the media when he was chosen either so. I think pat -- went around did did what he determine which is due diligence and it is very comfortable with stark is as the leader of that for me I think it's you know a good choice it's a solid choice. And in that thing that I would ask is you know suck right now -- as you look from outside looking in trying to bring everybody that he had -- Washington. Is that. What he needs at USC when you're talking about recruiting base -- now on national recruiting base. Should you not have a little bit more of a national staff and that that's the question that we'll have to just pondering and watch and see how the results turn up. I was just gonna ask you that coach you know the rivers ours and he wants to bring my brother down there with a man talks -- On it thinking get those guys down there with him on especially defensively human -- grass is that a good job. But this is out. It's much easier to walk in the door with USC on your jacket didn't see a new job. Can you needed it different doors but is it that defense of staff he needs to bring gather with him an -- may be another guy that's dynamic and recruiting. That's really gonna take him over the edge. Well that does a great question you know I I think your brother's a terrific defensive coordinator talking about Justin Wilcox and and in other that there's no question that he has an end and also the fact that he coached. Tennessee you know yeah and and has that kind of experience so I I think that. It's a good choice Clancy -- gas with the current defensive coordinator is is certainly yeah a capable guy he has an appellate experience. To me I'm talking about the guys. After you've finished with your coordinators I'm talking about the guys who -- gonna be you know this position coaches that are gonna go out and get things done. Did the word on the street is the -- word going who was with cement Washington. In -- West Coast guy. I guess -- he finishes his staff that he doesn't need some guys were from other regions in the United States if in fact he's going to make national recruiting a priority. Just how difficult is it to put together that staff. It's difficult because what everybody wants to do was get their friends and I'm guilty of that you know I -- -- hired guys that I -- in and and sometimes that works out sometimes it doesn't and the hard part about it is if you hire friends and determined that it isn't the right thing to do. How do you let him go that becomes very difficult and end. Head coaches oftentimes. Try to figure out ways to just make it work read than do what's right for the program so. This is the time to be very meticulous and very. Clear thinking and get some opinions may be outside your sphere of influence of the -- and make sure you put together a staff that not only. Gets along well which you would take your friends would but also. Cover your blind sides you know those things that maybe aren't your strength you need to make sure that you hire staff to Dick covered that kind of thing. Up you do up I think they got caught by surprise when -- left they swung and missed with Jim Mora but then they got coach Petersen who a lot of people okay. Boy that's that's a great got to get. How's he gonna do with all of the factors ago we take -- -- -- -- there's a lot more factors that go into huge debt than just coaching football than. The expectations all of those things going forward now that you have Stanford organ. Being kind of dominant powerhouse is the last couple years. Well let me say this if he can go in 92 and probably won't have any problem -- -- -- -- -- not be -- twelve is a pretty good thing to have -- as the man. We all know that the pac 122 different animal than the whacked in the mountain west that he -- toiled and fruit for those eight years -- to me this is saying this is an interesting hire -- out for so many years Chris Petersen said note all the suitors and and now he considers it time and I have to believe that. When they played there in the -- remember he would -- opponent for Washington in the opener of this last season when they debuted the new husky stadium I think he looked around and wait a minute. It looks. Kind of what I had my mind and so when the opportunity came he jumped at it. And it's not surprising to beat -- meet interest Peterson's success -- Washington will be two things number one. As you suggest that there is a strong alumni base at Washington. A group of donors that are considered very influential and he'll meet. Have good relationships with those people I know that's not something a lot of coaches put the top of their -- the -- need to do that. Just to create great relationship to whether or some tough times and then the second thing you'll need to do is -- need to make sure that. He is that continued to do a great job of evaluating that they've done in the past they've been able to take guys who are not. Four and five stars but two and three stars and make a great -- and make them you know. Not only guys who complain the collegiate level but go -- and be successful NFL level. Ranked lady that left tackle and no longer able to playwright for the Broncos got the injury he was the first round pick from the from Boise State -- Doug Martin's great running back who's now with Tampa Bay another example of a guy who was low. No maybe not highly thought of come out -- -- But they saw something in them developed in the knowledge conceded that there is -- -- itself and in that NFL. Circles so. These are the kind of thing that he's gonna have to keep doing if you expect to be successful and and you just have to understand that day you're gonna hear in a very very competitive conference not only. On Saturdays during the fall but in the recruiting world in in everything. These these teams -- after one another so we'll see how he doubts but he's certainly comes with the right kind of recommend. Rick Neuheisel is our guest here on Travis in Wilcox and coach Tony did the coach's perspective because you've heard all the media perspectives on the Texas job at. How does a coach who sees that opening might -- interest in that view that job. You know it's the coveted job because like when you're looking. And for college where you wanna be successful you need you need three things you need you need. Great backing from your administration. To have a similar vision. Obviously the person who's going to be given this opportunity is going to be the handpicked guy. As Steve Patterson who who just was better on the state and just moved to take the Texas job. So you're you're going to be right line with brand new visions so it that will be there. You need resource no one has resource is better than Texas. Their facilities are probably due for an upgrade but but they still have. Everything you need to be successful the bells and whistles are in place and so is the money frankly to go I'd have to hire the right kind of staff have the right kind of personnel. Support staff if you well. That can that be at the top of -- top of the food chain and and then -- needed geographic region from which to recruit and and Texas puts more division one. Football players it in -- football anyplace else right there with California and in Florida so all those things -- place. It is now is. Important that they picked the right guy and he's gonna have to have the right kind of relationship. With the new ADN and the president and and I I think it's a fascinating situation that they find themselves in and it will be interesting to see who they pick. You know it you every name that you throw out. Is is -- is legitimate because its second opportunity. So when you're saying guys like Jim Harbaugh. And and it. Should I even -- Pete Carroll's name out there. Those guys they'll listen to taxes because they have the financial package stood to attract him but they also have a platform which to be very very success. Coach how difficult is it to manage kind of all of those scenarios you have that the football side of things you have an immediate side things of that booster side things and when you walk in Texas that's amplified by ten. Well -- you have to be -- CEO mean you have to be able to delegate authority. And you have to be able to to manage people. And you can't try to do it all yourself and that's flat but Mack Brown was was so successful he might be the -- CEO. In terms of managing. Coaching staff managing. A law mismanaging administration managing. You know all the media obligations. I mean the guy was really really good at that and unfortunately. As its most times the case in our game that these don't have necessarily happy endings. But at least Mac was able to say okay. This is then I'm gonna go out with -- one last banging and I think it was a great run form the they're gonna look first CEO somebody says hey I just -- coached football that's not going to be a bit at a place like Texas. Rick Neuheisel is our guest former Washington you ceiling Colorado head coach now the pac twelve networks in serious sex in college sports nation. Coach always great -- thanks so much of the time great holiday in a -- -- of -- soon. Hi guys you take care -- --