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Brett McMurphy -- ESPN College Football Insider

Dec 17, 2013|

Brett joins Travis and Josh to talk some Texas head coaching news.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now from ESPN Brittany Murphy -- -- afternoon are you doing. Are you sure do appreciate join us today obviously to the big story college football has been nine. The Mack Brown situation what's going on at the University of Texas we've heard so many names before the NF stellar college football. That have been linked to the Texas job but. Is there anybody that's standing out now wasn't the right type of higher for Texas the at this point. Let's it's unique I think more than any other school that you -- yet take him at somewhat of consideration. I don't know how much of that is. The responsibilities of the Longhorn Network I mean you've got 45 coach shelters you've got to do you mean you got to spread like. You know good part of today. Just filling out requirements. For the Longhorn Network and certainly not gonna hire -- based on base housing and a perform on the Longhorn Network -- more. Worried about aren't gonna perform on the field but it is. Somewhat of considerations so I think that's what makes it unique any other job and you know it's gonna get an RS now I've seen that. Yeah it's easier to list guys that are candidates -- candidate at this point but I'd be shocked if anybody had -- in the NFL would -- -- and the car insurance I don't think that's that's a real possibility. And it starts with guys in college I think the most attractive candidate also just got new long term deals in them also Reid chip about mr. -- state. I think our browser at Baylor would be home run higher bit you know he says he's committed to Baylor bit. You know it's this is taxes so I think that they get you know here we are. You know what. 10 -- out Christmas not been directly get this thing. You know goes on into January. And it would seen that. They're targeting somebody it's -- for the national title now would be your agenda gesture got smiles on enough of those two guys that each member of I would -- that more than ideal candidate that perhaps -- and -- Which he's saying you know there's there's a lot more with that the Longhorn Network in this seems to be kind of more of a CEO job it's still. Like you said it's Texas but is that kind of scaring away maybe some -- I don't what's scaring away -- -- -- is looking at that insane. Boy that's a lot to handle biased wanna go coach some football I know it's a very lucrative job but. Everything that comes with that boy is that something I really wanna put my shoulders on. Look I mean I think the majority of guys would. Job for the opportunity to do that but I think you know obviously Chris Peterson coming to Washington and I don't I don't you know -- -- unbelievable courage on the top coaches around but I don't think. You know he would be. You know he would seek a job for you had to do others you know coach shows and there's quite a few other coaches out there that just -- coached. And don't have to deal. You know it's it's a big champ in his way premier jobs in the country he's kind of look at our way. Yeah assists. The other good bat every job is just and that sort of negative so that I'm not interested I think for the majority of people. They'd figure out a way to deal with it take to get that position because. You -- -- -- people feel that yes that's taxes on the national title but just haven't lived up. To the expectations and you can argue that you know other parts third best team in the state right now. In the last three or four years under Mack Brown pride at -- sports at best in the big twelve. You know on behind Oklahoma State Oklahoma. -- -- -- argue Kansas State has surpassed them except this year are so. I'd certainly a good job with tremendous pretend -- -- -- -- recruiting Harris and real. But the expectations are going to be -- chart quite simply. -- the big twelve every year. And you know bring its national champions. You know every every so often as well. You mentioned that they haven't you know that depth to that Texas standard the last couple years. The recruiting as well it's been one big issue I think a lot of boosters and people from the outside of San hey they're letting guys get away. They're not keep -- and guys in state is. They can't help. Final straw. That was or Mack Brown. By all accounts from what I know he was more the CEO type coach I know he still had his hands in their but you have to do all those different things that may be -- recruiting. Kind of catch up to him in the new recruiting wade did that kind of pass him by. You know I don't know that I mean. This may sound like a weird analogy but it's almost like because it's taxes they had. -- -- So many people. And so when you've got a lot in the guys early and you market -- guys and so therefore you you mentioned yet you don't get. And RG during you don't give it Janus Winston you don't get it Johnny manned element everybody like these guys at Texas like -- I get away. What Texans can't sign you know eight guys a year or so. Yeah -- get you in that side and -- or somebody like that -- -- Garrett Gilbert in the end it was. Unbelievable I ask what did I don't pan out or whatever where some of these other guys you know. And are certain current and these great players in Texas screwed up on this -- so. In a weird way almost think it may be a little bit tougher because they're kind of haven't achieves burst. And it market in these guys and that it allowed these other schools. I'm the -- you know see how these guys develop. In the public in depth you know play it out and the potential. It to college level. And you know I think sometimes maybe it may be easier to wait are you may not have as big -- crew chiefs are which is still have a lot of you know quality players -- front so maybe you know the next coach at Texas -- takes a different approach that it's certainly Texas you know. We will -- be able to do it pretty much. By the majority of kids that they go after -- obviously identifying which ones are gonna reject the best the next well. -- Murphy is our guest ESPN and Brett you know I was thinking about you that the turn over everything in the way -- everything's worked out yeah avenue athletic directors getting get a new coach the -- -- great job there. But you see that you know Texas sane in the starting to build up their facilities and everything in Texas is starting to fall behind -- just -- just hair not a lot but. Now they have a new athletic director and Steve Patterson in a new coach coming in with an opportunity they're DC Texas. You know putting more money in and in rebuilding again those facilities and continue to be back on the cutting edge things. I don't at the gas simply rebuilt facilities there as far as money actually a bit about that and I'm replica of he's a huge huge booster former owner of the San Antonio Spurs -- -- at the Alamo Bowl press conference at. You know way except for all the money it's it's at the Vatican. The rest of the money is big utility. So they they got planet money there it just you know beat making sure they they sprinted on the right -- switched. According direct comment in Vatican State should be completed and that's why we need to investigate whether or not winning more national -- chips. Oh and ask you value reported as well Teddy Bridgewater. Is gonna make an announcement after the bowl game do you have any sense of where he's leaning what he might do is -- convict declare himself for the draft. Why talk to sort -- twenty minutes and he said he's not leaning either way split right down the middle he said he has not talked about. This future witness stand -- -- it is characters he says he'll do that the Russell athletic all and then make a decision a few days after that he's comfortable. Yeah I asked him specifically what will be the main reasons are returning to Louisville should lower the chance to play. And a better conference were those -- and Americans for the agency next year and played against better talent and also being able that. Yeah remain. Teammates with guys that he's built. -- relationships with the Louisville. And they asked me okay this is why we specifically would you leave early and he said he would be able to take care of his -- financially and also edition. You know kids victory he grew up in Miami to Paris arrest neighborhood to show them it. You can get out of this. He can better yourself. But you know. He seemed like he really hasn't made it -- mine yet any you know he said -- -- -- there at the greatest citizen -- I haven't made a decision. Is -- really haven't thought about it just worried about just this bowl game and after the -- expose sit down and where everything it's. He sent some people come back Barkley came back first senior year I just you know. You'd have a kid that basically price and -- sign on the dotted line -- -- instantly gonna become a multimillionaire. It's almost mind boggling that nobody would turn that down that maybe maybe caddies one of the rare once in the sides come back and and try to an ACC championship and get to another BCS spoke to one last year it. I don't think it's going to be hard turn down that money back -- he told me he's he's undecided I believe him. Yes I think code -- killed there I'd be surprised -- doesn't declared we're. Brittany Murphy is our guest ESPN you can follow him on Twitter at Matt Murphy ESP Daniel continued to have the latest on the University of Texas and their coaching situation. It's always great -- thanks so much of the time of great holiday. It.