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Adam Bjaranson -- Blazers Studio Host

Dec 16, 2013|

Adam joins Travis and Josh to talk some Blazers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is that and yards and Adam good afternoon or you don't. Doing very well good to have you with -- and it's been a little too long. So like rock art. Here. Can you fit in this Dijjer buffs passionate guy you extra extra large. -- -- The vita mix will be talking about yeah yeah. Threatened that in his you know you're kind of tired at all. The thing appraisal of the bat wonders machine. I gotta get me one of those so -- we we look at what the blazes have done this weekend it's remarkable -- this year and it's remarkable they've done on the road it's remarkable the record is. I yelled go and -- for the rest of this -- first of all DC that had them being hired as an issue. You know it looked like a little bit lax and I expect you know it's almost a mind over matter you guys I mean. It's come out like they're mentally engaged every single night we talked about there third quarter in their best quarter they're. You know all up sensibly and you gently -- -- -- single group has enough. You know yesterday it was the fourth quarter and it was like you know they they held a fifteen point I think in the in the fourth quarter. Keep -- routine that you just cannot count out it doesn't matter what the score is what. Deficit is. How many points throughout at a point -- it just this team is made it toppled dictator come out. Not hoping to win now expecting to win that you get are talking about a little earlier. These type of games it would have been wins last year and I don't know. Exactly where he can pinpoint. Be exact. Area why this is now but I LaMarcus Aldridge certainly has just taken it and -- Unbelievable new heights heights that never really saw. You know. On the horizon but he's just been so special being lowered everyone's unselfish to a halt. So I'm not surprised I'm not surprised and you know life I could -- decree was -- -- these next two and I think it's very attainable. And it is -- focused on during camp under the offseason is this mental toughness is half expecting coach -- kind of drove that home. You know got a question I don't know for sure eight you know the of course the -- -- that have added they've got a good plan goes you know bringing in Mo Williams and well recognized it. Our playmakers and stretched reporter all -- just been great went on -- at -- -- called up that first read he makes that look topic floodgates opened. But Mo Williams it is veteran leadership -- Thomas Robinson has just been great off the bench you know and just. Just my -- -- -- mean he's doing a lot of work what I really like to see Andy is what you see a lot of success in late it's a table at me look at what Gregg Popovich is on dispersant how many players get minutes. And he played just about everyone on this roster I'd like to see one more rotation spot you know kind of how they're wanna protect. Playing with a little bit regularity. You know 78 minute game and who knows maybe that will be -- column to become fact that. I think well part would be a great addition to this that certain -- because you what this can't be playing this well -- he's toxic vehicle and obviously so. Does the mental toughness of this team like economic I don't know there's one area I distinctly and say yep that's the reason. Endurance is our guest studio host for the Portland trailblazers. Anatomy are going to what you were just saying there we talked about this a little bit a few minutes ago he -- -- play well and April may and June if you make it that far but they're playing very well in November and December is very concerned that this team is peaking a little bit too early. There might be I mean are these dramatic account petered out me and find out you know exactly what they're doing what party currently playing. You know right now their best basketball and the actually get better we noticed that -- scheduled going to open up but after this road trip you guys they've got -- it would play three games in the following eleven it's probably up until December 30 and all column. We appreciate the pelicans and the leaders article personality and to get. So that's gonna provide them a little bit of rest. Is rest good at this time of year certainly an -- -- it players would. Correct complain about to rest. Being very important Brett courted since -- night I don't think that they're peaking now I think there's room to improve. Due -- state status spoke with this roster moving forward and I'm of the belief but it's not broke don't trek six and a and and I would think that the coaching staff -- public it was tempting but look there's a lot of factors come into a lot of -- -- -- knock on -- you can achieve healthy. Let that determine just right now -- -- -- saw this -- that's the beautiful thing I kind of want a flash forwarding and you know just. Stream about what's gonna happen in April and may become and in doing this so much right now that I. Which a pockets -- -- on each and every night it makes my job here writes all all of us. Economic -- got so much easier when it's in winning his elbow that's. -- secure -- everything. Added LaMarcus is MVP no doubt about it but who would be the most important player in this run would have been you know Lopez would -- be. Some Wes Matthews Batum who would be the most important -- it's helped this run occur. Well I think -- he appoints Robin Lopez right now just because he's opening up you know he's such a second chance to their dog out there on the boards and creating second chance opportunities for a bit and that's starting lineup -- let's say that the Balkans are scoring a commitment starting. You -- the bench as well improved by I would definitely Robin Lopez he doesn't do a lot of sexy thing out there on the floor things that are natural Oxford but the more you watch the more you appreciate them and -- Robin Lopez -- It's you know -- also declined to execute be a perfect fit I mean what a genius because so -- That toll could not so I would efforts in -- and has. And probably if you want eight at one beauty coach Scott. He's doesn't he's got their attention whatever they say during halftime and witnessed -- come -- recorder usually always. Resonate with the team and the player on the floor. You know wanted to ask you about coach -- do you look at the things that that the best teams in the league have the lead teams obviously they have talent. I -- -- discipline. They have chemistry and they also have respect for their coach in and decode the respect from their coach of their players. Have you seen in your time covering this team a situation where the players and coaches have had as much mutual respect his esteem does. No no I'm not I mean this is it's almost to a fault and the player loved anchored coached not in exit. In the system system current streak going if there's open shot take it he's encouraged his guys -- Is that it's you guys remember mr. immediate exit people were asking about reports shots -- opportunity and she thought -- three point shooting people last year which they work. Are going to be more so this year and he has no problem work. You know issues saying that whatsoever and letting go back and look Charles Barkley get bellies and and you know it's been a topic of conversation on -- that. You know network jump shooting team but we're really really really good job should think it might not get as many points the paint as opposition. -- we're doing enough to win games and ultimately that's well up but I think that there's so much respect for coach stop. And you know he's bringing that -- system to cut down in Dallas where it's just. It's not just about one players have got five playmakers on the floor at any given time and any attempt to score at will. For the most part. And it's just been a beautiful thing to see it kind of developed chemistry -- Second -- you'll find another team you -- -- -- the only -- -- Find out that much that type of chemistry wreck on the floor and -- -- It's been beautiful view topic continues there's not a guy who is. You know irritated about playing time or anything but I could just all part of you know that the great big picture that is out there Ray -- and -- -- -- You know with these -- say in this kind of view. Character they're showing as a team you build confidence and so. You know if they miss a shot here -- there they don't have that Debbie downer or think about that -- on Ford is that something. That that's really contribute this this is overall confidence of this team as they keep winning they're they're building on that each and every night adding with a coach but yet they're not satisfied. Yeah no no question I mean this scenario we got trouble just -- sentiment we're gonna talk to I -- -- coach and it -- to wonder. -- -- -- The coaching staff you know -- reason -- this team is responding the -- that they -- and -- And the governor got a cargo traffic light in the -- here so yes I kind of got name. That the -- up. We -- you know appropriate to soak it up -- Turned quiet -- -- and -- here. It's wonder how players are responding to each individual -- and I think they're where. -- -- -- By the way for the last two -- was where but he Cleveland Cavaliers looked at scouting report. -- -- -- -- Her whole routine is just treat it and -- -- you know copy players are responding it's just he just something special you know what that chemistry is right it's. Don't -- -- at all I couldn't and I'm changing things. And yards it is our -- he is the studio host for the Portland trailblazers you can find him on Twitter at Adam blazers. Adam is always great talk to think so much for the time. Favorite equipment worked and you're talking about being able to supporting NFL and yes now of a week and I cannot be -- -- I don't admire Oakland Raiders. You're Oakland Raiders were not worse than my New York Giants game. Oh yes they would pick it up more points in one -- and -- ever got in franchise history please -- Story I heard you're gonna try out for DC it's back -- -- epic epic Edgar -- -- my raiders I didn't do it probably. Are you gonna sound like a week long contract to plates. Strong safety forum. The raiders. Alito better dominated yesterday and -- -- passes by -- by Alex Smith -- the oval thirteen yards they were all the raiders are two. But not the worst team just came out the weekend -- -- this particular the last decade. And that's true you're electing Al Davis is no longer there hopefully have some hope buddy. An alligator joke. -- a I -- think about built like -- you aren't yet secretary.