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Todd Spencer -- Army OL Coach

Dec 10, 2013|

Todd joins Travis and Josh to talk the Army/Navy game and recruiting at Army.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to Travis in Wilcox it is time to talk some army football and joining us now -- the offensive line coach of the black knights. Former defensive line coach at Oregon State Todd Spencer coached good afternoon or you. Do doing great Saturday. Six did -- work out more of a had a real sharp park or just get ready for the midshipmen about Saturday. What little hold your current record paper that. It's. Got to bundle up little that. For -- like yourself who's from Beaverton who went to a new coaching organs they wanted to do -- college in the northwest. How do you end up -- army after a long coach incurred several dozen stops. Great great question you know -- -- coordinator. Is orchestrated born -- -- she'll Stater. You know to Great Britain on coach in our quarterbacks. Became captain without coach and offered a lot of organs -- -- -- -- Sarah. Probably unite you want to -- three -- -- sort -- are. That we -- to -- close contact -- good researchers -- this last order yours and when there was a job opening here he's -- European arrest that would change reformation and fortunately it worked out we're gonna come Berkshire. Your -- -- into one of the biggest rivalries Chris you've been on the other side of the -- but that army navy game. Means more to a lot of people than just football and I think it's one of the best games out there that just shows kind of what college football's all about. The fans you know the alumni all those things how special is it just even coaching that game. Posture it's it's it's unbelievable you know -- all the things you talked in other -- great shooter of the game that's it's. Football purist form it's. Not -- Barack regain its Georgia Georgia track organ organs stricter. There's not -- like army navy you know so. They've they've extended it now works two weeks later an extra Little League game got server error but next week of sorts. It's so it's sort of cultural or some article called the global stage -- deal. You know obviously for you having an opportunity coach on the other side of this game for navy and then go to Georgia Tech and you know going away from the service academy after being -- for eleven years was an important too muted to get back to the service academy did you uncover opportunities -- -- Morales. You know what it's. The collection service academy kids in the navy guards. The are we look forward character there searchers shortly coach and they are so resilient. -- and that they come to work there today. Ferocious he -- that they really want. Want to rock. You don't coached on a daily basis fundamentally solid sound you know they're not approached fox or forced or Paris which used to. -- -- to coach -- be around every bit sort unique in. Arbitrators are better start for the players like coached. I was gonna ask you about that you go to different recruiting pools when you go into the service academies and say maybe Georgia Tech and organs or something to that effect. Is there a different purity did some of those guys that just go out they may play because they love the game of football vs some the other guys who look at the ancillary things. Yeah they're certain that the original when we go off one week old recruit a lot of guards when you walk in the parish also don't know. What Wes -- and they don't really understand that people care Beers. But it should haven't talked to open that would shock. That they've become very aggressive. The largest -- opportunities to do it with a degree -- But to be your future officer in the military and just a wonderful opportunities to established -- so. That it's it's different recruiting the -- -- Paris to. To go out and recruit what a great education and more grit her in the military when -- graduate. Todd Spencer is our guest offensive line coach at army this Saturday is the army navy game and you know coach you most schools a lot of kids have an opportunity to red -- and learn for a year before they actually step on the football field it doesn't happen of the service academies. How difficult -- it for some of those freshman to step in. You know all a lot of or harassed him with the naval Caribbean air force -- of the prep school per year were declared. The players like Richard your football on their relief terse and for the freshman here. It's it's much harder on a -- I don't recall the -- we're used to work when it comes directly from. Junction City high school Brooklyn who are supporting used to -- and far right awards show. It's it's a road trip to launch the first investor -- -- it's really a challenge. Speaking of recruiting it's not just regional allies suggesting go all over the United States to -- recruits. How difficult is that me from over a coaching standpoint where you -- cover all fifty states to find guys whereas at other schools you can kind of go regional. And the other guys where is your army can go all over the place find different guys. I tried that their trajectory right you don't say now we're recruiting and builders a product of a -- huddle all these kids now have. DPP's. You can you can Google you can look at but any player in the culture right now -- Trying to -- social media can get up FaceBook. So the thing about recruit nationally now. What shall we could order -- you can watch huddle insert Kroger -- part page Booker and we're very true -- ago at a -- -- all the national states so. Don't -- its broad scope broad spectrum warrior recruit recruit California -- Two trucks are still an oil over the country like. You know for the for the kids in this game obviously you know it's it's a football game and after the game there's a special moment with -- -- the players you'll meet each other on the field and you know everything that goes on the pageantry of that football game how just how special are those moments not just the football game itself but the moments following the game. -- should not able to shoot moments you're gonna remember the -- your life and the question -- special game in those kids embrace certain. It's one of the children you know my college coaches through Luxembourg sort out some memories. And interpreter for omni point and that's culprit. -- brother -- posters -- park for sixty minutes virtual world brotherhood of struck. We're super cool struck between two or -- alternatives. You words you GA at Oregon coach at Oregon State -- -- I told you at that time these two programs to be up. Especially even -- what you said just the way these two teams has skyrocketed to six success from where they were at maybe 2030 years -- Actually that's a great question -- remember the bureau there with coach Brooks over struggled 65 Canadian. The main thing is just I had a chance last summer to go -- and there's a little -- coach Prosser and to achieve great what you saw him in just instilled unbelievable outlawed Communist unbelievable. What their actual market rightly -- played for ironically in college. Their disclosure it's not anger out out some days -- just you know -- -- showcase. And so that they happen. There extraction of organs who also believe. Now at army does that make it difficult to recruit maybe some other guys he gets -- try to get that door when you may -- don't have say the football. There's old school football tradition there's the arm partners all the snow expected with a lot of the new recruits. Old school tradition does it matters much in the flashing this is that making kind of hard given some of those stores are not those that -- -- -- that. No questions some kids just certain there really don't have an interest in other clubs and their go to Notre Dame there's other -- -- -- he would have an interest in doing that that -- grandfather worked the worst point or somebody in their scrambling. And some sometimes little -- didn't do or so. -- -- -- Army offensive line coach Todd Spencer is our guest here on the -- coach when when you -- year career and spending eleven years -- navy and becoming involved in that program you get a -- your head pretty easily that he got to beat army. So now you show up at West Point. And you gotta walk through the beat navy tunnel and all those things how difficult was it reiterated to go to the other side of this in your mind. There are a bit faster court to keep -- sort of you know a lot of them. I'm secure removed from coach in the air and so that's. You know it's not that. It's not that big deal little that you -- -- gonna light up and play it. You know I would be -- support structures and Notre -- -- -- sutures removed from the situation helps a little. We're gonna go out and play great fundamentally it. Put our best foot forward it would -- -- -- big time deal or it appears a lot of extra precaution remarkable alone. Their staff and it's certainly been a great job -- and elevating their program -- -- -- Todd Spencer is our -- army offensive line coach this weekend. The army navy game in Philadelphia coach thanks so much of the time really appreciate it good luck this weekend. OK awesome -- you guys make a great day thank you so much.